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Guest TheGame2705

Current Hates and Likes

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Guest Fire and Knives

Currently on the playlist:


Wu-Tang Clan (36 Chambers only)

Canibus (Rip the Jacker)

Stereolab (random mix)

...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead (Source Tags & Codes)

Jawbreaker (24 Hour Revenge Therapy)

X-Ecutioners (Scratchology)


Currently detesting:


Pretty much everything you like.



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Shadows Fall getting due respect

Black Label Society getting due respect

Lacuna Coil getting due respect

Creed no longer getting much, if any, airplay

The songs I've written on my guitar (I have an odd feeling a few of you would dig 'em, too)

Korn's new song ("Did My Time," I think it's called) for the intro lick

Inheritance (friend's death band)



Not being able to hear what Leonard was actually singing during The Dickies' set at FiendFest '03

85% of radio

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Radio and MTV dictate what music is popular. It's not a matter of what music is actually good; it's how much money music execs are willing to shell out to the media to ensure that their acts get the most exposure. That's why you have a glut of bands/singers/sideshow freaks with similar sounds and grooves clogging the airwaves, and why bands with truly unique stylings or actual talent get pushed to the fringes.


Be happy the stuff you like doesn't get much play... that usually leads to overplay.

Well, that sure does explain why all these "Dirty South" rappers sound exactly the same. And why I can't tell R&B songs apart anymore especially R.Kelly's, whose songs all sound like the "Fiesta (Remix)". And why I can't tell these pop-punk bands apart.


It also explains how a no-talent hack like 50 Suck can be so damn popular. He is backed by Eminem afterall. Eminem has his own record label. Em's rich. There's the explanation.


And I just would like some of my favorite artists like Public Enemy or Talib Kweli get some more airplay on MTV because MTV needs all the talent they can get. None of the kids in my school had no idea who P.E. or Talib Kweli were and that saddened me.

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Guest Choken One
Creed no longer getting much, if any, airplay

Because...They don't have a single...but My Own Prison and One still get mad playtime...at least around here.


They are cutting their 4th studio album currently and it has been said Stapp is very open about his addiction and his rehab stints...and that it stripped away from the ballads and are back with a more Tremonti dominated album...Which is good...Tremonti makes the better songs anyways...but leaving the ballads? It's their fail proof plan "Put in a bunch of Ballads but sing loud and bombastic"



So looks like Stapp continues to follow the road of his Idol after all...

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Liz Phair- Why Can't I

Will you be seeing Frank Black on the September/October tour, saturnmark?

Got my ticket...saw him in the same venue (Leadmill, Sheffield) in 2001 and he blew the roof off the place.

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Guest Random Hero




October Rust / Type O Negative ('Love you to death' is haunting)

King For A Day- Fool For a Lifetime / Faith No More (Their best album IMO)

Album Of The Year / Faith No More

Powerslave / Iron Maiden

1919 Eternal / Black Label Society

Sing The Sorrow / AFI (I've yet to hear a song from them I don't like)


The Darkness' first 3 singles

Elton Johns 'Are You Ready For Love'

Superman / Black Lace



The White Stripes (vastly overrated)

Radiohead (prententious wank)

Missy Elliot (DIE DIE DIE DIE)

Anyone who says 'gots to have.....' on MTV cribs

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Opeth - Deliverence/Damnation (powerfull Metal on one, Powerful grace on the other. Both sides of Opeth, both amazing.)


Zyklon - Aeon(So far the metal album of the year. massive death mixed with sweeping black metal, includes the melancholy monster Black Metal never wrote)


Aura Noir - Black Thrash Attack(Like the name implies, the perfection of black/thrash)


Soilwork - Figure Number 5(Nu Metal without the baggy pants, dreads, whining. Covered in competant playing and hooks to keep you interested)


Pantera - Power Metal(equal parts LA glam and Bay area Speed. Awesome party record.)




Nickelback and any of the clones spawned from their sickly presence. Pretentious bitches who make me ashamed I live so close to their hometown.


Ashanti. She brings nothing new to the table, she is not hot, hanging out with Ja Rule makes you a joke.


Pantera for breaking up.


I'm sure there are more in there, but that's what I got right now.

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The Be-Good Tanyas


Broken Social Scene


Pink Floyd


Not Feeling



50 Cent

Good Charlotte (can they suck any more?)

Missy Elliot


Simple Plan

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The White Stripes


Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band

Bionic Jive

The Black Keys

Aerosmith's new blues stuff


Obie Trice






50 Cent



any of the punk/pop shit playing on MTV

techno music in general

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Sloan (Good band. "Other Man" is probably one of their best songs.)

Red Hot Chilli Peppers (I've always liked them, but have been liking them more lately)

Matchbox 20

Rob Zombie (Haven't really liked him in the past, but I'm likin' him right now)

Fozzy (~! You're damn right I like them!)

"Where is the Love" by Black Eye Peas (probably the only recent hip hop song I really like)

Simple Plan (I like them)

Christina Agularia (I don't know why, but I've liked practically all of her songs since she's started. They're all catchy)


There's probably more, but I can't think of them at the moment. Geez, what an array of music though.



"Boys and Girls" by Good Charlotte. WORST SONG EVER!

Sean Paul, Sean Desman and all that type of music. I hate that so much. The music sucks, period.

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Gorky's Zygotic Mynci

The Kinks


The Heavy Blinkers

Screeching Weasal

Mr T Experience

Richard Hawley

Golden Smog

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Guest Nightscrawler



Wu-Tang Clan (All of 36 Chambers album and parts of Wu-Tang Forever)

Black Eyed Peas - Where is the Love (I like the last verse)

50, Snoop, G-Unit - P.I.M.P. (It's catchy, and Banks has the best verse)

Killah Priest - Robbery, B.I.B.L.E., When I'm Writing (The guy was mentored by GZA, nuff' said)

R. Kelly- Thoia Thoing

The Roots - Seed 2.0




Obie Trice - Got Some Teeth (I like Obie but this is just to commercial for me. The "got some teeth" part in the chorus just sounds whack)

Good Charlotte

Simple Plan

Nelly (I was about to die from hearing hot in herre over and over)

I liked Sean Paul at first, but he's starting to piss me off

Most mainstream shit

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I'd like to add all so called "Dance Hall" Sean Paul crap.


It's no good.


It's funny. If someone mumbles when they're singing, they're fine. When they're speaking in another language, they're fine. But when their accent is so damn BAD, it's just ANNOYING!!!

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Guest stardust


matchbox twenty

Rascal Flatts--"I Melt"


All American Rejects--"Swing Swing" (shush, that song is damned catchy)

Michelle Branch--"Are You Happy Now"

Foo Fighters--"Times Like These"




50 Cent

Christina Aguilera's new song

Uncle Kracker--"Drift Away"

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