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"Dirty" Don Montoya (East Coast indy mainstay)

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Tonight, or tomorrow by the time this is posted, was the end of an era in wrestling.


While most of the NJ/Philly area was either at the 5th installment of CZW’s Cage of Death or in Rahway watching Christopher Daniels vs AJ Styles in JAPW, I saw the end of a fantastic career only about 45 minutes away from both. One of my favorite performers, and one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met outside the ring, retired. “Dirty” Don Montoya hung up his boots after about 10 years, and most people were none the wiser.


Don was the first in-studio guest that I had on The Wrestling Fiasco (not surprising because at that time the show was on from 9-10 on Saturday Mornings). A few times he woke up and drug in a half awake Reckless Youth. All in all I’m pretty sure Don was on our show at least 15 times, and blew away even the closest runner-up’s with the most appearances. From his work with Colby, to the “East Coast Invasion” of the Mid-west with Reckless and Simon Diamond, to the infamous exploits of the Black T-shirt Squad with Reckless and Mike Quackenbush, Don’s led an interesting career.


Montoya was one of my favorite guys to watch because he could make just about anyone look good. My favorite matches of him, of ALL the countless ones I’ve seen, are his bouts with none other than Colby Corino, Steve Corino’s son. If Colby follows in his father’s footstep, he can always proudly say that his first win was over Don while about 300-400 fans cheered him on. Their two-year feud came to an end tonight as they teamed up to fight Reckless Youth and Dave Patera in what was Don’s last match. Hell, I even paid a guy at work $20 to let me out early so I could make it to the show and watch it.


Don always ended up getting into tirades whenever on TWF. My favorite segment was Don’s first appearance. The first one ended with Don Montoya begging Vince McMahon, if he was listening of course, for a job. The reason Don was so adamant was because Don felt that he knew what the WWE needed in order to get the popularity it once had. Fat guys. Don’s simple formula was Fat Guys=Ratings. He cited the WWE’s highest ratings ever were when Paul Barer and Mic Foley were on almost every show. He than talked about when WCW was in its horrendous ratings slide, and Dusty Rhodes came on for a few shots, and the rating jumped higher that WCW had seen in a looong time.


Tonight, though, that all ended. Don quietly bowed out, on a charity show in Pemberton hosted by the UWC. For myself and a few of his friends it was no surprise. I’ve known for about a month, and I’ve really been waiting to hear about it for about a year. I’m going to miss Don at the UWC charity shows, and when I saw him in the Jersey feds. I’m hoping that this is a Terry Funk-esq retirement. If not though, as Don said tonight right after his match -- History Has Been Made!


Reckless Youth, one of Don’s best friends, when asked about Don’s retirements said, “It’s been a pleasure to work with and travel with him. I was with him when he started, and I saw him grow. It’s sad to see him leave. It also sucks because know I don’t have him to pay all my tolls and gas and drive me to the shows.”


On a personal note, without Don, TWF wouldn’t have been as fun as it was. With Don’s retirement, I am announcing the official end to The Wrestling Fiasco radio show. I am tired of the politics of 88.9. Without Ben, or Don, it’s not the same. I hope to have the money to bring it to another station someday. But, on January 4th, it will be launching as a news site. Myself, Bob Magee, and a few others will be posting columns. Hopefully Montoya will throw in a couple here and there.


Until then…


So Be It!.




PS: ANY wrestler or promoter with stories of Don, I am doing a better write up in a week. Please email me at [email protected] if you wish to have yours included. Also, ANYONE with ANY feedback on my column feel free to email also!



COURTESY OF MIKE FRASCHILLA's excellent column that's up on several sites

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I had the pleasure of seeing and meeting "Dirty" Don Montoya quite a few times in the Detroit promotions. He was an exceptionally friendly guy and a hell of an entertaining wrestler.


I loved the stuff he did in the NSWA with the East Coast Invasion. The last time I actually got to see him September 2001 and he was interfering in a Kid Kash/ Simon Diamond match after wrestling Chris Daniels earlier in the show. It was supposed to set up a Diamond vs Montoya match the next show but the promotion never ran another show (that I know of.)

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Yeah, the match where Simon could pick the stip.


Slingshot: "Dawn Marie, special guest ref!."


Simon: "Who said that? That's a good idea."


Too bad that promotion never ran again...fun show.


I like what little I've seen of Dirty Don. Entertaining guy and not bad for a fat man.

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