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So I saw Okkervil River and New Pornographers tonight.


Pretty damn good show.


Okkervil River played for about an hour and were pretty darn good. I was a bit disappointed because they did a bit of a screamy version of my favorite song of theirs, "Unless It's Kicks" but overall they were good.


No Bejar for the Pornographers, but I guess that's pretty standard. Neko was sick but she mostly sounded good. Couldn't hit the high notes but she didn't sound nearly as bad as she made it sound like she would.


Here's the set-list for anyone interested in that sort of thing.


1. My Rights Versus Yours

2. Stacked Crooked

3. All the Old Showstoppers

4. These are the Fables

5. Use It

6. The Laws Have Changed

7. Challengers

8. Testament to Youth and Verse

9. The Divine Right

10. Mutiny, I Promise You

11. Mass Romantic

12. Adventures in Solitude

13. Twin Cinema

14. All the Things that Go to Make Heaven and Earth

15. Sing Me Spanish Techno

16. Bleeding Heart Show



17: Electric Light Orchestra cover - Don't Bring Me Down

18. Slow Descent Into Alcoholism


As you can see - very Challengers and Twin Cinema heavy which is ok by me, considering they played the songs worth playing from their older albums.


Tour just started so I'd heavily recommend it if they are in your area.

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Pemberton Music Festival in B.C.



Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers

Nine Inch Nails


Flaming Lips


Death Cab For Cutie

The Tragically Hip

Serj Tankian

My Morning Jacket


Sam Roberts Band

Vampire Weekend

Black Mountain

Minus The Bear


Buck 65

Secret Machines


Brazillian Girls


Fiery Furnaces

Mates of State

The Airborne Toxic Event

Carolina Liar

Grand Ole Party

Monte Negro

Low Vs Diamond

Annie Stela

The Crystal Method

DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist

Junkie XL

David Seaman

Booka Shade



Tommie Sunshine



3 OH! 3

Kevin Shiu


Tony Pantages



Tickets go onsale on March 28th, concert in middle of July.

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New Pornographers tickets sold out before public on-sale for both shows here in D.C. I was too slow to get them during the soft sale period. Setlist heavy on the new album + sick Neko - Dan Bejar means I'll cope, though.

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You know what, though? I was bummed at first that Bejar wasn't there because I'm definitely a fan. But when it got to the end of the night the only song that I really wanted to hear that I didn't was Myriad Harbour. He's obviously important to the band but they definitely got all of my favorite tunes in without him.


I had been listening to their discography for a few days prior but had mostly been skipping Electric Version. Well, I had forgotten how much I liked "Testament to Youth in Verse" until I heard it again live... that's a good one.

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Guest Teal-y Dan

I'm...not sure what I think of this yet. I like the programmed beat on "Anywhere I Lay My Head," but her voice is kind of buried in the mix, isn't it? This might have almost a Brian Eno-once-removed sound to it. I like the celeste on "I Wish I Was in New Orleans." How "Sunday Morning."


Also, godspeed, Motorik Man. I will listen to Neu! 2 AND Neu! '75 today, or at least I'll try.


EDIT: "I Don't Wanna Grow Up" is synthpop!

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"Anywhere I Lay My Head" sounds like a way more enthusiastic "Song to the Siren" by This Mortal Coil. And yeah, these are way better than I expected them to be.


Anyone use muxtape regularly? I haven't explored it much. Seems like something that will blow up huge in about a year once it gets a little attention.

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The more I think about it, I think "Leave Me Alone" is my favorite Michael Jackson music video. It's got everything you could want from a Michael Jackson video; an appearence by Bubbles, dogs in suits, Michael dancing with The Elephant Man's skeleton, and giant Michael destroying an amusement park. Any one of those elements would make a music video awesome but all together? Man oh man, I love that video.

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that whole 'moonwalker' videotape was soooo the shit. i don't even know if i could pick a favorite on it...possibly "smooth criminal." it's REALLY hard to top the comedy value of michael jackson holding a tommy gun.

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re: Scarlett Johansson, I listened to Anywhere I Lay My Head and I Don't Wanna Grow Up and didn't like either one at all. Ms. Johansson is one of those people I'd put foremost in the category of "extremely easy on the eyes but generally useless otherwise".

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Even the toughest of Challengers face insurmountable obstacles on the road. Such is the case with the New Pornographers, who have suffered the loss of über-talented vocalist Neko Case from the rest of their tour with Okkervil River.


According to a missive from the band itself, "Neko had a really bad fall in Washington, DC, which resulted in a fractured ankle (which also did some damage to her ligaments), and will be leaving the tour today. She was really trying to be a trooper and stayed on as long as she could through Richmond and Athens, but it has gotten to the point where she must return home to have her ankle taken care of and to recuperate. She's very upset about having to leave. It's been super fun having her on tour and around again, but she just had to go to avoid doing some real permanent damage to herself.


"We hope that you understand, Nashville, St. Louis, Chicago, Madison, and Cleveland."


Sorry Ravenbomb.

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Daryl Hall is doing a free show this summer at L.L. Bean Park. While I won't be able to achieve my dream of seeing Hall and Oates live, Hall is the one I want to see if I have to pick between the two.

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Good news for Venture Bros. and J.G. Thirlwell fans: a soundtrack album for the show will be coming out sometime.

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"I see this big fuckin' thing lurched down on the side of the road... It's this big grey thing... it fuckin' clears the road in one fuckin' leap, 'ROOOOAHHR!' then into the woods."





"Till Death Do Us Part" will be released on April 28 in Europe and May 13 in the U.S.

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The New Pornographers rocked even without Neko. The other girl in the group stepped in and did just fine singing her parts, and they still did Mass Romantic and Challengers, and a cool bit with some of Okkervil River. Speaking of which, Okkervil River were also awesome. They did pretty much the standard version of Unless It's Kicks. After the show I got a CD signed by some of the New Pornographers.

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