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James E. Cornette

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He did at least two or three of them...


One was the response to the Piper-Hogan "Age In The Cage" match.


One of them was his response to the nWo parody of Arn Anderson's retirement speech. (The "liver spot" skit.)




The only one that I think is available on video is the "Age In The Cage" one on the Monday Night Wars DVD, which you already have. I think you'll have to trade with someone to get any other ones.

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Guest Pariah

Are there any transcripts of these shoots on the net? The nWo one is where Cornette comments on Waltman throwing up on himself to entertain the boys, right?

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Are there any transcripts of these shoots on the net? The nWo one is where Cornette comments on Waltman throwing up on himself to entertain the boys, right?

There's a transcript of that one somewhere, as I found it online in the past few years.


He basically says that Hall is worthless except when he's facing Shawn Michaels, Syxx was so worthless that he was the only person actually released from a valid contract so he could jump to WCW, and that Nash was the worst champion of the modern era.

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Guest Hass of Pain

I love it when he says that Hulk Hogan looks like "Uncle Creepy with a build". Best line ever. It was also great to see him calling Ric Flair one of wrestlings only legends despite him being a part of the competition. Cornette is one of the greatest people ever involved in the wrestling industry.

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it's amazing that Jim Cornette has been employed by Vince McMahon for 12 years considering they are at TOTAL opposite ends of the spectrum on what wrestling is supposed to be. I can't believe the relationship has lasted this long. Cornette and WWF just didn't seem to mix, but he's lasted for well over a decade, and Heyman can't last a long weekend.

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Guest sek69
That's probably because Cornette has little interaction with Vince. He mainly deals with JR or Johnny Ace. Not to mention he isn't involved, directly, with creative.

Which you can tell from how they love to take his top students in OVW and give them the most idiotic can't-get-over gimmicks possible.

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Here's one...





"The pinnacle of this icon garbage came at last night's cage match between

Hulk Hogan and Roddy Piper to determine in their minds only who the real icon

is. WCW had the gall to say that it was the greatest cage match in history when

it was only the greatest in three weeks since Hell in the Cell. But here you've

got a 46 year old bald movie star wanna be who looks like Uncle Creepy with a

good build taking on a guy with an artificial hip that hasn't wrestled a full

schedule in ten years. It's a tribute to the massive egotism in my mind of both

men and an indictment of WCW's promotional policies that this match even took

place much less being the main event when that card was probably the best WCW

is capable of having. By the ten minute mark they were sucking wind so bad the

first three rows passed out of oxygen deprivation. It would have been funny if

it wasn't so sad. Well, I'm sick and damn tired of hearing guys claim to be the

icon, especially when it usually comes from guys who just didn't know when to

quit. Roddy Piper was my idol when I was a teenager. That was 20 years ago.

Hulk Hogan during his best years was 50 percent media creation and those are

long gone. This match was a slap in the face to every wrestler that takes pride

in his profession."

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Guest Pariah

Jim Cornette's shoot on Vince Russo


Jim Cornette: Speaking of ball-less, gutless pricks, Vince Russo, hello Vince. The ball-less gutless prick. Do you know how he quit the WWF? Do you know that story? He waits…see he was running a video store before Vince let him write for the magazine. And he did John Arrezi’s radio show, and then they split up because Vince wanted to work with Vince…and…too many Vince’s, Russo wanted to work with McMahon, and Arrezi didn’t, and Arrezi’s weird in his own way, whatever that fucking deal was, but…


Rob Feinstein: Actually, Vince Russo ripped me off for money.


Jim Cornette: I’m sure he did, because he’s a Goddamn crooked, heinous piece of shit human being. Russo, all of a sudden now he’s writing for the magazine, and he can’t spell, he can’t write, he can’t speak English.


Imitates Russo: I’m the Brooklyn, or the Bronx or whatever the fuck.


I’m looking at the guy’s pad he can’t spell. It’s not like he’s a Goddamn Rhodes scholar, and I’m a spelling freak because language is…you know I say “fuck” a lot, but so does George Carlin. I just saw him in the Poconos, says, “fuck” a lot. Anyway, so he’s writing for the magazine, and he insinuates himself, and he has good ideas, and he has good ideas at a time when they need good ideas. And I…and…you know I’m not saying he’s never had any good ideas, but you know what the problem is? The problem is that all the good ideas he’s ever had is from watching the Goddamn cheapass B movies he used to rent from his Goddamn loser video store. He doesn’t know anything about wrestling. That’s why when you hear “ding ding ding”, immediately followed sixty seconds later by “ding ding ding”. Keep the matches as short as possible, because when the bell rings, Vince Russo is lost. Vince Russo is a babe in the woods. Vince Russo is a deer caught in the headlights as long as there’s a wrestling match going on. As long as he can make it a phoney B movie script, or some Goddamn outhouse in the ring, or women having miscarriages, or something in some kind of bad taste that appeals to his New York bullshit attitude. That’s what Vince Russo wants to do, so get the wrestling matches out of it, because nobody wants to see that shit anyway (!). That’s been proven in WCW, where they don’t have wrestling matches anymore, because all the guys are doing…. I watched Thunder the other night because I happened to be stuck in a hotel room. I saw Lance Storm falling around like a drunk man. When you can make that guy uncoordinated, you can do it to anyone.


So the point is, Russo insinuates himself, and then all of a sudden, Russo discovers the one true talent that he has. Vince Russo discovers his calling in life. Vince Russo’s one true talent is to believably lie, and say that he’s qualified to do something, when he isn’t. Vince Russo then, disregards the fact that he has a network quality television production facility making his meaningless jabble sound like it actually meant something. The best announcer in the business, Jim Ross, to explain it, who he tried, desperately, with every ounce of energy in his body, to keep off of television. That he was too southern, that he was afflicted, that he had Bells Pallsy. That people didn’t want to look at him. And every time JR would walk down the ramp he’d get a standing ovation from the people, who respected what he fuckin’ did, because he’s good. And they will never respect Vince Russo, because he’s got buggy whip arms, and fuckin’ big fuckin’ eyes, and Goddamn he looks like a goof, because he is a goof, because he fuckin’ walks out there like he’s Goddamn King Kong to the Road Warrior music. And he thinks he’s over because he goes to Long Island, and it…and it’s his triumphant return like he’s Lou Gherig at the fuckin’ stadium, and everyone’s going, “Who’s this fuckin’ buggy whip armed motherfucker?” He couldn’t stand that JR was over, because he didn’t like Southern people, he didn’t like Bells Palsy people, I don’t know, maybe he didn’t like handicapped people, I don’t know. He didn’t like JR because JR would tell him when he was full of shit, and so would I. And he didn’t like me either because I’m wanting to do wrestling. Well Goddamn, it’s the World Wrestling Federation. Why don’t we put a little wrestling in there Vince Russo? Every once in a while. What do you wanna do? Fuckin’ Holiday on Ice with chimpanzee’s? He…as a matter of fact, I probably gave him his next pay per view.


So then, he slowly plays to the Internet fans. Because see, Russo, since he probably has a small penis, and since he knows he doesn’t know what the fuck he’s doing, has to have positive feedback and reinforcement to make his ego grow. So, he doesn’t want to sell the buildings out, He doesn’t want to fuckin’ have a great television show. He doesn’t want to produce a product he can be proud of: “Wow, that was classic match between two excellent athletes” or fuckin’ great performers. He wants to do fuckin’ mud wrestling silicone tittied bimbo’s because he’s sexually frustrated, and he wants the Internet fans to think he’s great, because they’re the ones he can listen to. Because the other fans, the ones that pay all the money for all the tickets, they’re cheering the stars. And guess what? He isn’t a star. He’s not on TV. He’s a writer. Maybe he can fix that. Maybe, just maybe. Because the Internet people are stroking him enough, that the other marks, the ones running the fuckin’ multi-million dollar company in Atlanta, they don’t know the fuckin’ difference. He convinces them that he was responsible for Vince McMahon’s success. Vince McMahon was a millionaire before he met Vince Russo. He had Stone Cold Steve Austin, he had The Rock, he had The Undertaker, he had the best announcer, he had the best television studio, he had the best office staff, and they got the best…they got the smartest secretaries for god’s sake. It’s a well-oiled machine, run by one individual, who, Vince McMahon and my opinion of the greatest wrestling we’ve ever seen is vastly different, and we know that. But you know what? I learned that there is something…I do not like that, I do not like that style of wrestling, but I learned that there is something in Vince McMahon’s favorite statement; chocolate and vanilla. Which one is the best? Ok, can I be mad at you for liking the chocolate? I don’t wanna see…I don’t want that fuckin’ chocolate near me, but if you like that fuckin’ chocolate, eat the Goddamn chocolate, as long as I can have my vanilla. So I got my vanilla now, and he’s got his chocolate. Ok, I can deal with that. But, point being, Vince Russo didn’t engineer that success. Vince Russo was a small part…. the proof isn’t in the pudding, is the fact that now he convinces the marks in Atlanta that, “Well I save the WWF, so now you can give me a ton of money”. What did I say when he left? I said he’s going to take their money till they send him home, and then they’ll probably pay him anyway, ‘cause they always do, and then he’ll be out of the business in two years. What’s he saying now? “Well I’m gonna be out of the business anyway”. ‘Cause he knows he raped the business for a bunch of awesome’ money.


So anyway, here’s how he quit. Vince McMahon goes to England for a pay per view. Vince Russo, and Ed Ferrara, who’s another fuckin’ real winner, who made fun of Jim Ross’s Bells Pallsy that almost ended his career, Ed Ferrara’s a Goddamn piece of fucking shit in my opinion. Ed Ferrara was the one who defended the fuckin’ deal where Marlena, Terri, got knocked off the ring apron and had a miscarriage. And I went up to him, and I said, “Let me ask you something. How did that add a rating point? How did that sell a ticket? How did that do anything, but make a lot of people in the audience, probably out there live, and certainly some at home uncomfortable because it happened to them, and if it had happened to my girlfriend, I would come up, if I knew you were the one and punch you in the fuckin’ face for doing that”, “Well they do it on Dallas”, “Ed, this is wrestling. It’s neither fish nor foul. They don’t look at it like that. Sure, they may know it’s fixed, pre-determined, phony, staged, whatever you may say, but they don’t look at it like it’s a genuine acting performance. But on the other side of the coin, you can’t defend it either way, because if it was real, it’s a horrible thing to happen, but if it’s fake, and she was just acting like she had a miscarriage, why? Because it doesn’t serve any purpose” I said “Basically, it’s just bad taste, and it doesn’t add anything, and it would make me real fuckin’ mad of it was my girlfriend that it really happened to, that she got a fuckin’ flashback, and went into the bathroom crying, and I wanna know who’s responsible, and it’s you, you pudgy little fat cunt, and I’ll fuckin’ choke ya”. I don’t think I said fat cunt. But you know…if I’d been around when he did the JR thing, I would have punched him. I wouldn’t even have said fat cunt, I would have hit him in his fuckin’ face, just ‘cause that’s bullshit. So, anyway, Vince Russo and Ed Ferrara, who are now BUTT buddies, who are joined at the hip after…they never even met each other until Ferrara was brought in from California somewhere, because he once wrote Duckman, I don’t fuckin’ know. Maybe he once fucked Duckman, maybe he once was Duckman. Anyway, they wait till Vince goes to the pay per view in England. I know I’m dragging this out, but fuck these fucking guys. And they fly to Atlanta to make the deal. Because see, they’re office employees, and one mistake Vince made was counting on some degree of loyalty, honesty, or at least fuckin’ some human understanding from guys that he’s made a lot of money for.


They go to Atlanta, they sign the contracts, then fly back to Connecticut where they both live now. Vince Russ has a house in Trumbull, or wherever the fuck it is. Vince McMahon comes back the following day, straight to the Meadowlands for TV. Meadowlands-Trumbull Connecticut: sixty miles. Even in New York traffic, I would have done it. Vince Russo didn’t have the balls, didn’t have the guts, didn’t have the decency, didn’t have the common courtesy to get his fuckin’ ass in that car and drive into the Meadowlands and walk up to Vince McMahon, and say “Vince, they offered me so much fuckin’ money, that I couldn’t turn them down. I appreciate it it’s been fun. Here’s a hearty handshake,” He called him on the fuckin’ phone. Vince McMahon get’s a phone call at whatever the time of day, “Oh by the way, your head writer is not only not coming to your national television tonight, but he just took a job with your competitor.” Fuck you Vince Russo, you’re a Goddamn ball-less fuckin prick.


(Mimics Russo: He was under appreciated, he didn’t get the credit he deserved or that he was responsible for, no body recognised him)


You know what they’re recognising now? They’re recognising what Vince Russo’s shit looks like, when he didn’t have Vince McMahon standing over him saying, “You know what? Those twenty four ideas are real bullshit, but I’ll take this one good one”. You got a bunch of fuckin’ dancing bears parading around the Goddamn ring, a bunch of women with silicona, a bunch of Goddamn club footed, slap happy guys that couldn’t work their way out of a Goddamn paper bag. And he don’t know the fuckin’ difference. And he’s out there beating Ric Flair up with a baseball bat, because he finally got to be a star. Now he don’t have to subsist on the Internet marks fuckin’ clapping for him. He can have the fuckin’ roar of their dwindling crowd, going, “Oh that’s…er…. that Russo guy”. He’s a star now (!) He beats the wrestlers. He’s a fuckin’ prick. He has no respect for the business, or the people in it. He made the statement: “Well we’ll just teach actors how to wrestle, because if I can lean to work in the ring, anyone can.” There’s a Goddamn news bulletin I didn’t hear about, when I heard about World War 2 and all the other great happenings of the last fifty years. When did Vince Russo learn how to fuckin’ work? Jesus fuckin’ Christ. I wanna puke.


Rob Feinstein; What exactly happened with you leaving a message on his on his voice machine?


Jim Cornette: This proves what a liar he is, in addition to all his other fine qualities as a human being. I hope he sues me. As a matter of fact, Vince Russo, if you ever see this, sue my fuckin’ ass. And suck my dick while you’re at it. You know what…. I did make the comment to somebody, and I won’t bury them by mentioning who, because they probably should have reported it, I said, because I was coming to Louisville last year, “In one way or the other…”, I sincerely wanted, and I will tell you the wonderful story of my relationship with Danny Davis, and how I’m tremendously gratified with what I’m doing with OVW, in a little while, but I was coming back here because I was tired of living in Connecticut, and just…I was coming back home. And I made the remark, “Ya know Russo has cut my balls off here since day one, because…”, I know that I aint…. Vince McMahon has been good to me, and like I said, chocolate and vanilla, wrestling. He’s been honest, and he’s not lied to me, and he’s not cheated and he hasn’t fuckin’ cut my balls of behind my back. Vince McMahon’s one fault may be that when somebody tells him some things, he believes them too earnestly, or he believes in their loyalty or their honesty too earnestly, because otherwise he wouldn’t let a fuckin’ prick like Russo run around. But there’s Russo ignoring his kids little league games to sit in Vince’s outer office, to suck up to him. And it wasn’t because he wanted to play fuckin’ Sir Walter Raleigh, and throw himself down over the mud puddle, it was because he wanted to cut everybody’s nuts off, so he could get the fuckin’ spot, so that he could cut everybody’s nuts off, and then he would be a star. But anyway, I was coming here, and I made the remark, “If I go home without this developmental programme like I wanted, and I don’t have a cheque, I think I’m just gonna hospitalise that fuckin’ Russo on my last day here because I just Goddamn want to, because he’s been cutting my nuts off behind my back”. Just like he did to Jim Ross, just like he did to a lot of people, and he didn’t have the fuckin’ guts to say anything to their face. Oh he’ll argue with me to my face, but the problem is, I wasn’t arguing with him because I didn’t like him. I didn’t like him at that point. There was a time when we rode together; that is no more. But I was arguing with him because I genuinely felt that it was better for business, or for the company, or for the talent involved, that we didn’t do stupid asinine things with them, and make them buffoons and jokes.


So anyway, the answering machine. More people who shall not be named, but who used to be friends with Vince Russo until he moved under cover of darkness out of Connecticut, after giving no notice and just fuckin’ leaving and going to the competitor, people he used to talk to everyday, people he’s supposed to be friends with, they don’t hear from him. They don’t hear from his wife, their wives don’t hear from his wife, they’re just gone. They’re vapour. But as the WWF was going to be in Atlanta, maybe Russo thought he might run into somebody, maybe he had a sudden flash of humanity or conscience, I doubt that, whatever, he left a message on one of their voice mails: “Gimme a call, you know, when you’re in town or whatever.”. And that person happened to be riding in the car with me. And that person happened to work for the WWF. And I happened to say to that person, “You know, I wish I had that motherfuckers number, ‘cause there’s some things I never really got a chance to say to him before I left”. “Well, here’s his number”. “Ok” Must have been his cellphone, because he answered, and it was 11 o’clock at night, it wasn’t 3 o’clock in the morning. I’m driving the car. “Hello?”. I recognised that voice. “Vince Russo?”. “Yeah?”. “Jim Cornette”. He said, “…hey”. I said, “I just wanted…”, see this was after he got sent home the first time. I said, “I just wanted to call you up and congratulate you you f**kin’ piece of shit on getting canned, getting your ass fired, getting sent home for being incompetent you fuckin’ piece of pooh. You cut my Goddamn nuts off for long enough to everybody you could, and tried to get me fired long enough, so how does it feel to know that they finally fuckin’ found out that you Goddamn don’t know what you’re fuckin’ doing. Fuck you.” And then I said, “And if you’d like my fuckin’ home phone number since I’m on a cellphone, bring it up where we can continue this, it’s….” I started to give it to him, and realised he’d already hung up. Well, ok, that’s his privilege. It’s also my privilege, since I still possess that number, to call it the next day. ‘Cause I still had some things I hadn’t said to him. And his voice mail picked up that time, and I said, “You know, by the way, I’d just like to remind you also that you’re the shits, and you’re a Goddamn piece of shit, you’re a liar…” Directed at him. I can’t remember what it was, but it was actually one of the better Jim Cornette tirades, directed at him, at Vince Russo, the human slimeball himself.


He calls the WWF human resources department, that’s supposed to handle shit like, you know, “Don’t call each other names”. I don’t know what the fuck they do, I’m wrestling, I’m not human resources. He told them that I had threatened his children, that I said I wanted to fuck his wife. I’m sorry, I’ve seen Amy, she’s saint to live with the piece of shit, but I wouldn’t’…no. I’m not romantically interested. I didn’t say anything about his kids. His kids are actually some fuckin’ misbehaving hellatomoonin (?) fuckin’ kids. I’m over at Bruce Pritchard’s house one time; he had a little cookout, and some burgers. He said, “Try my hammock”, I said, “I sure will”. I’m lying in the hammock. It’s peaceful, and the trees. These little fucking pricks shot me with one of those Goddamn water machine gun hooked up to a garden hose. I hate kids anyway, truth be honest. Most of them, because they’re all, you know, misbehaving. But anyway. So his kids are unruly kids, but I didn’t say anything about his kids. His kids never did anything wrong to me, besides shoot me with a water gun. I’ll forgive that. His wife’s never done anything to me. I was talking to him, because he’s a piece of shit, that’s fucked me around. So he calls them up, and says that, and tries to get the gut that gave me the number in trouble, because even though he doesn’t work there, he still wants to fuck with everybody else. So Russo’s just a piece of shit on a number of levels. He devalued and destroyed a large part of the credibility of the wrestling business. Every time people turn on Thunder and that Nitro and that senseless…it looks like they edited it in a Mixmaster. And the performances are horrible. They can take talent, and make it no-talent. Like I said, you got Lance Storm in a match, who’s stumbling around like a drunk man. Lance Storm is one of the most graceful people I’ve seen this side of Nureyev. What does that say for yourself? They can’t book a match. They don’t know what a match is. They’ve never had one. They think they’ve had one. They’ve actually had stumble, fumble and fall matches. You know. So anyway, that’s just brief little snippets on how I feel about Russo.

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Guest Pariah

Credit goes to Troy Maskell, a post on the EWB4 board


"I'm Jim Cornette and the views I'm about to express are my own, but as you'll

see they may be yours too. There's a man named Phil Mushnick that writes

columns for the New York Post and for TV Guide. You probably never heard of

Mr. Mushnick, but you should because he has some pretty nasty things to say

about you.  You see, Phil Mushnick hates pro-wrestling and he's not content to

just change the channel. He doesn't want you to be able to watch it either;

not the WWF, WCW, ECW, nothing. For the past several years, Mushnick has lead

a one-man campaign to have the wrestling industry abolished.


Recently when Ted Turner donated one billion dollars to charity, Mr. Mushnick

said the world would be better served if he closed up WCW.  Phil Mushnick is

the man who called for and spearheaded the media and publicity barrage over

the federal indictment of Vince McMahon and the WWF on steroid charges.


Even though McMahon and the WWF were proven totally innocent in a federal

courtroom, Mushnick ignores that fact to this day, and writes his columns as

if it were a fact that they were guilty just so he can continue his one-man

crusade.  He even wrote a column one time about the Madison Square Garden

Network firing Marv Albert, saying the Garden should cancel wrestling matches

too. But Phil Mushnick not only hates wrestling, he hates wrestling fans.

Here's a few things he's had said about you and I quote:


"If not for America's lunatic fringe and the disaffected, WCW would be out of



"If you can tell me that you would bring an important child in your life to a

pro-wrestling event, I have no gripe with you because you clearly don't know

right from wrong."


"The overwhelming majority of the wrestling fans who contact me simply prove my

point by flooding my mailbox with profanities, obscenities, and other acts

that show them to be a distant franchised sub-culture."


Well Mr. Mushnick, I'm a wrestling fan and a lot of the people that read the

New York Post and TV Guide are wrestling fans too, and we don't enjoy being

insulted by publications we pay money to read. We don't appreciate being told

we don't know how to parent our children. We don't want a pompous,

self-righteous man with a grudge, sitting on top of Mount Olympus looking down

his nose at us and campaigning to take away the constitutional right that

every American is guaranteed, the freedom of speech, the freedom of choice,

and the freedom to enjoy whatever entertainment we choose. Those are facts,

Mr. Mushnick. Not rumors, not suppositions, but facts. You ought to try to

deal in them sometime. And I think it's time that the millions of people that

you belittle as subhuman every chance you get, tell the New York Post and TV

Guide what they think of you.


But if this has been going on so long, why am I mad right now? Because recently

Phil Mushnick used Brian Pillman's death to call for another "outcry" against

wrestling and I quote once again:


"The problem is the mainstream media don't look hard enough at pro-wrestling.

Imagine if middle-aged pro-baseball players dropped dead on a regular basis,

this would be page one stuff and a federal inquiry would be launched."


Brian Pillman was a friend of mine. From the time he was born with throat

cancer, he had the courage to undergo 36 different throat operations. He had

the courage to withstand the punishment of pro football and 10 years as a

pro-wrestler. He had the courage to come back from a car wreck that shattered

his ankle, and from a lot of other personal tragedies.


And then one night he went to sleep in a hotel room and he died. And for you,

Phil Mushnick, to use his death as an excuse for another call to action in

your one man vendetta against pro-wrestling is more vulgar and more obscene

than anything that you've ever falsely accused the wrestling industry of being

guilty of. So, on behalf of the wrestling fans, the wrestling industry, the

friends and family of Brian Pillman, and anyone in this country today that

denies any one man the right to force his morals and his beliefs on all of us,

and take away our constitutional rights, on behalf of those people, I say GO

TO HELL, Mr. Mushnick and try to reform things down there, because we're doing

just fine up here without you. I'm Jim Cornette and that's my opinion."




This is Jim Cornette, and the views that I'm about to express are not

necessarily those of anybody else but me. But they oughta be. And as a

matter of fact, they probably are.


You know, a lot of things in the wrestling world make me cranky these days.

Especially the way some talent is treated and some talent is looked at by

not only the promoters but some wrestling fans as well.


For example, a man like Arn Anderson who just had to retire from this sport,

after giving it his entire life, because of some injury he suffered. A guy

like "Nature Boy" Ric Flair, who in my opinion, is one of the greatest

talents in the history of this business. Guys like Mankind, Cactus Jack,

Dude Love, whatever you want to call him. Great talents in the WWF or WCW.


But who gets a lot of the attention, from the wrestling fans especially?

Guys like the NWO, the New World Order. You know, all the fans think these

guys are so cool and so sweeeeet, and so funny. Well, as far as I'm

concerned, the NWO is like a bunch of guys meeting out in the backyard in a

clubhouse in a tree. They're guys who, all they have to do... They go the

easiest job in the world... All they have to do is go out there and be

themselves. Childish, obnoxious, adolescent guys with a case of severe

arrested emotional develpoment, and a fixation on trying to act macho.


You got a guy like Kevin Nash, 40 years old, trying to act like a teenager.

Far as I'm concerned, the biggest "no-talent" in the business. He's got six

moves, no mobility, and enough timing to cover-up for some of it. But what

he does is he goes around and manipulates. Kevin Nash had a multi-million

dollar promotional company, the WWF, push him to the moon to make him a

star, and what does he do? He leaves... After he gives his word he's

staying, so by the way, he's a liar, too... He leaves and he goes to WCW for

a big contract. Why? More on that later.


You got a guy like Scott Hall, who's a good wrestler, but "good" is about

it. He's the best of the bunch. But he had the same million dollar

promotional company make him a star, after being in the business 10 years

without putting three asses in a seat. And what does he do? He goes to WCW

for a big contract. Why? More on that later.


And then you got a guy... Syxx, 1-2-3 Kid, his name's Sean Waltman. Whatever

you want to call him. As far as I'm concerned, the only reason he's employed

is because the other guys think he's funny when he gets drunk and throws up

on himself. He has the distinction, in case you haven't noticed, of being

the only guy since this "wrestling war" got started, that was released from

a valid contract from one company to go to the other side, which shows you

how valuable he is.


You know why they're all employed? Why they're all in the spot they are

today? Because of Eric Bischoff. The boss of WCW, not the NWO. Look at the

credits on the PPV if you can get one for free. The idiot's name is on it.

He's the boss of WCW. He works for Ted Turner. And he throws a billionaire's

money around, just like water, so he can have guys that he likes to hang out



Because, even more than being a mark... Yeah, for his own face and his own

voice... Eric Bischoff is a guy who's a big fan of hanging around studly

guys with long hair and beards, that smoke cigars, and ride Harley's. So

that some of that can rub off on his little pansy-ass frame. So he takes

that billionaire's money, and he throws that around like water to buy guys

that he can hang around, to prove that his "johnson" is bigger than

everybody else's.


And that's the sole reason the NWO guys are employed.


I think, me personally, that it's about time that the wrestling fans and the

promoters, all of them in this business, start recognizing guys like "Nature

Boy" Ric Flair, like Arn Anderson, like Cactus Jack. Guys who bust their

ass. Who work hard, and have ability and talent to get where they are.

Instead of a bunch of guys that get to their spot by hanging around with the

boss and sucking-up.


I'm Jim Cornette, and that's my opinion

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Look for the section of Cornette's shoot where he talks about training Kane and Rick Bogner to be the fake Diesel and fake Razor Ramon.



"Well, Glenn, it looks like you only have to know 5 moves. 6 if you count playing with your hair." - Cornette on how Glenn Jacobs (Kane) could play Diesel

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Guest Pariah

I love the way that he ends a ten minute long diatrabe on him by saying, 'And that's just a brief snippet on how I feel about Vince Russo'

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Also awesome was something I read in the Observer a while back about ICP coming to a show in the Carolinas to start shit with him. Either it was a work or Cornette is quick on the draw with witty remarks. Ths was during a questionaire in front of a crowd.


ICP people: Why don't you give us a mic so we can defend ourselves?


Cornette: They're probably afraid you'll sing.




ICP people: Why do you talk down to ICP? They've released a lot of albums.


Cornette: I don't think "released" is the right word..."escaped" is more like it.

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What was the deal with ICP and Cornette anyways? I heard very little about what was going on between them but I did hear they didn't like each other, just didn't know why. Also is that Cornette shoot the shoot thats being sold on Highspots?

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From what I could see, Highspots is selling the 3 SMW Fan Week Q&A sessions he did in '93, '94, and '95. I've seen the latter two and they are great.


The one in question w/ the Russo tirade was done by RF Video in 2000. He also did one for RF in 2003.

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I know Corny's got a long list of people he doesn't like, but is it right that Ian Rotten's on it? What's the situation there?

Cornette hates the garbage style of wrestling, and sees IWA-MS as that. It really started to get going when the Louisville Eccentric Observer, a free weekly newspaper in Louisville, did a piece on covering IWA-MS, and talked in detail about the violent and bloody matches in IWA-MS. Cornette responded with a letter to the paper that basically said what IWA-MS does isn't wrestling, and don't compare what IWA-MS does to wrestling, because they aren't the same. The next week, Jim Fannin replied and took shots at OVW and Cornette, and it ended there, because Cornette didn't want to respond again, feeling that by doing so he was giving IWA-MS publicity that he didn't want to give them.

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I know Corny's got a long list of people he doesn't like, but is it right that Ian Rotten's on it? What's the situation there?

Cornette hates the garbage style of wrestling, and sees IWA-MS as that. It really started to get going when the Louisville Eccentric Observer, a free weekly newspaper in Louisville, did a piece on covering IWA-MS, and talked in detail about the violent and bloody matches in IWA-MS. Cornette responded with a letter to the paper that basically said what IWA-MS does isn't wrestling, and don't compare what IWA-MS does to wrestling, because they aren't the same. The next week, Jim Fannin replied and took shots at OVW and Cornette, and it ended there, because Cornette didn't want to respond again, feeling that by doing so he was giving IWA-MS publicity that he didn't want to give them.

Ah. So I'm guessing that was a while ago, before Ian changed up the company's style a little and dropped the deathmatches.

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