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1/26 SWF Smarkdown HOLT Report

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SWF Smarkdown HOLT report

January 26, 2004

Toledo, Ohio at Toledo Sports Arena

Report by Corey Lawson of Cleveland, OH Smartmarks.com reader



Dark Matches:


- “Hollywood” Spike Jenkins beat Jay Morrison in 2:24 with the Highlighter.


- Ann Onita beat Judge Mental in 6:00 when Ann hit a Daybreak Pedigree.


- Xstasy beat some Jimmy “The Demon” Liston in 3:51 with the Soargasm.


- Todd Royal and Landon Maddix beat Zach Quinn and Paul Johnson in 4:33. I recognize these guys as Switchblade and Nailbomb from APWA, and they’re supposed to have been trained by Va’aiga. I don’t know whether or not they’re under consideration for an SWF contract, but they were pretty impressive in the ring tonight against the cream of the SJL’s final graduating class. Royal and Maddix won when Maddix hit Quinn with Crash Landon.


- Alan Clark beat Quiz in 5:07 with an Acoustic Explosion.


- HVT beat Aecas in 9:28. Nothing like seeing two big wildebeests beating on each other to get the crowd hyped up for the show. Aecas had Thugg on the ropes, but Thugg stopped him in his tracks with a nut shot, and hit the Untamed for the win.






- I couldn’t get tickets to Clusterfuck, so I was really looking forward to this show. I had floor seats at ringside, and I actually got to sit next to Leon Durham! I got his autograph; it was awesome!


- The Unnamed and the Trinity broke out into an impromptu brawl during the commercial after Charlie Matthews spit in Horrorcore’s face, and security came down to separate the groups, while we were all screaming “Let Them Fight!” I half-expected them to let Dace and Grappler stay in there and start their match, but everybody was ordered to the back.


- I swear to god, Matthews does that shit on purpose! :angry: This crowd was amped as fuck, and that big boring bastard starts using restholds two minutes into the match. He couldn’t have been blown that fast; it’s not like he’s Thugg or anything! I can only guess that he does that to take the crowd out of it, so that they can’t get Dace pumped up. Most of the crowd woke up in time to chant “Boring” a few times, but most of them probably went back to sleep right after.


- Craven didn’t get up until almost a minute after the show went to break. We all went crazy when Grand Slam came back out with a mic and asked Craven if he felt like making any more demands tonight, which led to somebody in the crowd starting a “You Got Punk’d” chant. Craven stood in the ring fuming at Stevens, but I guess he knew better than to say anything.


- Eddy Long comes out to referee the Main Event, and I almost die of shock; I think this may be the first time in SWF history that Soapdish didn’t referee a Danny Williams match. Maybe now that he’s champion, the union is making him rotate so that the other refs get their shot at that per diem money.


- After the show, Va’aiga continued to taunt the crowd by holding up the World Title, but Danny finally came to and started hand Va’aiga his ass! Grappler and Duran were about to help, but Dace and Terrence helped Danny chase them out of the ring. Va’aiga walked back up the ramp pointing at the World Title and telling Danny to “keep it warm” for him.


Biggest Pops

1) Danny Williams

2) Grand Slam

3) Tom Flesher

4) Dace Night

5) (tie) Coy West and Wild & Dangerous


Most Heat

1) Va’aiga

2) Michael Craven

3) James Matheson

4) Charlie Matthews

5) HVT

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Apropos of nothing, I just wanted to speak to this:


"The history lesson is over. There are two main points I would like everyone to take away from this. First and foremost, as with last year's Clusterfuck the winner of this year's event will be able to name the stipulation of the title match at From the Fire. Not only will you get your title shot on a platter kids, but you'll get to name the rules. The advantage is self-apparent."


I'm tempted to declare myself a surprise entrant to the 'Fuck, just so that I could challenge Danny to a No Gravity match.

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