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    Nip/Tuck Season 5

    I just finished watching season 4 on DVD a couple of weeks ago. I guess I am the only person who really liked it. I hated season 3, however. Can't wait to see season 5 on DVD.
  2. I'm stuck in Iraq, bored out of my mind. I'm considering purchasing seasons 1 and 2 of House, M.D. Is this show any good? I've been told it's great.
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    i enjoyed this movie. i didn't like the last 45 minutes. what a letdown.
  5. buffybeast

    Mr. McMahon "dead" - Now for the "whodunit" angle.

    how many fans even remember the shockmaster debacle????
  6. buffybeast

    WWE General Discussion for July 2007

    lmao. it is a wonder that jake is still alive and kicking.
  7. buffybeast

    Chris Benoit Dead - Toxicology results released

    Those people are also idiots. There is no woman so annoying that a huge man should punch her. if she is annoying while swinging a bat at your head, then fine. some women deserve to be slapped in the mouth. not punched, but definitely have some sense knocked into them.
  8. buffybeast

    Sid Vicious update

    Do we really need another beat up, broken down gimp on WWE television? Sid should have saved his money.
  9. buffybeast

    Live Free Or Die Hard (Die Hard 4) trailer

    Please. He looks ridiculous doing the same shit he did twenty years ago. He should play different roles or call it a career.
  10. buffybeast

    Live Free Or Die Hard (Die Hard 4) trailer

    Isn't Bruce Willis too old to be playing these types of characters? Also, who had the bright idea to pit this movie against the colossus known as Transformers?
  11. buffybeast

    Comments which don't warrant a thread

    WTF??????? This can't be true...
  12. buffybeast

    Comments which don't warrant a thread

    Awesome. But after they hold Viscera's intervention, what do you do with him? Reform MoM? Or just make him travel around eating steaks and falling for white divas?
  13. buffybeast

    Comments which don't warrant a thread

    Probably HGH. Tells you what the wwe really thinks of it's Wellness Program. Masters was one of the few who seemed to take it seriously and was hazed and ridiculed on screen for doing so. Once he starts adding mass again and all of a sudden VKM is a huge backer and wants a big push for him. That's a sad state of affairs where a company promotes "wellness" but then ridicules those who ascribe to the program. Masters looked remarkably different after ending his roid use and maybe the company felt they had to say something to explain his transformation. VKM has always had a hard on for hosses and big men.
  14. buffybeast

    Comments which don't warrant a thread

    Is it me or is Chris Masters back on roids?
  15. buffybeast

    Comments which don't warrant a thread

    Did anyone catch the absurdity of this statement? Vince didn't allow Batista to win the world title because he lost a fight to Booker T?? WTF? I've seen plenty of 'huge tough guys' lose matches to smaller opponents because they were chickenshits who hid behind their size or had no fighting skills. Besides, how many fans were even aware of Batista's ass whooping? How did Booker feel about Vince's feelings about him?
  16. buffybeast

    Comments which don't warrant a thread

    Isn't Melina f*cking Batista? Didn't Dave leave his wife for Melina? I figured he could protect her. However, he's disliked by everyone backstage not named HHH so maybe he can't even save her. I agree with a previous statement. She's universally hated backstage and cannot work a match without injuring her opponent. She can't be too surprised that her job may be in jeopardy.
  17. buffybeast

    Monkeys Eat Bananas, Horses Eat Oats

    I haven't watched much wrestling during the past year. You can imagine my surprise when I see Vickie Guerrero on Smackdown! every week. I understand that Eddie blew a lot of his money on drugs, whores and alcohol. I supposed Vickie doesn't have any skills that would get her a job that matched Eddie's WWE income. However, I don't think she has any place on TV. I could understand if she were hot, could act or wrestle. But she can't accomplish either. Why doesn't Vince just give her a large check and send her on her way? I turned the tv to SD the other night, saw a close up of her face and almost gagged. I'm sure she's a nice lady but she has no place on tv.
  18. buffybeast

    WWE Goin' All O'er the World!!

    Isn't the main reason behind WWE's success internationally centered upon the current stars? If they establish seperate brands overseas, will people like Cena and Taker compete in those regions regularly? Do these audiences a second-third tier star as a champion? Or, like someone else stated, will they continue to place the main focus on the North American audiences and have the main stars make periodic appearances? The idea of international territories is intriguing. I'm not sure how successful it will be in the long run, however.
  19. buffybeast

    Comments which don't warrant a thread

    Hi, smarks! I don't watch wrestling too much any more. I've been unable to watch it consistently as my work schedule often conflicts with AFN's airings of Raw and Smackdown. I have some questions on the Boogeyman, if anyone can answer them. 1. Who is Boogeyman and where did the E find him? 2. I heard somewhere that Shane came up with the gimmick and Boogey added the worms and teeth extraction. Is this true? 3. Why did they fire him and rehire last year? I know he was injured at some point. 4. How does the IWC view this gimmick, with scorn, humor, apathy? Also, how the hell did Umaga become so popular? I remember when he debuted and some people in the community hated the character. Now he's main eventing and appears to be everyone's darling. What's up with that? I like him, to be honest. But I do have a thing for Samoans and hosses.
  20. I have a question concerning the movie "Pulse" for anyone who has seen it:
  21. buffybeast

    Comments that don't warrant a thread

    Good grief, I did not know the PS3 was so expensive. I have an original Playstation from one hundred years ago. I liked it ok. Lately the only game I've been crazy about is World of Warcraft and Hitman Blood Money for PC (which I can't finish. Shit). I'm leaning heavily towards the Xbox because of online play and strong word of mouth. But I'll look into the PS3 more closely.
  22. buffybeast

    Comments that don't warrant a thread

    Pardon me if this question has already been raised. I was too damn lazy to look. I am in the market for a video gaming console. I can't decide which is the superior system, Xbox 360 or PS3? I've received near universal praise for the 360 and very mixed views for the PS3. What do you think?
  23. buffybeast

    We Have Us An Iron Man

    Is Iron Man all CGI or a mix of CGI and live animation?
  24. buffybeast

    Children of Men

    I *do* understand the definition of the word fiction. I just like to suspend belief while I am being entertained. I just couldn't believe that, I just couldn't grasp these ideas. The producers of this movie were obviously attempting to make some political point. The plot just seem out there, even for a movie.
  25. buffybeast

    Golden Globe Nominees

    I'm just happy Jennifer Hudson won and Beyonce did not. I hope Be's performance isn't even recognized come Oscar nomination time.