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  1. Ripper

    NBA Offseason chatter

    Just randomly logged on at a friends...and since I didnt get to discuss last season, here are my comments on the offseason: Artest to Lakers: The lakers are a worse team now. Artest is a better all around player than Ariza, true, but Ariza is a better shooter when open, and he is useful when the ball is not in his hands. Artest is decent on offense but thinks hes great. He should be the 5th scoring option for the team, but I guarentee they will treat him like the third and that will screw things up. Plus, Ariza is a better perimeter defender at this point in his career, and better on the break. Simply put, the Lakers don't win the championship if not for Ariza last year. Shaq to Cleveland....for the thousandth time, slasher + post up guy = fail. If ilgaskassagusa could hit his open jumper, the Cavs are champions. If not, they lose to Orlando because the Magic can crowd the lane. Shaq will make sure everyone crowds the lane against the Cavs because his big ass will be down there taking up space. It doesnt work. It never works. Its not going to work here. Dumb trade. Glad he's out of phoenix. Boston is probably going to win the championship again because of their upgrades, Orlando is going to be worse becuase I don't think people realize how important Turk was to that team(BTW, dear god did Stan Van Gundy lose that title for them or what? Why the hell was Jameer Nelson in the series?) the Raptors have 9 guys that need the ball in their hands to be effective, the Hawks made a good trade for Crawford(he is a better ball hog than Flip Murray) then made a dumb move by resigning Bibby, then made a great move by signing Joe Smith....Good job this offseason guys....you still can't beat Cleveland though. What else has happened? Pretty much every team that sucked is going to keep sucking and every good team is going to be good. I predict either Suns/Spurs in the finals for the west and Boston in the East. There ya go.
  2. My "e" key sticks one time and all of a sudden I need spell check.
  3. From you? A. It would feel weird otherwise!
  4. So, after losing my job, keeping my moms house from being foreclosed on, and trying to stay afloat until I found another job, it just didn't work out. The assholes at my last job looked for a way to deny me unemployment, and found it. Through a bullshit loophole(basically they knew my old phone was cut off and I stupidly let them know I was using a prepaid phone. Since they knew there was no way to pull the phone records they claimed I didn't contact them starting with the date my original phone number was cut off...quite cute I must admit) So i had a appeals to the unemployment office which was basically my last chance and I got to tell ya, that shit is set up for the employer to win. I disproved all their arguments coming into it, so they just changed their story, and they STILL ruled in their favor. So, long story short, I lose everything now. Apartment, car, everything I own to a pawn shop, and I am going back home to live in a back room at my moms. In a pure shithole of a town. So since there is no internet access there, I am guessing this is it for a really really good while. Well, I had a good time here over the last...wow...6-7 years huh? hopefully the layoff won't be too long, although realistically I know where I am going to have to move and know the job market there. So chances are I will be working at Walmart for minimum wage pretty soon. But that is life. Its funny to look at where the year started and where it ended. pretty fucked year. But I guess you need the bad to appreciate the good. Or some bullshit like that. Anyway, guess i am signing off for a while. maybe talk to you guys again soon.
  5. Ripper

    ECW Thread for 11/25/08

  6. Ripper


    I thought everyone would see through the weak misdirection and know that Hiro is the catalyst and not Claire. I mean, he hid it in his son...makes the most sense.
  7. Ripper

    This week in the NBA

    Why the fuck exactly are PJ Carlisimo's glasses so goddamned big. You can't even buy glasses that big anymore.
  8. Ripper

    NFL Week 12

    He lead with his shoulder. Shouldn't be a fine. Would be a good time to mention how much he sucks though.
  9. Ripper

    This week in the NBA

    Wh...what the fuck is that? I mean...um...what the hell.. Duhon, Mobley, chandler, Harrington, lee. I mean...what the fuck is that? Are they going to let marbury play now?
  10. Ripper

    Thread for those over the age of 25.

    I look fucking awesome asshole. Its nice to look back when you were happy and had to nitpick at stuff to find problems in your life. Now i am broke, jobless, got dumped and will probably be homeless in about 3 weeks....oh the days when threesomes with boney chicks and bad knees were my biggest worry.
  11. Ripper

    American society today

    I don't see what was bad about this thread. shit was discussed on both sides...remember that...good ol discussion of things...AH..The good ol days. TSM today, Corrupt, disgusting, degraded. I long for these good ol days.
  12. Ripper

    South Park: Season 12

    I think the soundeffect of the slap made that joke. That little "pop" was hilarious everytime. And was the last line of the song before they got interrupted "Ooh baby buy some glue?"
  13. Ripper

    South Park: Season 12

    Kyle with the hair made me laugh the hardest. Great episode.
  14. Ripper

    This week in the NBA

    Why are McGrady and Artest still in the game. Especially Tracy. I mean, its notlike he isn't injury prone or something. Actually, why the fuck is Grant Hill still in the game.
  15. Ripper

    This week in the NBA

    WOW. Big three by Marvin Williams to give the hawks a one point lead, then Pierce hits a fall away jumper to put the celtics back up one. Hell of a game. Boston ends the Hawks win streak, but man, hell of a game. Nothing to hang their heads about losing by one missing Josh Smith and Zaza Pachulia.