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As some of you might know (and those who don't, prepare to laugh), I ams teh living with parents. My dad is a professor who teaches an uber-early class, which means he goes to bed early, and since the computer room is right next to his room (and since we have loud, creaky hardwood floors and a keyboard that isn't QuietkeyOMG), he requests (through threat of raised rent) that I be off by midnight.


It is a rare day when shows are up before midnight, as you all know. Even rarer still when cards are up before midnight.


I'm missing a few things, and there are secret meetings that need to take place for secret decisions of spooky evilness to be made, so chances are the show will be up tomorrow morning. I say "chances are" because, you know, I might get the stuff before midnight, in which case, Yay! I'll do my best to get what I can up on time, but if not, you have been advised.


Regardless of when the show goes up, Storm will be on Saturday instead of Friday (to make up the day we lost by SD being late). We will then return to the regular schedule.


We apologize for any inconvenience.


But not sincerely.



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lol, sorry Spike.


Mountain Standard.


This won't normally be a problem, as he teaches M/W/F. Usually this stuff goes up Monday night, when I can stay on as long as I damn well please. It's just the delay and all that forced this.


And any PPV's I'm posting will suffer too, so chances are I won't be posting any PPV's. :P

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Didn't we go over this before, Chris?


Just tell them that you have to post a show for your fake internet wrestling federation, and you don't give a damn what they say. As I mentioned previously, wave a gun around, or powerbomb either parent through a table.

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