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Is my image marketable?

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Well, that baby looks scared, but that might be because you look a little like Feinstein.

Dianne Feinstein?



Wait, were you being sarcastic? Most on this board aren't wrestling fans anymore so I don't know.

No I wasn't. I don't know who that is--I'm not a wrestling fan.

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What weight category were you in? Was it actually 130 lbs or were you one of those people that cut down and gained the weight back right before the match? Hell, do they even try cutting weight in the eighth grade? That shit couldn't be healthy for a thirteen year old.

No I didn't drop weight with rubber suits and puking and stuff, no, that wasn't encouraged. I just lost weight by virtue of working out over the course of the season. I actually quit wrestling in high school because the coach in place during my freshman year was a strong advocate for dropping weight, and I had watched my friend's brother go through all that and so I just let it go. By my junior year he was lightly shoved out of town because he was mildly sexually harassing some female students, and the new coach was vehemently against dropping weight because of what he had seen at his old school. But by then having taken two years off I probably wasn't able to recondition myself to go again.

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