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  1. I can see where you're coming from, but I feel the Taker match should have been saved for after Austin became champ, like in reality. That Summerslam match really cemented Austin as the man. I know people like to be unconventional and distance themselves from reality as much as possible when fantasy booking but sometimes reality can't be bettered, if it aint broke, don't fix it.
  2. The C Man

    TNA Taping Spoilerz

    I'm not talking of billing it as 'Angle vs whoever'; just simply 'Angle's debut'. The Angle signing was huge, it should all be about him. What high hopes? Doing nothing? Not being on PPV's? If they do, they're not showing it. I feel wrestling is too conservative when it comes to losing. Bobby Roode has only started a singles run, why shouldn't he be 'jobbed out' to Kurt Angle - multi-time World champion, Olympic gold medallist, the biggest acquisition in TNA history, a man billed as the best wrestler in the world & one of the best of all time? Surely if the no.1 contender to your World title is expendable then someone they have 'high hopes' for is too. You could even - the following week - have Roode be interviewed about what facing Kurt Angle is like, since he's the only one in TNA to have wrestled him. Roode can say now he knows what the standard is, he knows how good he needs to be to be the very best. Even though he lost it's only made him hungrier, he's going to try that little bit more, he's going to push himself that little bit more, so that the next time he faces Angle it'll be his hand rasied in victory and they'll be asking Kurt Angle the following week how it felt to have been in the ring with the greatest wrestler in the world, Robert Roode. Spilled into a Roode fantasty promo there, but you get the idea. I wasn't advocating splitting, just a backstage arguement based on the cold, hard facts everyone can see. Maybe it didn't come across as such but I thought the fact Traci came back with the whole 'huge announcement' thing showed it was only an argument and not a split.
  3. The C Man

    TNA Taping Spoilerz

    Personally for Angle's first match I would've liked to have seen him go against Robert Roode. You could have Roode bitch at Traci - he could've picked anyone for his manager but he picked her and she's done nothing, etc; Traci storms off; comes back later and tells him she has a huge match for him, in fact it's so huge they need to go to the ring to announce it; in the ring the match is announced, maybe have a short Angle interview/montage, maybe have him training then be asked about his debut match; "I don't care who it is, I WILL hurt them, in fact, whoever you are, Angle's gonna kill you"; Roode freaks out, JOE~! appears, whether he does or doesn't attack Roode is up for debate.
  4. The C Man

    WCW facts, tidbits, and stuff people forgot

    Regarding the failed Fusient buy-out, what would have happened with the wrestler contracts? Would they all have automatically transferred over to Fusient or would they have to be bought out?
  5. The C Man


    Totally agreed on the facial expressions point, however my point was that I just want a final swansong with the mask. For the character to come full-circle? For 'old-times' sake? Anything really, Kane was just IMO a lot cooler with the mask. Get the mask back; the old beginning of the entrance back; go on a 97-debut-esque ass-kicking spree; then put someone over by ending the Kane character. I'd be a happy man.
  6. The C Man


    As much as I like Kane he is pretty much wasted. All the things they could have done with him and all the chances they were given to evolve the character into something more meaninful than 'unstoppable-monster-who-used-to-be-burned-but-wasn't-really' have gone. All I can hope for now is Kane to go out on a mask-wearing high.
  7. The C Man


    Maybe one final swansong with the mask, like Taker going back to his Deadman persona? Just have him be 'burned' again(?). Inferno match perhaps?
  8. I've heard that the 'Stone Cold' moniker came from a TV program. I've also heard that it came from one of Austin's previous wives, who said that he should drink his tea before it got 'stone cold'. I'm sure someone knows the real answer.
  9. Regarding the Shawn/Owen stuff, wasn't it years later before Shawn actually admitted he was in on the screwjob. There's no doubt he had heat with Bret but at the time of the Owen program he would've still been denying knowledge of the screwjob.
  10. The C Man

    EWR Stampede-ish diary

    I'm guessing you've never done this before, have you? If you really want to do something like this and you're willing to put the effort in (I.E. not copy&paste) the best place to go would probably be the EW Battleground?
  11. The C Man

    Weird Former ECW Alumni

    Lita and Buff Bagwell. Bagwell goes without saying but Lita, why not? She had her somewhat-unique spots, and was something different for a valet.
  12. The C Man

    Dark Matches you'd like to have seen

    Wasn't this match so good that the four wrestlers were bitched at for upstaging the 'real' stars?
  13. The C Man

    Let's Create Terrible Gimmicks for WWE!

    Damn you and your hideously-good memory Czech.
  14. The C Man

    Let's Create Terrible Gimmicks for WWE!

    I know this is the terrible gimmicks thread but I think bringing back Droz as a bitter wheelchair-bound heel could be a great idea. I'm sure it's been mentioned here before. Bring D'Lo back and have him do Droz's dirty work because he feel's guilty. Of course it would have to be handled correctly (which won't happen I know).