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  1. Dace59


    After being poked, I'm in.
  2. Dace59

    battleground preview thread

    I take it you've never seen much ultra violent hardcore stuff Bo. Though now I just have the imgae of wrestling matches using real C4 to some very silly and disgusting results. And I better get to work on Opperation get my partner a world title shot.
  3. Dace59

    I'm not dead

    We need to round up all the former members, drag them here and chat about how awesome they used to be. Ahh the old times, the times before me.
  4. Dace59

    Abschied. Hello.

    *Travels back in time and gets himself from the past, when he actually had motivation to write and be good* Write time traveling Dace vs Annie in a series! It's on! And welcome back, I remember reading Tod deKindes matches, good stuff.
  5. Feel free to come and visit me any time dude. Though I'd rather get a manly hug
  6. I'm marking the Hardcore match? Ohhh, a DNS will result in a totally impossible and non-cannon Dace Night from-out-of-nowhere-slaughter! Also, show Annie, I want a chance at reading some of your stuff again.
  7. Dace59

    FTF Losing Match thread

    Yeah, I know how that is. I'm not going to post the loosing match, but I like MANSON's style so he should go for it. I think some of best bits of Dace Night came from other people. Tom Flesher certainly for one.
  8. Dace59

    FTF Losing Match thread

    Nope, MANSON showed as well. Losing matches don't always get posted. Though some ones really rock. I'll sit down and read this before I get on with the rest of my comments. Mmm Hardcore spots
  9. Dace59

    From The Fire comments thread

    Right, general crappy comments. I'll stick the matches. Proper indepth on request/me being poked/bribed. Krista Isadora Duncan vs. Aaron Starr :- So, we have someone with experience it seems. A fun little number, keeping it all simple and balanced action. I like the writing style, easy to follow, well described and all. All in all, a solid match and I don't see anything really wrong with it on my first read through. Only my personal view that the first falls of a match generally shouldn't start at a two count. Though, that's only a worry for longer matches and holding build. So welcome aboard and stuff. S.I.N vs. Johnathan Clarke :- Another solid number, going for the back and forth thing again. Good read and I didn't see the win coming. Good eye for an eye race to the finish as well, for short match. Both guys got control sections, etc. Again, nothing jarring or bad about this one. So we're on a roll so far. MANSON vs. Taiga Star vs. The Fabulous Jakey :- Right, slightly more rambling because I marked this one. Now, personally I think triple threats are a pain to write (less so if you mix them up with elmination or tag in rules). So we have the old, someone is laided out then breaks up the pin style. But it's not bad. Again the starting counts and two. And I think some of the language isn't as... forceful and action-y at the start of the match. But it builds nicely, mostly keeping things to simple spots at start, before a big, indy style everyone drops bombs and bounces finish. But it's balanced and was fun read for a messy triple threat. So that's all good. Though i want to see how Taiga handles a singles match now. To MANSON, you have the more refined style of course, though I really didn't like wiping Taiga out for most of the match. But like I said, triple threats are an arse to write well in my book. So if it had been one one, you probably would have taken it is my guess. Alan Clark vs. Dance Dance Dragon :- I like King's line in the intro. Again, I can't write good stuff like that and I have a spot for silly opening comments. Not really key to winning, but they're a nice touch that's part of the fed's style. Pretty nice match, showing Alan off as the vet, being in charge and going for the kill, while Dance Dragon show boats. And seemed to have a really long race to the finish, pretty much from the missed double stomp and I didn't see the end coming that was good. As was the hitting the cartwheel spot the second time. The actuall finish was a little out of nowhere, but doesn't really spoil the nice build. Good stuff. Va'aiga vs. The Insane Luchador :- I've just aid Va'aiga's losing match and liked it of course, so this is good. And hey, hardcore fun. It's all violent, nice spots. I like the end turning spot with the hidden light tubes, as I've seen seen that done before. Not much lese to said, spot, spot, fun fun. And IL is still cool, even after all these years. So people should read both matches for this one. Tom Flesher vs Annie Onita :- Or you know, not. But Annie is back? Awesome, if her and Tom show Michael Alexander vs. El Hombre Sin Nombre :- Coming soon
  10. I will again be here and free for marking.
  11. Dace59

    From The Fire comments thread

    Right, hopefully, I shall ready the show in full and leave a few comments. I miss giving my stupid full show comments actually. And a few more detailed ones on the triple threat I marked.
  12. Dace59

    Do we still have a chat?

    Chat should be brought back. Give me another place to idle in IRC.
  13. Dace59


    Yep, I'm checking in. Ohhh, I even have stuff to start marking. Yay stuff to read. You people make me happy. In a very special way
  14. Dace59

    THE (kinda) *NEW* SWF!

    Depending how Genesis goes for me, I shall hopefully hang around. In some shape or form. So I'll be up for helping, at least. My current job means I can mostly stay up late enough as well to mark and etc. The ideas all look good to me certainly.
  15. Dace59


    So yes. I've been tempted out of my hole to shed some blood, all good fun. Hopefully this will be so good stuff people. I do miss the fun. Also... Oct 9th is Tuesday. So is the Tues 9th or Wed 10th?