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Guest realitycheck

The *New* SJL Stats Page!

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Guest realitycheck

...plus, I need to get the last thing with Strangler's filthy name on it off of MY league! Muahahaha! *ahem*


Oh, and please note. Due to the board crash, if you want to edit your stats, post a new version of them JUST THIS ONCE. I'll delete the old one. After that, EDIT the new post. No wrestler should two copies of stats on this page at any time, except for this once.


This thread is for stats and stats only, so no witty replies or sardonic criticisms. If you must comment on someone's stats or on a particularly cool move, start a separate thread or send a PM. I'll leave the original thread pinned until everyone has successfully posted here.


Anyway, post your stats here, and take the oppertunity to make any changes, if need be. The old thread will remain pinned until everything is reposted. Til' then, here's an updated staff note...


- SJL Staff -

Ring announcer - The one, the only, Funyon. Booming voice, fashion sense, and that's all you need to know.


Interviewer - The only official guy is the one and only Ben Hardy! Former wrestler from way back in the day. Heels, feel free to clobber him as necessary. Faces, you can too, if deemed appropriate! Ben Hardy = lovable tool.


Cameraman - Gus. He gets beat up a lot. Feel free to do so at your own discretion.


Commissioner - Chris Raynor. A lair, a cheater and a general no good conniving underhanded dirty rotten scoundrol, Raynor is notorious for his ability to misuse trust and turn on allies at any given moment (which included the JL fans, as he debuted as a face!). Is currently aligned with the Urban Decay. Raynor is, however, a mainly benevolent commissioner if you aren't directly against his will, although he does enjoy toying with the rest of the roster.



"Judge Mental" William Hearford - A submission artistin the WF, Judge is an impeccible wrestler beyond his age-diminished athletic skills. A heel, and tag team partner of Ejiro Fasaki (Justice and Rule), he plays the role of play-by-play man. Albeit with a condescending touch on his alalysis. Judge is level headed, and although he favours the heels somewhat, he's usually relatively unbaised unless prodded by Ejiro.


Ejiro Fasaki - Much like Judge, Ejiro is a submission specialist in the WF. However, unlike his partner, he's brash, outgoing, loud, pompus, arrogant, ignorant, and obnoxious. He'll favour the heel under the most ridiculous circumstances you can imagine. Tag team partner of Judge, as noted, the both of them will occasionally get buddy-buddy in their commentary at times. This, however, is counteracted by...


Annie Eclectic - Talk about your weird 3rd wheels. Annie is the face on the commentary team, but will only go as far in support of the faces in a given match as Ejiro will. More or less as a countermeasure that really annoys Fasaki. Annie also has loopy wit, so a lot of what she says is silly and unpredictable. And just because she wanted me to have this in bold: Annie is a lesbian. So she'll be drooling over your valet before you.



Matthew Kivell - He's the jobber you all crush in your dark matches, and he's a ref! Woo!


Anthony Michael Hall (credit: GOdrea) - You know him as dorky 'Brian' from The Breakfast Club...but he can count a pinfall, too!


Eddy Long (credit: Suicide King) - Rar! The evil referee, though if any of you start angles involving referees, I'll job you for life. Another name for you to throw around!


Sexton Hardcastle (credit: Sexton Hardcastle, aka Soul Assassin, aka Adrenaline, aka ass-head 9000) - He's an even bigger tool than Ben Hardy! A JL wrestler from years back who sucked harder than a Saigon whore taking the chrome off a doorknob.


Ced Ordonez - He's a retired JL'er and WF'er who wanted to live on in SWF lore. Unfortunately, we put him here. He likes DDR, and wouldn't cheat. Get someone else to do your dirty work.


These are the only official SJL staff members.

Edited by realitycheck

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Guest Evolution

Edit - Added the Urban Decay entrance and updated my history.


Smarks Board Name: Evolution

Wrestlers Name: "The Sinner" John Duran

Height: 6'8"

Weight: 265 lbs.

Hometown: Champaign, Illinois

Age: 29

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): None

Quote: "I will become number one by ANY means necessary."


Looks: Jet black hair that comes down to Duran's neck and just above his eyes, simply combed straight down, with matching black tights, quite muscular, with dark brown eyes, very intense-looking. Tights have the name "Duran" on both legs running down vertically in big white lettering, and Duran commonly wears a black t-shirt reading "SIN TO WIN" in big white lettering, though he sometimes goes without the shirt.


Ring Entrance: Drowning Pool's "Sinner" plays as John Duran comes out, intensely staring at the crowd as they boo him, grimacing in anger as he walks down towards the ring.


(Funyon stuff here)


(Duran will likely do some kind of negative crowd interaction to piss them off. Be as creative as you want.)


Duran gets up on the apron and enters the ring, going to the center of the ring and raising his arms, anger and hate apparent in his eyes, before going to the corner and awaiting his opponent.


Urban Decay ring entrance: Zack de la Rocha's "March Of Death" plays as (insert members here) of Urban Decay come out to boos. They walk down to the ring and raise their arms up, pointing to the sky.




Strength: 7

Speed: 3

Vitality: 6

Charisma: 4


Style: Duran depends on his strength and his ability to take a beating in matches, dishing out an amazing amount of powerhouse offense to his opponent in every match, trying to disable everyone he steps in the ring with.


Signature moves:


Spear/Tackle (More of a tackle, he'll wrap his arms around you and drive you hard into the turnbuckle)

Hard punches in the corner (mostly body shots)


Powerslam (out of the ropes)

Double underhook DDT


Common moves:

Vertical suplex




Reverse neckbreaker

Running shoulderblock (when opponent is coming out of the ropes)

Full Nelson

Belly-to-belly suplex


Running forearm

Boot choke (when opponent is in the turnbuckles)

Knee strike (ala Kevin Nash)


Gorilla Press

Low blow

Eye rake

Waistlock suplex




Rare moves:

"Crash Landing" - Top Rope Death Valley Driver

"Blunt Force Trauma" - Basically a TKO starting it in a Burning Hammer/Torture Rack set-up instead of a Fireman's carry set-up.



"Break Point" - Full nelson bomb (Bubba Bomb), at which point Duran leans back and locks the victim in a body scissors. (Common finisher, variation of the "Lockdown" once used by the late Randy Turner)

"Ultimate Sin" - A sit-out Razor's Edge.


Notes: Duran isn't exactly a hardcore wrestler, but will use weapons if the situation makes it necessary to do so. Otherwise, he's a by-the-book powerhouse wrestler, attempting to break his opponent in every match.


Bio: The thought of even becoming a pro wrestler was laughable to John Duran, until his wrestling teammate in college and longtime friend Randy Turner died training in Mexico during the summer due to a freak accident which was likely the result of overheating while working out. Duran knew that Turner was working his ass off to become a better wrestler, since Randy had felt that what he was giving the SJL at the time wasn't his best.


Upset over the circumstances in which Randy left the world, Duran knew that the only way to avenge Turner's death was to make an entrance in the SJL himself. After training for almost 8 months, John Duran comes to the SJL. Filled with anger and hate towards the other SJL superstars, Duran makes his entrance into the ranks with only one thing on his mind: To be the king of the hill. For Randy.


3/9/03 - W vs. Aaron Carpenter

3/13/03 - W w/ Terry Wayne vs. David Blazenwing and Geddion (TV Title #1 Contendership Match)

3/18/03 - L vs. Terry Wayne (W) and Omega Storm (TV Title Triangle Match)

3/23/03 - L vs. Terry Wayne (TV Title Match)

3/27/03 - L w/ Spike Jenkins/Omega Storm vs. Va'aiga/Christian Blackwell/Aaron Carpenter (Lucha Libre Trios Elimination Match, Main Event)

4/1/03 - DNS vs. Fosta (TV Title #1 Contendership Match)

4/6/03 - W vs. Terry Wayne (L) and Quiet Death (TV Title Triangle Match, Title Win)

4/10/03 - W vs. Syndicate (TV Title Defense)

4/15/03 - NS vs. Viktor Tarakanov (Non-Title Match)

4/20/03 - W vs. Terry Wayne (TV Title Defense)

4/24/03 - W vs. David Blazenwing (TV Title Defense)

4/29/03 - L vs. Leo Breslin, David Blazenwing, and Charlie "Grappler" Matthews (W) (TV Title Loss, Four Corners Elimination Match, Bringin' The Funk)

5/4/03 - W w/ Kaine vs. Christian Blackwell (Handicap Match, European Title Contendership Match, Main Event)

5/8/03 - W vs. Christian Blackwell (European Title Match, Title Win)

5/13/03 - NS vs. Leo Breslin and Viktor Tarakanov (W) (European Title Defense, Title Loss, Triangle Elimination Match)

5/18/03 - W vs. Tim Dillon (Hardcore Match)

5/22/03 - L w/ Manson vs. Va'aiga/Tim Dillon (Dual #1 Contender Match)

5/27/03 - W vs. Manson

6/1/03 - L vs. David Blazenwing, Viktor Tarakanov, and Charlie "Grappler" Matthews (W) (Fatal Four Way Euro Title #1 Contendership Match)

6/5/03 - W vs. Chris Trepainer (Win-By-Countout Euro Title #1 Contendership Match)

6/10/03 - L vs. Charlie "Grappler" Matthews (European Title Match)

6/15/03 - W vs. Johnathan Clarke and Dan Caldwell (Handicap Match)

6/19/03 - L vs. Manson, Aecas, Viktor Tarakanov, Spike Jenkins and Charlie "Grappler" Matthews (W) (Six-Way Elimination World Title #1 Contendership Match)

6/24/03 - W vs. English Dragon

6/29/03 - NS victory vs. Spike Jenkins, Jimmy Liston, and Shawn Tybalt (Fatal Four Way World Title #1 Contendership Match)

7/3/03 - L vs. Aecas (#1 Contendership Match with Guest Referee Charlie Matthews)

7/8/03 - W vs. Scott Solomon (DQ Victory)

7/13/03 - W vs. Spike Jenkins (No Ropes Barbed Wire Match)

7/17/03 - L w/ Chris Trepanier vs. Manson and Viktor Tarakanov (Hardcore Tag Team Match)

7/27/03 - W vs. Manson and Aecas (Triple Threat Elimination Match for the Vacant SJL World Heavyweight Title)

Edited by Evolution

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Guest Hoth-Boy

Smarks Board Name: Hoth-Boy

Wrestlers Name: Tommy Nguyen

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 187 lbs

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Age: 24

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: None as of yet

Ring Escort: None of as yet

Weapon(s): Cricket Bat, only if the match stipulations allow it.



Looks: Tommy is half Vietnamese and half American, has short black hair, cut in a shaggy flattop with red highlights, and he has brown eyes. He has well defined muscles, but not overly cut/steroid abuse look. Tommy wears a pair of black tight pants, with “Tommy” going down on leg and “Nguyen” going down the opposite leg both accented with outline of flames in red; and his arms are taped from just below the below the elbows to the just past his thumb. The tape tends to cover the tattoos on the tops of Tommy’s hands, the top of his right hand depicts a hand of blackjack with the upturned card being the five of clubs, the image is repeated on the left with the face up card being the ace of spades.


Ring Entrance: “Creatures” by 311 starts up, and starts up every light in the arena flashes on as “Tommy Nguyen” flashes on the Smarktron. Tommy makes his way down the ramp as red, orange and yellow pyro goes off around the entrance, slides into the ring, goes to one of the far corner’s and awaits his opponent.




Strength: 4

Speed: 7

Vitality: 4

Charisma: 5


Style: A high flyer with some martial arts (Muai Thai) and submission wrestling thrown in the mix. Will go power on guys his size or slightly bigger up to about 215 lbs, if he thinks he can win the match that way.


Signature moves:

Wakigatame Armbar – aka Fujiwara Armbar

Reverse Rana

Face First Powerbomb (can be used as a finisher)

Face First Piledriver

Michinoku Driver II

Elbow off the top rope to a standing opponent’s head or shoulder

Billy Gunn’s Fame-ass-er

450 Leg Drop

Saigon Surprise - With opponent on their back, spreads their legs and drops both legs onto their crotch

Street Execution – A knee from the top rope to the back of the head of a hunched over opponent.


Common moves:

Inverted Atomic Drop

Moonsaults, all variants

Super Kick

Top Rope Hurricanrana

Sit out Jawbreaker

Running Bulldog


Spinning heel kick

Drop toe hold

Crucifix Armbar

Shoulder Breaker

Spike DDT

Snap Suplex

German Suplex

A flurry of kicks, punches, knees and head-butts to an opponent while they’re in the corner; usually causes a loud pop from the crowd, especially when finished with the head-BUTT


Rare moves:

Low-Blow Powerbomb, only when the stips will allow it.



Suicide Dreams – Reverse Crucifix Armbar with neck submission - The victim is on their stomach. The attacker applies a scissorlock to on the victim's arms. The attacker rolls in the same direction on the victim's head, forcing the victim's body up at an angle where their neck is supporting their own body weight. At the same time, the attacker is trying to hyperextend the victim's elbow across the attacker's body.


N-Tron Bomb - Corkscrew 450 Senton Bomb from the top rope (as if it could be done from anywhere else)


Notes: Basically Tommy is an all a rounder type, who is a mad gym-rat and always working on something new. That’s not to say the boy want party, just that he puts his career above everything else in his life.

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Guest ToddRoyal

Smarks Board Name: ToddRoyal

Wrestler's Name: Todd Royal

Height: 6' 1"

Weight: 220 lbs.

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Age: 26

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: N/A

Ring Escort: Megan Skye

Weapon(s): Personalized Black Louisville Slugger (The Hand of Todd)

Quote: "Todd Bless You" "Todd Damn!" "You are in the presence of your Lord, Todd"


Looks: Short dark brown hair, brown goatee. Ring Gear is Bret Hart-esque long tights/singlet combo. Tights are black with silver trimmed blue flames on the legs, top is either Black, Blue or Silver, depending on the night. Pre-Match gear includes black sunglasses and a black vest with "VIP" on the front and "Todd Bless You" or some such saying on the back in silver trimmed blue. Black boots with "TR" initials.


Ring Entrance: Entrance theme is AC/DC's "Shoot to Thrill". The Lights go out, and the entrance starts with a "Light from Heaven" type white light falling from the rafters and illuminating a large stained glass portrait of Todd Royal. A soft "ahhhhhhh" sound is heard from the entrance way, and dozens of tiny flanes accompany it (think cheesy TV shows with God appearing). The sound is revelead to be a full church choir, who sings softly before the entrance music hits and blue and white strobes accompany Royal and Skye to the ring.




Strength: 4

Speed: 4

Vitality: 5

Charisma: 7


Style: Technically based with stiff striking attacks and flashes of high flying.


Signature Moves:

The Trinity- Snap Vertical Suplex rolled into regular vertical suplex, rolled into delayed Vertical Suplex.

The Todd's Eye- Straightjacket Camel Clutch

Straightjacket Suplex


Blue Thunder Powerbomb


Shining Wizard

Moonsault (attempt, usually misses)



Common Moves:


Sidewalk Slam

Belly to Belly Suplex

Knee breaker

Knee Bar

Stepover Toehold

Knee Cracker- (That opponent face down, step on inside of knee, lift and slam move)

Dragon Screw Legwhip


Fisherman's Suplex

Russian Leg Sweep

Double axehandle

Hammerlock Slam

Running Knee Lift

Bootscrape to the face

Single Leg Boston Crab

Chicken Wing

Leaping Bulldog

Crossbody Block

Shin Strike


Rare Moves:

Flying Headbutt

Todd Complex (Shooting Star Press)- (Only if he has thouroghly destroyed his opponent and is showing off)

Royal Bomb (Tiger Driver- Only in EXTREME desperation)



Todd Damn- (Bridging Dragon Suplex)

Wrath of Todd- (Figure 4 Leglock)


Notes: Todd is the cocky heel character taken to the next level. He's so obssessed with himself that he sees himself as a diety of sorts. He frequently expresses this by replacing "God" with "Todd" in phrases like "Todd Bless You" and "Todd Damn". He rarely gets along with anyone, because he sees himself as so much better than them.



Todd's career began in the US Indy's where he won his fair share of titles, and boosted his ego to astronomical levels. He subsequently decided that he had beaten everything the US had to offer, and went on the "Todd Royal World Tour", competing across the world. During this trip he honed his style, picking up and integrating elements of British chain wrestling, Japanese striking and Mexican flying to take his game to the next level, and his ego along with it.

After "conquering the world", Todd has returned to the US to take on all competition in what he views as more of a showcase of his greatness than competitive matches.


Final SJL Record: 24-8

Def: Bloodshed (06/29/03)

Def: Jimmy Liston (07/03/03)

Def: Danny Conklin (07/08/03)

Def By: English Dragon {Ladder Match} (07/13/03)

Def. Michael D. Lockwood (07/17/03)

Def. English Dragon for TV Title {Submissions Match} (07/22/03)

Def. Craig McLennan (07/27/03)

Def. Jay Morrison (07/31/03)

Def By: Landon Maddix for the TV Title (Bible on a Pole Match} (08/05/03)

Def By: Danny Conklin (08/10/03) (No-Show)

Def. Chris Trepanier {Singapore Cane Match} (09/07/03)

Def By: Aecas in a 4 corners match also involving Brian Kingsmen & Jay Morrison (09/12/03)

Def. Brian Kingsmen, Jay Morrison & Jimmy Liston in a Battle Royal for European Title (09/17/03)

Def. Jimmy Liston (09/21/03)

Def. Landon Maddix {Ladder/Submissions Match} (09/28/03)

W/ Korgath & Jimmy Liston Def. Landon Maddix, Manson & Insane Luchador (10/02/03)

Def. Dominic Korgath (10/07/03)

Def. The Insane Luchador (10/12/03)

Def. The Insane Luchador & Landon Maddix for the SJL World Title {2 falls match- dropped Euro Title in Fall #1} (10/21/03)

Def By: Insane Luchador for the SJL World Title (10/26/03) (No Show)

Def. Insane Luchador {Quadruple Domination Match} (11/13/03)

Def. The Unknown Warrior (11/18/03)

Def. Aecas for the SJL World Title (11/23/03)

Def. Manson {Steel Cage Match} (12/02/03)

Def By: Spike Jenkins {No Disqualification match} (Non-Title) (12/07/03)

Def By: Alan Clark (Non-Title) (12/12/03) (Wrote to lose)

Def By: Alan Clark for the SJL World Title {Falls Count Anywhere Match} (12/23/03)

W/ Spike Jenkins Def. Jacob Helmsley & Sean Casey (01/09/04)

Def. Aecas {Pure Wrestling Rules} (01/13/04)

Def. Spike Jenkins (01/18/04)

Def. Daredevil, Frankie Deed, Jimmy Liston, Manson, Sean Casey & Spike Jenkins {Elimination Match} (01/22/04)

Def. Spike Jenkins {Steel Cage Match} (01/26/04)


Writing Record: 25-4


SJL World Television Champion (07/22/03 - 08/05/03)

SJL European Champion (09/17/03 - 10/21/03)

SJL World Heavyweight Champion {x2} (10/21/03 - 10/26/03), (11/23/03 - 12/23/03)


Manager's Name: Megan Skye

Height: 5' 10"

Weight: 110 lbs.

Hometown: Pawtucket, RI

Age: 24

Face/Heel: Heel


Bio: Megan Skye is possibly the only person other than Todd who believes Royal's hype. Dubbed the one and only "Toddess", Skye will do anything and everything to help her man win. Though her mid-match duties consist mostly of holding Todd's vest and toweling him off at appropriate times, she won't think twice about interjecting herself with a well placed low-blow, or even a Tornado DDT- The Skye Lyte- in a desperate fix.

Edited by ToddRoyal

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Guest Goose749

Smarks Board Name: Goose749

Wrestlers Name: Jimmy "The Demon" Liston

Height: 6' 4''

Weight: 228 lbs

Hometown: Boston, MA

Age: 26

Face/Heel: Heel

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): None

Quote: None




long, dark black hair with dull red streak.

red contact lenses

clean shaven

athletic body

wears sleveless top, the bottom half of which is black, the top half red, the border between the two making a flame-like pattern. On his upper left arm is an ankh tattoo. On his lower left arm is a tattoo of a fire-breathing red dragon, with its tail wrapped around the elbow, and flames licking the wrist.

Wears black pants, gloves and boots.


Ring Entrance:


The lights go dark. A string orchestra can be heard playing a sweetly disturbing tune. The Smarktron comes to life, simply displaying a white ankh. Pyros flash as they climb the ramp, from ringside to entrance. The screen flashes as drums and guitar join in Cradle of Filth's "Born in a Burial Gown". A burst of flame announces the arrival of Liston. On the Smarktron, a collection of clips of previous matches starts up. Liston is seen Hunting Todd Royal, Tormenting Leo Breslin, hitting Blazenwing with the Damnation, and the video culminates with a shot of Liston on the turnbuckle, jumping and landing a Demon Headbutt on Craig McLennan. Red lights accompany Liston as he walks down the ramp to ringside, his eyes seemingly focused on some invisible object floating in front of his face.




Liston slides into the ring, climbs the near turnbuckle, and, just as the tempo picks up, he thrusts his fist into the air in time with the music. He jumps from the top turnbuckle, and walks to the far side of the ring as the house lights are brought up, and the music fades.




Strength: 7

Speed: 5

Vitality: 5

Charisma: 3


Style: Suplex


Signature moves:

Hunt (Liston spears opponent, wraps his arms around opponent's waist, and drives his opponent's back into the turnbuckle)

Boston Crab

Torment (Choke takedown)

R.I.P. (Sleeper hold on sitting opponent)

Torture Rack

Cross powerbomb pin

Bloodlust (hook opponents arms, followed by repeated headbutts)


Common moves:


Fallaway slam

Reverse Suplex

Falling neckbreaker



Underhook suplex

Arm wrench with hook kick

Falling back drop

Headbutts to back of opponent's head


Schoolboy pin

Small package pin

Fireman carry

Rib breaker

Shoulder breaker

German Suplex


Rare moves:

Repeated Powerbombs (usually 3)

Judgement (Spiral Powerbomb Pin)




Damnation (Lift as for drop suplex, then finish with a falling driver)

Descent (Powerbomb to facebuster)

Demon (Diving) Headbutt (This move is rarely successful. When Liston does make contact, the move can be devastating.)



Liston comes across as a stuck-up guy. He promotes himself as the greatest by-the-book wrestler, and yet is more than willing to cheat in order to win a match. Liston likes to act big and bad, and admittedly has the strength necessary to back up many of his claims. But he often picks fights against the wrong people - those either bigger or faster than him, or both. In the ring, Liston reverses often, but not excessively. He also as the ability to evolve with the match. He can change fighting style to better fit his needs, though there are limits to the extent of change. Due to a short leap distance, he will tend to stay away from high risk moves from the turnbuckle. However, Liston will use the Demon Headbutt when absolutely necessary - and when he gets a chance. Overall, Liston is quite an athlete, and, despite some really heel things he may do, he still manages to click with the fans.


Bio: Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. Jimmy Liston joined amateur wrestling leagues at 19 years old. He fought in various indy circuits, where he met "The Dragon" Tyler Sullivan. Together, they formed a tag team, and became crowd favorites due to their surprising agility and antics. However, the two were never tremendously successful in the ring, and never won a title. They went on to Japan when Liston was 24. In the Japanese circuits, their reputations were destroyed. The Japanese saw the antics of "The Dragon" as an insult to their culture, and so Sullivan was forced to change his alias to "The Reaper". Still, the Japanese crowd remained unimpressed, and the team split up. Sullivan returned to the States in disgrace, while Liston remained in Japan for another year, trying to make it big. Now Liston has returned to the US of A, and is trying to make a new start for himself in the SJL.


:firedevil: SJL Match History: :firedevil:



Date: Thursday, August 14, 2003, @ 6 PM EST

Venue: Back in America! Metrapark Arena - Billings, Montana




Manson vs Dominic Korgath vs Jimmy “The Demon” Liston vs Danny Conklin vs Craig McClennan vs The Apostle

Description: One day, I wanted to think of a stipulation to end all stipulations. Then Tom Flesher said something about Calvinball AND THIS MATCH WAS BORN. For those of you unfamilair with Calvinball, the rules are anything you want. Anyone can change the rules at any time, and these rules could potentially include how to win the match. That’s right, you decide how the match is won. If you are familiar with Calvinball, you know the idea here.

Rules: ANYTHING YOU WANT. Matches will be graded on creativity as well as all the other factors.

Word Limit: 6000

Send To: Thoth



Edited by Goose749

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Preliminary Question: How did you find us/hear about us?

Saw you on the board and from people's sigs on the board.


Smarks Board Name: King Cucaracha

Wrestlers Name: Landon Maddix

Nickname(s): 'La Cucaracha' (goes in between names, e.g Randy 'Macho Man' Savage), 'The Disciple Of Todd'

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 206lbs

Hometown: Huron, South Dakota

Age: 19 (Birthdate=15/03/84)

Face/Heel: Loveable Face, with a hidden agressive streak.

Stable: None

Ring Escort: Megan Skye

Weapon(s): Can you say 'Landon...get the tables!!!' A table spot specialist when he can use them within the rules. Also, may be prone to heelish turns now and again, if Todd so wishes.

Quote: "And so, Todd said un-to Landon...man, you are awesome!"

"Go ahead and hit me...you can't hurt me."

Plus, any of Todd's quotes may be used in certain ass kissing situations.


Looks: White, with medium length blonde hair. Wears a black and red headband which can double up as a choking weapon in desperate cases. Clean shaven and youthful looking. Usually ring attire consists of old John Cena style leather shorts, red with black trim. Black kneepads and red padded X-Pac style boots, with black trim and black 'LM's' near the ankle. Black elbowpads and red wristbands.


Will now wear latest Todd Royal t-shirt to the ring, or possibly a customised vest like Todd, with a Todd-loving/Megan loving slogan on the back.


Ring Entrance:


"An' I'm sailin'...yeah!"


"Suck My Kiss" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers starts up, causing the arena to suddenly be filled with rapturous boos! As the song moves into the lyrics, Landon Maddix steps out from behind the curtain to even more heat from the crowd, Landon not bothered by it stands at the top of stage...the lights dim momentarily, as a Todd-like white light falling upon him, as the smiling Maddix raises his arms out in the air.




The lights quickly return to normal as Maddix slowly walks to the ring. Leaping to the apron, Maddix raises his arms and sings along with the part of the song...


"Hit me you can't hurt me...




Before 'rolling' into the ring (Crash Holly style entering), and leaping to the middle rope, raising his arms for the crowd again, and getting booed again. He then jumps down and starts to get prepared, limpering up in one corner.




Strength: 2

Speed: 6

Vitality: 5

Charisma: 7



Style: A cross between Brian Kendrick, and a pre World Title winning face Shawn Michaels. Kind of like what Kendrick should be like in a couple of years. Likes to take a risk, and use his agility to out-wit much taller/bigger/stronger opponents. May cheat, may not...depends on instructions from Todd.


Signature moves:

The Whiparound- Places the opponent across the middle rope so half his body is hanging over the apron, by whatever means, and then runs towards him. He then uses the ropes to swing around in a 619 move, but instead of hitting the 619, he uses his legs to headscissors the opponent to the outside.


Quebrada- Slingshot Moonsault Splash


Plancha- Crossbody to the outside from the ring


The Nose Job- Wrap-around DDT. The Rock used to use it. Begins like a crucifix, but spins round and hits a DDT.


Splash Mountain Bomb- Catches opponent facing towards the crowd on the middle rope, and brings them straight down with a sit out crucifix powerbomb.


CockroachDive Headbutt- Diving headbutt.


Shining Wizard- Jumping kick to the back of the head. Usually with opponent on knees, but Maddix has perfected this move and it can be hit from almost ANY position...be creative.


Flying Tomahawk Chop- Open handed vertical chop driven to top of head of opponent from the top rope.


Suck My Kiss- Diving Headbutt...only, to the standing opponent. More of a 'Glasgow Kiss' than a French kiss...it packs a punch.


Up and Under- A salute to Johnny 'English Hero' Wilkinson...a full rugby style kick, usually connecting somehwere around the gut area. Variations of connections are possible...obviously, it's likely to hit low in some circumstances. If you've seen Wilkinson in his preperation before kicking, then you can make Landon replicate that.



Common moves:



Standing Spinkick

Swinging Neckbreaker

Flying Headscissors

Dragon Sleeper with leg scissors

Victory Roll

Diving Reverse DDT

Rolling Koppu Kick

Running Senton Bomb

Head and Arm Overhead Suplex

Slingshot Suplex

Swinging Bulldog

Flying Forearm

Oklahoma Roll

European Uppercut

German Suplex



Rare moves:

The YMCA Elbow- The famed YMCA Elbow is like the People's Elbow. But before hitting the elbow, Maddix does the YMCA Dance. Only used when he is in control, usually towards the end of the match. A 'showy' type move. He will still use this, despite heelishness.


It's NOT a MAD MAD MADdix- Formerly the Corkscrew Plancha. That was too crowd friendly, so it has been replaced. The opponent is in plancha position, but instead of launching over the ropes...Maddix slides out of the ring, and spears the opponent back into the guardrail, pissing off the crowd in the process.


Cu Cu Ca Chu- With both men on the top or middle ropes, Maddix grabs the head for a jawbreaker and leaps off with a super jawbreaker. Usually a counter for other top rope moves like super hurricanranas and such.


Fisherman's Buster- Fisherman's suplex into a brain buster. Only used on smaller wrestlers or with extra leverage.


The Wrath of Todd- The ultimate ass kissing move. The figure four leglock, which is perfected of course by Todd Royal.



Hardcore Moves:

Seering Wizard- Shining Wizard, only with opponent holding a weapon in front of his face, just adding to the move.


Bad Ride, Worse Landing- With a table propped up against the ring apron, Maddix whips the opponent to the ropes, and backbody drops them over the top rope and through the propped table, most probably causing them to hit the apron head first as well.


Death From Above- Senton Bomb(Dick Togo style, not Jeff Hardy) through a table...usually from top rope to outside, although in REALLY extreme cases it can be from ladders, high ledges or even balconies.


Trash Compacter- Maddix places a trash can over the opponent's head, and forces them to the mat somehow(be creative)...he then climbs to the top rope backwards, and moonsaults onto the trash can, crushing the opponent's head. See Matt and Jeff Hardy's Hardcore Title Match on Smackdown in mid-2000 if possible.




Crash Landon- With Landon on the middle rope, and the opponent stood in front of him on the mat, a Tornado Downward Spiral.


Fah-Laming Fury Moonsault- Slingshots up to the top rope from the apron, into a Double Springboard Moonsault.



Notes: As above, likes to take a risk, and use his agility to out-wit much taller/bigger/stronger opponents. Will use table spots frequently when the rules allow it. Now under Todd's wing, he will be more prone to cheating now...but still rely on his speed and agility over cheating. A cocky kid, sometimes overbearing. May still get face pops for some things he does, ala RVD in the InVasion. Sometimes use his speed and agility to frustate larger (hoss like) opposition in a playful, humiliating way. Vast movelist.


Bio: The skinny kid from Huron, he was just another kid until he got into watching wrestling to try and be more popular with a group of kids in high school. Eventually he actually grew to like wrestling, and grew up idolising Shawn Michaels. The more he watched, the more he appreciated the wrestling he saw and eventually decided to try and get into the business himself. After a couple of years of hard training, Maddix finally got into the big time with the SJL.


His first few months were a very successful few. After his first two wins, Maddix found himself up against TV Champion Todd Royal, in an 'interesting' match. With a Bible on a pole, Maddix faced Todd...and in only his third competitive match took the Bible, and the T.V Title. From there Landon only got stronger, compiling a winning run that left him 8 and 0.


However, Todd was still a pain in his side. His first loss to Brian Bowers sent Landon into a brief downward spiral, losing his next two matches as well...one of those against rival Todd Royal in a Ladders and Submissions Match. Now even, the two rivals met in a six man tag team amtch, with a disallusioned Maddix tapping out to Korgath in what was seen as a quick move...it looked like Maddix was literally giving up on his career.


In his next match, Landon fought back and won contendership to Todd's European Title...but by the time his shot had rolled around, Todd was in contention for the World Title. What resulted was a 'changing of the guard' situation, where in a two fall triple threat match, Maddix beat Todd for his European Title...but Todd then hit back, pinning Maddix to claim Insane Luchador's World Title. Landon 2, Todd 2.


Not one to be detered, Maddix took the European Title under his wing with gusto, his European roots causing a change of character...suddenly, Landon had embraced the European culture. It helped him defeat Manson twice, and win the infamous 'Pie Match'...and got him a World Title shot. But, the fairy tale ended there. Maddix got DESTROYED by Aecas in the World Title match, and subsequently lost the European Title to Alan Clark the next show.


Since then, Maddix went through a self pitying stage...mainly due to the harsh words of Todd Royal. Still Maddix rolled on regardless, beating Aecas amongst others. Then, after a triple threat victory earlier in the night, Landon Maddix turned up after Alan Clark and Todd Royal's main event. Clark had won the match, but was suddenly blindsighted by Maddix in a shocking attack, Clark's knee damaged in the process. Todd's words obviously struck home with Maddix, to the point that he alligned himself with his long time rival.




Record- 20-8-1(2 no-shows)

W vs Hybrid (Debut Match)

W vs Tommy Nguyen (TV Title #1 Contenders Match)

W vs Todd Royal (Bible on a Pole Match, TV Title win)

W vs Jay Morrison (TV Title defence)

W vs Jay Morrison (TV Title defence)

W vs Dominic Korgath (TV Title defence)

W vs Brian Kingsmen (TV Title defence)

W vs Dominic Korgath (TV Title defence)

L vs Brian Bowers (TV Title loss)

L vs Todd Royal (Ladders/Submission, Euro Title loss)

'L' vs Todd Royal, Korgath and Jimmy Liston (Six Man Tag Match w/IL and Manson)

W vs Aecas (Euro/World #1 Contender Match)

L vs Manson (Singles Match)

W vs Korgath and Craig McLennan (Triple Threat Match)

L vs Todd Royal and Insane Luchador (Triple Threat, 2 Falls...Euro Title win)

L vs Unknown Warrior (Non Title, Hardcore Rules)

W vs Manson (European Title defence)

W vs Manson (European Title defence, Hardcore Rules)

W vs Manson, Spike Jenkins and Unknown Warrior (Pie Match)

L vs Aecas (Fans Bring The Weapons, World Title loss)

L vs Alan Clark (European Title loss)

W vs Dominic Korgath by DQ (Singles Match)

DNS with Aecas

W vs Aecas (Singles Match)

W vs Aecas and Spike Jenkins (Triangle Match, Special Stip)

W vs Spike Jenkins (Singles Match)

W vs Aecas (Special Guest Referee Match, ref/Chris Raynor)

W vs Alan Clark (European Title win)

W vs Jacob Helmsley (Tables Match)



Manager's Name: Megan Skye

Nickname: The Toddess

Height: 5' 10"

Weight: 110 lbs.

Hometown: Pawtucket, RI

Age: 24

Face/Heel: Heel


Bio: Megan Skye is possibly the only person other than Todd and now Landon who believes Royal's hype. Dubbed the one and only "Toddess", Skye has served as Todd's valet for a long while. Now Landon and Todd are together, her duties have extended to the Disciple. Skye will do anything and everything to help her man/men win. She won't think twice about interjecting herself with a well placed low-blow, or even a Tornado DDT- The Skye Lyte- if Maddix finds himself in a desperate fix.

Edited by King Cucaracha

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Preliminary Question: I found out about the SWF while on the Prowrestling.com forums...


Smarks Board Name: cmclennan

Wrestlers Name: Craig McLennan

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 205 lbs.

Hometown: Duncan, British Columbia, Canada.

Age: 22

Face/Heel: Heel


Ring Escort:




Looks: Wears a mostly Red flamey-type full-body spandex suit, with a yellow mask with mock flames extending from the top.


Ring Entrance: Craig McLennan Comes out to the song "Rose of Pain" by X-Japan. He Reaches into his suit, and produces a Zippo© brand lighter. He walks to the ring and puts the lighter down in the corner, and hops up onto the apron, then to the top, and backflips into the ring.




Strength: 4

Speed: 8

Vitality: 4

Charisma: 4


Style: Fast, with some technical.


Signature moves:

Top rope hurricanrana

Stiff Kicks to the face and chest

Ringpost Legrop

Standing Shooting Star Press

Twisting Plancha

Running kick to the face.

Front suplex onto the ropes, then a slap to the face.


Common moves:

Flying Elbowdrop

Tiger Suplex

Top-rope Splash

Standing dropkick

Japanese Arm Drag

Standing Senton

Headscissors takeover

Super-Stiff Roundhouse kick

Jumping Neck Snap

Reverse Tombstone

Standing Moonsault

Top-rope Moonsault

Cross body press

German Suplex with a bridge.



Rare moves:

Release German Suplex(Head drop)


Release Tiger Superplex(Fucking Brutal-ass head drop)



Bakuhatsu Suru (Inverted Hurricanrana)

Orange Crush Pin


Notes: Wrestles hunched down, much like Tajiri, or perhaps Low-ki. Also, is very All Japan-style. What with head drops, Japanese-style psychology, and, of course, everything is super-stiff.

Edited by cmclennan

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Guest Aecas

Smarks Board Name: Aecas

Wrestlers Name: Aecas

Nickname: The Black Angel

Height: 7'

Weight: 315lbs

Hometown: Shrewsbury, England

Age: 29

Face/Heel: Psychotic Face

Stable: N/A

Ring Escort: N/A

Weapon(s): Anything not nailed down and liftable. Carries Flick Scythe to the ring with him. (See notes for description)

Quote: "Sanity is just a weird form of madness..."


Looks: He has black hair that comes down to his shoulders, when backstage he wears it tied back in a ponytail but loosens it before making his entrance to the ring. His eyes are blue/green but he wears contact lenses that blot out the iris and pupil leaving them totally white. He wears black leather pants and a large pair of Goth New Rock boots from the waist up he wears nothing, his skin is pale and contrasts sharply to a snaking dragon tattoo that works its sinuous length around his chest and back, and across the pale skin of hs forehead the word DEATH is written in black face paint.


Ring Entrance: The arena goes dark for several long moments, a graveyard bell ringing ominously, the Smarktron displays a figure shrouded in darkness, stabs of lights highlighting the scales of a winding tattoo that spreads itself across his chest. The stabs of light travel slowly up the figures body highlighting the blank white orb of an eye as a deep voice reverberates through the arena speakers.


"Are you scared?"


The voice echoes for a moment before several voices speak as one.


"He's here..........."


Dark Funeral's “Dead Skin Mask” blasts out from the arena speakers as a lighting flash highlights Aecas on the Smarktron, a sadistic grin on his face. Red lights begin to strobe around the arena, like an alarm system gone wrong - or a system that is warning of imminent carnage. The Smarktron displays A E C A S with blood dripping onto the top of the words. A series of sadistic moves are shown before A E C A S appears again this time with blood oozing halfway down the words. Another series of brutal weapon shots and vicious bumps is shown before A E C A S flashes up again, blood pooling at the bottom of the letters.


As the Smarktron plays the movie, thick smoke boils up from the entranceway, filling the air and carpeting the floor, a blood red spotlight picks out Aecas as he stands deep in the depths of the smoke, an eerie silhouette will a large staff in one hand. Aecas raises the staff high above his head holding it high in both hands. A long wicked blade snaps forth from the staff as Aecas tips his head back spraying a mist of blood into the air, inciting a roar of approval from the crowd as he begins to stride down the aisle. As he walks the light flickers his face alternating from an impassive visage to a mask of almost demonic glee with each flicker. He enters the ring through the ropes as the lights slowly come up a grin on his face as he anticipates what is to come before his face becomes indifferent and impassive once again.




Strength: 8 (He's back and more pumped up than ever!)

Speed: 3 (Though he has sacrificed some of his speed for strength, he can still move around and will still fly from the top regardless of his health or his opponents.)

Vitality: 8 (Hit him in the face with a broken bottle and he'd give you another and tell you to put more effort behind it.)

Charisma: 1 (He looks positively gloomy unless involved in very brutal matches when he lets excitement break the surface. He talks little but his actions often speak volumes of their own.)


Style: Power Based but mixes in some Technical moves.


Signature moves:

Brainbuster Variations/Entrance To Hades - Aecas' Suplex move of choice the Brainbuster name a variant and he can throw it, variations include, Normal, Stalling, One Armed, Inverted, Sheer Drop, Evenflow, Slingshot, Second Rope Into Turnbuckles, Corkscrew,and on special occasions Jumping, Darkness Buster and Super (Jumping Darkness Buster and Super are rare because obviously they are Finisher strength). The Entrance To Hades is a combination move, Normal Brainbuster to Evenflow Brainbuster to Corkscrew Brainbuster.

The Unholy Driver - (Double Underhook Face Crusher) Aecas Double Underhook's his opponent and lifts them up until they are draped across his shoulders in a Canadian Backbreaker like position. Aecas then spins around and sits out flipping his opponent forward and driving their face into the mat.

M Bison – When his opponent is on their hands and knees, or propped up against a chair Aecas will move to the nearest turnbuckle, ascending to either the second or top rope. Aecas then springs off the ropes his arms held out at his sides like wings as he stomps down hard on his opponent’s neck and head.

The Betrayer – Aecas lifts his opponent onto his shoulders in a Burning Hammer position, he holds them there for a moment before placing one hand on their thigh and pushes hard while pulling down on their neck with his right hand flipping them upside down. As his opponent is catapulted forwards Aecas twists his body and sits out, smashing his opponents face into the canvas.

Uranage Suplex - Aecas stands side on to his opponent, stepping close and wrapping his right arm around tight their throat, his left tossing their right arm over his right shoulder before moving down and grabbing their tights. He lifts them up bodily by the neck and tights spinning around and slamming them down HARD on their neck and shoulders.

Mother F'n' Bomb - This is a pure show of strength, Aecas hauls his opponent into the air in a Gorilla Press posistion. He holds them high above his head a good 8 feet in the air before he runs forwards, leaping into the air and landing in a sitout posistion, flipping his opponent forwards and slamming them backfirst into the canvas between his legs.

Bareback Jawbreaker - Aecas places his opponents chin on his right shoulder gripping the back of their head before jumping into the air and landing in a sitout posistion as is opponent hits the canvas knees first, driving their jaw into his shoulder. On larger opponents the move is done as normal, on smaller and lighter opponents Aecas will lift them off of the floor before he executes the move getting extra height and impact on the move.

Running Powerslam - British Bulldog style, when he was in his prime.

Yakuza Kick - HUGE running kick to the face.

The Gore - Self Explanatory.

As Darkness Falls - Swanton Bomb

Hard Rain - Top rope Elbow Drop, and we are talking HBK style hang time here kiddies. Aecas will SAIL through the air before smashing an elbow into his opponents head knocking them silly or out, depending on their Vitality rating.

Guillotine Leg Drop - A top Rope Leg Drop. Like his Hard Rain Elbow Drop Aecas can get quite a bit of height with this one, and a Seven footer dropping a leg from a great height will devastate all but the toughest opponents.


Common moves:


Double Arm DDT

Gutwrench Powerbomb

Double Powerbomb

German Suplex (Variations: Release, With or Without Bridge)

Dragon Suplex (Variations: Release, With or Without Bridge and on rare occasions Multiple)

Pendulum Backbreaker

Sidewalk Slam

Shoulder Breaker

Fujiwara Armbar/Reverse Armbar



Side Belly to Belly Suplex

Boston Crab

Spinning Neck breaker

Big Boot

Northern lights Suplex


Rare moves:

Dark Ascension - (Canadian Backbreaker Rack to Piledriver) Aecas lifts his opponent up into a Canadian Backbreaker posistion, he holds them there for a brief moment before dragging them forwards and sitting out, piledriving his opponents head straight into the canvas.

Black Death Driver - Psycho Driver '01 (Sheer Drop Pumphandle Piledriver) Aecas steps in behind his opponent, hooks them up and lifts them into the air in a pumphandle position, he turns his opponent upside down and then sits out, driving them headfirst into the canvas. Piss him off enough and you'll get a Jumping version and a few weeks in traction ;)

Backdrop Driver - Aecas steps up beside his opponent, tosses their left arm over his shoulders and wraps his arms around their waist, he lifts them up into the air and arches himself backwards driving them headfirst into the mat. Given Aecas' height there is no chance you're going to land on anything other than your head. There are two variations Aecas likes to use in addition to the standard Backdrop Driver. Snap Backdrop Driver, as soon as Aecas has his hands locked he will take his oppoennt up and over, no stalling, no itime to prepare, just lock arms and BANG. The second variation is used when his opponent is on the apron, Aecas steps up to the ropes, reaches over the top rope and grabs his opponent by the waist before Backdrop Driving them over the top rope and back INTO the ring.

The Grave Digger - 3 to 5 HARD Powerbombs before Aecas flips his opponent up onto his shoulders and hits him with a Death Valley Driver (Piss Aecas off and this is what you're likely to get. The number of Powerbombs depends on size and weight of opponent, for visual description see the Continuous Powerbomb to DVD on No Mercy.)

The Grim Reaper - Same situation as The Grave Digger but this move ends with Aecas letting his opponent’s battered body hang upside down before finishing them off with the Executioner.

Descent Into Darkness - Aecas either Irish Whips his opponent into the ropes or stands in their way as they run towards him, just before his opponent collides with him Aecas grabs him/her under the armpits heaving them up into the air in what appears to be a Flapjack position. As the opponent suddenly finds themself about seven and a half feet off of the floor, Aecas quickly steps between his opponents legs and grabs their trunks/pants/whatever at the hips before drilling them into the canvas with a huge Powerbomb.

The Fallen Angel - Aecas sets his opponent up into a sitting position on the top turnbuckle facing out towards the crowd, he then climbs upwards to the second rope wrapping his arms around his opponents middle with a tight waistlock. He then jumps from the second rope, using the rope to springboard himself upwards and across the ring culminating the move by German Suplexing his opponent in mid air dropping them practically on their head as they land. Nearest visual description of this move is the Super German Suplex for those of you who have Fire Pro 2 on the GBA.







A spinning Hangman's DDT (ala No Mercy style) Aecas gets his opponent into a Powerbomb position and hoists them up in the normal way. However, instead of holding his opponent up, Aecas lets them flop down, leaving them hanging upside down with his arms wrapped around their waist. Aecas then jumps and spins around driving his opponents head into the canvas in an unprotected reverse Tombstone position, typically followed by a Darkness pin. Do NOT kick out of this move unless it is a title match, or you'll be jobbed for life


Assault Driver


Aecas gets his opponent onto his shoulders in an Electric Chair Drop position (There are several ways of doing this so just pick one) he then puts his arms between the opponents legs and reaches up to grab his opponent by both wrists. Aecas pulls hard and send his opponent toppling off of his shoulders, as they fall he sits out dropping his opponent on their head and shoulders.



Wings Of Fire


Whilst the opponent is lying face down on the floor, Aecas sits down next to them facing towards their head and takes hold of their left wrist with his left hand and their right wrist with his right hand. Aecas Places his legs around the opponents arms and neck in a Full Nelson position. He then pulls back on the arms to apply maximum pressure on the opponent damaging their back, neck and the entirety of their arms. Unless the opponent is able to reach the ropes with his legs the only way out of the submission is to power out of it, but it will take a VERY strong individual to do so.


Flying Wings Of Fire


A variation of Wings of Fire. Aecas Irish whips his opponent into a turnbuckle. He beats his opponent down into a sitting position (by any means clothesline punches etc). Aecas sits on the turnbuckle facing inwards and pulls his opponent into a standing position by their hair or ears. Aecas lifts the opponent’s arms and applies his legs into the Full Nelson position. Perched on the turnbuckle Aecas uses his arms to push himself forward. The opponent will fall forward; landing on their face with Aecas on their back, once Aecas pulls back on his opponent’s arms the submission hold is irreversible. Unless Aecas lets you go, you ain’t going anywhere. As with the standard Wings Of Fire this hold damages the back and arms of the opponent, but it also delivers a nasty impact to the face and extra pressure on the neck as Aecas is resting all his weight onto his opponent.



Notes: Aecas never says more than he feels he has to, he has no concern or regrets about putting his health on the line to pull off a successful match and seems to relish enduring as much pain as he inflicts. You can hit Aecas with everything you want to including weaponry, and he will love it, pain is another form of pleasure to him, he may scream but a grin will not be far behind it. Some view him as evil, other view him as mindlessly psychotic, despite this he still has a large and ever growing fan base from his career in Japan to his work in the Smarks Wrestling Federation. Submission moves WILL make him tap out, but it will take a lot of working on the body part to make himself feel enough pain to submit.


The Flick Scythe is as tall as Aecas, and heavy enough so that anyone who doesn't have a strength of 7 or above will find it difficult to wield effectively. This does NOT mean that somebody with say strength 4 could not use it, it simply means they would have a very difficult time trying to use it effectively. There are two hidden catches on the length of the staff, one when depressed will causes the Scythes blade to snap out and lock, ensuring its readiness for use. The other catch unlocks the blade and pulls it back down against the body of the staff.


Bio: Born in Shrewsbury in the United Kingdom little is known about his origins and entry into wrestling though it has been speculated that he built a career upon mindless violence and sadism in Japan. Not the sort of chap you'd want to bring home to see your parents he is nevertheless loyal to those he deems as allies.

Edited by Aecas

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Guest JBomb

Preliminary Question: How did you find us/hear about us? – Smarks Forums


Smarks Board Name:

Wrestlers Name: Jay Morrison

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 239lbs

Hometown: London, England

Age: 18

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: n/a

Ring Escort: n/a

Weapon(s): Pepper Spray

Quote: If you want to be the king, you gotta have the bling!


Looks: Jay has a well toned body and short brown hair that match his youthful pretty boy looks. When in the ring he wears a gold singlet with a black £ on the back along with a pair of black shoot fighting style boots. Outside of the ring Jay usually wears some sort of brand clothing such as Armani, FCUK etc. Anything to show off what money can buy. For a visual image he is similar to Rene Dupree.


Ring Entrance: As the drum & bass intro to “We Took Pelham” kicks in over the PA, a blue strobe lights flickers around the entrance way. This end once the trumpet kicks in as slowly fireworks shoot in a line down the entrance walkway forming an arc. As the cacophony of instrument finally play in the track Jay walks out in a gold robe with diamond encrypted into it. Once at the top of the walk way he raises his arm and looks to the sky while flicking back his hair, and proceeds down the aisle. Once on the ring apron when the violins are rapidly playing Jay scale the top rope and holds his arms out to “bask” him all of his glory.




Strength: 4

Speed: 5

Vitality: 4

Charisma: 7


[Can not exceed 20 points in total... NB: Strength, speed, vitality and charisma play a vital part on what moves your wrestler is capable of. Keep this in mind when you write your move lists. See the guide down the bottom of this thread. Maximum of 10 per catagory.]


Style: Technical


Signature moves:


Running Boot Scrape

Turnbuckle Splash

Double Underhook Powerbomb

Yakuza Kick

Top Rope Knee Drop

Tiger Suplex

Top Rope Bulldog

Texas Cloverleaf

Northern Lights Suplex

Spiked Huricanrana


Common moves:




Inverted Bulldog


Spinning Wrist Lock Takedown

Hangman’s Neckbreaker


Dragon Screw


Fireman’s Carry Armbreaker

Belly To Back Suplex

Reverse Knee Face Driver

Knee Breaker Drop

German Suplex

Slingshot Suplex

Flying Shoulder Tackle

Snap Spinebuster

Rolling Crucifix Armbar

Figure Four Leglock

Inverted Full Nelson


Rare moves:


Springboard Plancha

450 Splash

Sit Down Crucifix Powerbomb





Phoenix Thunder Driver (Fisherman Suplex into a Piledriver)

Sideliner (Crossface Chicken Wing)



Notes: Jay comes across as a pretentious arrogant prick. The good-looking rich kid whom everyone hates with a passion for flaunting his wealth.


Bio: Jay is the only child of multi-millionaire media tycoon Phillip Morrison. Since the day Jay was born, his wealthy parents who see him as an investment in their future have spoilt Jay, as he is their only child. In his 18 years Jay has had the best education, best toys, best clothes, all the attractive women he wanted, infact anything Jay wants

he usually gets and he isn’t afraid to flaunt, as he parent kindness paid for the best judo and Greco-Roman wrestling trainer that honed his physique that gave him that ability to fight of the ‘jealous commoners’. Upon taking an interest in professional wrestling he felt with his training, surely he could conquer this sport of kings and prove once again that money can buy success.

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Preliminary Question: How did you find us/hear about us? Randomly checked forum through regular usage of “The Smart Marks” Forum


Smarks Board Name: Only The Strong Survive

Wrestlers Name: “Suicidal” Jay Freeman

Height: 6’1’’

Weight: 220

Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana

Age: 29

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): Lead Pipe, Steel Chair

Quote: "If you want to taste a bit of hell, you're looking at the front door!"


Looks: Jay is tall, yet relatively skinny, making him capable of many speedy, high-flying, acrobatic moves. However, he is ripped and does have a good amount of arm and leg strength, allowing him the power to do the occasional power move. He is slightly tan, and has a long, slightly rounded face. He has long, dark hair and a scruffy goatee. He has black elbow pads, white wrist tape, black pants with orange and red flames, and black wrestling boots. He also has many tattoos on his arms: snakes, chains, and other non-descript designs.


Ring Entrance: The arena goes dark. “Mouth For War” by Pantera hits and plays for about eight measures before fireworks shoot off from the arena stage and a red spotlight shines on the entrance. Jay emerges, walking slightly quickly down to the ring. His fists are clenched and he stares very angrily at the ring. When he gets to the side of the ring he scans the crowd before rolling under the ropes and crawling on all fours to the middle of the ring when he goes on one knee and stares at the mat for several seconds before jumping up and screaming in rage as fire shoots from the ring posts. As the fire subsides and his music fades, Jay walks slowly to one of the turnbuckles, turns around and squats facing the center of the ring, grabbing the ropes for support, either staring at his opponent (if there) or the opposite end of the ring.




Strength: 3

Speed: 7

Vitality: 5

Charisma: 5


Style: Very fast with lots of running moves and top rope, high-risk moves, and a few technical moves through in due to his decent strength. However, Jay does like to play dirty at times with stuff like eye rakes, chokes, and use of weapons/ steel steps when the ref is occupied or knocked out.


Signature moves: Spinning Back Elbow, Top Rope Splash, Tornado DDT, Asai Moonsault, Scissors Kick,


Common moves: Fisherman Suplex, Sunset Flip, Spinning Heel Kick, Suicide Dive (through ropes to out side), Japanese Arm Drag, Camel Clutch, Mule Kick, Multiple Headbutts, Standing Dropkick, Enziguri (spelling) Kick, Bulldog, Crucifix, Flying Head Scissors


Rare moves: Spinebuster, Piledriver (both against opponents of same style/ height/ weight), Shooting Star Press


Finishers: Suicidal Plunge (spinning heel kick off of top rope), Tilt-A-Whirl Slam


Notes: Jay is very talented as a wrestler, but can also be very dirty. He’ll mix his moves in with cheating tactics and weapon use. In the ring, he’s very focused and very angry. If he gets a second wind after a heavy beat-down, he usually explodes with clotheslines, quick fists, and chokes. He isn’t afraid of taking high risks (i.e. suicide dives, moves from turnbuckle to floor, fighting on staging).


Bio: Although right now Suicidal Jay likes to say that he lives and fights on the streets, he actually does have a history. He was born in his current hometown of New Orleans, and was raised in a poor part of town. His parents were killed when he was 15 by an unknown assailant, and he hasn’t been the same since. He worked low-income jobs to survive and became dedicated to the job. He quickly went from a scrawny boy to a built-man. He has been through many feds where “hardcore” wrestling is the norm, but he has always implemented his high-flying, daredevil skills. The remnants of his old style remain, and he can still put up a hell of a brawl in a bar fight though, and his upbringing and personality reflect that.

Edited by Only The Strong Survive

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Guest The Extreme Solution

Smarks Board Name: The Extreme Solution

Wrestlers Name: "The Extreme Solution" Johnathan Clarke

Nicknames: TES, The Extreme One, JC, Clarkey, The Head Drop Kid (HDK)

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 256 lbs

Hometown: Newcastle upon Tyne (England)

Age: 23

Face/Heel: Face


Ring Escort: Daizie (Johnathan’s Girlfriend and Part Time Valet)

Weapon(s): “The Extreme Equalizer” Solid wooden Boken (Wooden Japanese Katana-like practice sword), which has the blade part wrapped in cloth taped which has been covered in resin and dipped in broken glass

Quote: (none as yet, I’ll put one in later when I think of an amusing one)


Looks: Long black hair with a blueish tinge running through it, brown eyes, clean shaven, usually wearing either a black sleeveless cotton shirt with a lace up collar and a Wildhearts Smiley face (a manically grinning smiley face with crossbones behind it and drooling brain-matter dripping down it) print on the back or a TES Head Drops for a Better Tomorrow T-shirt, Black leather trouser with cris-cross lacing running down the sides, Black boots, fingerless black leather gloves, Black wristbands which run from the wrist to above the elbow) with a gray spiral patterning running up the length and covering the majority of the wristbands, plain black elbow pad with studs and at the top of each arm he has a black crown of thorns style tattoo (ala Goldberg) which wrap around each arm.


Ring Entrance: Suddenly the arena lights go out, after a few seconds a fuse like pyro starts to burn at the base of the entrance ramp, the pyro runs up the entrance ramp then explodes into a deep red pyro, suddenly Adema's “Immortal” (this was previously used by Aecas, but he changed his intro music and said I could use this..... what a great chap!!!) kicks out over the speakers. The lights go up as Johnathan stands in the entrance way with his back to the crowd, his arms extended out to the sides and raised slightly (ala the start of Y2J entrance). He spins around walking down to the ring, giving the crowd on either side a few high fives, before sliding face first into the centre of the ring (ala Edge) getting to his feet he moves to one of the turn buckles jumping up onto the second turnbuckle and looking out at the crowd before jumping back into the ring.


Stats: (These have been changed slight to provide a little bit more of a balance)


Strength: 6 (He's been in the gym during his time off and with his moves the extra strength will be useful)

Speed: 6 (lost a bit off his quickness, but can still move, he'll give most crusers a run for their money)

Vitality: 6 (It takes a fair bit to put him down, he can no-sell some weak strikes but chooses not too)

Charisma: 2 (He's a likeable guy, but his mic skills still need some work)


Style: Indy (lots of stiff strikes and head-drops)


Signature moves:


Rolling Palm Strike – (Self Explanatory really and very very painful. A potential Knockout Blow.)


Rolling Elbow - (Again self eplantory and painful)


FISHERMANBUSTA! Variations- (Any verson of the Fisherman Buster/Fisherman DDT you can think of inc. high angle, spinning, rolling, inverted, over the shoulder, stalling, inverted leg hook, inverted facelock, hammerlock, cross armed, cross leged [Variatiations supplied by Dace Night... the man is a legend!!!])


Extreme Horror (more commonly known as the Samoan driver / Amityville horror) – (Johnathan lifts his opponent up so he/she is lying across his shoulders on their stomach. Johnathan releases his opponent's legs and swings them around as if he was going to body-slam them, but instead he drops his opponent on their head as he sits down.)


Extreme Nightmare – (Johnathan applies an inverted face lock on his opponent, grabbing his opponent tights and lifting them up into an inverted Brainbuster/sheer drop inverted DDT, driving them down into the mat, dropping his opponent so they land beside him on their back, Johnathan continues to hold the inverted face lock on the mat, hooking his opponents near leg with his own and bridging them up into a modified version of a dragon sleeper. This is Johnathan's Primary Submission Finisher)


Perfect Driver (Cross Legged Fishermans MD2..... note Johnathan can execute a sheer drop version of this move which he calls Pitch Black, This version is considered to be Finisher Strength and as such is performed VERY rarely) Perfect Driver Video Clip


Yakuza Kick - (No Explanations needed here!)


Daizie Cutter - (This one's essentially your common or garden Stone Cold Stunner except Johnathan only drops down to his knees and not into a sitting position... you could call it a fancy kind of Jawbreaker I guess)


Air Extreme (Frog Splash Pin) - (one of the only high flying moves he really does, usually pulled out on those opponents he really can't lift or if he needs a high flying move for a specific match type. Occasionally Johnathan will pull out a Lo-down style frog splash which he calls the Mad Splash (Credit - CIMA) this verson WILL ONLY be used after the cross armed Iconnoclasm listed below as an immediate follow up.)


Goriconoclasm- (Cross Armed Iconnoclasm) Goriconoclasm & Mad Splash Video Clip


Please don't go mad on the clip viewing's, someone else is hosting them for me.... cheers Dace you're a star


Common moves:

Suplex Variations (normal, snap, spinning, stalling)

Evenflow DDT

Wristlock Backdrop


High Angle Backdrop / Spinning High Angle Backdrop

German Suplex (usually release but sometime bridged)

Triple Knee Strikes and Scoop Slam

Reverse Russian Leg sweep

Japanese Arm Drag

The Basics – Generic stuff every wrestler knows (arm drags, snapmare etc.)


Common Submissions:

Boston Crab


Fujiwara Armbar


Notes: Essentially the submission moves listed above aren’t meant to make you tap. TES uses them as rest moves and transition moves that allow him to change the momentum of the match


Striking Moves:

(Stiff) Elbow Strikes

Palm strikes

Knee strikes (more stiff shots)

Spinning Back Elbow


Notes: NO PUNCHES, only elbow, palm and knee strikes and of course the Yakuza Kick.


Heelish stuff:

Low Blow

Eye Rake


Notes: Not pulled out very often but TES isn’t averse to cheating if he has to.


Rare moves:


A.O.D (Angel of Death) – (Johnathan’s old finisher from his days in Japan, and one of his favorite moves for dealing with people who’ve just pissed him off - Johnathan applies a front face lock on the victim and throws his opponent's near arm across his shoulders. Then grabbing his opponent’s tights he lifts them straight up in the air so they are upside down. Johnathan turns the victim slightly and releases his opponent's head and drops them in-between their legs so they land on their head.)


Deadly Backdrop – aka The Backdrop Driver (more vicious nasty head-drops)


Running Elbow Smash - (Yes it's just like the big evil killy death one performed by Danny Williams - Fear it!! So as not to upset Danny and have him kill me when I make my return I'd just like to point out Danny's Version > Mine... thank you for reading!!)


Spiral Fire (Spinning Spike Backslide Pin) – (Johnathan gets back to back with his opponent and hooks both of their arms, lifting his opponent up onto his back he spins around through 180 degrees, suddenly diving forward bending at his waist dropping towards the mat, causing his opponent to slide forward and have their shoulder's pinned to the mat with more of a bump that a regular backslide. When his opponent is pinned down, Johnathan pushes up with his legs to keep the victim pinned to the mat.)


Psycho Driver (Dace Night’s old Torture Rack to Piledriver finisher) - (Rack up opponent, then throw them up, grab hips and yank down into a huge ass piledriver)




HEADDROPPPPPA!!!!! (Impact) - (This is Johnathan's brand spangally new finisher (I'd like to thank Crow, Tom Flesher and some Japanese Bloke who's name I can't spell for their unknowing inspiration of this move - Thanks guys) HEADDROPPPPPA!!!! is a Single Arm Jumping Brain Buster and as such will only be done on opponents under 250Lbs (for all those with Fire Pro this is a one armed version of the Dangerous DDT), Johnathan has picked up the nasty habbit of shouting HEADDROPPPPPPPA!!!! at the top of his voice when performing this move, hence the name... (While this move may not always get a pin it does get a great reaction and response from the crowd))


Doomsday Driver– (A sit-out version of The Crossarm T.F bomb from Fire Pro wrestling… Pure Evil Nasty Vertical Drop on the Head and Back of the Neck… This one will put you away for a 3 count)


Small Package Beta (Pin Move) - (Johnathan stands in front of his opponent with his back to them [so the both face the same way] he reaches back, grabs both of his opponents arms at the wrist and crosses them over his chest, before snapping his opponent forward over his shoulder so they land back first on the mat with TES on top of them facing the same way. TES uses his legs to hook his opponent’s legs from the outside of the knee [so all four limbs are hooked] 1... 2... 3! [This one's been created by the SWF's Resident move monkey Dace Night so we all know it works ])



Notes: Since leaving the JL, Johnathan has spent a lot of time training with his friend and SWF star Dace Night. Under Dace’s supervision Johnathan has gradually developed a style that combines two things:- Stiff Striking moves and Head Drops. Johnathan will spend the early part of the match trying to soften his opponents up with strikes and some basic moves (suplex’s, arm drags etc.) before turning his focus to the neck with his more powerful signature moves (Extreme Horror, Sheer Drop Spinning Fisherman’s Buster).


A few other important notes: - 1) Johnathan will never showboat during a match (with the exception of during his HEADDROPPPPPPA!!! Finisher) he’ll save that for his intro or then end of the match, 2) Johnathan will ALWAYS hook one of his opponents’ legs when he makes a cover, 3) Johnathan has a great deal of respect for the other JL stars and if he is in a match with another face he will always shake hands with his opponent at the start or end of the match, 4) If the ref is ever down Johnathan WILL NOT check him, he’ll continue working over his opponent until the ref wakes up, the same is true of submission holds, if the ref is out and his opponent is tapping Johnathan WILL NOT release the hold… (To quote Dace: If someone taps when you have them in a submission hold, they’re obviously not strong enough to get out so why release the hold and cost yourself a chance of winning?)


Johnathan is also someone who believes in the value of good friends. Once someone has earned his trust Johnathan will do anything in his power to help his friends out, even if it costs him a beating.


Bio: (Bio still being written, will add later)



And Intoducing:


Name: Daizie

Nickname: "The Delectable One"

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 125Lbs

Age: 20

Home Town: Miami, Florida


Strenth: 3

Speed: 6

Endurance: 3

Charisma: 8


Looks: Long Braided hair (Changes Colour Regularly), Deep Emerald Green Eyes and a Body to Die For (TES is a lucky bugger). Daizie's usual ring attire concits of mostly Cyber/Industrial Goth Clothing although occasionally she's been know to wear a Kimono (on the pure principle that she can and she looks damn good in it).


Notes and stuff: watch this space, can't be bothered to put the in now, I'll do them later ....... yes I'm Lazy

Edited by The Extreme Solution

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Guest vitriol

Smarks Board Name: Vitriol

Wrestlers Name: Tryst

Real Name: Tristan Whitt

Nickname: The Sherwood Fable

Height: 6-1

Weight: 218

Hometown: Bairnsdale, Britain

Age: 26

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: none

Ring Escort: none

Weapon(s): He wears an arrowhead around his neck, held there by a worn piece of leather. In a pinch, it can make a handy weapon. Otherwise, his bow is quite strong, and he could use it by itself in defense if need be.

Quote: I don’’t have one.


Looks: His hair is relatively short, not particularly kept in any style. A light beard runs over most of his face, and his piercing blue eyes are enough to bring any girl to her proverbial knees. To the ring, he wears loose black paints, and an unbuttoned shirt. Doesn’’t matter what color, although he does tend to wear darkish green a lot.


Ring Entrance: As the lights blacken out, the crowd drops to a dead silence and their eyes are drawn to the entry way, where a deep green spotlight shines down from above. The Smarktron comes to life, the video running through a lush green forest at great speeds, finally stopping about 20 feet in front of a man, wielding a bow and arrow. He pulls the arrow back, releases, and as it reaches the screen, pyrotechnics on the opposite wall explode as ““Forest”” by System of a Down blasts across the loud speakers, and the sleeping crowd comes back to life as Tristan Whitt, also known as Tryst, comes rushing out of the back to stand within the spotlight, Bow in one hand, arrow in the other.


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen...the following competitor stands at six feet, one inch tall, weighing in at two hundred and eighteen pounds...he hails from Bairnsdale, Britain...Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Tryyyyyyyyssssst!!!


Making his way down the ramp, Tryst takes off his quiver of arrows and hands it to the timekeeper, along with his bow as he rolls into the ring and soaks in the cheers from the rhapsodic crowd. The lights fade back up to normal, and he awaits his opponent.




Strength: 4

Speed: 6

Vitality: 4

Charisma: 6



Style: High-flyer, with occasional technical tendencies



Signature moves:

springboard plancha

corkscrew plancha

thrust kick

corner backflip kick

northern lights suplex


hammerlock belly to back suplex



Common moves:

spinning heel kick

drop toe-hold

cross body block


head scissors



(this is tedious, basically any common move will do.)



Rare moves:

Implant DDT


Fisherman’’s suplex





The Crusade - Tristan gets a groggy opponent standing up in the center of the ring, and immediately leaps toward them, kicking them square into the chest and sending them bouncing into the ropes. As they stumble back towards him, he quickly lifts them up into a suplex, twists them, and drops them face first to the mat.


The Arrow’’s path - front-flip corkscrew dropkick from the top rope.


Notes: He is completely guided by his sense of right and wrong, so he thinks everything through before he does it...but if it serves to complete his ultimate goal, he’’s not adverse to bending the rules a bit. He believes that he is Robin Hood...as such, he often times carries a quiver of arrows and speaks of rescuing the King, which really does nothing but confuse people in most instances.


Bio: He was a delusional as a child, with few friends...his favorite thing to play was Robin Hood, and eventually his mind twisted the legend enough for him to believe that he was Robin Hood himself.


Extended history coming soon.

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New post to replace "crashed" previous one.


Wrestlers Name: English Dragon

Height: 5'11

Weight: 223lbs

Hometown: London, England

Age: 24

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: None

Ring Escort: Robertson the Butler

Weapon(s): n/a

Quote: "Learn to speak the Queen's English, you snivelling yank!"


Looks: Various masks, usually in red and white, with regulation dragon horns. red or white trunks with the opposite red or white trim. Occasionally will pull out GOLD outfits.


Ring Entrance: A slow confident walk, ring music- "Land of hope and glory". No pyro. Wipes his feet on apron ala Regal before entering.




Strength: 3 (relies on technical expertise more than brute force)

Speed: 6 (able to fly and keep up with most other cruiserweights)

Vitality: 5 (can go the distance if needs be)

Charisma: 6 (capable of drawing instant heel heat just from his patronising wave. Strong talker)


Style: Technical, but capable of high flying offence


Signature moves:


Aztec Suplex

Tiger Suplex

Chimera suplex sequence (german, tiger, dragon)

Dragon sleeper

Dragon suplex

cradle piledriver

suplex into neckbreaker

belly to back brainbuster

european uppercuts

slingshot brainbuster


backbreaker-gutbuster (hits a regular backbreaker, then picks opponent up again, flips him over and plants his stomach onto the knee)


Common moves:


belly to back suplex

fujiwara armbar

Northern lites suplex

missile dropkick

chickenwing suplex

chickenwing powerbomb


stiff chops


DDT (occasional tornado DDT)




tilt a whirl backbreaker

tilt a whirl facecrusher



Rare moves:

Dragon suplex off 2nd turnbuckle

(don't know if anyone would take this in real life...)

"British Empire strikes back" - the Houston Hangover

"Dragon Air"- moonsault into a diving headbutt




Dragon Driver (Styles Clash)

The St George's Cross (figure 4 leglock)


Notes: Smooth in ring style, rarely loses composure. Methodical assault on a body part if necessary. Not the strongest of wrestlers, he relies on speed and skill to keep his opponents under control.


Steve Regal's character in AJ Style's body, perhaps.


Cheats rampantly but believes himself to be a shining example of English fair play. Despite being under a mask, his charisma shows in his gestures and attitude- Dragon is instinctivly hated.


Dragon is now accompanied to the ring by his butler, Robertson. Robertson is a massively strong, brutal man, who interferes liberally in Dragon's matches. Does not speak or react emotionally at all. Carrys brass knucks for use at ringside if possible.

If stats ever needed:


Height: 6'9

Weight: 325lbs

Strength: 10

Speed: 2

Vitality: 3 (not a wrestler)

Charisma: 5 (looks bad-ass and cheats = hated)


Bio: English Dragon wrestled under his real identity in England and Japan (that identity has now been heavily concealed from the public), capturing 7 different titles until an American, who Dragon refuses to name, beat him "with a fluke roll up" for all 7 titles. Furious, Dragon began a descent into hatred of all things American. Donning a mask, Dragon travelled to the US to gain revenge for his lost titles...spiralling further into anger...and here the story begins....


Dragon made a good start in the SJL, quickly becoming TV champion. A quick loss and regain of that belt led to him becoming a two time champ. Dragon threw in his lot with Urban Decay~! and now guns for the European Title.



Current European Champion


Record: 13-3

W Dan Caldwell

W five man battle royal for no 1 TV contendership

TV title: W Syndicate

Tables Match, TV Title: L Leo Breslin

W Chris Trepanier

TV Contendership: W Tim Dillon

L John Duran

TV Title: W Shawn Tybalt

Ladder Match, TV Title: W Todd Royal

Submissions Match, TV Title: L Todd Royal

w/ Korgath W 2 Drink Minimum

Euro Contendership: W Tim Dillon

Euro Title: W Apostle

Non-title: W Aecas

Non-title: W Tryst

Euro Title: W Danny Conklin


Edited by Mystery Eskimo

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Smarks Name: KingofOldSchool

Wrestler Name: Manson

Height: 6'

Weight: 240

Hometown: Denver, Colorado

Age: 23

Face/Heel: Heel.

Stable: None.

Tag Partners: None.

Weapons: Whatever is available.

Quote: None.



General: White. His long black hair is gone, replaced by a shaved bald head. Dark, unnerving eyes. Thick beard. Stylized tribal sleeve tattoos on both his arms, and a large dragon on his back, though it's rarely seen. He's been working out furiously and has gained a fair bit of musle mass, making him bulkier. Looks every bit the 6'0, 240 he's billed as. As intimidating as he ever was, if not more.


Attire: Blue jeans, with black kneepads worn on the outside and black boots worn underneath. Waist up he wears a sleeveless black t-shirt. Wears black elbow pads and white tape around his hands, up to his forearm. No longer wears his black leather biker jacket to the ring for matches, but it will always be present otherwise.


Ring Entrance:

The arena plunges into darkness and multi-colored strobe lights flash as "Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck" by Prong hits to the booing of the fans. Manson emerges and throws up a fist in the air, before heading down the ramp. He slides into the ring, and heads to his corner where he waits on his opponent.



Strength 6 (He's gotten substantially stronger. He can easily throw around those under and around his own weight. Anything up to 300 isn't much a strain)

Speed 3 (Some of his explosiveness and agility is gone. He reacts a little slower. Will fly only once in a blue moon. Still able to out maneuver your larger hosses)

Vitality 7 (Can be beaten on continually and will ask for more. Can bump and bleed well. Capable of taking an insane, holy shit bump when the time comes. Never no-sells, but is hard to keep down and will occasionally do the delayed sell)

Charisma 4 (Will often let his actions and ring work do the talking. Doesn't cut promos often, but when he does, it's usually kept short. Will curse. Imagine his voice being gruff like that of Steve Austin or Stevie Richards)



Is a brawler first and foremost, with good submission skills and limited mat ability.


Balanced striking attack. Will definitely use forearms, elbows and punches. Using his knees is one of his favorite tactics. Since his mobility is more limited now, his variety of kicks are gone. But the ones he does hurt like a bitch, as is the case with all his strikes. Has very basic matwrestling abilities, but if pulled into a sequence by someone better at it, he won't keep up for long. If his opponent has a well-publicized injury, he's more likely to exploit it with attacks and submissions to the affected area.


Is a blue collar worker. Is outright mean, aggressive and unrelenting when he's focused on the task at hand. He definitely has no qualms about cheating and fighting dirty; he may just do so for the fun of it.


Signature moves:

1) STO

2) Sleeper Drop

3) Spinebuster

4) Mind Bender (Front Sit-Out Suplex)

5) Uranage Suplex

6) Powerbomb

7) Elevated Half-Crab

8) Crucifix Armbar

9) Yakuza Kick

10) 2nd Rope Legdrop


Common moves:

1) Overhead Belly-Belly Suplex

2) Backdrop Suplex

3) Northern Lights Suplex

4) Fisherman Suplex

5) German Suplex

6) Back Breaker/Rib Breaker

7) Shoulder Breaker

8) Stun Gun

9) Suicide Dive

10) Dragon Screw Legwhip

11) Crucifix Kneebar

12) Fujiwara Armbar

13) Knees

- knee lifts to face or stomach

- knee drops

- Running High Knee

14) Kicks

- Standard kicks and stomps

- Roundhouse to leg (or to head of kneeling opponent)

15) Elbows

- Back Elbow

- Back Elbow (Running)

- Spinning Elbow (Standing. aka the Rolling Elbow)

- Spinning Back Elbow (Standing)

16) Other

- Clothesline

- Punches

- Karate Chop to Neck

- Knifedge Chops


Rare Moves:

1) Suplexes (Dragon, Tiger and Exploder)

2) MDK (TKO/Fireman's Carry to Stunner. Old school finisher)

3) Killing Joke (Last Rites/Inverted Facelock Swinging Neckbreaker. Another old finisher)

4) M-Driller (Otherwise known as the K-Driller, and the morbidly-titled Owen Driver. Gutwrench to inverted piledriver)

5) Savage Elbow (What he once reserved the SSP for, is now replaced by a Flying Elbow, aka the Savage Elbow. On the rare and special occasion he heads to the very top, you know this is coming)



1) Consequences (Diamond Cutter)

2) Gokuraku Choke (Back Mounted Cross Armed Choke. More widely known as the Gokuraku Gatame)



Has a temper. Has some remaining bitterness toward some things, but it's not very blatant or outright; maybe an offhand comment here and there about not getting his due. Has an air of confidence, but it's limited to the fact that he'll waste no time in telling you how good in the ring he is, and with arguably just cause, despite the absence of major titles. He doesn't rely on catchphrases and gimmicks to be over. Highly prefers a traditional match to anything else, but he has no reservations about hardcore and the like.


Previous to the new year, he was your 'cool heel' fan favorite. But since warming up to the crowds, he's now shunned them, seeing them as a distraction. He's completely out for himself these days, by any means necessary, everyone else be damned.


Bio, History:

Born and raised in Denver. Trained in the Hart Dungeon, afterwards traveling the world. He gains a following, but breaks his neck in Mexico. He rehabs and signs with the SWF.


On November 7, 2001 he makes his debut as "The Mafia" Tommy Gunn in the IGNJL, later shortening his name to Mafia, a violent paranoid schizophrenic. He joins up with Havoc in early 2002, only to become their last member as the group breaks up shortly after. Sometime after then he forms The New Sound, and he now develops delusions of grandeur and slight misogynistic tendencies. The group becomes the dominant heel stable in the JL. As it prepares to become the sWo under mentor Chris Wilson, Mafia takes a leave of absence, due to several issues including having to work out his contract and injuries.


In August 2002, Mafia returns as Manson, his "real name." He feuds with the sWo, who he specifically blamed for selling out The New Sound to Wilson. Picking up steam as a face, he unfortunately aggravates old injuries in a match with WildChild, and leaves again.


In March 2003 he returns, a heel once again, though much more bitter and misanthropic. Though he meets initial success, the new outlook doesn't give him what he had hoped for. So with the blessing of the fans, he turns tweener and eventually face. Among his opponents in his quest for the title are Spike Jenkins, Insane Luchador, Aecas, Charlie Matthews and more. In December 2003, he had time to think about things. He had an epiphany of sorts, where he questioned who he was and who he really was in this for.

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Guest Jar_of_Dirt

Smarks Board Name: Jar_of_Dirt

Wrestlers Name: J.T. Playa

Height: 6'

Weight: 227 pounds

Hometown: Harlem, New York

Age: 23

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: none

Ring Escort: Some of the most lovely women from (insert city)

Weapon(s): None.

Quote: "Lookie Here, Lookie Here, Lookie Here!"


Looks: J.T. is dark skinned, with a cobra snake head on his left bicep. He has an afro. The attire is black pants with the words Playa written on each side of the leg. On the rear of the pants is a large diamond with the words J.T. on it. J.T. also wears a black muscle shirt, with the words J.T.Playa across the chest/abdoman.


Ring Entrance Attire: J.T. Playa is fitted with a nice silky smooth house coat, wearing his many gold chains around his neck, the retro 70's sunglasses, and of course the comb in his afro.


Ring Entrance: "The...The...Brain Busta...The Brainbusta" is heard through out the stadium, as J.T. has his own record deal. "Brain Busta" by J.T. Playa, because he is that damn good and uses his own theme song, struts down the ring with the many fine women of (insert city). J.T. looks and the fans acknowledging them, by waiving at them. He enters the ring with the fine beautiful women, as they strip J.T.Playa off of his enterance attire, to show his great figure for all the fans in the world.




Strength: 4

Speed: 4

Vitality: 5

Charisma: 7


Style: All-Around Wrestler, though does not cheat, because cheating is wrong (unless its on women, then J.T. likes). Is pretty stiff too (especial around the women, if you get my drift )


Signature moves:


Belly to Belly Suplex

Belly to Back Suplex

The Sucka Kick (Superkick)

Flying Clothesline

Playa-Can-Rana (Hurricanrana)

Texas Cloverleaf


Double Underhook Back-Breaker

Playa's Combo (Right Hook followed by a Left Jab, followed by a swift kick, follwed by a Neckbreaker)


Common moves:




Drop Toe Holds


Mounted Punches

Scissors Chokehold



Side Slam


Elbow Drop from Top Rope.





Rare moves:


2nd Rope Neckbreaker (like D-Von Dudley does)

Mega-Powerbomb (Powerbomb to the outside)

2nd Rope Playa's Edge (Razor's Edge)




The Playa's Edge (Razors Edge)

Midas Touch (A lariat stiffer than Kawada)




J.T. Playa has a very nasal voice, and always praises the man with the googly eye. Sammy Davis Jr.


Bio: He used to work at Boston Pizza before lacing it up in the ring.

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Jacob Helmsley

Height: 6’6”

Weight: 227 lbs

Hometown: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Age: 23 yrs old (Birthdate: 1/12/1979)

Face/Heel: Psychotic Heel ( Crowds cheer for most other heels when facing him.)

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): Steel Pipe. Nothing else feels right in his hands.


Looks: Jacob is very muscular. In the ring, he wears black baggy leather pants with green stripes down the sides, no shirt, and arm-bands around his biceps. Jacob has long, dark black hair that goes down to his shoulders. He has green colored eyes with a deep gash down the middle of his left eye. Coming to the ring, Jacob wears a long black trenchcoat with the initials JH in dark green on the back, left front, and on the right bottom of the coat. At his side on his belt, he wears a holdster where his pipe goes.


Ring Entrance: “Meaning of Life” by Disturbed. Jacob does not taunt the crowd at all coming to the ring. Very slow, demonic like walk style.




Strength: 5 (can lift up to 350 lbs)

Speed: 4 (Quick on his feet… very few aerial attacks)

Vitality: 9 (There is no such thing as putting this man down easily.)

Charisma: 2 (Rarely speaks. Gets crowd reactions from his actions, not promos)


Style: Technical/Submissive expert. Good hardcore skills.


Signature moves:

1. Evenflow DDT - (By this one, I mean the REAL Evenflow, from Raven's old WCW days, and the one in No Mercy. That starts out with a kick to the gut, and then finishes with a DDT in one swift movement… no stalling)

2. Sambo Suplex - Used as a set-up to the "Fear Factor"

3. "Corkscrew" - 360 degree twisting Missile Dropkick - Jacob leaps off of the top rope, twists his body into a spin while keeping his legs outward, and hits the opponent around the upper neck area.

4. "Blackout" - Standing hooking heel kick into reverse Fame Asser - Jacob does the spinning heel kick, and as he kicks him, he wraps him knee around the neck of the opponent, and slams him down for a reverse Fame Asser. Jacob keeps the knee wrapped around the throat of the opponent, for a modified chokehold that frequently KOs the opponent late in the match.

5. Stalling STO (Jacob Stalls for 5-6 seconds, before hitting the STO… the move looks like a cross between the Rock Bottom from No Mercy, and the STO 2 from No Mercy)

6. Top-Rope Inverted Brainbuster

7. "Buzzkill" - Chicken Wing headlock

8. Northern Lights suplex into bridge pin

9. "Soul breaker" - Stalling Dominator - Jacob pulls the opponent into a dominator position, and keeps him there for a Canadian Back breaker for 15-20 seconds. Weather or not the opponent gives up after 20 seconds, Jacob drops the opponent down for the Dominator.

10. Chicken Wing Jawbreaker


Common moves:


1. Double Arm DDT

2. Gore into the turnbuckle

3. Rolling Leg-Lock

4. Fisherman’s DDT from the Top Turnbuckle

5. Kneeling Backbreaker (Jacob kneels down, and pulls the opponent down forcefully making his back connect with Jacob’s leg)

6. Russian Leg-Sweep

7. Standing Dragon Sleeper

8. Reverse DDT

9. Top-Rope Hurricanrada

10. Backslide Pin

11. Falling Nackbreaker

12. Guillotine Leg-Drop (when opponent is on a table or flat breakable surface)

13. Belly to Belly Suplex


Rare moves:


1. Stalling Hangman's DDT - Jacob sets the opponent up in a powerbomb position, picks him up onto his shoulders, but lets the opponent drape down in front of his chest, in a hanging position. After five to ten seconds, Jacob drops the opponent down on the back of his neck with considerable power.

2. “The Drop from Above” – Stalling reverse Michinoku driver

3. “Downfall” – Powerbomb through a table or the such in Hardcore style matches

4. “Revenge” – Stalling Pedigree

5. “Air Canada” – Top-Rope Phoenix Splash






"Black Stallion" ~ Modified standing Vertebreaker ~ Jacob wraps the opponent’s arms around his back in a standing position so he and the opponent are back to back, like a set-up to a Backslide pin. Jacob then leans forward in a Bridge type position slamming the opponent’s neck onto the mat, and Jacob holds it for a pin.



Set-Up Move: Sambo Suplex

"The Fear Factor" - a modified Indian Death lock from No Mercy. Instead of dropping to the floor, and getting up again, Jacob drops to his back, and stays down on the ground, gradually increasing pressure on the legs until submission or TKO.



Notes: Jacob is one sick puppy. He doesn’t care about anything else except his own personal achievements. He is a total loner. He does not trust anyone, not even his own former close friends. Jacob’s only devotions in life are to his accomplishments and his pipe which is never out of his possession. He will never think twice about injuring anyone, whether in the ring or outside of the ring and has no regrets when the deed has been done. During matches, Jacob will only cheat when needed, like a nutshot to reverse a finisher or something along that lines, but doesn't do so too horribly often. Never uses the feet on the ropes or grabbing of the tights or things of that nature.

Edited by hhh6294

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Guest Insanityman

Rather bare, if you need more ideas just PM.


Smarks Board Name: InsanityMan

Wrestlers Name: Insane Luchador (real name Andrew Rickman)

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 201

Hometown: Easton, Pennsylvania

Age: 23

Face/Heel: Underdog face, he’s still psycho but a lot more lovable and old school face.

Stable: N/A

Ring Escort: N/A

Weapon(s): Anything and everything. Tables, chairs, and an old chain are his absolute favorite. He gets very creative with weapons. He may store under the ring a set of brass knuckles with spikes at the end of each knuckle- sell it if you use it.



Looks: Has an uncanny resemblance to Stephen Lynch. His hair is rather long sloppily spiked black, now with random streaks of a green. Has a long sleeved black solid shirt with sleeves going past their hands. Sometimes he’ll throw on a baggy solid black sweatshirt or a grunge/hard rock/punk band shirt on. Baggy khaki cargoes, but not obscene, black Orisis skate shoes. He’s intimidating with wild multicolored eyes (mostly green but with streaks of yellow, brown, and blue). Very wiry but has some noticeable muscle.


Ring Entrance: “Gotta' Get Away" by Offspring kicks up. White pyro explodes throughout the entrance. Random red and green shots are fired off in a mix. Insane Luchador emerges on stage, absorbs some cheers, throws arms into the air to milk the cheers. From there he sprints down the aisle, slapping every fans hand who wants it slapped. Slides into the ring and hops to his feet, usually during generic poses on turnbuckle until opponent gets out.




Strength: 2 (Not nearly as strong as he used to be, has taken a liking to speed again. Strikes still hurt like hell, though).

Speed: 7 (Rather speedy, again)

Vitality: 7 (He falls down, it’s just damn near impossible to keep him down for the pin).

Charisma: 4 (Gets chants going, crowd is definitely behind him).



Style: Suicidal high flying, masochist with traces of brawling.


Signature moves:


Suicidal Bulldog- this is like a finisher, he’ll make a leap from anywhere to everywhere to hit this bulldog. Get creative with it and nothing is too extreme for IL.


Rolling DDT- usually three to four (DDT, pull up retaining hold, drop down, repeat) preferably with violent swinging with the headlock locked in.


Rapid punch and kicking brawling strikes until the opponent falls down- then he continues the brawl on the mat.


450* Splash


Leg Drop




Brainbuster- to lighter opponents, though he may bust it out on the heavier side (but not on super heavyweights)


Crossbody from top rope- one that makes Ricky Steamboat proud.






Common moves:

Super kick (not busted out quite enough to be a signature)

Frog Splash

Hip toss

Snap Suplex

Monkey flip

Clothesline (check your teeth afterwards, one of his few power moves)

Elbow drop

DDT variations

Drop toehold

Release German Suplex (on lighter or opponents he hates)

All the simple springboards and top rope moves- it’s hard NOT to of mastered them all if you’ve been in it long as IL has.



Rare moves:


Shining Wizard

Dragon Sleeper


Hardcore moves:


Leap of Faith- Balcony Sault, climbs up balcony opponent below or a bit outward from him (usually on table unless IL is committing suicide or something) and through a table.


True Insanity- This is the masochist side of IL… place opponent on table, scale turnbuckle with folded chair leap off with a suicide dive but he clings the chair onto his chest and hits the opponent in the chest with the chair and causing them to smash through the table.


Masochist Sandwich- two chairs on a lying down opponent, one on top of head and one underneath leg drop onto top chair. Yeah, pain.




Brink of Insanity- Lock in the full nelson on opponent, force foe towards turnbuckle, IL hops onto the top rope and delivers a full nelson bulldog.


Evenflow DDT- Usually a very short pause to rally the fans up, it’s hard but not impossible to escape.



Notes: Now face, somewhat the underdog, he does a lot of spots to get crowd reaction but he’s still an absolute psycho masochist. Bleeds like a first timer too. PM if you need any more details or whatever. Oh, he’s also fucking insane and hardcore… don’t think anything is “too far.”


Bio: Don’t bother, WAY too long.

Edited by Insanityman

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Guest damnimstupid

Brian Kingsmen

Smarks name: damnimstupid

Height: 6'2

Weight: 180 lbs

Hometown: Unknown

Age: 21

Face/Heel: Face (he was a heel but is slowly turning, his attitude to the fans are changing)

Stable: None

Tag Partner: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapons: Any weapon that will turn the tables towards his favor.

Quote: N/A


Looks: Brian is a handsome caucasian male who has a medium built body. He has long blonde hair and his sides are shaven down (think Jeff Hardy's hairstyle). His ring attire consists of baggy jeans of any dark color. He also wears a black basketball jersey in the ring. When outside the ring, he usually wears a t-shirt and jeans, nothing fancy.


Ring Entrance: "The Gauntlet" - Drop Kick Murphys. Just a plain old entrance. The music plays and Brian comes out.






Strength: 2

Speed: 8

Vitality: 2

Charisma: 8


Style: High-Flying


Signature Moves


1.) Spinebuster

2.) Heel Kicks

3.) Evenflow DDT

4.) Submission Holds (armbars, sleepers, the basic kinds)

5.) Hurricaranna

6.) All sorts of rollups

7.) Stalling Brainbuster on smaller opponents

8.) Diving reverse DDT

9.) Enziguiri

10.) Missile Dropkick


Uncommon moves:


1.) Scissor Sweep into a leg submission (Does a scissor sweep and then locks in one of his submissions aimed at the leg)

2.) Falling Suplex

3.) Bulldog

4.) Combination punches (usually a right, left, a kick, and finally a monkey toss)

5.) German Suplex



Rare Moves:


1.) Full Nelson Slam

2.) Death Valley Driver

3.) Underhook Piledriver





1.) Rain of the King's men - a 450 splash


2.) Sayonara! - Elevated moonsault


Notes: Brian has changed his attitude seeing that it has gotten him nowhere but losing. He is now very passionate of the business, giving it his all every match and trying to earn the respect of everyone: the fans, his peers, and his mentors. He's humble and doesn't speak unless spoken to, and only if there's good reason to speak back. He does not resort to childish trash talking, preferring to leave the action to speak for his mind.


Bio: None

Edited by damnimstupid

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The No More Disney Edition




Wrestlers Name: Alan Clark

Nickname: "The Sublime One"

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 225 lbs.

Hometown: Long Beach, California

Age: 22

Face/Heel: Face.

Stable: n/a

Ring Escort: n/a

Weapon(s): Guitar, music (in a good way)

Quote: "music is the glue of the world" or "i've seen a million faces...and i've rocked them all"



Alan Clark (after leaving Disney) has seemingly become a guitar-playing LBC dweller. If you didn't know he could play a guitar...you do now. He also writes his own music and may even play some tunes ;).


Alan Clark wears a loose t-shirt, baggy jeans, and wrestles barefoot. NOTE: Alan Clark does NOT get tripped up in his pants. Alan's hair will slowly grow out until it is a bit longer than shoulder length.


Ring Entrance:

Non Title Matches or Grudge Matches: The opening guitar strums of "What I Got" by Sublime bring Alan Clark out from backstage, guitar slung over his shoulder. He high-fives the fans and is generally very upbeat. His nickname is used in the introductions.


Title Matches and other More Serious Contests: The acoustic version of "Wanted Dead or Alive" by Bon Jovi brings Alan Clark out, guitar over his shoulder. Alan walks with a purpose and passes fans, not so much ignoring them...but concentrating on the match at hand. He is still pretty upbeat, but his mood is still geared more for the win than popping the crowd. His nickname is not used in these matches.





Strength: 4 - can lift in the upper 200s if needed.

Speed: 7 - quick little bastard...but not WC quick.

Vitality: 4 - can withstand a bit of a beating, would have trouble in LMS matches but could survive.

Charisma: 5 - dude...my promos rock!




Alan Clark is a technically based luchadore wrestler, that can use his speed on either offense or defense, but can also use the technical skills he has learned to make anyone tap out.


Signature Moves:

German Suplex

Backbreaker (and all variations)

Texas Cloverleaf

Jump Spinning Reverse DDT

Running SSP

Tidal Crush

Crossface Halo

Springboard DDT (from ropes or corners)

Space Flying Tiger Drop (complete with cartwheel)

Twist Of Fate Neckbreaker


Common Moves:

Knife Edge Chops

Russian Legsweep

Mexican Surfboard


Bow And Arrow Lock


Standing Legdrop


Jericho-style Bulldog

Legsweep – Mortal Kombat style


Lionsault to the back

Monkey Flip

Standing Moonsault



Rare Moves:

450 Splash...can be kicked out of if used...but could also get the win.

Any variation of RVDs apron-to-barricade legdrop.



Santeria - Pheonix Splash

Acoustic Explosion - Maximo Explosion (Styles Clash set-up into a vertical head drop)

Unplugged - La Ayakita 2000 ... Alan holds opponent in a catapult position, then crosses their legs and places his feet on their upper arms. Alan then bends down and hooks the opponents head and rolls backwards, pulling the opponents head into their knees and stretching their arms up with his feet, putting pain on the neck, back, and shoulders.





Bio: Alan Clark was born in Salt Lake City, UT and became a wrestling fan as a child. After a bit of “trying it at home”, his parents banned wrestling from his home…but it was Alan’s dream. After turning 18, Alan drove over the Utah state line to a wrestling school and worked there under the name “Apostle”…due to his religious upbringing. After a particularly brutal match with Ebon (known here as Craig McLennan) he was bloodied up so badly that he was nicknamed by his fellow wrestlers “Bloodshed”.


The name stuck for four years until he came into the Smartmarks Junior Leagues and found his old nemesis Ebon under his new guise. After less than a month in the League he won Mall Brawl IV at the Mall of America in Minneapolis, Minnesota and secured the European Title from Scott Solomon during a 36th & Hastings Match on July 22nd that also featured Craig McLennan.


After a European Title rematch against Scott Solomon on July 27th, 2003…a head injury sustained during an attack by Craig McLennan sent Bloodshed reverting to his past and becoming almost reborn once again as the Apostle. A week later, The Apostle lost the European Title to the English Dragon and his feud with Craig McLennan really heated up. After a brawl that interrupted Commissioner Chris Raynor, the men were forced to fit out their differences inside a Condemned House. The Apostle pulled out a victory after dropping Craig down a flight of steps and through a floor.


It was around this time that the Smartmarks Wrestling Federation came calling to a few SJL superstars, and the Apostle was chosen to participate in the Genesis IV Tournament. After defeating Crow, Jamie “Jay Dawg” Drazon, and Nathaniel “Silent” Kibagami, the Apostle was defeated in a triple threat elimination match along with “Deathwish” Danny Williams by “The King Of Nightmares” Michael Craven and then was defeated soon after by “Judge Mental” William Hearford III.


It was then his life was changed forever.


His head trauma completely worn off, the Apostle returns to his real name...Alan Clark...a name that he had never used in the ring. While on hiatus after the Genesis IV Tournament, Alan is contacted by the Walt Disney Company. Because everyone else declined they have chosen HIM to go out and bring in the wrestling demographic to be big Disney fans. This very well could work...as wrestling fans usually like big creatures parading around...or else they wouldn't like wrestling. The SWF and SJL have agreed to Disney's offer of using Alan Clark...but for an undisclosed amount of cash.


With the SWF Merger on the Horizon.... Disney has decided to take their cash elsewhere...though not before paying off the SWF and Alan Clark a little bit of cash to help them pay for the medical bills that Alan will suffer at the hands of the WF Hosses.




Smarks Junior Leagues

Record: 16-6-1

6/29/03 – Wrath – L vs. Todd Royal

7/03/03 – Crimson – W w/Spike Jenkins vs. Leo Breslin & Tim Dillon

7/13/03 – Wrathapalooza II – W at Mall Brawl IV vs. Danny Conklin, Tim Dillon, Michael Lockwood, & Cutthroat.

7/17/03 – Crimson – W w/Craig McLennan vs. Scott Solomon & Dominic Korgath

7/22/03 – Metal – European Title 36th & Hastings W vs. Craig McLennan & Scott Solomon

7/27/03 – Wrath – Euro Defense W vs. Scott Solomon

7/31/03 – Crimson – Niagara Falls Match L vs. Chris Trepanier, Hybrid, & Viktor Tarakanov

8/05/03 – Metal – European Defense L vs. English Dragon

8/10/03 – Wrath – Cage W vs. Manson

8/14/03 - Crimson – Calvinball Match L vs. Manson, Dominic Korgath, Jimmy “The Demon” Liston, Danny Conklin, & Craig McLennan

8/24/03 – Wrath – Condemned House W vs. Craig McLennan

9/07/03 – Wrath – L vs. English Dragon

11/13/03 – Crimson – W vs. Dominic Korgath

11/18/03 - Metal - Battle Royal W vs. Dominic Korgath, Manson, & Spike Jenkins

11/23/03 - Wrath - European Title W vs. Landon Maddix

11/28/03 - Crimson - W vs. "Hollywood" Spike Jenkins

12/03/03 - Metal - Submission Match W vs. Dominic Korgath (Euro defense)

12/07/03 - Wrath - Draw/No Contest vs. Santa Claus

12/12/03 - Crimson - W vs. Todd Royal

12/21/03 - Wrath: Season's Grievings - World Title Falls Count Anywhere W vs. Todd Royal

1/08/04 - Crimson: European Title L vs. Landon Maddix

1/18/04 - Wrath: W vs. Jacob Helmsley

1/22/04 - Crimson: Rubber Ducky Match W vs. Jacob Helmsley


Smarks Wrestling Federation

Record: 3-2

8/20/03 - Lockdown - W vs. Crow

8/25/03 - Smarkdown - W vs. Jamie "Jay Dawg" Drazon

8/29/03 - Storm - W vs. Nathaniel "Silent" Kibagami

9/03/03 - Lockdown - Triple Threat L vs. "Deathwish" Danny Williams & "The King Of Nightmares" Michael Craven

9/12/03 - Storm - L vs. "Judge Mental" William Hearford III

Edited by The Amazing Rando

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Guest SupaTaft

Stats now updated and more different!


Smarks Board Name: SupaTaft

Wrestler's Name: Viktor Tarakanov

Nickname(s): “The Red Rage”, the Supreme Soviet Threat

Height: 6’6

Weight: 280 lbs

Hometown: Astrakhan, Russia

Age: 41

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapons: Anything really, he's used a legit hammer (sledge) and sickle before but only in a hardcore-esque match.

Quotes: Russian cursing. Look it up, it's a beautiful thing.


Looks: An intimidating man just from the sight of him. Viktor has a slightly receeding hairline of pitch black hair except in the middle, creating a protruding widows' peak. His beard is full except for on his chin under his mouth. Deep set dark eyes are hidden beneath a large pair of thick eyebrows. His body is nothing but muscle, as a result of life-long training and conditioning. Thich chest hair and light body hair in patches over the rest of his body. He wears a pair of simple black brief-style tights with a red stripe up both sides. Simple black boots with his wrists taped up with black athletic tape. Out of the ring, he'll wear a red windbreaker with a pair of athletic pants to match his wrestling trunks. On special occaisions, Vik's got a black pinstriped suit with a red shirt that he'll wear.


Ring Entrance: "Soviet National Anthem" by the Russian Red Army Choir strikes up as a large red pyro explodes on the entrance ramp. As the music continues “The Red Rage” walks down the ramp coolly, checking the tightness of his wrist tape. Viktor approaches the ring and sneers at the crowd before walking up the steel steps and wiping his feet on the ring apron as he steps into the ring. The fans often chant "U.S.A.!! U.S.A.!!" to unsettle him, which it often does.



Strength: 7 (His strength is in his punches. Though it is absolutely no problem to throw you around.)

Speed: 3 (Doesn't move fast unless he's beating your ass.)

Vitality: 7 (It takes a lot to exhaust him or hurt him... like a truck or something.)

Charisma: 3 (Anti-America Gimmick = Over. Hated in other places around the world because nobody likes a Commie.)



Style: He was a shoot fighter first so Tarakanov uses his strength to hit a a lot of strikes mixed in with power moves. Focuses on punching first. He’ll try and attack you however he can and isn’t too shy to throw in a submission hold if the situation calls for it. Not very used to American wrestling style, he makes very little use of the ropes. Viktor is extremely violent and is unrelenting when he fights. If you want to get technical about it, Viktor prefers to use just three moves: Punching, German Suplex, and the Bolshevik Revolution. But the following are moves that he often uses when not in a situation allowing the three above.


Signature Moves:

The Iron Curtain (Lariat)

German Suplex (optional release)


Series of punches where Viktor slowly gains speed until he is punching at an alarming pace

Eyebrow Buster- Grabs his opponent's head and punches with his knuckles downward on the eyebrow to cause it to split. Viktor likes to see his opponent's blood.

Soviet Judo Throw (Sambo Suplex)

Short Arm Clothesline


Heart Punch

Torture Rack- Can be followed by a variety of moves

Shoulder Arm Breaker- Viktor grabs the victim's arm by the wrist and lifts it so the opponent is behind them and their arm over the his shoulder. Tarakanov pulls down on the victim's arm in an attempt to hyperextend or even break the victim's elbow.


Common Moves:

Basic Sambo moves (Note: If you're confused about Sambo, it's just ultra violent Judo. Use the opponent's momentum to take them to the mat and throw on a submission or break their face.)

Gutwrench Suplex

Back Fist

Ax kick when opponent is bent over

Spear and punches

Grab opponent by hair and punch

Running knee to the gut

Back elbow to face in close quarters

Back Breaker Drop

Choke with boot while in corner

Belly to back suplex (optional release)

Russian Leg Sweep- Hey, he's Russian, why not?

Unique, spur of the moment submissions- Usually done on the mat, Viktor's not very good at standing submissions outside the bear hug.


Rare Moves:

Top Rope Moonsault- Yeah, Viktor gets up to the top rope on occaision. He really doesn't know what's going on when he's on the top turnbuckle, so he will definetly take his time. An alternative finisher if all else fails, and even then, contact me first.

Multiple powerbombs- 2 unless he's really pissed. Then get creative.



Bolshevik Revolution (preferred finisher)- Faarooq's Dominator. Viktor tucks his opponent's head between his legs and lifts him up onto his shoulder, spins around once, then flips them forward and slams them face first into the mat. Technically: Gutwrench into Canadian backbreaker, followed by a released face-first power bomb.


Victory by Knock Out (secondary finisher)- He'll punch you so hard you dont get up until after the ref gives his 10 Count. Signalled by Viktor grabbing his right arm with his left, his right fist clenched. The arms are then purpendicular to each other, you get the idea. This WILL take you out if you have a vitality of 6 or less, or if you are extremely exhausted.



Game Plan: Tarakanov enjoys physically dominating his opponent, it gives him a sense of satisfaction and pride. He would hit you with a powerful strike before a power move or a submission, but will adapt quickly to any situation. Viktor's style and ability is such that he needs not vary greatly from opponent to opponent.



Notes: He doesn't move very fast unless he's pummelling you or throwing you around. Suprisingly, he knows exactly what he's doing when he seems to throw logic to the wind and smash his opponent, seemingly at random. Every one of his moves has a purpose and it is rare that he throws a move out of chance. His only motivation is his anger and his love for money. Fighting gives Tarakanov a deeply gratifying sense of accomplishment and when he gets his paycheck, it makes him want to fight even harder. He has a one track mind: beating people up and getting paid for it. Its the American way.



Bio: Viktor's father was a Soviet general who was as successful as you could be at the time. Because of his status in the Red Army, the government was generous to his family. All throughout his childhood, Viktor was taught to thank the 'good' of communism for providing his comfortable upbringing. Even now after the fall of the USSR, he remains a loyal Soviet, even though it means nothing to everyone else.


His temper made him not cut out to be a soldier like his father so Viktor was trained from an extremely young age to become a fighter. Tarakanov conditioned his body and increased his strength until he was one of the top shoot fighters in all of Russia. His temper often cost him fights though, and after severely brutallizing several opponents to a bloody pulp with a rapid-fire series of punches and knees, he got disqualified. After one particularly brutal bout, he emerged from his opponent's body covered in his blood. Disqualified for the utter brutallity, he simply stood there, dripping red, convulsing with anger. Viktor was immediately given the nickname, "The Red Rage" by his comrades.


Quickly moving to the top of the shoot fighting circuit, Tarakanov was enjoying his life and making what little money he could in Russia. After a while, beating people bloody became his gimmick and people would come just to see "The Red Rage" pound the weak into a puddle of their own blood. Viktor would often ask for a challenger from the crowd to test their strength against the terrible Tarakanov, and on one such occaision he got more than he bargained for. A smallish young man stepped forward and said that he would fight. Not going to turn down any chance to make money, Viktor easily destroyed the man but as he lay whimperring and bleeding, the man said that he would have his father arrest Viktor. The man's father, it turns out, was a high ranking government official, which caused Viktor Tarakanov to panic and flee his homeland to America until the heat died down.


As it turns out though, the heat never did die down. Just days after leaving Russia, the USSR collapsed and left Viktor stranded in America. The government collapsed just days after his 'crime', so he was left in an odd place legally. He could not be extradited for his crime, but if he ever happened to return, he could be tried. So Viktor was stranded in America and he loathed every minute of its existance. Everything about the US' government disgusted him... except one thing: the ease in which he could make such large sums of money by fighting. Viktor began to fight again and enjoyed how easily he could support himself. "The Red Rage" still burns, and now has found its terrible path to the SJL.


Notes about Viktor's current situation: To clear some things up. Viktor knows that the Soviet Union collapsed. He accepts this. What he does not accept is the stories about the poverty of his Motherland and the horrible state of its people. He passes this off as the US propaganda machine telling its people that Russia is no threat out of fear that it still is a major enemy. Not able to see his country now, he claims that it cannot be as bad as it appears, and that the great power of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics will rise again!

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Guest Ten Ton Lid

Smarks Board Name: Ten Ton Lid

Wrestlers Name: Brian Bowers

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 236 lbs.

Hometown: Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

Age: 36

Face/Heel: heel

Stable: none

Ring Escort: Kate Elliot

Weapon(s): steel chair, piece of rebar, plus whatever random objects he happens to steal from the locker room, buy at 7-11 or find in the trash that day.

Quote: “So, in the end, it all balanced out. You “scored a burn” on me, I crippled you, and balance is restored to the universe.” (note: sample quote, not a catchphrase)

Theme Music: "The Gash (Battle Hymn for the Wounded Mathematician)" by the Flaming Lips.


Looks: Brian Bowers has a relatively large frame, but he doesn’t seem to have quite enough mass on it. He has the musclature of someone with an all convenience-store diet and possibly an amphetamine habit. He's strong enough, but has nothing resembling tone. He also looks perpetually sleep-deprived. Bowers sports a tangled mess of grown-out brown hair that looks like it could have once been a crew cut and an equally neglected Van Dyke beard. He has several scars on his forehead, as well as one underneath his right eye.

Brian Bowers wrestles in torn, weather-beaten army pants, maroon boots and one of any number of black t-shirts.

Kate Elliot is five foot six, and just under one hundred and fifteen pounds, although the amount of oversized clothing she wears at any given time makes her look somewhat bigger. Facially, she vaguely resembles Meg White. Kate Elliot is usually clad in black jeans, a chain belt, a grey T-shirt and an oversized flannel shirt, along with ankle-high Doc Martens. She sports a less-than-perfect black home dye job over wiry, shoulder-length brown hair. Kate Elliot, at thirty-two years of age, is younger than Brian Bowers but no less bitter. Due primarily to her lack of faith in her client, Kate Elliot constantly runs interference in Bowers' matches. She gets him disqualified on a regular basis, but turns matches around in his favour just as often.


Ring Entrance:

The houselights cut out, and the video screen abruptly cuts to static.

“The Gash (Battle Hymn for the Wounded Mathematician)” by the Flaming Lips begins blaring over the PA.

After a few seconds, Brian Bowers and Kate Elliot emerge from the entryway.

Kate Elliot is wearing torn, faded black jeans, an ancient grey-and-black checked flannel shirt, knee-high Doc Martens boots and a grey KMFDM t-shirt.

Brian Bowers is wearing a floor-length, badly damaged black duster jacket in addition to his usual ring attire. As always, he has a steel chair and a two-foot piece of rebar with him. Kate Elliot is carrying a large cup of convenience-store coffee, which she periodically drinks from.

As Brian Bowers and Kate Elliot approach the ring, the lights fade back up.

Bowers lopes toward the ring, keeping his eyes fixed squarely on the floor – except when he occasionally looks up to launch into a profane tirade directed at a fan in the first row. Kate Elliot glares at Bowers impatiently as he slowly approaches the ring.

Brian Bowers steps between the top and middle ropes and takes his corner. He hands the chair and rebar back to Kate Elliot, who sets them at ringside then steps up onto the apron.

Brian Bowers removes his jacket and hangs it over the turnbuckle as the music fades out.




Strength: 6 (Brian Bowers can lay weapon shots in with authority, throws suplexes with relative ease, and can usually power even (somewhat) larger opponents down with submission holds. He has some difficulty once his opponent is past the 275-pound mark, though.)

Speed: 3 (Brian Bowers has some sort of deep moral objection to ever leaving the mat, unless he's sneaking out under the bottom rope to look for a weapon. His speed in the ring ranges from "lope" to "brisk jog" (on a good day))

Vitality: 5 (Bowers is a skilled and experienced chain-wrestler, and can stand up to some power moves, but striking (particularly head shots) or focused body work will wear him down. When the time comes to escape a finisher, it will involve Kate Elliot hitting Bowers' opponent with (for example) a billiard ball in a sock, rather than him drawing on a reserve of strength deep within or whatever.)

Charisma: 6 (Rambling, profane, and incredibly irritating, Brian Bowers has a gift for making people hate him just by opening his mouth. He hasn't had to buy walkman batteries in four years, thanks to high-speed donations of handfuls of them from fans during his ring entrance. He's not entirely easy to take seriously, though.)


Style: Brian Bowers is a cheap shot artist with some technical and power-wrestling ability to fall back on. He has a slightly desperate cocky-but-can't-quite-back-it-up in-ring style. His offense is built primarily around cheating, head-drops and neck submissions, and he's usually more concerned with making his opponent look bad than with actually winning the match. Long story short, he's a suckerpuncher.


Signature moves:


Grape Crush (Bowers comes in low on his opponent with a crooked-arm tackle that makes contact at chest level. As he connects, he turns inward with a knee to the groin from the same side as his arm, using his body to obscure the point of impact from the referee. Usually done as a counter to a clothesline, or after whipping the opponent into the ropes).

delayed brainbuster

second-rope shoulderbreaker

fisherman buster

guillotine choke

Strangle Hold Beta


Dragon Sleeper

Buffalo Sleeper

hammerlock suplex


Common moves:


Low blows, any time, anywhere, from any position. Think "Diamond Cutter", then replace it with "groin shot".

foreign objects (usually won't use tables because "those apes in the crowd enjoy it too much", but anything else is pretty much a go as soon as the ref's not looking.)

Canadian-style brawling (knife-edge chops, clotheslines, kicks to the midsection, short punches, stomping - no high kicks.)

belly-to-back suplex

blatant choking



choke sleeper

fisherman suplex

front facelock

full nelson

Implant DDT

inverted DDT

pulling piledriver

release German suplex

running neckbreaker drop

sit-down faceslam

short arm-scissors

short lariat



Rare moves:

diving neckbreaker drop (extremely rare)

cheapshot opponent during their ring introduction


Tiger Driver ‘91



primary: blatant cheating


secondary (impact): Northern Spike (lifting waistlock DDT).

Brian Bowers applies a front headlock with the near arm, a waistlock with the far one, then lifts his opponent up on a sharp angle (with the angle dependent on the opponent's weight) and falls back with a DDT, dropping the opponent on his head.)


secondary (submission): NMA (underhook neck trap submission).

Usually set up by a kick to the midsection and/or sit-down faceslam, Brian Bowers applies a standing head-scissors and underhooks his opponent's arms. He sits down, putting his weight onto the opponent's neck, then uses his legs to compact his opponent's body, pulling their own weight onto their neck as well. The opponent's end position is on his knees, with his head on the mat, his arms hooked, and Brian Bowers' legs hooked behind his.)



The cheap shot is Brian Bowers’ first instinct in every situation. If someone shows him up with a moonsault or similar high-flying move, he’ll kick the living hell out of their kneecaps to prevent them from doing it again. If the choice exists between a blatant choke and a legitimate hold, nine times out of ten he’ll go for the choke. When forced to actually wrestle, Brian Bowers tends to work the neck when facing wrestlers smaller than himself, and wrestle defensively and rely on weapons against larger opponents.



As Bowers himself will explain, in great detail, at any opportunity, he was one of the most successful wrestlers in history of the recently-closed SFWL. Coming off of a thirteen-year stint in the Canadian independents, primarily in Northern Ontario, Brian Bowers joined the SFWL in 1998 and on to win two World Heavyweight championships, among other singles and tag team titles. Of course, most of this took place before 2000, and he spent the latter three and a half years starting failed stables and carrying out inexplicable vendettas against seemingly random people.

At thirty-six years old, Bowers is starting to show undeniable signs of being past his prime. While he was never known for his agility or athleticism, the few high-risk maneuvers that Brian Bowers did have in his arsenal – consisting mainly of a second-rope elbowdrop and an unenthusiastic plancha – have disappeared over the past couple of years, and he’s significantly slower on his feet than even in footage as recent as last year. Brian Bowers is a gifted technical wrestler, but prefers to invest as little effort as possible in his matches – meaning that he’s just as likely to open with a knee to the balls or a punch to the throat and hope for the best, rather than set up a coherent offense.

When Brian Bowers does see fit to bother using actual wrestling moves, he tends toward arm and neck submissions and head-drops. His foreign objects of choice are the traditional steel chair and a two-foot piece of rebar he’s been carrying around ever since he read Snow Crash.

Kate Elliot, Brian Bowers’ long-time girlfriend and manager, acts as his conscience and motivation – and is actively ignored at every turn. It’s not that she’s any less cynical, cruel or self-absorbed than Bowers is – but without Kate, Bowers would likely never get around to wrestling at all, instead just sitting in random locations complaining about how less deserving wrestlers get all the opportunities. Kate Elliot’s pet name for Bowers, “fuckwit”, basically says all there is to say about their personal and professional relationship.

Edited by Ten Ton Lid

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Smarks Board Name: HollywoodSpikeJenkins

Wrestlers Name: "Hollywood" Spike Jenkins

Height: 6'1

Weight: 225

Hometown: Hollywood, California

Age: 22

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: None.

Tag Partner: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): None

Quote: "Hollywood = Ratings."


Looks: Caucsian. Medium build. Has dirty blonde hair. Usually wears baggy khaki shorts that reach the edge of his boots when wrestling. Has his wrist and hands wrapped in black tape. Wears shin high black boots, and a hooded sleeveless jacket to the ring.


Ring Entrance:


(The lights dim down, while a multitude of light blue lights begin flashing from the entrance stage, as "Not Today" by Hotwire starts up. After a few seconds, "Hollywood" Spike Jenkins walks out from the backstage area and stops at the entrance ramp, the hood of his jacket covering his head, while he stares at the ground, allowing the crowd time to cheer. White pyro explodes from both sides of Spike, as Spike starts hopping around, getting warmed up. Spike makes his way through the pyro, and starts his journey to the ring. Spike makes his way to the ring, and climbs up onto the ring apron, and steeping through the ring ropes into the ring, and the second he steps into the ring, Spike pulls back the hood over his head, and holds his arms out, doing a little spin. Spike pulls the jacket off and tosses it ringside, and waits in his corner for the match to begin.)





Strength: 3

Speed: 6

Vitality: 5

Charisma: 6


Style: Technical Highflyer.


Signature moves:

1. Mid-Rope Neckbreaker (HSJ stands on middle rope in corner, HSJ leaps off ropes, catches opponent in a neckbreaker)

2. I Just Broke Your Nose (Van Daminator)

3. The Last Dance (Superkick)

4. Mid-rope Springboard Back Kick

5. Roll the Joint (Roll the Dice/Test Drive) - sets up the Silver Lining

6. 2 Kick Combo + Knock Out Kick (Opponent is on knees, and HSJ gives them two kicks to the chest, and back up, and give him one final kick to the face.)

7. Tidal Wave (Opponent is in corner, HSJ does a handspring, into a double jump kick to the face.)

8. The Spotlight (Opponent is on shoulders, but HSJ flips them foward, and drops them down with a neckbreaker)

9. Dangerous Wizard (Shining wizard but with a kick to the back of the head instead of a knee)


Common moves:

1. Standing Enzuguri

2. Top Rope Hurricanrana

3. Kip Up followed by a Snap Spinebuster

4. Reverse DDT

5. Rocker Dropper

6. Phantom Neckbreaker (Running Neckbreaker.)

7. Old School Expulsion

8. Hurricanrana

9. Springboard Dropkick/Clothesline/Leg Drop

10. Missile Dropkick

11. Lionsault (Asai Moonsault in the ring.)

12. STO

13. Top Rope Crossbody

14. 420 Legdrop (Spinning Legdrop)

15. The Smoke Out (Walls of Jericho/Elevated Boston Crab)


Rare moves:

1. Blue Thunder Driver

2. Defying the System (Styles Clash)

3. I Just Broke Your Neck (Opponent is put in a powerbomb position, but with his arms double underhooked (tiger driver), then gets flipped up, but HSJ turns to his side in mid-air, having his opponent in a reverse DVD position, and drops them down in a Burning Hammer (reverse DVD).) Very Rare.



1. The Highlighter (Rock Bottom) - Primary Finisher

2. The Silver Lining (Dragon Clutch - Dragon Slepper, but in the position of a camel clutch.) - Primary/Secondary Finisher

3. The Ratings Grabber (Five Star Frog Splash) - Secondary Finisher

Edited by HollywoodSpikeJenkins

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Guest Vampyremage

Preliminary Question: How did you find us/hear about us?

A friend told me about it.


Smarks Board Name: Vampyremage

Wrestlers Name: Daemon

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 210Lbs

Hometown: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Age: 24

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: none

Ring Escort: none

Weapon(s): none



Looks: Daemon has black dreadlocks that go half way down his back. He wears baggy black pants to the ring and no shirt. He has a large tattoo of an ankh on the left side of his chest.


Ring Entrance: The lights dim and Daemon comes out to Ghost in the Fog by Cradle of Filth. He is very intense and walks to the ring without acknowledging the crowd.




Strength: 3

Speed: 6

Vitality: 8

Charisma: 3


Style: Mosly high flying and martial arts but can be hardcore when he needs to be.


Signature moves:

Shooting Star Press

Crippler Crossface

Backflip Kick

Phoenix Splash

Diving Enziguiri

Diving Headbutt

Tornado DDT

Waistlock into chokeslam


Common moves:


Spinning Heel Kick

Various Moonsaults

German Suplex


Judo Throw

Stiff Kicks to the body

Bite to the head

Headscissors Submission

Backdrop Suplex


Flying Forearm

Crescent Kick


Missile Dropkick



Rare moves:

Burning Hammer

Low Blow

Kip-up Hurracanrana(The AJ STyles Move, for the unenlightened and stupid)




Flying Headscissors... FROM TEH TOP~!


Notes: Daemon is very serious. He has a somewhat twisted psyche views pain as something almost akin to a gift.


Bio: To come later.

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Guest outlett

Smarks Board Name: outlett

Wrestlers Name: Wes Outlett

Height: 5'10

Weight: 189

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

Age: 25

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): The occasional chair



Looks:Shoulder length black hair,a rather handsome face, high cheekbones, slightly narrow hollow jaw, full lips ,a small nose, and green eyes so vibrant they seem to glow. A neatly cropped goatee just on his chin, Wes wears baggy black leather pants, and plack boots polished to a mirror shine.


Ring Entrance: Theme music is “Fist Full of Steele” by Rage Against the Machine, little to no lighting effect, basically struts to the ring comes in and wait for the match to start.




Strength: 3

Speed: 7

Vitality: 5

Charisma: 5


[Can not exceed 20 points in total... NB: Strength, speed, vitality and charisma play a vital part on what moves your wrestler is capable of. Keep this in mind when you write your move lists. See the guide down the bottom of this thread. Maximum of 10 per catagory.]


Style: Technical a sort of Puro-American Hybrid, you see it a lot in the indies now days, a sort of jack of all trades master of none thing.


Signature moves:

1. Shooting Star Press

2. Springboard Asai Moosault

3. Triangle Lock

4. Dragon Sleeper

5. Dragon Clutch

6. Indian Deathlock

7. Side-mount Keylock

8. Fire Thunder Driver(Against Other Cruiserweights)

9. Elevated Boston Crab

10. Mutiple DDT’s

Common moves:

1. Elevated Half Crab

2. Moonsault

3. Frog Splash

4. Fujiwara Armbar

5. Key Lock

6. Standing Sidekick

7. Cobra Clutch(Or any variation there of)

8. Cross Armbar

9. Side headlock

10. Head scissors

11. Basically any low or mid kick, including to opponents on the ground.

12. A few variations of the basic plancha.

13. Rocker Dropper

14. Double Arm DDT

15. Dropkick to knee

16. Sunset Flip




Rare moves: Shooting Star Press DDT(A VERY rare happening, very dangerous and pushing Wes’s limitations on agility.), Sitout Powerbomb( Usually used as a reversal, and usually against other cruiserweights, Wes’s strength limits the use of this move.)


Finishers: Deus Ex Machina(Inverted STF), Enter Omega(Rocker Dropper from the top)


Notes:Wes is HUGE on ring psychology all his matches are simply filled with it, and it’s the driving factor in all his matches. Wes usually wrestles slow paced matches but he can on occasion pull a fast paced cruiserweight match out of his bag of tricks, a versatile wrestler who works well against heavyweights as well but is best in a mainly technical match wrestling / striking match, with a few high spots.


Bio: N/A for now

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Guest TheCharismaticOne

Smarks Board Name: TheCharismaticOne

Wrestlers Name: Charismatic Kev

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 205lbs

Hometown: New York City

Age: 23

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): Far too charismatic for weapons. Usually.


Looks: Kev looks very charismatic, however you define charismatic. He has black hair down to about his shoulders. He doesn't wear a shirt, because he prefers to show off those abs. He doesn't wear tights, but black pants in the vain of Tajiri, with CHARISMA written on the side in red lettering.


Ring Entrance: Basically, Kev races out to the ring, extremely enthusiastic. He tries to pump the crowd up at all times, and, usually, they will respond positively. The lighting has a slight red tinge to it. The music is Frenzal Rhomb - Mr. Charisma.




Strength: 3 - Can, but will struggle, suplexing guys around the 245 mark. Anything heavier, and, um, no.

Speed: 5 - Quite speedy around the ring - nimble enough to elude most opponents. Likes jumping off the ropes a lot.

Vitality: 4 - Can take a beating, but will succomb to a finisher.

Charisma: 8 - His highest atribute. Kev relies on crowd support in his matches, and he will do everything in his power to get them on side. Virtually all moves are also performed with excessive flair.


Style: Kev relies on both his speed and charisma, as noted. He's more or less the brawling type - punches kicks, the occasional suplex. However, he hits the top rope more often than most brawlers.


Signature moves:

Charismatic Punches

- Really stupid, but somehow effective. Kev holds his arm up high for a few seconds, sort of like attempting to channel energy, then punches his opponent in the face. Nothing much above the standard punch, but gets the crowd into things.



- Because of his size, speed and lack of overwhelming strength, Kev relies heavily on this move. Kev leans back, then leaps forward and fully extends his leg, attempting to kick the face off the opponent. This will floor all but the biggest opponents, and is one of Kev's most powerful moves.


Springboard Spin Kick

- This is a good move to change the momentum of a match. A running Kev bounces up onto the second or third ropes, springboards off and spins around, hopefully nailing his opponent in the side of the head. Likes to use the move when he's on the offensive.



- Nothing special - just your good old fashioned DDT. Kev mostly uses this out of desperation to change the momentum of the match, as it will only momemtarily slow an opponent down.


Minchinoku Driver

- One of Kev's stronger moves. Kev executes the move extremely fast, picking up the opponent for a scoop slam, then quickly sitting down and dumping them on their back.


Top Rope Splash

- Back to the old school. Kev doesn't like to do his top rope finisher unless he really has to, thanks to the danger involved - so he prefers this. Won't actually defeat anyone, but will put them in a very bad position.


Downward Spiral

- Kev, as if going for a clothesline, grabs his opponent around the neck, before falling backward and slamming the victim face first into the mat. Ouch.


Stealthy Fast Throw

- Only for the smaller guys. Kev grabs his opponents arm up around the bicep area, ducks, spins and flips the victim onto their back. This usually comes out of nowhere, and can be used for further attacks, as the move itself doesn't cause a whole lot of damage.


Common moves:

- Punches

- Uranage Suplex (Kev picks up opponent under the arm and around the throat, then picks them up, spins around and slams them to the ground. Basically the Book End.)

- Vertical Suplex

- Spinebuster

- Kicks

- Enziguri

- Armdrag

- Drop Toe Hold

- Russian Leg Sweep

- Spinebuster

- Belly To Back Suplex

- Shortarm Clothesline

- Backrake

- Shoulderblock

- Shoulders In The Corner



Charismatic KO

- Kev's primary finisher. Kev picks the victim up ready for a scoop slam, before flipping them over themselves, latching onto their head in an inverted front face lock, and dropping himself and the victim down to the mat with a falling reverse DDT. Basically, it's a body slam which goes into a falling reverse DDT. This adds significant impact to the move, and looks pretty cool too. Will put all but the absolute no selling bastards away. Can do it to MOST people, but once they start getting over 6'5" they become too heavy and big to flip over properly.


Phoenix Splash

- Kev really doesn't like doing this move. It's dangerous, and he would much rather use the Charismatic KO - but he's just not strong enough to hit that on everyone. If he misses, Kev won't get up in a hurry. Even if he does connect, Kev will be groggy for a short time before regaining his bearings. For the move itself, his primed opponent is on the mat. Kev then leaps off the turnbuckles, spins a vertical 360 degrees, then flips forward to connect with a swanton bomb. Is enough to knock out everyone, except maybe those 8" 500lbs guys.



Kev is the sort of guy that you would take home to have dinner with your parents. He's extremely ethical, funny, and, most of all, brings the charisma to absolutely everything he does. His promos are cut with obcene amounts of flair. In the ring, Kev plays to the crowd at every opportunity, and, where possible, avoids heading outside the ring where those dastardly heels may bring steal chairs into the mix.

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Guest SeanCasey

Preliminary Question| How did you find us/hear about us? Va'aiga


Smarks Board Name| SeanCasey

Wrestlers Name| "Live~Wire" Sean Casey

Height| 6'1"

Weight| 227lbs.

Hometown| Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Age| 25

Face/Heel| Heel

Stable| ---

Ring Escort| Natasha

Weapon(s)| chain(hidden in his boot)

Quote| "I run this game!"


Looks| Sean has shoulder length jet black hair he keeps in a ponytail. He always wears a stubbled beard. musclar and lean, he's always in peak shape. He wears steel blue full length wrestling tights with a black french war cross on the outside of each leg. the band at the waist is black on the tights. He has the same cross tattooed on the top of his left bicep in jet black ink. He comes to the ring with a black sleeveless t-shirt on that reads: "wrestle." in white typewritter lettering. He wears a black towel that just covers his nose and face, which he promptly takes off, along with the shirt, when wrestling.


Ring Entrance| the lights dim out as the opening chords of "This Is The New Shit" by Marilyn Manson screech through the arena as the fans give a mixed reaction. As the bass chords shake the ground beneath you, Sean Casey steps into a single spotlight. All that can be seen are blue tights and the dim shadow of his face covered by a black towel. He stalks down to the ring, a man on a mission, and quickly climbs into the ring and stands in the center, head lowered. In one quick motion he grabs the towel off his head and tosses it into the crowd. Fans can be seen wrestling for it in the foreground. He pulls his shirt off in another quick display and tosses it to the outside of the ring. He raises his arms to the side in a 'jesus christ' pose as the music begins to fade away.



Strength| 4

Speed| 5

Vitality| 6

Charisma| 5


Style| Technical/High-Flyer


Signature moves

01| Spine bomb slam

02| Single arm DDT

03| Swinging neckbreaker

04| Urnage

05| Spider german suplex

06| Leg lariat

07| Asai moonsault

08| Reckless Senton (no hands senton atomico suicida)

09| super kick

10| Leg drop from apron to outside


Common moves

01| Elbow smash

02| Back elbow smash

03| Jumping spinning back kick

04| Rolling Koppou kick

05| Spinning heel kick

06| Front face lock

07| Headlock takeover into side headlock

08| Drop toe hold to front face lock

09| Leg wheel

10| Power elbow drop

11| Backdrop

12| Clothesline

13| Running spinning heel kick

14| High angle belly to belly suplex

15| German suplex


Rare moves

01| fisherman's buster

02| diving top rope spinning elbow smash

03| top rope sitout tiger driver

04| jumping brainbuster

05| top rope senton to the outside



01| Innovation |exploder '98|

02| Aftershock |3/4 ring leg drop|

03| Live Wire |sharpshooter|


Notes| Sean Casey, from the time his music hits, till it hits again, is all about wrestling. He comes across much like Benoit as he means business in the squared-circle. He'll go out on a limb to out-do his opponent.


Bio| Sean Casey was bred to be the best and never took second best in anything. Sean excelled in ametur wrestling throughout high school to sharpen his skills for Professional Wrestling later on. Sean was contact by Ron Monroe, GFWA's President to come help save the stagnet Lightweight division. As soon as Sean showed up on the scene, he shook things up, winning the Lightweight title within' two months of his arrival. Sean went onto to win that title two more times against Max Danger and Syd Gyro, having won the first from his long time friend, Doc Holiday. Sean was taken under the wing of top superstar Chaos to start the legacy of The Elite Players. Chaos and Sean's antics were legendary in the GFWA. Sean would later, after having won the Extreme title, faced his mentor in two, raging, battles which Sean dominated. Sean's greatest accomplishment to date, and his proudest, is the day he made every doubter beleive as he stood face to chest with GFWA's biggest competitor, 7'2 375 pounder, White Chocolate. Sean overcame the giant of a man to be the first Lightweight to ever hold the World Heavyweight title. From there the bWo and GFWA merged to form the gWa. Sean faced off against bWo's World champion, General Carnage. The two men faced off in one of, if not the, best match of all time. The fed would go on to close due to the egos and pride of each roster. Omar Owens, current wWC superstar, said that Sean and General Carnage's match and attitude held what the gWa could have been. Sean found his way to the bWo and faced off against Jostrodomus, a man who came up from GFWA's Power Plant right after he did, and bWo legendary hardcore icon, Spike Hammersmith. Sean got the win, thus making him another first in winning bWo's Brutal title. Sean would then retire because of knee problems and lose the title to Adam King. Now, after almost two years, Sean has returned to wrestling, injuries healed, an induction into the GFWA's Hall of Fame, and with everything to prove to the legends and rookies of the SWF.


Title History

GFWA Lightweight(3) won against Doc Holiday/Sid Gyro/Max Danger

GFWA World(1) won against White Chocolate

GFWA Extreme(1) won against Va'aiga


bWo Brutal(1)

bWo Tag(1) w/Chris Card


wWC Tag(1) w/Sonic Youth


oW Impact(1) won against 8 man elimination

Edited by SeanCasey

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Guest jesse_ewiak

Preliminary Question: Lurking here forever


Smarks Board Name: jesse_ewiak

Wrestlers Name: David Cross

Height: 6' 5"

Weight: 265 lb.

Hometown: Oil City, PA

Age: 26

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: N/A

Ring Escort: N/A

Weapon(s): nada





GENERAL: Cross is a decent enough looking guy with shoulder length black hair and dark green eyes. He's ruggedly handsome, with a very good phsique, not that Cross is really looking to attract the ladies. Long scar above his right eye, cause unknow. Also, small tatoo of a 'cross in the heart' with 'Joan' on his right arm in tribute to his mother.


ATTIRE: Wears blue jeans, plain white t-shirt along with a small cross around his neck. Completes the ensamble with a well worn leather jacket.


NOTE: Cross and jacket given to him by now deceased parents. Not responsible for death or dismemberent if you steal 'em.


Ring Entrance:


Cue the creepy beginnng to 'Back on Earth' by OZZY~ as David walks out to the ring, focused on the ring as the crowd cheers and the small bit of pyro goes of behind him. Cross enters the ring, absent mindely slapping hands.


Funyon stuff


Cross takes off his leather and cross, and sets them aside, then stares at his opponent across the ring.






Strength: 5


[suprisingly strong, can suplex 350 pounders easy]


Speed: 3


[Agile and quick reacting, but not too fleet once in the air.]


Vitality: 6


[Extensive training and just pure stubborness leaves him with a 2nd and 3rd wind]


Charisma: 4


[Good enough in one on one conversation, but not that great at getting 20,000 to support him

through words instead of actions.]



Style: A powerhouse Angle-lite suplex/takedown artist with a bit of martial arts training in his past.


Generally likes a build of chain wrestling escalating to suplexes and his finishers on opponents.


About as good a flier as The Undertaker on a bad day, but if pissed, can brawl from here to Yemen and back.


Doesn't cheat, but will used a cheater's weapons against him (ie. Big Boot into chair opponent is holding.)



Signature moves:


In order they're most often used



Yazuka Kick - 'God's Fury' - Can be finisher if hit at the right moment, comes out of nowhere

Short Arm Lariato- Pulls opponent right into his arm stiffly. - KO Blow to set-up Black Mass

Cradle Piledriver

Spinebuster - Arn Anderson style - main transistion move.

Choke Slam




Sweep Kick into a Crossface - Remnants of David's martial arts past.

Brainbuster - Regular or Top Rope kids...


Half Nelson Suplex




Common moves:

Forearms and kicks

Amateur Takedowns

Big Boot

DDT's, all creeds and colors

Bellly-to-Belly ; overhead and regular

Gutwrench Suplex


German Suplex

La Majistral - Surprise move

Fisherman's Suplex

Kick to the gut -> High Knee -> Crescent Kick combo

Top Rope Clotesline


Jumping Bulldog


Rare moves:


Again, in order of most used...


NO HANDS PLANCHA OF DOOM~ - Pulled out as an absolute last ditch desperation move

Steiner Screwdriver - 'Holy Grail' - See above

Top Rope Release German - Pulls out against people he hate's...

Torture Rack into a Sit-Out Powerbomb - 'Sword of Damocles'- When his other finisher's fail....




Black Mass:


Goes into a quick powerbomb, but when the opponent is in the 'rana position drops and hits a pitch-perfect spinebuster. Very stiff, and his usual finish for anyone 300 lbs. or under.


'Holy Trinity':


Usually called just The Trinity Sequence, it's German, then a Dragon, then a Straightjacket suplex. Used as the finisher against guys he cant get up for the Black Mass or as a backup if the Black Mass fails


'Archangel's Sword' - No description because it ain't gettin used yet...



Notes: Cross knows martial arts...but not a lot. Generally just enough to give hus kicks some more power and

helps his agility a bit.




David Cross was born David Tadwell on a small farm in

a rural area of northwestern Pennsylvania called

Corry. He had a simple, rural life. Fishin' on the

stream, playing with buddies on the next farm, helping

his Mom & Dad on the farm, going to school & church,

all that.


All that changed when David was twelve, when his

parents got in a car wreck. His Aunt took him in, but

David was never the same. He became more insular and

introverted. Even as he hit his growth spurt and

played Defensive Line for the local high school team,

he wasn't the typical 'jock.' He'd be more likely to

have his nose in a book, or watching TV, than going to

a party. That helped when he graduated. Usually, a

country boy from the middle of nowhere wouldn't get

into a top-flight university, but a 3.7 GPA, a 1270 on

his SAT's, plus being 8th all time on the state sack

record gave him a full ride to Florida State. But, the

good times wouldn't last for long...


In his second game, David's knee gave out. Simple

freak accident. But his football career was done for.

In a heavy depression, he sought out a new career.

That's when promoter Frank Gray comes in. Gray was

running a small Florida indy, CCW. David went to a

show, was noticed by the wrestlers, and after hearing

his story, Frank began training him. After nearly a

year of training at the Gray Training School in

Satellite Beach, Florida, he began his wrestling

career. He chose the name David Cross as a tribrute to

a cross his Mom gave him when he was seven.

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Guest "Fruity" Frankie

Preliminary Question: ProWrestling.com Message Boards


Smarks Board Name: "Fruity" Frankie

Wrestlers Name: "Fruity" Frankie Deed

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 213 Lbs

Hometown: Scranton, PA

Age: 22

Face/Heel: Face


Ring Escort:

Weapon(s): Will use whatever is availible, but his favoite weapon is an ironing board that he has with him a lot of the time.

Quote: "Now your gonna squeal for "Fruity" Frankie"


Looks: Frankie is a gay guy as everyone knows. So he normally will wear some type of flashy pants with no shirt while wrestling. Occasionally you will see him with a silk shirt on while wrestling also. Frankie has short black hair and has 2 peircings in each ear. Clean Shaven. He has a tattoo of a red heart on the back of his left shoulder


Ring Entrance: He enters to the song "Big Girls Don't Cry". He wears a pink cowboy hat to the ring.




Strength: 6

Speed: 5

Vitality: 4

Charisma: 5


Style: He has a very unique style. He uses a lot of power moves combinbed with lots of technical moves. You won't see him get that risky in the average match. Bigger matches will result in Frankie becomes a huge risk taker though. He is a fairly clean wrestler and will not cheat unless provoked. Not afraid to take part in hardcore activies either.


Signature moves:

Drops to one knee begging opponent to stop.. then pinchs his nipple and slaps him in the face

Top Rope DDT

Flying Headbutt off top rope

Will pull opponents pants down then when they turn around will Clothesline them (used when opponent is distracted and lookin away)

Flying Cross Body off top rope

Sidekick to the head (like HBK's Sweet Chin Music, just not as powerful)

Body Slam followed by repeated punches to the head followed by a pin attempt


Common moves:

Snap Suplex


Kick to stomach into a DDT

Russian Leg Sweep

Kick to back of knee.. then a leg drop on opponents head after they fall to the mat (may take more than 1 kick to back of knee)

Boston Crab

Tilt-a-Whirl Slam


Body Slam followed by repeated punches to the head followed by a pin attempt

Ten punches to head when opponent is in turnbuckle

Repeated Knife-edged chops in the corner

Flying Knee to the head (Triple HHH style move)

Throw opponent into ropes then perform a Slam into a pin

Belly to Belly Suplex

Belly to Back Suplex into a pin


Rare moves:




The Last Kiss- Frankie will grap the opponent and kiss them on the lips, he will then slap then across the face, kick them in the stomach so they are hunched over and then slam there head into the mat with his leg (sorry forget what exactly that move is called, It is the same as Billy Gunn's Fame-Asser though).


Notes: Frankie is openly gay and it shows in his style somewhat. Even though he is gay he is still a very strong man and is feared by some. He is a good solid wrestler and isnt really afraid to take on anyone.


Bio: Attended Penn State Univeristy majoring in Interior design. he dropped out after he was attacked by a group of gay bashers though. Since then he has been lifting weights and has gotten stronger.

Edited by "Fruity" Frankie

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