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RIAA vs Grandma

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From 411mania-



RIAA Drops Suit Against 66 Year Old Grandma

Posted By Ashish on 09.25.03


Aw, they do have a heart...


RIAA has dropped their lawsuit against 66 year old grandmother Sarah Ward. The RIAA had claimed that Ward used the KaZaA file sharing software to download illegal files, but upon closer inspection, Ward owns an Apple computer which is incompatible with KaZaA. Ward also denies ever downloading files or using file sharing software.


This leaves the RIAA looking...well...a tad bit stupid.


Credit: MTV


Ah, the sweet smell of stupidity. Discuss.

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Guest Choken One

What? You mean to tell me they are just randomly suing people now without even fucking looking to see if they OWN anything...


Stick with the 12 year old kids ok.

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