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    Punk's booking?

    When Edge first cashed in his MITB, the crowd went nuts. I think his pop winning it was even louder because the crowd didn't know if he'd win it or not. I was watching that PPV live, hating Cena so much, when Edge came and hit the spear and Cena kicked out, I thought Cena was gonna overcome the odds AGAIN. I think someone has to lose their title match to bring suspense into the moment. As someone has already said, people think it's a done deal that you'll win the title shot if you cash in MITB.
  2. billdynamite

    Why wasn't Hakushi pushed?

    I liked this guy too. But I was disappointed one night in London when he didn't have any tattoos.
  3. billdynamite

    Anyone up for some snot/fart covered pizza?

    But now how am i gonna feed my 11 kids? fucker.
  4. billdynamite

    WWE General Discussion - April 2009

    Yeah, wow, he posed with a dude... Awesome!
  5. billdynamite

    The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania Thread

    I just don't get the catapult. Ever since i was a kid, I've always thought it's just a ridiculous move. I've never bought it.
  6. billdynamite

    The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania Thread

    I know Cena gets a lot of love around these parts these days, but I still can't stand him. He's so damn bland.
  7. billdynamite

    The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania Thread

    That's what I paid for, right there. Ok so the finish was basically just dudes kicking out of everything, but it was still awesome.
  8. billdynamite

    The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania Thread

    steamboat is really rocking the shit in this one.
  9. billdynamite

    Pictures I Like

    That has to be Russel Brand's slippery deformed half brother.
  10. billdynamite

    Random Thoughts

    anyone remember when edge had a boner (or at least a semi on) on live tv? or was a imagining it?
  11. billdynamite

    Ashley Massaro Linked to Escort Service

    That's one huge waste of 25k... even if i had that kinda cash lying around the house i certainly wouldn't spend it on that mutt. Maybe... if i were to spend money on fucking a WWE diva, it would be Maria. But for 25k? nah i'm good. I have £15 in my wallet.
  12. billdynamite

    Jonathan Coachman leaving WWE for ESPN

    I was watching an old rumble recently, possibly '94 - i don't remember all that well so all this could be bollocks - and to switch up the announcing they went from McMahon/Di Biase to Ross/Monsoon, i think it was for the Harts v Quebecers match. Ross' commentary was excellent and i didn't hate him... i really thought it added to the match. Ross annoys the hell out of me most of the time these days, but in big matches he delivers in making me believe some important shit is going down. EDIT: Oh yeah, Coach... not a fan.
  13. billdynamite

    OAO 11/19 Raw Thread

    it's the only segment i saw from the whole show, and it was brilliant. the crowd sounded major hot, hotter than i've heard for a very long time. As for Jericho looking gay, he's Jericho, he's a good looking cat, he can look as gay as he wants, he'll get no shortage of pussy. He looked fantastic (not bulky like he did in his title run) and i expect my girlfriend to start wanting to watch Raw now. bitch.
  14. billdynamite

    WWE General Discussion - November 2007

    Don't pretend you didn't see that coming. I think we WANT to be Rick Rolled these days.
  15. billdynamite

    WWE General Discussion - October 2007

    Batista actually went UP in my book after that quote. Shame it's fake, it's gold.
  16. billdynamite

    TNA Talent May Leave

    If there was an indy show in London which was headlined by Sting, i wouldn't look twice at the card. If Kurt Angle was on there, I'd strongly consider buying a ticket. I can't say why but I've never given a fuck about Sting. I've been watching wrestling since way before the Attitude era, and i'd put Angle WAY up higher on the list in terms of star power.
  17. billdynamite

    English Football

    Get in the Gunners and the Os. Couldn't be better for my family right now. (in footballing terms of course.)
  18. billdynamite

    Boxing Thread

    Gomez v Johannson last night was a real scrap, great entertainment. Gomez started strong, but i suppose he punched himself out. By the 6th he looked out on his feet and after a knockdown, the ref stopped it with Gomez looking shaky. may not have been technically the best fight, but it was a bloody, brutal brawl and the crowd lapped it up. Gomez wasn't happy after the stoppage and started to push referee Mickey Vann around. After the fight Gomez had, i think Vann could take him.
  19. billdynamite

    WWE General Discussion - October 2007

    why do they need to put their logo on the shirts? isn't it enough on the label? It stops me from buying any wrestling shirts. Not that any of them are actually anything i'd wear, but if they were i wouldn't wear them just because of that damn logo.
  20. billdynamite

    English Football

    So it's a good possibility England will not qualify for Euro08... There's no way McClaren can keep his job if England do not qualify. We need a BIG favour to get through now.
  21. billdynamite

    Boxing Thread

    Anyone else miss 'Prince' Naseem Hamed? Although when it came to beating the best, he couldn't handle it, but the guy was a fantastic showman. I miss his entrances that were often longer than his fights. i miss his punches that came out of nowhere. I miss his arms down by his side effortlessly evading attacks. I miss him coming to the ring on a magic carpet.
  22. billdynamite

    WWE General Discussion - October 2007

    yeah but he still isn't over... i'm kidding, i'm kidding... jeez. EDIT: don't ya just love the Cyber Sunday promo when Lawler gets excited over the schoolgirl outfit stipulation?
  23. billdynamite

    WWE General Discussion - October 2007

    I don't see what was wrong with a young rookie coming in and getting beaten up a few times by the now world champion. So he couldn't save his dad... he tried.
  24. billdynamite

    The OAO RAW Thread 10/08/07

    Aren't bad ratings a good thing for us? When the product is sucking and the ratings drop, it's a clear message to WWE. If the product is sucking and the ratings go up, that's when we should be worried. i don't care if they do a 1.0, if that means they bust a gut trying to do something interesting, i don't care if the rest of you aren't watching. And i dont care if the little kids aren't tuning in to see Cena because he's injured. I'm glad he's injured, i'm sick of the bloody sight of him. Hopefully in 8 or so months time, i may actually miss him and be glad when he returns. In 2 nights they've done 2 big things. 1) the title switching at the PPV. 2) bringing HBK back. Both highly unexpected. This is exactly what I want from Raw. Frankly, after Cena's massive reign, hotshotting the belt a couple of times really isn't gonna hurt.