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Yahoo! Fantasy Golf Head-to-Head League Invitation

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I'm not sure if anyone on this message board plays Yahoo! Fantasy Golf, but I thought I'd put out an advertisement for those who might be interested.


This is the second season my head-to-head league on Yahoo! Sports. Last year's league had 36 teams and was fiercly competitive throughout. Here is the league ID/password to gain access:


ID: 2289

Password: shark


Here is what the league schedule looks like:


*Pod-matching play based on win-loss records for the first five weeks (ex. 2-0 teams play other 2-0 teams, 0-2's play 0-2's, etc.) to break the league into divisions based on records.


*Two full rotations of division play to crown division champions and prepare for division tournaments (think conference tournaments in the NCAA)


*At least three rotations of play between divisions


*Division tournaments starting in week 30 or 31 of the season. The brackets are based on how well a team's division record is. The winners of the division tournaments get the top seeds in the league championship tournament.


*Last six weeks of the season sees the mammoth SINGLE-ELIMINATION LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP tournament where ALL TEAMS qualify and are seeded as follows:


1-Division winners seeded by overall record

2-Regular season division winners who did not win their division tournament seeded by overall record

3-The rest of the teams are seeded by their overall record to that point


Finally, players compete for three "titles" during the year:


*United Cup: Awarded to the team who wins the league championship tournament


*Kierk Trophy: Awarded to the team that has the most points accumulated through all 40 weeks of the season


*Buick Cup: Awarded to the team with the most wins during all 40 weeks of the season (includes regular season, division tournament play, and league championship play).


Join now!

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Yeah..uh..I know next to nothing about Golf and its the only fantasy sport (I Really didnt even know they did Fantasy Golf) I havent done..I've even Done Fantasy Nascar and Hockey..


But it sounds pretty interesting...but I think Im passing.

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It's probably not you, but naming the trohpy after yourself? Not bad at all...


I'm in.


Haha, I just name it the Kierk trophy after my grandfather who taught me golf.


As far as how to play Fantasy Golf it works like this:


*You pick various golfers out of a list of categories (A, B, C) every week for a particular tournament. Yahoo! has you pick two golfers out of category A, four from those listed in B, and two from C. Also, a golfer can only be "started" ten times during the season so in other words, you may want to save Tiger for the four majors & two stroke play WGC events instead of the Buick tournaments.


*You have to "start" golfers from each category for every round of a tournament. For example, you have to start one golfer out of the two you chose for category A, two of the four you chose for B, and one of the two you chose for C.


*Yahoo! gives you points based on each golfer's performance per round at a tournament. If a player has the best score of the round they get 20 points for you. If they are second best they get 18 pts. for you. Third best is 16 pts., etc. Also, golfers can earn "bonus" points for placing 1st (+20 bonus pts.), 2nd (+10 bonus pts.), and 3rd (+5 bonus pts.) at the tournament.


*You can change out players in each category after each round has concluded, but you can only rotate players you have already selected. For example, if you chose Tiger Woods & Vijay Singh in category A, started Tiger for the first two rounds and he misses the cut, you can only rotate in Vijay and NOT choose another golfer from category A b/c you chose your 8 golfers before the tournament started (2 in A, 4 in B, 2 in C).


*Yahoo! adds up all of your points at the end of the tournament and that's your team's score for the week and that is the score I compare to another team to determine who wins/losses.


Finally, Yahoo! Golf is very in-depth for a season as it spans 40 weeks. You have to know what are players best tournaments so you don't waste their starts on terrible ones. Also, when you have to pick for cruddy tournaments like the Chrysler Classic @ Greensboro it can be crazy trying to find quality golfers to pick for that week.

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