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Guest realitycheck

The *New* SJL Stats Page!

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Guest The Partridge in the Pear Tree

Santa Claus

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 246

Hometown: The North Pole

Age: Timeless

Face/Heel: Who doesn’t love Santa Claus?

Stable: None.

Tag Team: None.

Ring Escort: None.

Weapon: Giant candy canes. Yes.


“Ho Ho Ho!”


Looks: A jolly red robe with fuzzy white trim. Jolly red pants with fuzzy white trim. A long white beard extending to about halfway down Santa’s chest. A red cap with a large white pom-pom on top, hiding long, frizzy white hair. Thin white gloves, a large black belt and large black boots.


Ring Entrance:

“Marshmallow World” by Dean Martin begins to play over the speakers, as red and green confetti begins to fall from the rafters. Santa Claus comes out, his giganormous stomach shaking as he walks down the ramp. He hits the ring and walks up the steps, the referee holding the ropes open for him. Santa steps through, letting out a loud “HO HO HO!” as Funyon introduces him.



Strength: 5

Speed: 2

Vitality: 7

Charisma: 6


Style: Santa never quits, and relies a lot on fan support to guide him through matches. He has very weak knees, presumably from having to carry such a large stomach around.


Signature Moves:

- The Nightmare Before Christmas Back To Belly Piledriver

- The Gift That Stings For Weeks Crossface Halo Onto The Knee

- Jingle Bell Test Drive

- Eggnog Elbow Drop Huge Elbow Drop

- Santa Slam Jack Hammer

- Guillotine Leg Drop

- Moonsault

- Powerbomb


Common Moves:

- Sitout Jawbreaker

- Double Leg Wishbone

- Swinging Neckbreaker

- Two-Handed Facebuster

- Drop Toe Hold

- Jericho's Springboard Dropkick to an opponent standing on the apron

- Backdrop

- Snap Suplex

- German Suplex

- Powerslam



- Fruit Cake Clash Styles Clash ‘03

- Santa Claus Clutch Gokuraku Clutch

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Guest Indy

Smarks Board Name: Indy

Wrestlers Name: The Daredevil

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 207.lbs

Hometown: Unknown

Age: 30

Face/Heel: Mysterious Face

Stable: Non

Ring Escort:

Weapon(s): A Red Billyclub

Quote: "I am the Man Without Fear"


Looks: Similar to the costume Ben Affleck wore in the movie "Daredevil"; a red fully body suit (including red gloves and boots) with a two dark red spiked Ds on the chest. The mask is a red luchidor mask with horns except they eye holes are exposed. He wears red contacts and black facepaint around his eyes


Ring Entrance:


The arena lights suddenly turn red as the sound of guitars fills the arena





Pyro goes off as the arena sound system begins to play "Man Without Fear" by Drowning Pool featuring Rob Zombie. Daredevil comes out slowly walking towards the ring, with billyclub in hand. He slowly enters the ring then raises his arms as Fuyon announces him.





Speed: 8

Vitality: 5




Style: A mix of luchidor and technical styles, can do the occasional hardcore match


Signature moves:

Gory Special


sleeper hold

sleeper drop (comes after sleeper hold)



Common moves:

german suplex

suicida sommersault splashes



kitchen sink

moonsaults (all variations)

swinging neckbreakers

vertical suplex

arm breaker

crossbody press (all variations)

headscissors takedown


running bulldog

Flying clothesline



school boy cradle

victory roll

belly to belly suplex

drop to hold


Rare moves:

DDT powerbomb reversal (like the title says, it's a powerbomb that is reversed via DDT only that DD holds a legscissors onto his opponent's head, causing him to hold his opponent as he is being dropped onto his back)


Billyclub neckbreaker (only used in hardcore matches. Daredevil and his opponent are back to back, Daredevil takes his billyclub, or whatever stick like weapon he has, reaches behinds him and begins to pull the weapon under his opponent's neck, choking them; then he drops down onto his BUTT, forcing his opponent to fall with him, allowing the weapon to hurt the neck.)


Without Hope (Also for hardcore matches and if his opponent is outside in the front row of the crowd. Daredevil goes to the side of the ring that his opponent is nearest. He then springboards towards them and hits his opponent, or a crowd member if he isn't careful, with somersault body attack)




[Only for opponents who are 180.lbs-235.lbs heavy] Blinded by Justice (Daredevil lifts his opponent onto his shoulders, putting them in the eletric chair, he then reaches up, grabbing the back of the head and the top of the chest, and drops them in the Michinoku Driver II)


[For opponents over 235.lbs]

Flight of the Fearless (Daredevil is on the toprope, his opponent is on the ground on his back, Daredevil leaps into the air and hits his opponent with the Pheonix Splash. After hitting the pheonix splash, Daredevil will pin his opponent)


Notes: Daredevil will not interfier with anyones business unless they make it his business. He hides in the raptures and only comes out if he is confronted by his opponents or if he feels that he must save someone. He is not the wrestler who will smile, he is like 97-98 Sting.

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Sorry had to make new post.




Smarks Board Name: InsanityMan

Wrestlers Name: Insane Luchador (real name Andrew Rickmen)

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 201

Hometown: Easton, Pennsylvania

Age: 23

Face/Heel: Underdog face, he’s still psycho but a lot more lovable and old school face.

Stable: N/A

Ring Escort: N/A

Weapon(s): Anything and everything. Tables, chairs, and an old chain are his absolute favorite. He gets very creative with weapons. He may store under the ring a set of brass knuckles with spikes at the end of each knuckle- sell it if you use it.



Looks: Has an uncanny resemblance to Stephen Lynch. His hair is rather long sloppily spiked black, now with random streaks of a green. Has a long sleeved black solid shirt with sleeves going past their hands. Sometimes he’ll throw on a baggy solid black sweatshirt or a grunge/hard rock/punk band shirt on. Baggy khaki cargoes, but not obscene, black Orisis skate shoes. He’s intimidating with wild multicolored eyes (mostly green but with streaks of yellow, brown, and blue). Very wiry but has some noticeable muscle.


Ring Entrance: “The Gauntlet” kicks up and from extremely close sides black with red, green, and white pyro explodes. On special occasions graffiti will shower the fans but Insane Luchador walks out right as the first verse begins (“Well I had just got back from a break from the fight, I was weighing in heavy but still feeling alright”) and then he throws his arms into the air to milk the cheers. Finally he sprints down, slapping hands, and diving into the ring from the bottom rope. He rolls then up if opponents there he’ll usually smack them with a surprise hook otherwise he’ll climb the turnbuckle and throw up his arms again.





Strength: 3 (Not nearly as strong as he used to be, has taken a liking to speed again. Strikes and submissions still hurt like hell, though).

Speed: 6 (Rather speedy, again)

Vitality: 7 (He falls down, it’s just damn near impossible to keep him down for the pin).

Charisma: 4 (Gets the chant, gets the pop, gets the face heat unless it’s against somebody really more over).



Style: Suicidal high flying, masochist with brawling. (Think just brutally bashing a head in type brawling, any chance to inflict more pain, he does).


Signature moves:


Suicidal Bulldog- this is like a finisher, he’ll make a leap from anywhere to everywhere to hit this bulldog. Get creative with it and nothing is too extreme for IL.


Rolling DDT- usually three to four (DDT, pull up retaining hold, drop down, repeat) preferably with violent swinging with the headlock locked in.


Rapid punch and kicking brawling strikes until the opponent falls down- then he continues the brawl on the mat or head scissors.


450* Splash


Leg Drop




Brainbuster- to lighter opponents, though he may bust it out on the heavier side (but not on super heavyweights)


Crossbody from top rope- one that makes Ricky Steamboat proud.






Common moves:

Super kick (not busted out quite enough to be a signature)

Frog Splash

Right hooks until you drop

Hip toss

Simple submissions (knows move from experience but not an expert)

Snap Suplex

Monkey flip

Clothesline (check your teeth afterwards, one of his few power moves)

Elbow drop

DDT variations

Drop toehold

Release German Suplex (on lighter or opponents he hates)

All the simple springboards and top rope moves- it’s hard NOT to of mastered them all if you’ve been in it long as IL has.



Rare moves:


Shining Wizard

Dragon Sleeper


Hardcore moves:


Leap of Faith- Balcony Sault, climbs up balcony opponent below or a bit outward from him (usually on table unless IL is committing suicide or something) and through a table.


True Insanity- This is the masochist side of IL… place opponent on table, scale turnbuckle with folded chair leap off with a suicide dive but he clings the chair onto his chest and hits the opponent in the chest with the chair and causing them to smash through the table.


Masochist Sandwich- two chairs on a lying down opponent, one on top of head and one underneath leg drop onto top chair. Yeah, pain.




Brink of Insanity- Lock in the full nelson on opponent, force foe towards turnbuckle, IL hops onto the top rope and delivers a full nelson bulldog.


Evenflow DDT- Usually a very short pause to rally the fans up, it’s hard but not impossible to escape.



Notes: Now face, somewhat the underdog, he does a lot of spots to get crowd reaction but he’s still an absolute psycho masochist. Bleeds like a first timer too. PM if you need any more details or whatever. Oh, he’s also fucking insane and hardcore… don’t think anything is “too far.” Is more “fun” now while giving interviews but in exchange more brutal in the ring.

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