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"Honkytonk Bar In The Middle Of Nowhere..."

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December 26, 2004

11:00 PM

Somewhere between Tucson and Nowhere


I can hear his steps, feel his breath before he's even aware I'm there. Sure, it's a full bar and the place isn't exactly a place for you local yuppie to hang out, but I expected something more.


"David?" he asks, a moment later. So, he still has it in him.


"In the flesh. What's the deal meeting in this middle of nowhere honkytonk?"

"Well, you look like a biker, I just look like an old bastard, we fit right in."


Well, he's right about the second part, even though he was an old bastard probably he was twenty three. Men like him always are.


"So, are we going to sit down, or stand up like idiots for the rest of the night?"


Ah, gotta love the direct approach.


"Lead the way. You know this place better than me."


We weave our way through the drunks, meth freaks, George Jones fans, and future prison muscle. All sizing us up, then backing down when they see the look in our eyes. Well, more him than me. They realize I may look the brawn, but the skinny short haggard looking guy in the bomber jacket is the one they need to worry about. We find a darkened corner booth, and we have a couple of drinks immediately.


"They know you here?" I ask, already knowing the answer before it leaves my lips.

"I've been here a time or two."

"Now that we're situated, why the subterfuge? Ya' know where I was, and could've been in my house even if I locked it tight."

"Easy...you're not completly safe."


I shoot him a look.


"You pissed off some major people in Miami, son. Especially when you mailed back the pieces, but not all of them."


I shrugged. Evil fucks don't get a good ending a large portion of the time. I was just speeding up the process that was going to happen when they told their boss they lost the package.


"Oh, don't get me wrong. They could care less about the foot soliders you turned into shark chum. The problem is, you made it public...at least in the underground. Hernandez doesn't like it when the whisper stream picks up not only did he lose a girl he picked up personally, but one lone guy took care of four of his top soliders. Remember, to men like that, people are expendable. Respect isn't."


I've heard this before. Moscow, Bucharest, a small town in the middle of Cambodia. A long four year, that seemed to be pure night. He warned me then too.


"I could be cleared out of that place in fifteen minutes. It's under one of my twelve false names, and they don't know my face really. They'll never find me again...unless I want to be found."


Let 'em find me. See if that ends well for them.


"I know that look, son. Regardless of what you think, you're not invincible. Sooner or later, you'll screw up. It happens to everyone, hell, it happened to me."

"I'm done though. Look, what I did was a favor to an old friend who did a lot for me when I was at my rock bottom. I'm done otherwise. Next week, I've got a meeting with Pleh in the SWF to rework my contract."

"I've never seen what you see in that glorified soap opera."

"A little exercise, a little justice, little revenge, and some old memories."


"Yeah. I was beginning things before. Now, it's time to move on to the next phase."

"You sure about this?"

"No, but it is what has to happen. You never did say why we're here?"


At that, he simply got out a small envelope, and slid it over to me. I knew from the bulge, and the plain wrapping what it was.


"I told him that I didn't need -"

"I'm just the messenger, son. Drop it off on a collection plate if ya' feel that guilty about it."


As soon as his last words were spoken, he was gone. I'll probably see him again, when I least expect it. The Colonel was always like that.




Moonlight is a great thing in the desert. It's an odd thought as you begin the next phase of a plan to destroy a life, but I was never normal. I pull out my phone, and dial the numbers.




A slight pause before she recgonizes me.


"Yeah, it's that David. Look, I've heard some things you've been thinking about doing...."


She thinks it's an old friend from college who she ran into years later. I wonder...has she told him who I _really_ am yet? We shall see. The blacktop is wide open as I look across the horizon. New year is coming, and some old scores will be settled.

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Underworld muscle are nothing as to the might of Revolution Zero. Prepare to be squashed.




Spike, lariat him will ya?

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One sugar with mine please.



Is it wrong that there's a holiday company called 'Hoseasons'? I keep expecting Charles White to pop up and start dancing.

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