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"Peter MacDougal?"


SWF play-by-play announcer Longdogger Pete, just exiting the Hilton Arena in Ames, Iowa, eyes the suited stranger suspiciously. "Yes?"


"Can I have a moment of your time, please?" asks the suit.


"Only a moment, I'm afraid," Pete replies. "I've got to catch a plane to Nebraska tonight, to prepare for Lockdown. You aren't a member of the press, are you?"


"No, sir," the suit answers. "I'm here at the request of your ex-wife, Abigail."


Pete groans. "What does she want this time? More money?" He glances around, a little distracted.


"No, Mr. MacDougal, you don't understand. I'm very sorry to tell you this... but Abigail MacDougal has passed away."


At this, the man in the suit gets Pete's full attention. "She what?"


"There were complications with her last surgery, sir. She did not survive."


"My God..." Pete trails off, his eyes beginning to tear up. "I didn't know."


"You could not be reached when it happened," the stranger explains. "You were out of the country, in Saudi Arabia. After the service was held, it became necessary to track you down. It was in Ms. McDougal's will that you be given this."


He hands Pete a manila envelope, which Pete quickly opens. Inside is a DVD disc. "What is it?"


"All I know is that it's a video she recorded for you just prior to her passing. I suggest you watch it."


Pete just nods as he holds up the disc, still in shock.


"I'm very sorry for your loss, sir," says the man in the suit before backing away.


* * * * *


He plays the disc just hours later, on a laptop aboard the plane bound to Omaha. Abigail's face stares back at him. She lies in a hospital bed as she records her message, and the years have not been kind to her, but her face retains its natural elegance remembered by Pete over the years.


"Pete," says Abigail. "I know it's been a long time since we've spoken. I'm going in for surgery tomorrow, and I'm told there's a chance I may not survive. If that's the case... I wanted you to know that I never forgot you, and I hope that you never forget me.


"There's more you need to know. Some time ago, my son, Ethan, asked about his father, and I told him all about you. I told him about the man I knew and married, the lifestyle you chose that set us apart, and the name you've made for yourself. I told him everything. He's been curious about you for a long time, Pete. Recently he came to tell me that he was planning to meet you. He's looking for you now, Pete, and I don't think it will be long before he finds you."


Once again, a stunned look falls over Pete's face as a harsh truth dawns on him for the first time.


"...I have a son?"

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