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Rewriting History

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Syracuse, NY

April 6, 1998


Vince McMahon came to the ring to open the show and tried to justify his actions the previous week to the crowd. He said that after he personally had Austin released, the Rattlesnake had learned his lesson..the hard way. Nobody bought it, but he said that tonight, the fans would see a new and improved Steve Austin. Tonight's main event, a huge match, The Rock vs. The Undertaker.


JR said Terry Funk would return to do battle with Owen Hart, while Cactus Jack gets a rematch with Big Van Vader, and this time, it's falls count anywhere, and it is next.


Big Van Vader defeated Cactus Jack in a Falls-Count-Anywhere match when Kane interfered to help him make the cover. (11:05) Cactus seemingly had it won when he hit an elbowdrop off the stage onto Vader that broke a table. However, Kane interfered and dragged Vader on top of Cactus for the cover. JR was confused as to why Kane would help the Mastadon. However, he said that Cactus still couldn't beat Vader.


Backstage, Kane told Big Van Vader that they both wanted to get to the top of the WWF by destroying everything in sight. Kane asked Vader to form an alliance with him, and once they got to the top of the mountain, they could settle it between themselves. Kane extended his hand and Vader shook it.


The Rock 'n' Roll Express partied with ladies backstage.


Triple H, Chyna and X-Pac came to the ring to the D-X music. Helmsley did his "let's get ready to suck it" line for the first time. Triple H did a speech about how D-X would revolutionize everything and talked about the DX army before the Road Warriors made their way to the stage. The Road Warriors reminded them that they still wanted revenge while X-Pac and Helmsley pretended to be scared. The Warriors told them that maybe soon, they'll put THEM through the announce tables. At this point JR said "no, no thanks". D-X then "apologized" to the WWF Tag Team Champions before returning to themselves and putting D-X over more before the segment ended.


The Quebecers defeated The Rock 'n' Roll Express when the referee didn't detect Jim Cornette interfering to hit Ricky Morton over the head with a tennis racket. (4:34) After the match, Cornette, Furnas and LaFon laughed at the Express as they made their way up the ramp.


A vignette for Val Venis aired. In it, he said he was going to explode once he entered the World Wrestling Federation and shook it to its core.


WWF Lightheavyweight Champion The Great Sasuke and Taka Michinoku defeated Aguila and Pantera after double moonsaults. (7:36) After the match, Sasuke seemingly argued with Taka over why he had to cover Pantera as well even though he wasn't the legal man. Taka blew him off and tried to walk away, but Sasuke gave him an enziguri to the back of the head. Sasuke rubbed the Lightheavyweight Championship belt in his face.


Backstage, a translator for Sasuke said that while Sasuke is the Lightheavyweight Champion, he is enraged that the lightheavyweight division is still being built around Taka Michinoku. Sasuke said that all he wanted was the fans' approval.


In the back, Vince McMahon addressed a bunch of photographers on how he wanted the pictures taken for later that night.


The New Age Outlaws defeated Skull and 8-Ball when Billy Gunn pinned Skull after a DDT. (3:47) Afterwards, Jim Ross said that this victory might put the Outlaws back in tag title contention.


Backstage, Triple H and X-Pac broke into the Road Warriors' locker room and urinated all over their shoulderpads. Jerry Lawler loved it.


Goldust pinned Marc Mero with the Curtain Call after Mero was distracted after he accidentally bumped Sable off the apron. (4:46) After the match, Goldust carried the unconscious Sable to the back while Mero stood there furious.


Backstage, Jeff Jarrett played "Dueling Banjos" on his guitar while his newfound buddies, the Godwinns, danced to the music.


Backstage, Vince was telling other members of the board of directors on how Steve Austin was going to represent the WWF well in the future. He said that his limo would be here soon.


The Road Warriors went into their locker rooms and commented on how it "smelled like piss".


Jeff Jarrett (with the Godwinns) defeated 2 Cold Scorpio when he submitted to the Figure-Four leglock. (3:03) After the match, Jarrett's efforts were applauded by his pals.


The Rock came out to the ring with the NOD (minus Ron Simmons). He addressed Ron Simmons, saying he wasn't "at the level he needed to be". He then publicly fired Ron Simmons from the Nation (even though he's the leader) but said "no hard feelings". Just then, a Ken Shamrock vignette came on the screen. Shamrock said that they "weren't through" and next week, he'd be back for a piece of The Rock's ass. The Rock then cut a promo as if Shamrock were actually live and listening to him, eventually saying he could kiss The Rock's ass and die.


The Undertaker defeated WWF Intercontinental Champion The Rock by disqualification in a non-title bout when the Nation of Domination interfered after Rock took a tombstone. (4:56) Afterwards, Ron Simmons ran out to the ring only to watch Undertaker destroy the Nation. Simmons chose not to get involved while The Rock yelled for his help.


Afterwards, a pre-taped vignette from Paul Bearer was aired. Paul Bearer said on behalf of Kane that the war was not over. He also complained about his scarred face. Bearer said that Undertaker was going to pay. Undertaker ignored most of it while walking to the back.


The limo that was sent for Steve Austin has arrived at the arena. Steve Austin got out of it, smiling and wearing a suit. He greeted Jack Brisco with a smile.


Owen Hart defeated Terry Funk when he made him submit to the Sharpshooter. (5:33) Hart wouldn't let go of the move after the match. Once it was stopped, he celebrated like he had won the WWF Title. He looked into a camera and said "This is for you, Bret" before celebrating further. JR said that maybe Owen deserves a WWF Title shot.


JR announced that the NWA Champion Dan Severn would soon be making his debut on Raw.


Vince McMahon came out to the ring to introduce the reformed "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. Austin came out wearing a suit and tie. A dozen photographers surrounded the ring. Vince asked the audience to clap for the new and improved Stone Cold. Vince asked Austin to tell the audience why he had changed (even though he had heard it before). Austin slowly said that while he was in prison, he came to the realization that he couldn't beat Vince McMahon. Austin then told the photographers to snap some photos of him and Vince. During the photographs, Austin told Vince to savor the photos, because that would be the last time he'd see him wearing those "stupid" clothes. Austin then took off his suit and dress pants until he was in his regular t-shirt and jean shorts. Vince whined about "promises" until Austin mentioned "DTA" and kicked him in the testicles again. Photographers snapped pictures of Vince's reaction as Austin left. While Vince was down on the mat, he said if Austin wanted to beat him so badly, they'll fight next week. He said that next week, it would be "Stone Cold" Austin vs. Vince McMahon. Austin began to smile as he went up the ramp.

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A Kane and Vader alliance is great - who will stop them?? This is so much better than what they were booking Vadrer at the time. This opens more feuds for Kane as he can feud with Cactus and then turn on Vader and feud with him too.


As already said the Owen Hart / Steve Austin Feud is the obvious progression for Austin's title run. It will display some great matches, however I don't think Owen will be getting the title.


Will the Godwins - merge to Southern Justice?


Looks like the Ron Simmons turn is coming real soon.


I love seeing the rise of The Rock and Triple H from the mid card to firmly established upper mid-card heels.

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And to "even the odds" and give them focus if they are to keep the tag titles for a long run, Paul Ellering should come back to manage the Road Warriors.

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Guest JMA

I just wanted to let everyone know that I'll be writing the five Raws after Unforgiven (leading up to Judgment Day). We've been discussing ways to get shows out faster, and one idea we've had is trading off the Raws.

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Philadelphia, PA

April 13, 1998


JR said that WWF World Heavyweight Champion "Stone Cold" Steve Austin was challenged by WWF Owner Mr. McMahon to a fight later in the evening. Guaranteed tonight however, two winners from last week- Owen Hart and The Undertaker, do battle.


Steve Austin came out and cut a promo about doing things the hard way. A picture of McMahon screaming in pain after being hit in the testicles was shown on the Titantron. He said he'll never be the champion McMahon wants, he'll be his own champion. He then went on to accept McMahon's challenge for later tonight, saying he could beat him senseless with one hand tied behind his back. He also said that if McMahon wanted, he'd even put his WWF Title on the line for their main event tonight. Austin said that he'd give McMahon the Stunner for the third time. And that's the bottom line, 'cause Stone Cold said so.


Backstage, Vader was apparently having a discussion with Kane behind closed doors.


Highlights of D-X pissing on the Road Warriors' belongings were shown. As a result, Hawk would do battle with X-Pac in his return match, up next. Before the match, a clip was shown of D-X acting juvenile with fans lined up outside the arena earlier in the evening.


X-Pac (w/ Triple H and Chyna) defeated WWF World Tag Team Champion Hawk after interference from Triple H. (5:32) After the match, X-Pac and Triple H double-teamed Hawk but Animal made the save. As X-Pac and Triple H were down, The Road Warriors attempted to deliver the Doomsday Device to an interfering Chyna, but she was pulled out by Triple H. The Road Warriors stared down D-X afterwards.


Backstage, The Road Warriors challenged D-X to a match at Unforgiven.


Still to come, Austin vs. McMahon. Vince was training for his match backstage. Shane McMahon, his son, asked him if he was sure he wanted to fight. He said he was.


Val Venis wants to pleasure the WWF fans. He's going to come soon enough.


Vader defeated Matt and Jeff Hardy in a handicap match when he delivered the Vader Bomb to both of them. (3:39) After the match, Vader beat his chest and yelled. Lawler compared him to a gorilla. A deranged Mick Foley then came out of the crowd and brawled with Vader. The referees had to do a pull-apart.


Highlights of the previous incident were shown. In a promo backstage, he told Vader to "die". He then said that he wanted Vader in a deathmatch at the PPV, a match he knew he could survive. He said that he wanted to rip Vader's flesh off his face before the promo cut out. JR said at this point, Cactus Jack may not be sane enough to compete in the WWF.


In the back, The Rock was told that Ken Shamrock would be coming to the ring in moments. He was then asked about the presence of Ron Simmons. He said he had "been suspended" from the NOD for the week.


A clip was shown of the Great Sasuke turning on Taka Michinoku. On Shotgun this week, Taka fights Pantera to determine whether or not he gets a shot at Sasuke's WWF Lightheavyweight Title at Unforgiven.


Ken Shamrock returned and got on the mic. He was wearing an eyepatch. He said that The Rock had ruined his vision permanently and now his career was over. He saluted the WWF fans and was about to head to the back when The Rock walked out and came to the ring. He told the Nation (without Ron Simmons) to go backstage. He said that The Rock had injured him permanently and that he would have to retire without having won The Rock's Intercontinental Belt. The Rock got in the ring and called Shamrock "a fighter" and told him that he would miss having him around to beat. The two shook hands after Shamrock said he "held no grudges". While Shamrock continued to address the fans, The Rock shined up his WWF Intercontinental Title belt, apparently getting ready to hit Shamrock with it. However, Shamrock turned around and tackled The Rock before he could do anything. He ripped off his eyepatch and revealed that his eye had actually healed (minus some minor bruising). He then applied the anklelock to The Rock before walking to the back, taking Rock's Intercontinental title with him.


After the break, The Rock screamed at The Nation for not assisting him. He said that Shamrock had just taken off with his Intercontinental belt and Vince was nowhere to be found. He said they were preoccupied backstage. The Rock asked them what was so damn important before Ron Simmons walked in. The Nation and The Rock gave Simmons an evil stare before he told The Rock that he could get him his title back. The Rock said that if Simmons did this for him, the Nation would "welcome him back with open arms". Simmons and The Rock then went off to talk.


Owen Hart defeated The Undertaker by submission when Undertaker passed out "due to" the Sharpshooter. (10:50) Right as Undertaker was about to perform a Tombstone on Owen, the power went out. When it came back on, Undertaker was out cold and Owen was standing there confused while Kane made his way through the crowd in the opposite direction of the ring. Owen then put the lifeless Undertaker in his trademark submission hold for the win. JR said that it was Owen's biggest win ever but said Kane may have had a hand.


In the back, Owen Hart bragged to Michael Cole about how he was such a "winner". He then said he was going on to bigger things. He said he was the only Hart left and he was going to do his family proud.


Dan "the Beast" Severn is going to arrive on Raw soon.


Backstage, Vince McMahon went into the control room to investigate the problem with the power. It seemed as though the lighting operator was missing. Vince told one of his aides to fire the man before leaving.


A camera man happened to see Kane and Vader talking in the parking lot. There was no sound, but after a bit of talking the two shook hands after Vader wiped his bloody knuckles on his pants. JR then said he thought Vader may have had something to do with the power outage.


In the parking lot, Undertaker was looking for someone. When questioned by Michael Cole, he yelled "I thought it was over!"


Cornette cut a very long in-ring promo about how much he hated the Rock 'n' Roll Express. He then challenged the R'n'R Express to a match immediately.


Ricky Morton (with Robert Gibson) beat Doug Furnas (with Jim Cornette and Phil LaFon) by disqualification. Originally, Doug Furnas had pinned Ricky Morton after Cornette interfered with the racket until that descision was overturned. (2:42) The ref found out what happened and Cornette, Furnas and Morton were sent to the back with the match being restarted with the other two members of the teams.


Robert Gibson defeated Phil LaFon by pinfall after a missile dropkick. (5:39) After the match, LaFon applied a stretch to the distracted Gibson until the ref broke it up. JR said these two teams just want to outdo eachother.


JR said that the Unforgiven card would be announced next week, but it will definitely have Steve Austin defending his WWF World Title against an unnamed opponent and Cactus Jack will fight Vader in some stipulation match.


Later tonight, "Stone Cold" vs. Mr. McMahon.


On Shotgun Saturday Night, Goldust and the Headbangers vs. Jeff Jarrett and the Godwinns.


WWF World Champion Steve Austin defeated Mr. McMahon by disqualification when Owen Hart interfered. Austin retains the title. (:32) Before the match began, Vince made Austin adhere to the stipulation that he'd wrestle with his right arm behind his back. Vince proceeded to stall a lot before the bell was rung. When it did start, however, he walked over and slapped Austin. Austin ran at him to retaliate until Vince bailed out. At this point, Owen Hart ran out of the crowd and hit  Vince looked like he was shocked, but JR said it was probably a setup. Vince pulled Owen off Austin eventually. Owen celebrated afterwards.


Please point out any errors/inconsistencies.

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I think my only gripe about what is going on is that Furnas and LaFon are being jobbed out to the RnR.

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Long Island, NY

April 20, 1998


Vince McMahon came out to the ring. He said that Owen Hart interfering in Vince McMahon's title match the previous week was unplanned and uncalled for. Therefore, Owen Hart would be fined $5000 pay. JR said the price was a little steep and that it wasn't the first time anybody interfered in a WWF Title match. However, it was announced that Owen Hart's victory over the Undertaker last week just happened to be for the #1 Contendership, making Owen Hart the new #1 contender to Austin's WWF Title. It will be Steve Austin vs. Owen Hart at Unforgiven. Lawler said neither Owen or Austin were at the arena yet, but later tonight, in this very ring fans would get the match they wanted to see. Steve Austin and a mystery tag team partner would face Owen Hart and his tag team partner.. Vince McMahon. Vince then made his way backstage.


JR talked about events from Shotgun Saturday Night. Jeff Jarrett and the Godwinns did a beat down on Goldust and now he's ticked. Also, Taka Michinoku won the #1 Contendership to the Light heavyweight Title. Tonight, however, it would be tag team heaven- The Rock 'n' Roll Express get a Tag Team Title shot against The Road Warriors. Also, a match made right after Raw last week: Undertaker and Cactus Jack versus Vader and Kane-- the winning team gets to choose their own stipulations for their match at Unforgiven (Undertaker vs. Kane Pt. II, Cactus Jack vs. Vader for the last time this year).


Outside the arena, two attractive females distracted the Rock 'n' Roll Express before their tag titles match against The Road Warriors. The R'n'R Express ended up leaving the building with them while Jim Cornette laughed in the background.


Taka Michinoku and 2 Cold Scorpio defeated WWF Light heavyweight Champion Great Sasuke and Scott Taylor (with Brian Christopher) after Michinoku pinned Sasuke with a roll-up. (4:49) After the match, Sasuke roughed up Taylor and demanded that Michinoku get back in the ring for a singles match. JR said that it wouldn't be for the title, that match was this weekend.


WWF Light heavyweight Champion The Great Sasuke defeated Taka Michinoku in a non-title impromptu match after an undetected low blow and a moonsault. (3:21) Sasuke taunted Michinoku after the match.


Backstage, with the help of a translator, Taka Michinoku said he honored and respected his opponents, unlike Sasuke. Sasuke is a dirty fighter and does not love the fans like Taka does. Taka Michinoku said that he didn't just want to beat Sasuke once this weekend, he wanted to beat him twice. He demanded a 2/3 Falls Match. He said that he will win the Light heavyweight Title back at Unforgiven for all his WWF fans.


Earlier tonight, D-Generation X was riling up the fans outside the arena as they waited in line. However, The Road Warriors came out and cut a promo on D-X while they just stood there. The Road Warriors asked D-X about their challenge the previous week. Helmsley accepted the match. Eventually, he got a good portion of the fans to give the crotch-chop to the Road Warriors. The New Age Outlaws then came out and issued a challenge of their own. Billy Gunn said that since The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express were apparently “busy” with something else why don’t they defend their titles against them instead. The Road Warriors quickly agreed.


In a pre-taped promo, Cactus Jack said that he thought long and hard about it, but if he wins his match tonight, he'd like to fight Vader in a "Amputation" match, where the fight can only end when someone has lost a limb. He said he knew Vader would like that one. JR then said on commentary that WWF officials would not allow that to happen and that Cactus' stipulation had been changed to a "Cage match". JR also mentioned that the WWF board of directors would have a meeting next week to determine whether or not the Federation can "handle" Cactus Jack.


The New Age Outlaws defeated WWF tag team Champions The Road Warriors to regain the titles. Late in the match, it appeared that the Warriors were about to retain their championship when Triple H came down to the ring to distract them. As the referee was trying to get Triple H to leave the ringside area, Shawn Michaels made his return to Raw and delivered the “Sweet Chin Music” to a distracted Hawk. Billy Gunn made the cover as the referee turned around and captured the tag titles for a 2nd time.


After the match, Shawn Michaels, Triple H & The New Age Outlaws delivered a beat down to the fallen Road Warriors. Shawn Michaels then got on the mic. He first announced that the New Age Outlaws were apart of DX. He then announced that at Unforgiven it would be The Road Warriors taking on Shawn Michaels & Triple H.


The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express were shown getting out of a car with 2 women when they were attacked by Doug Furnas & Phil LaFon. Jim Cornette hit both guys over the head with his tennis rack. He then said that this would be their fate at Unforgiven when they take on Furnas & LaFon…The Can-am Express.


Sable was interviewed backstage while she wore a skimpy top. Michael Cole was eventually distracted by her chest. She blushed, but wasn't offended. Marc Mero walked in, said "he saw Cole on the monitor" and threw him into a bunch of boxes. Mero said that he "paid for those" and grabbed Sable and dragged her off again.


Owen Hart arrived at the arena and found Vince McMahon. He said that he heard about being named the #1 contender and thought it was a great idea. He then asked Vince what that "other thing was".Vince then said Owen had two choices- he could either pay a $5000 fine for his misdeeds the previous week or be Vince's tag partner for some retribution against Steve Austin later on in the evening. Owen seemed very angry for a second or two. Owen then reluctantly took the match. Vince then told him that they could go train in another room for their match later tonight.


Undertaker came out to the ring and got on the mic, something he rarely does. Last week, Kane decided to continue their feud. He knew he was the one who attacked him when the lights went out because he "could smell the scent" when Kane used the urn containing their parents' ashes to hit him over the head. Undertaker told Kane to Undertaker said he wished that they would move on, but if it means that he had to beat Kane one more time, he'd do it. He said that his choice stipulation for Unforgiven was a Casket Match. Kane would get a dose of his own medicine and Rest--in-- Undertaker was interrupted by the TitanTron shot of a hearse pulling into the arena. Kane and Vader got out of the hearse with Vader carrying Kane's urn that was stolen from The Undertaker. Their tag match is up next.


When Raw came back, JR said that Vader and Kane hadn't picked their stipulations for the PPV, should they win.


Vader and Kane defeated Mick Foley and Undertaker in a No Disqualification match when Vader dented Undertaker's urn on Cactus Jack's head while Undertaker was tied up in the ropes. (7:38) After the match, the urn was severely damaged after two weeks of abuse so Kane somewhat reluctantly allowed Vader to shove what seemed to be the ashes of his and The Undertaker's parents in the Dead Man's mouth (he spit them out, however). Vader then tossed the urn away, destroying the Undertaker's prized possession forever. JR said this was the most sick and depraved act in WWF history. He said Kane and Vader were going to Hell.


A replay was shown of the ending to the previous match. Afterwards, Mick Foley was going to be stretchered out but attacked officials who tried to help him. He then checked on the Undertaker, who was visibly upset with what happened. JR said that if that doesn't make the Undertaker/Kane match more heated, nothing will.


WWF World Heavyweight Champion Steve Austin made his way to the ring. He said that he wasn't an "idiot", he knew there was a conspiracy between McMahon and Owen but he said that didn't matter, he'd still kick both of their asses. He also said that he didn't know who or what his tag team partner would be later tonight, but hell, he didn't need him. Austin said that he'd run over Owen Hart at the pay-per-view just like he did all those other times. And if Vinnie Mac wanted to interfere in Stone Cold's business, he'd find himself on the receiving end of another stunner. That's the Bottom Line, 'cause Stone Cold said so.


Backstage, Vader and Kane talked to a somewhat startled Vince McMahon in his office. Kane said he liked the last match so much, he wanted it again- Undertaker vs. Kane in a No Disqualification match at Unforgiven. This time, Kane could do ANYTHING to win. Vader's choice was a little bit more on the wild side- he demanded Cactus Jack in a "Texas Death" match. The Mastodon said he'd make Cactus Jack bleed until it wasn't legal anymore. Vince was very reluctant at first until Vader began to inch closer to him. He agreed to both stipulations for Unforgiven. As they left, Vince said that if Kane and Vader wanted to get on his "good side", they'd find it very benefiting. The duo didn't respond.


A video package of the Shamrock/Rock feud was shown, updated for last week. Backstage, The Rock cut a short promo about how Shamrock was a "thief" but Ron Simmons had a foolproof plan to get back his Intercontinental Title later tonight.


Vince McMahon hinted at Austin's partner to Kevin Kelly, saying he was a former "wrestling champion" and a true legend of the business.


Ken Shamrock (carrying the Intercontinental Title) and Steve Blackman defeated Mark Henry and Ron Simmons when Simmons tapped out to Shamrock's ankle lock. (4:53) The Rock was on commentary during the match, he said that Shamrock's "magic trick" the previous week was not funny at all. However, win or lose, Ron Simmons would get his WWF Intercontinental Title back during the match tonight "guaranteed" and be accepted back into the Nation. The Intercontinental Title was only feet away from The Rock at ringside (with the timekeeper). Lawler asked Rock why he didn't just steal it back from Shamrock now. He said that this was a test of Ron Simmons. Simmons wasn't able to do it during or after the match due to the punishment he took. However, as soon as the bell rung the Rock bolted over to the timekeeper's table, stole his belt back and took off. Shamrock really didn't seem to care. After the match, he delivered a belly-to-belly to the 400-pound Henry.


After the commercial break, WWF Intercontinental Champion The Rock said (with the rest of the Nation, minus Simmons) that Ron Simmons had once again failed the Nation and was hereby exiled from the group. The Rock warned Simmons not to mess with them or he might find himself on the end of an ass-kicking.


Goldust cut a promo on Jeff Jarrett. He said that his father always told him, "never trust a Jarrett". He found that out the hard way on Shotgun Saturday Night when they beat him down when he wasn't looking. However, Goldust said he would gain some retribution tonight.


Goldust and Tom Brandi defeated The Godwinns (with Jeff Jarrett) when Goldust delivered the Curtain Call to Henry O. (2:38) After the match, Jarrett smashed a guitar over the head of Brandi to send a message to Goldust.


Owen talked to Michael Cole backstage. He was asked his thoughts on tagging with Vince later in the evening. He said that he was ticked, but he would take any opportunity to take the title from the man his brother couldn't beat, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. Owen said there was no conspiracy between him and McMahon. He said that he only had a vendetta against Austin. He said that the match this weekend will settle their rivalry, once and for all. Owen said he worked eight years to get this match and he wasn't going to blow it. Owen said that the WWF Owner would have to step aside for the King of Harts.


JR hyped the Unforgiven card.

Just announced, The Rock 'n' Roll Express vs. the Can-Am Express

The Undertaker vs. Kane in a No-DQ Match

Big Van Vader vs. Cactus Jack in a "Texas Death Match"

Goldust vs. Jeff Jarrett

The Great Sasuke vs. Taka Michinoku in a 2/3 Falls match for the WWF Light heavyweight title (Sasuke accepted the stipulation)

The Rock vs. Ken Shamrock for the WWF Intercontinental title

The Road Warriors v. WWF Television Champion Triple & Shawn Michaels

Owen Hart vs. Steve Austin. For the WWF World title


Owen Hart and Vince McMahon defeated Steve Austin and Gerald Brisco when Austin was rolled up by Owen while he was distracted by McMahon. (8:26) After Austin made his entrance, Gerald Brisco (Vince McMahon's lackey) was brought out to the ring as his "wrestling legend" partner. From that point on the match was pretty much Owen vs. Austin (Austin refused to let Brisco in) with McMahon making distractions and taking no damage. After the match, Vince McMahon got on the mic and bragged about how he now had a victory over the WWF Champion, Stone Cold Steve Austin. He said that Owen was a formidable tag partner and said that his chances of winning at Unforgiven were "great". Vince said he'd watch it all go down from his ringside seat this Sunday at the pay-per-view. An angry Austin then found Gerald Brisco on the outside of the ring and suplexed him through an announce table to end the show.

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I just wanted everyone to know that CM Funk will no longer be able to write the Raw reults. Other things have come up and he just doesn't have the free time to do them anymore. I think that everyone who reads this thread should thank him for all the hard work and effort he put into those shows. He really added something to this thread. He will definately be missed.


He will, however, by helping add more detail to the PPV shows. This may start with Unforgiven or maybe the show after that. It just depends on his schedule at this point.


Myself and JMA will be taking over writing the Raw results at this point. They may not be as detailed as before, but we will try to do our best. I hope this will be a permanant thing, at least until we can find someone else to help out with them. However, we may not be able to keep doing the results. I guess time will tell. If, for some reason, we are no longer able to keep posting them, the PPV results will still continue. There will just a bit of a format change.


I want to thank everyone who vicits this thread daily and reads our work. I hope that you all have enjoyed the work that we've done in the past and continue to enjoy the work that we post here.


Finally, if there is anyone who would interested in helping us out with the Raw results, or would like to suggest any ideas, you can post in here or you can PM either myself or JMA.


Thanks again everyone.

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Suprised that N.A.O picked up the titles so close to the PPV.


Any reason why you decided to Drop Xpac from the match and put Shawn in instead - it appears he wasn't even on this weeks show?


Tom Brandi baby Wohoo!! :D Does he wear those Italian tights stilll?


Great Great Work. Superb build to all the matches at the PPV.

Shame to see you go CM Funk - thought your RAWS were great.



The Rock 'n' Roll Express vs. the Can-Am Express

The Undertaker vs. Kane in a No-DQ Match

Big Van Vader vs. Cactus Jack in a "Texas Death Match"

Goldust vs. Jeff Jarrett

The Great Sasuke vs. Taka Michinoku in a 2/3 Falls match for the WWF Light heavyweight title (Sasuke accepted the stipulation)

The Rock vs. Ken Shamrock for the WWF Intercontinental title

The Road Warriors v. WWF Television Champion Triple & Shawn Michaels

Owen Hart vs. Steve Austin. For the WWF World title

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Guest JMA
I just wanted everyone to know that CM Funk will no longer be able to write the Raw reults. Other things have come up and he just doesn't have the free time to do them anymore. I think that everyone who reads this thread should thank him for all the hard work and effort he put into those shows. He really added something to this thread. He will definately be missed.

Agreed. He may not be doing the Raw results anymore, but he's still part of the team.

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Guest Askewniverse

Sasuke is using the moonsault as a finisher? Sasuke's real finisher is the Thunder Firebomb. Just thought I'd point that out, in case you didn't know. Sasuke also used a tiger suplex. If the change was intentional, ignore my comment.

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In Your House: Unforgiven

Greensboro, North Carolina - April 26, 1998


Free-For-All match:

WWF Tag Team Champions The New Age Outlaws defeated Skull & 8-Ball in a non-title match after Billy hit Skull with a tag title belt behind the ref's back. (4:09)


Pay-Per-View matches:


WWF Unforgiven began with a mass of fireworks. Afterwards, Jim Ross talked about how Mr. McMahon would be watching the main event.


The Can-Am Express (Doug Furnas & Phil LaFon) (w/Jim Cornette) defeated The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express (Robert Gibson & Ricky Morton) (10:39) when Furnas pinned Gibson. ** ¼

Jim Cornette was thrown out within the first thirty seconds of the match for getting up on the ring apron. The Can-Am Express dominated most of the match until Morton made the hot tag to Gibson. Gibson came back with a flurry of offense, but LaFon regained control of the bout with a vicious flapjack off the ropes. Morton tried to run in but Furnas took him out. LaFon tagged Furnas in and Furnas gave Gibson a frankensteiner for the victory. After the match, JR said that the rivalry had been settled.


A video package was shown of the Shamrock-Rock feud.


Ken Shamrock defeated WWF Intercontinental Champion The Rock (7:51) by disqualification when The Nation of Domination interfered. ** ¾

Ken Shamrock assaulted The Rock for much of the match. Rock had some offense early on but the match was all about Shamrock. Shamrock used illegal chokes, eye rakes, and got Rocky's leg tied up in the ropes so he could kick at it. The announcers talked about how Shamrock wanted to destroy The Rock. After four belly-to-belly suplexes, Shamrock signaled for the ankle lock and was approaching the WWF Intercontinental Champion, cowering in the corner. Suddenly, all of the Nation were in the ring and they attacked the "World's Most Dangerous Man" for the DQ much to the audience's disapproval. However, Shamrock began to fight them all off.


After the match, Shamrock went nuts and began suplexing every member of the Nation except for the exiled Ron Simmons…who did not come out to help The Rock. Once The Nation made their way to the backstage area, The Rock confronted Simmons. Simmons mentioned how he was "fired" so he wasn't going to waste his time They argued about his not helping out the Rock like the rest of the Nation did. Just as Simmons was about to leave, the Rock attacked him. Soon after the rest of the Nation joined in.


Backstage, Kevin Kelly asked how much of a disappointment it was that after all this time, he still couldn't take the Rock's Intercontinental Title. Kelly was thrown to the ground and put in the ankle lock until referees jumped in.


JR talked about how the next match had turned personal after Sasuke, the man who trained Taka, had disrespected him because of jealousy over Taka's soaring popularity. Sasuke won Taka's Light Heavyweight Title at WrestleMania. Taka can gain revenge or Sasuke can pick up the decisive win here tonight.


Taka Michinoku defeated WWF Light Heavyweight Champion The Great Sasuke (17:28) in a “2/3 Falls” match to regain the title. **** ½ Fall #1- After some great back and forth action, Sasuke hit a Flying Space Tiger Drop to the outside, sending the match in his favor. Sasuke hit a gutwrench suplex off the top but Taka rolled out of the ring. Sasuke hit a devestating enziguri followed by a bridging tiger suplex for the three. Fall #2- Sasuke dominated most of this. However, his big mistake was going for the thunderfire powerbomb early, in which Taka rolled off his shoulder and hit an armdrag. Taka hit an amazing flurry of offense including a springboard missile dropkick and a headscissors takedown. Sasuke regained control with an undetected thumb to the eye, but his attempt at another Thunder Fire Powerbomb was reversed into a small package that got the pinfall for Taka. Fall #3- Sasuke regained control by immediately attacking challenger. Sasuke slowed down his offense and began to work on the neck of Taka with chinlocks and mat headscissors. However, Taka made a great comeback after a hard reverse elbow off a whip into the ropes that dazed the champion. The referee got to nine before both men got up and continued fighting. At this point, Sasuke was infuriated and barraged Taka with rights and lefts. Stiff kicks to the head preceeding a piledriver grounded Taka and it looked like the match was just about over. However, the attempted Asai moonsault hit Taka's knees and the challenger seemingly "hulked up" or had a rush of adrenaline from the crowd's raction. Taka then reversed an offensive maneuver, hit a brainbuster, tornado DDT and Michinoku Driver all in succession to regain the title.


After the match, Taka asked Sasuke for a handshake. He received one and Sasuke raised Taka's arm. The two hugged afterwards to the fans' approval.


Highlights were shown from Shotgun Saturday Night. Sable told Kevin Kelly that at the pay-per-view, she'd be in the corner of her friend Goldust no matter what her husband, Marc Mero thinks.


Jeff Jarrett pinned Goldust (w/Sable) (7:20) after delivering “The Stroke.” **

Jarrett worked on Goldust's legs until Sable and the crowd got the Bizzare One back into the match. Goldust hit a great running powerslam for two. It appeared as if Goldust was about to score the victory with the Curtain Call when Marc Mero and his new manager, Jacqueline, came out and distracted him allowing Jarrett to hit his finisher. After the match, Goldust and Mero began brawling and had to be separated by several WWF officials. Sable looked upset at what was happening. She wouldn't get in the ring as the trained fighter Jacqueline was leaning over the ropes and taunting her.


Kane (w/Paul Bearer) pinned The Undertaker (9:39) in a “No-Holds-Barred” match. **

Undertaker didn't do a slow walk to the ring as he just appeared behind Kane after the lights went out at the end of the Big Red Machine's entrance. He immediately began to work on Kane using submission holds and chokes to wear down his younger brother. Kane caught a break by rolling out of the ring and introducing weapons. Kane used chairs to slow the Undertaker. However, Undertaker sat up after three chairshots to the back. Kane tried to get Undertaker in a chokehold but "the Phenom" powered out and delivered a thunderous chokeslam to his brother, onto a chair. Suprisingly, Kane kicked out of this. Paul Bearer, with ugly scars on his face, made his way to the ring and attempted to throw a fireball at Undertaker. It missed and went nowhere. Undertaker punched Bearer in the face for this. The ending of the match came about when Big Van Vader came out an attacked Undertaker. Vader powerbombed Undertaker on the concrete floor outside the ring and then tossed him in the ring. Kane immediately made the pin attempt, however, Taker managed to kick out just before the 3 count. Kane then delivered the “Tombstone” piledriver and was then able to get the pinfall victory. Kane seemed very happy after the match, even going as far as to get on the ropes and raise his arms in celebration. Vader and Kane walked to the back together.


DX (Shawn Michaels & WWF Television Champion Triple H) defeated The Road Warriors (Hawk & Animal) (12:47). *** ¼

Triple H and Animal started off the match, wrestling a slow pace with Michaels and Hunter methodically wearing Hawk down with work on his back. Animal was attacked on the outside by X-Pac and Chyna while the ref was distracted. Hunter had him in a chinlock for an extended period of time until Hawk made a comeback. It turned into an all out brawl when Animal got the tag. Michaels had a nice counter, reversing what was going to be a Doomsday Device into a victory roll for a nearfall. Chyna & X-Pac made another attempt to interfere in the match which didn't work, Chyna got bumped off the apron by Helmsley. The ending came about when X-Pac attempted to deliver a spin kick from the top rope. Hawk managed to catch him and tossed him outside the ring. Shawn Michaels then delivered the “Sweet Chin Music” just as Hawk turned around for the win. D-Generation X considered doing a beatdown after the match but didn't. The New Age Outlaws met them on the stage to offer congratulations.


Cactus said that tonight, he wouldn't let what Vader did to the Undertaker happen to him. Actually, he would because he kind of liked it. But the pain that he would inflict upon Vader would be far worse and ultimately, win him the "Texas Death Match".


A video package was aired of the Cactus Jack vs. Vader feud. JR said that while Jack couldn't beat the "new and improved" Vader, he continually came back for more punishment until Vader antagonized him to the point where he wanted to maim him. JR said that Cactus really is losing his sanity here and that he hopes Foley, who has two young children, doesn't endanger his life during this match but he knows he will.


Cactus Jack pinned Big Van Vader (w/Paul Bearer) (19:46) in a “Texas Death match.” **** ½

Paul Bearer came out to ringside with Vader but was a non-factor in the match, he wouldn't dare mess with Foley. Early on Vader gave Cactus stiff shots that swelled up his ears, eyes and nose. Foley bled from the forehead after a very hard punch. However, he returned with a clothesline that knocked both men out of the ring and then a diving elbow off the apron. They brawled up the aisleway and to a sound area where Vader used some equipment to emit feedback sounds into Cactus' ears, completely disorienting Jack for several minutes. He then used the bell clap to do further damage. Lawler said it was unique offense. JR said that he probably discovered that when he beat up the control room guy two weeks prior. After Cactus regained his bearings (Vader took too long driving Cactus into the guardrails in the aisle), he hit a running clothesline that winded the big man. Cactus introduced a barbed wire board to irish whip Vader into. Vader ultimately whipped Cactus into the board and did a running avalanche into him in a ugly scene. Jack rolled out after freeing himself from the tangle and Vader followed. However, when Vader tried to whip his opponent knees first into the stairs for the second time in the match, Cactus blocked and slammed Vader's head into the stairs a total of six times, bloodying the "Mastadon". Cactus then sent a table into the ring. Cactus looked to superplex Vader through it. However, Vader reversed their positions and threw him into the table, almost breaking it. Vader tried to do the Vadersault on to Jack but it missed and the Mastadon fully went through the table. Cactus then capitalized and hit the double-arm DDT, for the victory. JR said it was the wildest WWF match in pay-per-view history.


Owen Hart cut a promo about how he would be the Hart to beat Steve Austin.


Backstage, Vince McMahon said that he wouldn't lower himself to getting involved in the WWF World Title matchup.


Owen Hart defeated WWF Champion Steve Austin (20:38) by disqualification. ****

Early on, the match revolved around Owen targeting Steve Austin's injured neck. Austin brawled but Owen seemed to have had his number by wounding the Rattlesnake with DDTs and neckbreakers. Austin continually reversed the piledriver that Owen wanted until Owen damaged his back (with backbreakers, of course) to the point that Austin wasn't strong enough to reverse the piledriver. Owen hit a piledriver that left the announcers speechless. Austin kicked out at what may have been 2.9999 seconds. Owen went for another one but this time, Austin was near enough to the ropes that he could grab them and rely on them to back body drop Owen. Austin then tripped Owen into the second rope and Owen was out cold while Austin took a breather. After a Lou Thesz Press, Austin hit all his signature brawling moves (stomps, clotheslines, punches and kicks) until he was in complete control. Unfortunately for him, Owen ducked a clothesline that sent him into the referee. Vince McMahon then tried to interfere in the match. While the referee was laying on the mat after being accidentally clotheslined, McMahon attempted to hit Steve Austin in the head with a steel chair. However, Austin was able to move just in time and Owen was nailed instead. The referee came to just as Owen was hit over the head with the chair shot and immediately called for the bell…and thus disqualifying the champion. After the match, Stone Cold delivered “Stone Cold Stunners” to the referee, Owen Hart & WWF owner Vince McMahon. JR said Vince McMahon deserved this one for sure. He said that Steve Austin was still the champion and that Vince was a "no-good liar" (while Lawler was silent) to end the show.

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Guest JMA


Greensboro, North Carolina

April 27, 1998


Before the show starts, a highlight video of the night before plays.


The show opens with Vince McMahon already in the ring, dressed like he’s attending a black-tie affair. Vince has a microphone in his hand, but he’s stopped from speaking by the booing of the fans. He waits a few seconds before finally speaking, asking the fans, “Are you done yet?” This just causes the crowd to boo him even more. Vince tries to explain that everything he does is “for them,” but the crowd is having none of it. Vince tells the crowd that last night an “error” was made and because of that, Steve Austin is still the WWF Champion (the crowd cheers). Vince introduces the man he describes as the “future WWF Champion”—Owen Hart. Owen’s music plays as he walks to the ring, dressed in the exact same suit as Vince. Owen gets on the mic and thanks “Mr. McMahon” for the introduction and his confidence in him. Owen states that he’s going to become the WWF Champion and move out of his brother’s shadow once and for all. The glass breaking and Steve Austin’s music interrupt Owen’s speech. Vince swallows deeply, knowing Austin is coming out. Austin comes to the ramp, microphone in hand. He runs down both Vince and Owen, telling them to “get use to Stone Cold being the WWF Champion.” He then says that he’ll be happy to give Owen a rematch and beat his “little ass” from pillar to post. Owen says he’d love to do that…but not tonight. Tonight is a special night, according to Owen. Vince cuts in and says that Owen has the night off, but Austin doesn’t. He tells Austin that he’ll be in action, tonight, in a non-title match. When Austin asks who it is, Vince responds that the identity of the man is “a surprise.” JR and Lawler speculate on who exactly the “surprise” opponent is right before a commercial plays.


When the show comes back, we see Steve Austin walking backstage. He accidentally bumps into Vader, who has a bandage over his head. The two say nothing to each other, but instead stare into each other’s eyes. They eventually walk away, never taking their eyes off each other.


Ken Shamrock and Ron Simmons defeated The Rock and Mark Henry when Shamrock forced Henry to submit to the ankle-lock. (10:45)

After the match, Simmons and The Rock brawled to the back. Instead of helping out The Rock, The Nation just let their leader and former leader fight.


JR and Lawler continue to talk about Stone Cold’s mystery opponent.


Val Venis pinned 2 Cold Scorpio after a “Money Shot.” (7:21)


Backstage, DX jokes about beating the Road Warriors last night. Both Shawn and Triple H greatly put over X-Pac. Shawn makes an off-handed comment about The Undertaker’s mother being a “whore,” not noticing that they’re being taped. When Shawn sees the cameraman his face turns white. He grabs the cameraman and throws him out of the room. JR rants about how DX has no respect for anything, Lawler just laughs.


Cactus Jack pinned Scott Taylor after a double-arm DDT. (3:52)

After the match, Kane’s music plays and the arena turns red. Kane, Vader, and Paul Bearer all make their way down to the ring. Jack slides out of the ring and picks up a steel chair. Kane and Vader come for Jack from both sides, so Jack rolls into the ring. Cactus holds up the chair, daring either man to come into the ring. Vader tries to enter the ring first and Jack strikes him in the head. This gives Kane the opportunity to enter the ring, Jack swings the chair but Kane kicks it into his face. Jack is severely busted open, and Vader’s stitches have been opened again. Kane picks up Jack and delivers a Tombstone right onto the steel chair. Jack’s body twitches for a few seconds afterwards, and then stops. He lays motionless in the ring as Kane leaves. Both Kane and Bearer help the stunned Vader get to the back. EMTs rush the ring and attend to Cactus Jack.


After the show comes back from commercial, a clip is shown of Jack being taken out of the arena on a stretcher and taken into an ambulance. JR and Lawler act “serious” and inform us that we’ll be informed on Cactus Jack’s condition.


A highlight video for Dan “The Beast” Severn is played. We see clips of his MMA matches, even one involving Ken Shamrock. The words “Dan ‘The Beast’ Severn, the NWA Champion, is coming…”


Pantera pinned Aguila after a flying cross-body. (5:03) During the match, a split-screen of Taka Michinoku and The Great Sasuke watching the match was shown.


Ken Shamrock was shown getting his sore eye iced backstage. Jeff Jarrett entered the scene and offered to cheer up Shamrock with a song. Without waiting for Shamrock to respond, Jarrett starts playing and singing. Shamrock tries to ignore him, but soon Jarrett’s shrill voice infuriates him. He grabs the guitar from Jarrett and smashes it to pieces against the wall. Jarrett runs away while Shamrock looks furious.


The Can-Am Express defeated The Headbangers after Jim Cornette hit Mosh in the head with his tennis racket and Furnas pinned him. (3:57)


We cut to another scene backstage, as apparently someone has attacked X-Pac. He lays on the ground, face bloodied and people (including Shawn and Hunter) standing over him. A funeral wreath with the words “Rest In Peace” written on it lies on X-Pac’s chest.


Steve Austin defeated Marc Mero after delivering the “Stone Cold Stunner.” (7:45)

After the match Owen Hart attacked Austin and placed him in the Sharpshooter.

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Overall it's decent. I think it's very hard to better some of the stuff that was going on back then. Whether that's me just looking at it through rose-tinted glasses or not, I don't know.

The booking of Austin especially, and most of those around him (Foley, Taker) I think was too flawless to touch. The Austin/Dude Love feud started the McMahon/Foley feud; which led to the perfect Rock heel turn (which I think Foley played an underated role in); the Kane title win led to the first sign of the Taker/Kane alliance, which led to the title getting held up, which led to the tournament, which again led to the Rock's heel turn. Everything just seemed to tie in and just work.


The Cactus/Vader feud should lead to a Hell in a Cell, which should lead to Foley's big bumps. Different opponent or not, that was an important moment in WWF history.


Kane talking is a HUGE mistake. In reality it took 2, 3 years for Kane to finally talk. And it came when the Kane character needed some character development. You seem to be shooting your load far too quickly.


The whole Rock/Nation thing I think could have worked better if you built up the tension a bit more and then had Rock and Faarooq play deulling leaders, so to speak. The rest of The Nation would be unsure at first but would side with Rock, kicking Faarooq out. However then I would've went with the bait-and-switch and had The Nation turn on Rock and rejoin Faarooq, thus turning Rock face. Rock would then go through all of The Nation before finally defeating Faarooq, which I think would've gave him a whole lot of momentum.


I don't like HBK being back with DX. The HHH 'you dropped the ball' promo, the X-Pac debut, the induction of the New Age Outlaws, and the war on WCW, nothing needed to be changed. I understand that you want to change things, but some things don't need changing.


Sorry if it seems negative, I'm not merely trying to criticise. It's just that the negative really caught my attention.


P.S. I've got tons of ideas for stuff if you're ever needing some help, or you just want someone to bounce ideas off of. I'm happy to help.

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Guest JMA


Birmingham, Alabama

May 4, 1998


Big Van Vader (with Paul Bearer) defeated Bob Holly after a “Vader Bomb.” (2:12)

After the match, Vader got on the mic and said that his goal of becoming WWF Champion was “close at hand.” Bearer then got on the mic and said that soon Vader and Kane would control the entire WWF.


Vince McMahon was shown backstage watching Vader. He seemed impressed with what he saw.


JR and Lawler wonder what’s on Mr. McMahon’s mind. They then promote the WWF Championship match tonight between Owen Hart and Steve Austin. The two of them run down the history of both men and their hatred for each other.


Backstage, Shawn Michaels is shown getting coffee. When he turns around, Kane is standing behind him. Michaels screams in shock and drops his coffee. Michaels nervously asks Kane what he wants. Kane tells him he heard what Michaels said last week about his mother. Michaels tries to talk his way out of it, but Kane grabs him by the throat. HBK struggles but Kane doesn’t let go. Kane tells Michaels that if he ever insults his mother again, he’ll “peel the flesh” from his bones. Kane then releases the hold and walks away, leaving Michaels gasping on the ground.


Michael Cole is shown backstage with a smirking Owen Hart (the crowd boos him). Cole asked Hart what his strategy would be tonight. Owen told Cole that that was “his business.” Owen snatches the mic from Cole and proceeds to put down Steve Austin, calling him, among other things, a “dumb redneck” and a “disgrace to the WWF.” He said he’d make Austin submit to the Sharpshooter tonight and take his title.


Ken Shamrock defeated Jeff Jarrett by disqualification when The Godwinns interfered. (2:06)

After the match, Jarrett and the Godwinns put the boots to Shamrock. Henry Godwinn delivers a “Slop Drop” to Shamrock and then Jarrett places him in the Figure-Four.


DX (Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and the New Age Outlaws) are seen in their locker room, discussing what happened to X-Pac last week. Triple H says that the beating X-Pac suffered last week was so severe that he won’t be back until next week. The Outlaws seem particularly worried, with Road Dogg mentioning, “Any one of us could be next.” Shawn Michaels tells everyone to chill out, stating that he has a plan to stop The Undertaker. JR speculates what DX will do.


JR mentions that because of Kane attacking Cactus Jack last week, Terry Funk has challenged him to a “no-disqualification, fall counts anywhere match.”


Kane (with Paul Bearer) pinned Terry Funk after delivering a “Tombstone” outside of the ring. (5:06)

After the match, Cactus Jack ran in and sprayed Kane in the eyes with a fire extinguisher. He then struck Kane with it several times, sending him to the ground. From there, Jack kept bringing the extinguished down on Kane’s face, trying to crush his mask. A groggy and blind Kane rolls out of the ring and is helped to the back by his father, Paul Bearer. Jack attends to Terry Funk, who isn’t moving. In a scene similar to last week, Terry Funk is taken from the arena on a stretcher, with Jack going with him. JR puts over Cactus Jack, and says that he may be the only person crazy enough to stop Kane.


The Road Warriors defeated WWF Tag Team Champions The New Age Outlaws by count-out. (9:09)

When the Outlaws get to the top of the ramp, they are “greeted” by an imposing figure—The Undertaker. The Undertaker takes down Gunn with a boot to the face and then grabs Road Dogg by the throat, delivering a choke slam to him on the steel. He next picks up “Bad Ass” and delivers a Tombstone to him. JR screams about The Undertaker targeting members of DX.


We cut back to Triple H rushing around the backstage area. He’s screaming “Shawn!” and looks to be scared out of his mind. He makes his way out to the parking lot just in time to see Shawn Michaels speeding away in his rental car. Triple H screams for him to come back…and then he turns white as a ghost.


The Disciples of Apocalypse (Skull and 8-Ball) defeated The Quebecers when Skull pinned Jacques after an assisted power bomb. (6:07)


Another promo for NWA Champion Dan “The Beast” Severn plays.


Intercontinental Champion The Rock defeated The Patriot after Mark Henry delivered a big splash while Kama distracted the referee. (7:44)

Ron Simmons ran in while The Rock was celebrating and delivered a piledriver to The Rock. Again the Nation wouldn’t attack Simmons.


Steve Austin is interviewed backstage about his upcoming match with Owen Hart. Austin says that he’ll “open up a can of whoop-ass” on Owen Hart.


Goldust and Sable defeated Marc Mero and Jacqueline in an “inter-gender” match when Sable pinned Jacqueline. (5:20)

After the match Sable and Goldust kissed.


Steve Austin pinned Owen Hart after delivering a “Stone Cold Stunner. (20:39)

Big Van Vader attacked Austin after the match. He delivers a powerbomb to Austin and then a Vader Bomb. After doing this, he gets on the mic and informs the world that he’ll be facing Austin at Judgment Day for the WWF title. He ends by saying that it is and would always be “Vader Time.”

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Good Raw overall. A few things. Most notably, Mero saying that his partner for the intergender match being a 'surprise'. Jacqueline was already included in the Unforgiven results, so was the surprise part just an accident? And I thought it was strange not to see Val Venis, unless he's on Shotgun, which would be normal.


I'm looking forward to seeing how the Austin-Vader feud develops for sure. You guys have done an amazing job booking Vader since the beginning of the Cactus feud. Keep up the good work, guys.

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Guest JMA
Good Raw overall. A few things. Most notably, Mero saying that his partner for the intergender match being a 'surprise'. Jacqueline was already included in the Unforgiven results, so was the surprise part just an accident? And I thought it was strange not to see Val Venis, unless he's on Shotgun, which would be normal.

Whoops. That was my mistake. It's corrected now. As for Val, he'll be getting pushed. If you've seen my posts in the WWE folder, you'll notice that I'm always complaining about Val's lack of push. He's a talented wrestler that WWE missed the boat with.


BTW, if anyone notices any mistakes, feel free to PM me or tell me in the thread.

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I decided to take a little break from this right now. The departure of CM Funk was a unexpected and we thought that we could handle the Raw results without him. However, we were unable to put them out as quickly as he did and that's when I decided to take a little break.


We wil be back, I'm just not sure when. But when this is started up again there will be some changes.

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