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Guest Aecas

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Guest Aecas

The camera view fades in from blackness, revealing a clean if Spartan waiting room, the camera pans around the room revealing a receptionists desk and a number of chairs set up against one wall. Seated in one of the chairs is the tall graceful form of Serena, her face the very picture of boredom as the Gothic beauty idly flicks through one of the many out of date magazines that commonly frequent waiting rooms. Serena sighs and tosses the magazine to one side, looking at her watch for what sees the hundredth time before looking up at the receptionist.


“Is this going to take much longer?”


The receptionist, a prim looking woman in her early thirties looks over from her computer, gazing at Serena with an appraising eye before answering.


“These things cannot be rushed my dear. And your friend is something of a….special case…”


Serena scowls as she hears this, rising from her seat and starting to pace the length of the room, her long black leather trenchcoat swishing as her booted feet pad across the carpet.


“I know what he is, and I like him that way. I love him for what he is, and we wouldn’t have come here if we had a choice in the matter.”


The receptionist raises a skeptical eyebrow but declines to comment as she returns to her computer, leaving the young woman to her pacing.




The camera view cuts to the interior of the psychiatrists office, Aecas is lying on a leather couch, his huge form dwarfing the furniture as he gazes disinterestedly at the psychiatrist seated opposite him behind his desk. The camera pans over the desk revealing pens, papers a fairly thick manila folder and a plaque that bears the name DR. IVAN DOOMSWADDLE.


Dr. DoomSwaddle is a fairly non-descript man, nattily attired in a moderately expensive suit, his handsome face is currently lowered, studying the contents of the folder, his eyebrows raising at certain points as he turns the pages. Aecas sighs as he goes back to staring up at the ceiling, his hands behind his head as the blank white orbs of his eyes stare vacantly into space. The giant is brought out of his reverie by a polite cough from the good doctor, and Aecas slowly looks over at the doctor once more.


“Is this going to take much longer? You’ve been looking at that file for half an hour now and frankly I’ve got better things to do than sit here watching you read.”


Dr. DoomSwaddle seems a little ruffled by this casual dismissal of his efforts and flips a few more pages in the folder before looking up at Aecas once more.


“The records were correct when they said that patience was not one of your virtues…but I must confess to being curious as to why you signed your name as Aecas. Why did you not put your real name down?”


Aecas abruptly sits up on the couch and rises to his feet, glaring down at the doctor.


“I don’t have the time or the inclination for this. If I sign my name as Aecas, then that is how it stands. I’ve sat here long enough watching you do nothing, so I’ll bid you a good day ‘doctor’”


Aecas practically spits out the final word as he strides past the desk and towards the door, Dr. DoomSwaddle watches him go narrowing his eyes slightly.


“Don’t turn your back on me Gabriel...”


Aecas stops in mid stride, his whole body tensing up as he slowly turns around, Dr. DoomSwaddle feels a thrill of fear shoot through him as he gazes into the giants face. The impassive mask is gone, and the seething fires, of anger, and insanity fill the features of his gigantic patient as Aecas slowly walks back towards the desk. The doctor shrinks back in his seat as the giant leans forwards, his face an inch away from the smaller mans, forcing DoomSwaddle to gaze into the blank white orbs of the Black Angel’s eyes, like gazing into the eyes of death itself.


“Gabriel is gone doctor. He died a long time ago, and I would advise you to never repeat that name in my presence again.”


Aecas words are softly spoken, but the undercurrent of menace beneath them is all too clear. Dr. DoomSwaddle forces a smile onto his face and gestures to the couch once more.


“Of course……Aecas….Now shall we continue?”


The giant stares hard at the doctor for several long moments, before the anger suddenly disappears, his face returning to its blank impassive state once more, with a muttered “As you wish.” The giant steps back to the couch and sits down up on it, his eyes never leaving the doctor as h sinks back down to the couch. Dr. DoomSwaddle eyes his patient warily before he looks down at the folder one more time before closing it.


“I must confess….Aecas. That your condition is a grave cause for concern. We have had many patients here but none of them have been as severely….how should I say…..afflicted as you…..”


Aecas’ eyes narrow slightly as he listens to Dr. DoomSwaddle’s words his hands unconsciously tightening around the leather of the couch, the material squealing slightly as the huge fingers contract. If DoomSwaddle hears the noise he gives no sign, pausing to consider his next words before speaking them carefully.


“Perhaps we should turn to a different subject. Your childhood for instance…I’m sure a big lad like yourself must have had an interesting youth…but there is one thing I need to ask you. Your file mentioned a ‘Youthful Traumatic Experience’ can you tell me-“


The good doctors words are brutally cut off as Aecas explodes from the couch the giant walking quickly across the room and grabbing the door handle twisting it and throwing the door open as the doctor twists in his chair.




Aecas stops for a brief moment before he shakes his head violently slamming the door behind him so hard it almost cracks the frame and striding into the reception area. The giant walks straight past Serena, ignoring her greeting as he walks out into the open air and the pouring rain. Serena quickly runs out after the Black Angel finally catching up with him as he throws a leg over his bike starting the engine and gunning it loudly, Serena places a hand on one of Aecas huge shoulders , looking up into his face.


“What’s the matter with you? What’s wrong?”


Aecas looks down into her face, his anger vanishing as he gazes down at her beautiful pale features, the giant shakes his head slowly.


“Nothing now…”


Serena looks up into the face of the giant, she knows that he is hiding something but she nods her head slowly climbing onto the bike behind the Black Angel, telling herself that they will whether any new problems that confront them. Aecas feels her arms wrap around his waist as she seats herself behind him before he guns the engine once more roaring off into the darkness and the rain.




The camera view switches back to DoomSwaddle’s office once more, the good doctor is still seated, staring down at the file before him, the mania folder once again open. The Doctor reaches across his desk and picks up his phone, quickly punching in a number and cradling the receiver to his ear as he re-reads the contents of the folder. Eventually the call is answered, but the camera cannot make out the words that come through the receiver, instead settling in to focus on the good doctor.


“Its me, Ivan.”


DoomSwaddle nods his head.


“I saw him just now. He’s going to be a tough case to crack, he seems to be aware of his condition. But he continually refuses help or treatment, I find it difficult to believe he would want to stay that way.”


The good doctor listens to the tinny voice on the other end for a few moments before nodding his head.


“Yes I asked him about the past, and he reacted as you expected…”




“No don’t worry, we will be seeing him again.


DoomSwaddle nods again.


“Don’t worry, everything is under control, he’ll come back to us whether he wants to or not, and we WILL get to the heart of this matter, even if we have to take more drastic steps…”


DoomSwaddle listens carefully to the voice before nodding one final time.


“Alright I’ll call you back when and if I find out anything more.”


The good doctor takes the phone from his ear and hangs it back up before leaning back in his seat looking down at the folder once more.


“Who are you really Aecas?”

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