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  1. Something tells me this is the best we're going to get Sly...
  2. Eh... what the hell... It's worth crawling out from under the good 'ole rock... lol I'm in
  3. hhh6294

    The Official Ashes 2 Ashes "Stuff" Thread

    Pfft... screw the RexPlex... screw overseas... GUND BABY!!! you know you want to.
  4. hhh6294

    Lockdown Commentskis

    Yay... cheerzrz for Helmsley winzorz~!
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    SWF Lockdown Card - 10-12-06

    pfft... you'd be as crooked as a politician when it comes to marking Toxx... the more references to you in the match the more points the match gets...
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    SWF Lockdown Card - 10-12-06

    I'm sure 'drea could come up with an OMGZPWNZORKIKAZZ~!!!! pic for the Kingdome.
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    Smarkdown Comments

    Urgh... sorry I no-showed... this stomach flu is really kicking my ass... *gurgle*
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    SWF Smarkdown Card

    *points and laughs at Toxxic*
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    Hey guys, remember X-Net?

    Then I guess the WWE way of making heels is wrong, since it seems like the faces always lose and the heels always win... odd... /does the job to 'drea to put her over
  10. As far as I know the ICTV Belt has been just that... not an IC and TV belt combined into one.
  11. Damn... so we go from one side of the country to the other? Good thing the SWF pays for our tickets or I'd be pissed...
  12. Eih... everyone comes back eventually. Now taking bets on how long it takes me to start no-showing again. Board Name: hhh6294 Wrestlers Name: Jacob Helmsley Height: 6’5” Weight: 227 lbs Hometown: Calgary, Alberta, Canada Age: 25 Affiliation: Tweener (sort of leaning face, but still very capable of evil bastardly deeds) Stable: none Ring Escort: none Weapon(s): Lead Pipe. He carries this weapon on him at all times and is never afraid to use it on anyone, male or female. Favorite Match Types: 1. Anything hardcore 2. Last Man Standing 3. Submissions Match Looks: Very raggedy. His hair is about shoulder length and jet black, but looks like it hasn’t been washed in a month. On his face he wears a green facemask like that of the Reptile in Mortal Kombat. He has green eyes, but the left eye has a big long scar down the middle of it that stretches from his forehead down to his cheek and the left side of his face still shows a bit of burn damage from when his face was burnt long ago. For his ring attire he wears long, baggy dark green cargo pants with several holes in random places on both legs and he wears a plain black shirt, also riddled with holes. Attached to his black belt on his waist is a little holster where Jacob keeps his trusty pipe by his side at all times. Coming to the ring and outside of matches, Jacob wears a long black leather trench coat that unlike his ring attire, actually looks pretty new and taken care of. He may take his mask off too once in a while outside of the ring, but not often. Ring Entrance: “Hell” by Disturbed. Nothing fancy. Jacob just walks out to the ring 20 seconds after the music kicks up with a slow stride, glaring at the ring or his opponent(s) if they’re inside the ring. Stats: Strength: 5 – He’s powerful enough to perform his moves on anyone under 350 lbs (the regular ones mind you… vertical lifting a 350 lb man is out of the question of course Speed: 4 – He has a few aerial moves in his arsenal and can pull them off with grace and accuracy. Vitality: 9 – Tough little son of a bitch. His pain threshold is incredible and he can certainly stick it out with the best the fed has to offer and then some. There is no such thing as putting this man down easily. Charisma: 2 – Rarely speaks to the crowd, usually lets his actions speak for himself. Style: Technical/Submissions based, slight aerial skills, and very prominent hardcore wrestling skills. Signature moves: 1. Evenflow DDT - (By this one, I mean the REAL Evenflow, from Raven's old WCW days, and the one in No Mercy. That starts out with a kick to the gut, and then finishes with a DDT in one swift movement… no stalling) 2. Sambo Suplex - Used as a set-up to the "Fear Factor" 3. "Corkscrew" - 360 degree twisting Missile Dropkick - Jacob leaps off of the top rope, twists his body into a spin while keeping his legs outward, and hits the opponent around the upper neck area. 4. "Blackout" - Standing hooking heel kick into reverse Fame Asser - Jacob does the spinning heel kick, and as he kicks him, he wraps him knee around the neck of the opponent, and slams him down for a reverse Fame Asser. Jacob keeps the knee wrapped around the throat of the opponent, for a modified chokehold that frequently KOs the opponent late in the match. 5. Stalling STO (Jacob Stalls for 5-6 seconds, before hitting the STO… the move looks like a cross between the Rock Bottom from No Mercy, and the STO 2 from No Mercy) 6. Top-Rope Inverted Brainbuster 7. "Buzzkill" - Chicken Wing headlock 8. Northern Lights suplex into bridge pin 9. "Soul breaker" - Stalling Dominator - Jacob pulls the opponent into a dominator position, and keeps him there for a Canadian Back breaker for 15-20 seconds. Weather or not the opponent gives up after 20 seconds, Jacob drops the opponent down for the Dominator. 10. Chicken Wing Jawbreaker Common moves: 1. Double Arm DDT 2. Spear into the turnbuckle 3. Rolling Leg-Lock 4. Fisherman’s DDT from the Top Turnbuckle 5. Kneeling Backbreaker (Jacob kneels down, and pulls the opponent down forcefully making his back connect with Jacob’s leg) 6. Russian Leg-Sweep 7. Standing Dragon Sleeper 8. Reverse DDT 9. Top-Rope Hurricanrada 10. Backslide Pin 11. Falling Neckbreaker 12. Guillotine Leg-Drop (when opponent is on a table or flat breakable surface) 13. Belly to Belly Suplex Rare moves: 1. Stalling Hangman's DDT - Jacob sets the opponent up in a powerbomb position, picks him up onto his shoulders, but lets the opponent drape down in front of his chest, in a hanging position. After five to ten seconds, Jacob drops the opponent down on the back of his neck with considerable power. 2. “The Drop from Above” – Stalling reverse Michinoku driver 3. “Downfall” – Powerbomb through a table or the such in Hardcore style matches 4. “Revenge” – Stalling Pedigree 5. “Air Canada” – Top-Rope Phoenix Splash Finishers: Main "Black Stallion" ~ Modified standing Vertebreaker ~ Jacob wraps the opponent’s arms around his back in a standing position so he and the opponent are back to back, like a set-up to a Backslide pin. Jacob then leans forward in a Bridge type position slamming the opponent’s neck onto the mat, and Jacob holds it for a pin. Submissive "The Fear Factor" - a modified Indian Death lock from No Mercy. Instead of dropping to the floor, and getting up again, Jacob drops to his back, and stays down on the ground, gradually increasing pressure on the legs until submission or TKO. Notes: He doesn’t care about anything else except his own personal achievements. He is a total loner. He does not trust anyone, not even his own former close friends. Jacob’s only devotions in life are to his accomplishments and his pipe which is never out of his possession. He will never think twice about injuring anyone, whether in the ring or outside of the ring and has no regrets when the deed has been done. In the ring he’s usually pretty calm and collected, but when he starts losing it, there is no telling what he will do to whom before it’s all over.
  13. hhh6294

    SWF AftershoXXxxxXxXxX Card!

    badass... Thanks Toxx. I was hoping that I didn't have to come up with a whole new set of moves for him. Bruce, watch the stats thread, because I'm making just a few modifications to that (having to do with his appearance and music, etc.) ~h
  14. hhh6294

    SWF AftershoXXxxxXxXxX Card!

    Stephens as of Genesis.
  15. hhh6294

    SWF AftershoXXxxxXxXxX Card!

    Bruce, I will be getting Jake's stats up by tomorrow afternoon I promise... I just have to either A. dig them out of my computer somewhere or B. just make a new set of stats for him, but I promise you I will have them up by 7 tomorrow afternoon.
  16. hhh6294

    SWF Smarkdown Card - 9-11-2006

    yeah... they wouldn't want to stumble across the acres and acres of gay porn you have buried in there... lol.
  17. hhh6294

    SWF Smarkdown Card - 9-11-2006

    blasphemy. It is a proven fact that Vin Deisel > God and God > Rommel, so obviously Vin Diesel > Rommel. Silly Girl.
  18. hhh6294

    SWF Smarkdown Card - 9-11-2006

    I'll counter with Patton on Raynor's behalf. ...and if that doesn't work I'll just send Vin Deisel.
  19. hhh6294

    SWF Fantasy Football 2006

    Ok, well good to know it was just my paranoia and not actual truth. Good luck to everyone.
  20. hhh6294

    SWF Fantasy Football 2006

    um... right, well, has everyone lost interest in this thing before it started? Seems like only X and I have done anything to their teams since the draft and I can't possibly believe that everyone is completely content with their teams going into week 1. If I'm mistaken, and almost everyone else has checked in since the draft then I'm sorry, but damn... seems like dead central to me over there.
  21. hhh6294

    TWiB 8/21 - 8/27

    Awesome... Nathan has a rare bad game and blows the save, yet the Twins still pull it through. Kick ass. 1 1/2 games up on the Sox in the WC, but more importantly, only 4 games away from Detriot!
  22. hhh6294

    PreDick Smarkdown

    I'd mark hard for Jimmy to reveal that he's actually GOAT in disguise if Jimmy won the Title I'd mark hard. Oh... just to keep in on topic, Stephens, Bruce, Mad-man, Zyon, Grapplah. Bank on it. ~h
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    Where in the world is Carmen Stormiego?

    Did you get my stuff Chirs?
  24. hhh6294

    This Weekend in Baseball

    If the Twins could put up this kind of consistency against Chicago and Detroit at their parks we would have a fighting chance of winning the Wild Card, which would be incredibly awesome. Also, It's a strong possibility that Francisco Liriano could be back before the end of the season, which would just add to the awesomeness if he could regain his season long dominance that he had. If everything keeps up like this, the Twins could be very dangerous come Playoff time.