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Storm losing matches

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At Justice's request. Me and Akira have totally different writing styles, so I can see how that match may have not mashed well. Critiques are appreciated.



Storm shoots out of the gate with a conventional scan of the Savvis Center showing many on their feet shouting. The St. Louis crowd continues to cheer knowing that tonight they’ll see plenty from the Cold Front Classic, along with plenty of blood.


But right now the crowd settles realizing that the first match will be a haunting tag team TABLE match.


The lights in the Savvis center dim as Crusher Destroyer by Mastodon hits. The lights change from there formerly dark state, to various blues and greens and reds, and this informs the hyper crowd that the Raging Bull has arrived!


“And what a way to open up Storm” Pete opens the show with his generic schilling.


“Table match! Where else but SWF Storm?” King helps Pete put over the show


After a moment of intense buildup; Manson emerges from behind the dark curtain leading the fans to immediately shout obscenities toward the hated Manson. Slightly annoyed Manson decides to frighten those in the front row with one of his menacing stares before rolling into the ring.


“Last week Manson came up short in a triple threat match with Zyon and Candace. Tonight he finds himself in a match more toward his style.” Pete announces.


Crusher Destroyer is soon replaced by the southern tune of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Don’t ask me no more questions” hits. Once again the fans are happy to jeer another SWF competitor. After a moment, the Hard…the Ultraviolet champion makes his way in front of a disgusted Savvis Center. Flaunting his muscles and dirty body, the proud hillbilly struts down the ring showing of his prize possession that forms perfectly around his waist. The redneck stares a particular fan down before reaching for a fan’s beverage. Luckily the fan pulls away at the last second…


So Bruce hocks the MOTHER OF ALL LUGIES and showers the front row with his saliva.


“That will teach them Bruce.” The gambling man approves.


“Does this man have any morals? Lately he has done anything and everything to torment Akira Kaibatsu, and even took the time to poke fun at the entire lightweight culture.” Pete obviously disapproves.


Bruce enters the ring showing off both his title, and his prized chain…


“… Blank’s still carrying that chain,” Pete says.



Blank struts forward to talk with his partner for the match, hanging his chain over the turnbuckle. Bruce shakes out his arms, and rolls his neck, as he and Manson discuss strategy.


The camera turns it’s attention over to the SmarkTron, where words fly across the screen.



“I’m Born”





“I’m Alive”




“I Breathe”


Incubus’s Vitamin kicks in over the PA System as the crowd immediately screams at the top of their lungs. The deep chanting from the male audience echoes, as does the female shilling. Before the arena blows it’s top, Zyon strides through the curtain saluting the crazy St. Louis arena.




The crowd cheers as Zyon runs down to the ring, avoiding the dangerous tables on the outside. Reaching the ring apron Zyon flips over the ropes- A little something for the fans.


You stare at me like I'm a vitamin.

On the surface you hate,

but you know you need me.

I'll come dressed as any pill you deem fit.

Whatever helps you swallow truth all the more easily.



Zyon does some classic rock star head banging, but before long the theme is cut short!


“Zyon made his return two weeks ago, and picked up his first win since coming back last week. This week he finds himself in a tag match with his partner being the man with no music.” Pete explains.


“No music? Wow that is just lame….” King is a jerk.


Silence gravitates around the arena before Zyon’s partner, Akira Kaibatsu, walks down the ramp with none of the glitz and glamour.




But the foreign star gets the glamour anyway.


Akira and his manager Mr. Kobe saunter down the ramp, meeting with Zyon when they get in the ring. Both teams continue discussion while the referee gets everything set up to begin the match. The always excellent Funyon grabs a microphone.



“To my right, from Dirty Tornado Trailer Park by way of Mobile Alabama . . . BRUUCE ……… BLAAAAANK!” Funyon booms. “…And his tag team partner, fighting out of Denver Colorado . . . He is the Raging Bull . . . MAAANNNNSOOOOOOOOONN!” Funyon finishes the team.


“And to my left, weighing in at 195 pounds, from Sendai Japan . . . The Divine Wind . . . AKIRAAAAA KAIIIBAAATSUUUUUUU” Funyon loves to do the Japanese names. It adds flavor to his job. “And from Indiana . . . THE UNIQUE YOUTH . . . ZYYYYYYYYYYYYYYONNN” Funyon tries to make the best, of a rather short name, exaggerating the y’s.


The four men stare each other down before the bell rings…








But when it does, the 4 start brawling immediately. Akira and Blank obviously go after each other since Akira hates the redneck devil for everything he has done including getting his nemesis to choke him. And Bruce….well he just loves a good fight.


“And they’re off!” Pete shouts, opening up Storm.


“Pfft. You knew Blank and Akira were going right for each other.”


Zyon and Manson trade blows. Not as much hatred between this one, but Zyon did infact beat Manson last Smarkdown. Zyon hits a forearm, and Manson answers it with an elbow. Zyon goes for another forearm, and Manson ducks it. The Raging Bull clubs the youth on his sore neck before turning his attention over to Akira and SWF’s resident redneck.


Over on the other side of the ring Akira is blasting Bruce Blank with a fury of European uppercuts until Manson steps in. So Akira decides to blast Manson a few times until the numbers begin to get the best of the Divine Wind.


“Manson and Blank are just overpowering the puroresu” King says.


Zyon is soon back to his feet, and jumps in the pile, with a running dropkick that sends 3 men, including his partner to the ground! Akira took the least amount of damage though, and is quickly up. Zyon makes a motion to him to go outside. Akira understands, and the both of them go out on the floor to collect tables.


Akira and Zyon pull out the wood, and shove them under the bottom rope, while Blank and Manson simultaneously get up, so they don’t have time to set up any tables. Blank heads over to Zyon, and clubs him over the neck. Bruce then puts Zyon in a front face lock. Zyon struggles, but the hillbilly behemoth is too strong for Zyon who tastes a vertical suplex from the reigning Ultraviolet champion.


“Woah, first actual wrestling move of the match.” Pete points out.


“And my man Bruce Blanks is the one who lowers the boom!”


Manson jumps right on Akira as he gets in the ring, kicking him. Akira gets up to his knees from the kick, on all fours. Manson wraps his arms around Akira’s waist from the ground, and hurls Akira backwards, for a German suplex!


“There’s an odd German!” King compliments.


Manson and Blank both see their opponents on the ground, and decide to switch. Blank focuses on his Future PPV opponent, and Manson turns to the man that beat him last week. Blank lifts Akira, and begins to throw forearms—the running theme of the match—at Akira. Akira tries to fight back, throwing an elbow at Blank, but there’s no out-brawling Bruce Blank. Blank throws more forearms, and whips Akira into the turnbuckle. Kaibatsu bounces back and . . .









“Blank plants Akira with a powerslam!” Pete calls.


“Bruce really puts some “mustard” behind that one eh?” King responds.



Manson tries to out brawl Zyon, much like Blank did to Akira, but Zyon is much better at fighting back. Manson tries to throw a hook with his left hand, but Zyon manages to duck, and throw kicks at the shin, and legs. Manson tries to throw more punches, but Zyon’s agility helps him avoid them, as he kicks at the lower half of Manson. Zyon hits a toe kick to the gut, and finishes the spot with a arm drag, sending Manson flying!



“Zyon remains elusive as always!” Pete sells.



Zyon turns around, as does Blank, and they see each other, and go after one another. Zyon seems to outsmart Blank though, hitting Zyon’s signature “Snap”, as opposed to Blank’s expected strike battle. This sends Blank flying back a few feet, and the crowd pops big for the kip up.




About this time, Akira gets up, along with Manson. Akira focuses on Manson, and begins to throw knife edged chops his way. Akira then backs out, and gives Manson a swinging chop.




Akira makes the “shhhhh” noise, putting his finger in front of his mouth. He spits in his hands, and rubs. He takes a huge swing . . . but then hits Manson’s chest with little to no force.


“What the hell was that?” King Complains.


“Uhhh . . . I honestly don’t know”



Manson is just as confused as everyone else, but he realizes it’s his turn to go in the Chop Battle, and he wants to pack extra punch in this chop after that mocking. So he takes a Giant backswing . . . which gives Akira time to duck under his hand, and hits a German Suplex!


“Mind games!” Pete cries.


“Not exactly something the young Akira is known for. Glad to see he knows what’s going on in that ring, though. Can’t rely on Kobe for everything.”


“Why, Akira hardly ever relies on Mr. Kobe. We haven’t seen him turn to his manager in a while.”


“He did it last week Pete.” King deadpans


Zyon goes over to the table, and sets it up in the corner. While this happens Akira goes over to Blank, whom he lifts by the hair, and whips him into the corner with the table . . . But Blank pivots his feet so they come to a screeching halt, to avoid going through the table. Zyon tries to lariat Blank through, seeing as they are so close to it, but Blank backs away in time, and Zyon didn’t pack enough punch to break the table.


Blank ignores Zyon, and turns once again to the man he’ll be facing in a Dog Collar match, Akira. Kaibatsu runs at Blank impatiently, and hits a roaring elbow. This would be enough to send Bruce on his ass, but Akira catches him before then, and Irish Whips him into the ropes (It’s about this time Manson gets up from the German Suplex). Blank bounces back, and Akira foolishly tries for a Belly to Belly Suplex, but he obviously can’t lift him. Blank takes control here, and Irish Whips Akira. Akira bounces back, and . . .








“A HUGE Boot from Bruce Blank!” King watches Bruce imprint Akira’s face with his boot’s logo.


Manson and Zyon go at it once more, with Manson beginning to take control of the spot, throwing constant elbows. Manson then plants Zyon down with an STO!



“What an STO from Manson!” King yells.



Bruce Blank goes over to the corner, and gets the table out of there, and sets it up in the middle of the ring. He then lifts Akira, and puts him in a front facelock.


“Not looking good for Akira and Zyon here . . .” Pete worries


Blank keeps the table in front of him, so he’s not going for a suplex.



“Could it be the Blank Bomb through a table?!” King gets excited, over the pain that could be brought to Akira before the match at the PPV. Blank lifts Akira high up into the air, and tries to flips him back down for the Blank Bomb . . . But Akira slips out of his grasp, falling behind him. The fallen Zyon, briefly gets up, and shoves the table out of the ring, saving them from being eliminated, while Manson and Blank have control.


Blank picks up Akira, and wants to finish him, so he stuffs him between his legs, and thrusts upwards.



“Setting up for a huge power bomb . . .” King gets ready for Akira to hit the mat hard from the power bomb.


Blank throws the puroresu down to the canvas, causing it to shake, much like last week with Josh Tupper.


“That’s the second straight show Akira has taken a hard powerbomb,” Pete says.


“We he has to find himself able to avoid them,” King answers.


“He could have serious back problems for a while if he keeps up.”



Blank and Manson then hurry back out of the ring, and reach under the ring, pulling out various weapons. Bruce finds a Trashcan lid, and tosses it over the top. Manson sees a Stop sign, so he tosses it into the ring. This happens to a lot of weapons, including a ladder, (only that was slid under, not thrown over the ring) and a steel chair. But Bruce and Manson finally dig through to find a table. They toss it in.


“A wide variety of weapons in the ring now” Pete seems curious as to what they might use those for in a tables match,


“Well, it’s gonna get ugly now.”


Manson takes his table, and sets it up strangely in the corner. Not leaning against a turnbuckle, but to the side, leaning on a rope. Blank is still beating on Akira, now with the trash can lid. Several “doink” type noises come out from Akira’s body, and he shakes with each blow, but not moving otherwise. When the trashcan lid is unable to cause as much damage as Blank would like, he moves on to the stop sign, and he repeats this, as Manson watches, trying to encourage Blank to follow him to the table. After a few shots, Blank finally comprehends Manson, and the throws him over to the corner.



Manson punches furiously at the gut of Akira, and Kaibatsu doubles over in pain, as if he had some digestive sickness. Manson shoves Akira down, so he is sitting in the corner, with the side of his head leaning against the table.




The crowd excels in sudden excitement as Manson runs across the ropes, bounces off, and . . .















“Manson just drives Akira through that table with a running facewash…good lord!” Pete declares.


“That…was….awesome!!!!” King is all smiles.


“Holy Shit!!!


The arena goes mad as the Divine Wind starts to have violet convulsions before rolling lifelessly out of the ring. Blank and Manson celebrate as they turn their attention toward Zyon who has gone missing??? Manson though receives a special award for finding the youngster.


This gift comes in the wrapping of a spring board flying forearm that smashes into the face of the man he beat last week.




Manson falls to the mat as Zyon springs back to his feet, but immediately has a Singapore Cane swung in his direction from the Ultraviolet champion. Lucky for Zyon, Bruce is not a quiet person, so the youth simply rolled out of the way and waited, before leaping into the air…




“Bruce had that scouted…” Pete whimpers.


As Zyon floats into the air Bruce delivers a painful cane shot to the gut of the former hardcore champion. Gasping for air, Zyon rolls around on the mat realizing that he may be without Akira Kaibatsu for quite some time.


“Hey would yer get up.”


Blanks takes the time to yell at his fallen partner before having his breath extinguished from his body because of a Zyon LOW BLOW!


“Hey that’s cheating!” King yells.


“ARE YOU KIDDING ME? God you are such a hypocrite.” Pete can’t believe what he just heard.


Blank searches for his lower region while making hilarious facial expressions fit for a literal suicide king. Moments later, The Singapore cane drops from the quivering hand of Bruce, which leads to Zyon picking the devastating pole up.




The crowd cheers as the arrogant Unique Youth performs a ninja twirl with the cane before launching it toward the defenseless head of Blank…ONLY TO GET SPEARED BY MANSON!!!!




The crowd echoes as Zyon’s body almost gets chopped in half by the massive spear. The hillbilly lowlife for once in his life may actually be thankful, but would rather forget he needed help and instead proceed to KILL Zyon! Bruce exits weapon filled ring before returning with yet another table while Mr. Kobe continues to try and revive Akira. Bruce sets the table up in the turnbuckle, which seems to be a favorite spot for BRUCEOSITY!!!!


Oh yeah I went there.


On the opposite corner of the ring Manson is brawling with Zyon who is still reeling from the out of nowhere spear.




Right hook…




Elbow to side of the head…






Painful chop to the chest.


“Zyon is taking a beating, and I love it.” King declares.


Manson steps away as Zyon swaggers from the turnbuckle before being DECAPITATED by a running clothesline that causes the Unique Youth to perform a three sixty twirl before falling to the mat. Bruce begins to lift Zyon by the hair off the mat, but Manson the Stampede steps in front of the Ultraviolet champion. Bruce slowly retreats, but not out of fear. The trailerpark living redneck has no honor or morals, but he knows that Manson is the one to destroy Zyon. Bruce though does grab the table for the turnbuckle and places it in the center of the ring for a possible “Mansonality.” Manson immediately lifts Zyon from the mat and EATS A EUROPEAN UPPERCUT!!! The Unique Youth fires off lefts and rights toward his adversary while Bruce Blank watches on, waiting for the time to strike.


And that time is now.


Blank sneaks up behind the energetic youngster before simply clubbing the youth in the back of the neck.




Zyon takes the blow with class as he fires right back with an elbow to the Ultraviolet Bruce Blank! Dazed, the trailer park messiah attempts to shake off the cobwebs just in time to notice a body hurling toward him. That body would belong to Zyon who attempts a cross body, and connects! The connection however works out better for Blank that it does for the young cruiserweight.




“That was quite the power slam.” King recognizes.


Angered, The Raging Bull lifts Zyon to his feet and places him in a standing head scissor before lifting the youth in a dangerous power bomb position. Zyon easily recognizes that his body is hovering over the unforgiving wood, but the power slam may have sealed the youth’s fate since Zyon is having a brutal time countering the move. Manson takes a step toward the table as Zyon has given up all hope and is already thinking about what injuries this wreck is sure to cause.











Suddenly the Divine Wind slides into the ring and with a daring leap places a weak, but effective shoulder to the gut of Manson…saving Zyon from a match ending collision with the table. The youth falls to the mat back first, as Akira slowly rises to his feet, still feeling the effect of having his face broken through a table. Breathing heavily, Akira understands that he is fighting a losing battle as both Manson and his rival Bruce Blank stare him down.


“You’re dead…”


Blank mutters as he takes a step toward the Divine Wind…




Akira throws a desperate buzz saw kick toward the head of Bruce, but the hardcore redneck easily ducks out of the way. With Akira off balance and his back turned to his opponents, Manson charges the man who came from Sendai. Licking his lips Manson can only imagine the damage he can do to a defenseless young puru wrestler.


The answer…not much.


Manson stupidly leaves himself wide open not believing that Akira just delivered a high roundhouse to his face. Clutching his face Manson once again leaves himself over for a standing front dropkick reminiscent to Zyon’s snap dropkick, but the difference is that it’s KENTA STYLE…fools. The impact behind the front dropkick knocks Manson back into the turnbuckle leaving Bruce to drop Akira with a running shoulder tackle…period.


“Bruce just dropped Akira with once of the meanest looking shoulder blocks I’ve ever seen.” Pete oversells a simple move.


While Blank celebrates his accomplishment, Zyon of all people begins to secretly communicate with Mr. Kobe. Suddenly the manager of Kaibatsu sets a table up on the outside of the ring. The Unique Youth picks himself up to his feet before having to dodge a Bruce Blank lariat. Zyon takes a step back and fires off a super kick that connects…with the hands of Blank.


“I gotcha now you little…”




Before Blank can finish, Zyon places his free foot into the back of Blank’s head dropping the Road Warrior influenced wrestler to his knees. Suddenly, Akira comes sprinting forward with chair in hand…






The crowd celebrates as they watch Akira drop Blank with a leaping dropkick into the chair, which crashes into the face of Blank!


“Whoa dude….” King hisses.


“That was incredible!” Pete shouts.


Finally the team of the lightweights has taken control…but only for the moment as Manson charges for out of the turnbuckle, and gets tag team back body dropped over the ropes…AND TO THE FLOOR…dang! Manson the Stampede being the tough bastard he is rises to his feet quickly signaling the cruiserweight duo to sprint off the opposite ropes and fire off a duo baseball slide that places four feet into the face of Manson knocking The Raging Bull lifelessly on the table!!!!


“Oh shit, this is not a good place for Manson to be.” King explains the obvious.


Mr. Kobe immediately leaves the perimeter as Akira drops down on all fours next to the ropes as Zyon looks out into the cheering crowd.




And that unmistakable sound is all that it takes for Zyon to sprint off the opposite ropes and dash back leaping off of the back of his partner…


…Zyon floats through the air gracefully performing no twirls or flips before landing back first on to Manson SENDING THE RAGING BULL THROUGH THE TABLE!!!!




“Holy shit!!!”


The crowd chants in unison as Zyon and Manson lay in the heap of the destroyed table.


“Oh my god King, Zyon just sacrificed his body to even the score.” Pete celebrates.


“Oh my…now if Bruce goes through a table that means Zyon and Akira will win. C’mon guys you have to put Zyon through a table.” King sounds worried.


Both Zyon and Manson lie motionless on the outside while Akira being the inexperienced wrestler he is, actually celebrates while Blank can only watch with an expressionless look on his face. Blank begins to chuckle as Akira turns around to meet the man he must face in a dog collar match…a match that Bruce picked himself.


Consider this a preview.


“Don’t be scared Akira, you can do it.” Pete cheers the other youth on.


“Let’s Go Akira!!!”


The Savvis Center cheers, as Akira’s body motion is that of slight intimidation. Akira currently has lost all anger that has been built up, all because his time has tied the score up.


Surely, the powerful good ole’ boy can change Kaibatsu’s emotion.


The redneck extremist charges Akira who rolls away from the stronger Bruce Blank. Hopping back to his feet, Akira strikes Bruce with a sharp kick to his leg.




Blank clutches his leg, but can only smile knowing that the strikes will only slow him down, but for Akira that’s all he needs.




The Divine Wind fires off another nasty kick to the leg…
















And finally a buzz saw kick to the face sends Blank to the mat!!!!




The crowd appreciates Akira’s feverish attempt to keep his team competitive. Fatigued and still feeling the effects from having his face obliterated via being smashed through a table, Akira takes a moment to rest. This moment is all that it takes for Bruce to turn zombie and rise from the canvas. No longer intimidated, Akira with the soul of a true warrior fires off ANOTHER kick….


…And Blank catches his opponent’s dangling foot. Grinning from ear to ear, the redneck titan reels the Japanese fish in, and lifts him above his head in a press slam position. No matter how fatigued Blank is he finds the strength to humiliate the cruiserweight division.


And this time is no different.


“Look at him, he’s benching Akira like he’s nothing.” Pete is astounded.


“I would boast here, but the guy can’t way more than your standard writing utensil.” King scoffs.


Blank continues to rep Akira who is defenseless in this situation. After the ninth rep Bruce pulls Akira down and launches the cruiserweight HIGH into the air until the sick sound of a belly smack is heard through out the arena!!! Bruce quite pleases with himself notices that a table is still in the ring, and lifts the Divine Wind to his feet…


…Only to arrogantly pie face him back down to the mat. The uber heelish Blank exits the ring?


“What is he doing?” Pete questions.


Pete’s question is soon answered once Blank grabs another random table and pushes it into the ring. Mr. Kobe can only look on in fear for his client and friend, while the menacing heavyweight re-enters the ring. The grin across Blank’s face has faded, and now it is quite apparent that Bruce may not let Akira make it to the PPV. Before Bruce forces his attention toward the table, he first places a stop sign on the mat before pulling Akira to his feet. On spaghetti legs, Akira can only imagine what Bruce wants to do while he finds himself being pulled into a front face…


…And then the lights go out.




The crowd echoes as Blank drops a DIRRRRTY DDT on his cruiserweight rival spiking Akira’s head into the dreaded stop sign.


“And that “ohmygoddon’tkillAkiraBruceyoubastard” Pete is what we true villains like to call an insurance policy. You see with Akira unconscious there is no way he will be able to find away to NOT go through the table.” King brings the heel knowledge.


Bruce sets the new table on top of the old, and once again forces Akira back to his feet.






The crowd starts to cheer, which immediately gives Blank the impression that he is finally getting through to these rich punks in St. Louis.



“King look…”


Before Pete can finish his sentence the camera along with Blank can visibly acknowledge that Zyon is perched on the top rope with chair in hand…and he subsequently leaps off the turnbuckle bringing the chair with him…






Zyon staggers backward after he BLASTS Blank with a SHOTGUN CHAIRSHOT that immediately busts Blank WIDE OPEN! Some in the crowd are disgusted, while many LOVE it.


For Bruce it’s just another day in the mobile home.


Blank drops to one knee as Zyon is visibly amazed that the Ultraviolet champ is still conscious. The Unique Youth tosses the chair at Blank who instinctively caught it…uh oh. Zyon bounces off the ropes and DODGED A MANSON SPEAR!!!!


“Look Pete Manson’s alive.” King screams.


However, Manson also goes shoulder first into the steel ring post! Manson though in an awkward way did do his job as Blank with chair still in hand swings said chair and blasts Zyon in the back!






The young Zyon shouts as he drops to both knees. Bloody and beaten, Bruce Blank lifts the chair in the air looking to strike Zyon down with furious vengeance.




Before Blank can finish the cruiserweight off, Akira surprises everyone in the Savvis Center by stopping Blank with a low blow….KENTA STYLE…ok maybe not KENTA style, but still. Blank drops the chair as Akira pushes the top table off the bottom one, which Mr. Kobe sets in the turnbuckle. Referee Nick Soapdish immediately orders the manager out of the ring, and he quickly obliges. Akira quickly grabs Blank in a reverse waist lock and TRIES WITH ALL HIS MIGHT to put Blank through the table with a German suplex, but Blank is too big and Akira is too damn hurt. Blank easily breaks Akira’s grip and turns to wrap his hand around the throat of his nemesis.


“Choke Slam, King!!”


Well that WAS the idea.


Zyon recovers dropping Blank with a chop block on the leg that has been the victim of many Kaibatsu strikes. Blank drops to the mat as Manson emerges from the corner and picks the bloody chair off the ground and SLAMS it into the back of Zyon dropping the youth to the mat instantly! Manson then sets high sights on Akira as he swings it toward the Japanese import…




Akira dodges, but Blank is not so lucky. The Ultraviolet champ falls to the mat motionless while Manson feeds on a ROARING ELBOW!! The Raging Bull takes the full front of the dreaded elbow, which knocks him out of the ring!!! Akira with his eyes glazed looks down on a bloody Bruce before lifting the dead weight and slipping him on the table.




The crowd goes insane as nothing can stop Akira now except…Blank of course. Akira heads toward the turnbuckle, but Blank begins to set up.


“Is he a robot?”


“God I hope not, our last one was obsolete if I may says so.”


Akira with one last explosion of RAGE spins 180 degrees and blasts Blanks down with a ROOOOOARING ELBOW…WILLIAMS STYLE…now what. Blank falls back to the table as Akira quickly ascends the turnbuckle and takes a moment to analyze his rival…


…Before leaping off with a SENTON BOMB…KILLING BLANK DEAD!!!!!










The crowd erupts after watching a terrific tables match.


“He did it. Akira finally got the best of Blank!” Pete is enjoying himself.


“Hmph. Pete you forget they will meet one more time at the PPV. And let me tell you, mark my words. Blank will make Kaibatsu pay.” King is awfully cryptic.


No music plays as both Akira and Mr. Kobe can only stare down the evil carcass of Bruce Blank who will indeed live to fight another day. But tonight…




…It’s a good day to be a certain vengeful Japanese cruiserweight.


Commercial….KENTA STYLE!

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I <3 all the KENTA mentions, but you seem to hiave mis-interpreted the KENTA STYLE dropkick.



"Manson stupidly leaves himself wide open not believing that Akira just delivered a high roundhouse to his face. Clutching his face Manson once again leaves himself over for a standing front dropkick reminiscent to Zyon’s snap dropkick, but the difference is that it’s KENTA STYLE…fools."



KENTA style dropkick is springboard. That may be one reaosn. good match though dude, we were close.

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That was quite an excellent match... KENTA STYLE!! I can see how it was a close call, next time it may just come out to your advantage instead *thumbs up*

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