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SWF Aftershocks 11-09-2005

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Missing an important match or two from A2A, so that should be going up tomorrow, but I figured I'd just toss this out here now - in an attempt to get back on a somewhat regular schedule, we won't be pushing back Storm, but it'll just be a promo show. Regular wrasslin' will resume on Lockdown.


Send your promos to Justissimo (Justice for short).

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Date was announced. Check the title of the topic. :P


As for the arena - I should have put something. My bad.


Also my bad for confusing the dates - for some bizarre reason I'll never understand, I had it in my head that Storm was supposed to be tonight, not Friday. It was originally supposed to be on Friday.


However, the show will be going up tonight, and Lockdown will be next Wednesday, as usual. That'll give you guys a full week to write for it.


Trust me - you'll need it.


*evil laugh*

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