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SWF Smarkdown Card for February 28, 2005!

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The Smartmarks Wrestling Federation Presents...


(5PM PST, 8PM EST; check local listings)


Send everything to Chuck Woolery


Opening Promo: Martial Law


This is it! This is the last show before From the Fire, where Landon Maddix cashes in his hard-fought Clusterf*ck prize, taking on Toxxic! Numerous other feuds will come to a head. Wild & Dangerous will defend their prized World Tag Team Championships! Scott Pretzler will irritate someone! All this in the legendary, historic and fictitious Kingdome in Fargo, North Dakota! So pull your RV up, park it in the Applewhite-B lot and tailgate, because you’re getting the SMARKDOWN!


As a side note, this is a light show to prep for the pay-per-view. I wouldn’t mind seeing promos.


The Card


Main Event – Non-Title Grudge Match

Toxxic © vs. “Hollywood” Spike Jenkins

~ Former Revolution Zero members collide! After Spike took out Mak Francis, Toxxic asked for a chance to slap some sense into his former underling. Will the Straight-Edge Sensation beat down the native of the awful, awful Long Island, or will he end up blowing Sunshine up his skirt?

Rules: Standard, by request!

Word Limit: 5500

Send To: Chuck Woolery


Martial Law

Martial Law (Landon Maddix and Todd Cortez) vs. Austin Sly and Sean Davis

~ After the ICTV Championship match on Lockdown, these two Martial Law members may have a hard time coexisting. Can Austin Sly, who laid down a challenge to Maddix in the opening promo, parlay this opportunity into a victory? As for Sean Davis, since when does he need an excuse to crack skulls?

Rules: Standard tag rules. This is Smarkdown – use the tag ropes.

Word Limit: 5000

Send To: chirs3


Tag Team Curtain Jerk-O-Rama

Scott Pretzler and “The Dean of Professional Wrestling” Jay Hawke vs. Manson and Alan Clark

~ Tom Flesher saw Jay Hawke’s work and just couldn’t hold back. He had to see Pretzler and Hawke working together, and he had to see them in the cruiserweight environment. Alan Clark and Manson provide an interesting mesh of styles to take them on, and with neither team previously working together, the playing field is level.

Rules: Cruiserweight rules. Throwing an opponent over the top rope is disqualifiable, and if you end up on the outside you have a 20-count to get back in instead of the standard 10. Otherwise, as normal.

Word Limit: 4500

Send To: Ace309

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