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SWF Sunday Night Frost

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SWF Sunday Night Frost and HOLT report

January 30, 2005

Washington DC, at MCI Center

Report by John Logan of Pokomoke, Maryland, Smartmarks.com reader





Much like the SWF in general over the past several months, Frost was monopolized by Toxxic and Revolution Zero:


- Carnage beat the Memphis Eel in 5:44 with the tombstone piledriver.


- There was a video package featuring Toxxic, and the significance of his rookie year in the SWF. Following the video, they showed the first part of a three-part interview with Toxxic, conducted by Ben Hardy. Hardy mentioned that Toxxic made his SWF debut after Clusterfuck ’04, and that this was his first experience at the SWF’s second-biggest pay-per-view. Toxxic acknowledged this and said that he was looking forward to dominating Clusterfuck the same way that he dominated every other pay-per-view event in his rookie year.


- Perfect Bo and Jamie Drazon beat Déjà Vu in 6:38, when Bo caught Kross in the Wild Out.



- They showed another video package, which was meant to illustrate Toxxic’s role in the SWF’s pay-per-views over the past year. The interview then continued with Hardy mentioning how Toxxic made his PPV debut at Battleground ’04, and has either won or defended a championship at nearly every SWF pay-per-view he has appeared on until tonight. He then asked Toxxic if he had to make any kind of mental adjustment to go from main-eventing Slay Ride to “jerking the curtain” at Clusterfuck. I thought that Toxxic’s head was going to explode for a minute: his face turned beet-red, his eyes practically bulged out of his their sockets, and he looked like he was going to grind all the teeth out of his mouth… but he composed himself after a few seconds, and replied by saying that the ‘Fuck was a unique pay-per-view event, and that the nature of the feature attraction (the battle royal) sometimes meant that Main Event-caliber talent occasionally has to open up the show, citing last year’s ‘Fuck, where Tom Flesher and Wildchild opened the show in a ladder match. At this point, Hardy countered by pointing out that Tom Flesher had also went from losing the World Heavyweight Title at the Main Event of the Christmas pay-per-view to opening up Clusterfuck, and furthermore pointed out that Flesher never re-gained the World Title, and asked Toxxic if he expected history to repeat himself, which caused Toxxic to grab Hardy by the collar and shove him forcefully against the wall! I didn’t catch what Toxxic said to him, because I was too busy trying to figure out when Hardy suddenly grew a set of balls!





- Andrea Montgomery beat Kelly Connelly in a SWF Women’s Championship match in 4:07 by count-out, when Max King pulled her out of the ring to avoid Drea’s Springboard 450, and subsequently left ringside.


- I thought for sure that the interview was over after Hardy’s last question, but they actually went ahead with it! There was a short video package to show the formation of Revolution Zero, and ending with Sacred winning the World Heavyweight Title. Hardy mentioned that Revolution Zero had a unique opportunity to “run the table” at the Clusterfuck, by winning all three matches, to which Toxxic said that it wasn’t an opportunity, but an eventuality. Hardy then asked Toxxic to comment on the rumors about there being problems in Revolution Zero since Sacred joined the group. Toxxic replied by saying that a rumor was all it was, fabricated by those who want to be where they were, which is on top of the SWF. He said that Sacred had never given him any reason to doubt his loyalty, and that his role in Revolution Zero was not in question. He further said that Revolution Zero was as strong as it ever was. Hardy asked whether Toxxic would rather see Sean Davis or Spike Jenkins win the ‘Fuck, and Toxxic declined to answer. Hardy then asked Toxxic who he would back if it came down to Sacred and another member of Revolution Zero, and Toxxic again declined to answer. Finally, Hardy asked him what it was like when, for a few days after Sacred won the World Title, Toxxic was the only wrestler without championship gold in his own stable. At that point, Toxxic finally lost it, and punched Hardy in the face, screaming, “this interview is over, sunshine,” before storming off the set!


- Ann Onita beat Brian Levy in 7:51 with the Triple C.


- A swank video package was shown, featuring the sixteen announced Clusterfuck participants, as Frost came to close.






- Big win for Horrorcore! It was a nice change of pace to see a match like that on a major PPV. Toxxic put up a good fight, but I knew when Dace kicked out of the TSS that Toxxic wasn’t going to be able to beat him this time!


- Prior to the start of the ‘Fuck, Funyon recognized hometown SWF Legends Xstasy and HVT, who were seated in a skybox.


- Just as the referee’s convince Spike Jenkins to head backstage, Wildchild runs down and attacks him! Referees can’t separate the two cruiserweights, who take their fight all the way into the crowd!


- Revolution Zero put a man-sized whipping on Sacred! They left him lying in a pool of blood, and Toxxic draped the World Title on top of him. I was waiting for someone to come down and save Sacred, or at least fight R-0, but Sacred was on his own.


Biggest Pops

1) Landon Maddix

2) Mak Francis

3) The Boston Strangler

4) Dace Night

5) Charlie Matthews


Most Heat

1) Toxxic

2) Sacred

3) Sean Davis

4) Manson

5) Spike Jenkins

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No... Trips has the title, Toxx. ;)


And glad to see I outpopped Strangler.

Yeah, but just like him, you know it's only a matter of time ;) Besides, even on the B-show I still dominate all the air time in a mildly sickening way. At least I can blame Dub-Cee for that though...

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