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SWF AftershoXxXXXXxxXxXxXx Card!

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The Smartmark's Wrestling Federation Presents...



(7:00pm PST, 10:00pm EST; check local listings)


We've stumbled around the northern midwest for long enough! With From the Fire 2k6 in the books, it's now time to kick off the SWF's HELL OR HIGH WATER Southern Tour! It starts tonight in New Mexico - from here, we'll be moving East, hitting all the important southern states before winding up in Florida - just in time for BATTLEGROUND!




The Main Event - Ultraviolent Championship Match

Bruce Blank © vs. Michael Cross ©


---> AftershoxXXxXXXxxx's Main Event (and only match, really) - Michael Cross was named #1 Contender to the Ultraviolent Title a few short weeks ago, and tonight is his shot! But is he in any condition to compete after TLC, especially with only 2 days to rest? With Bruce Blank, no less? Let's hope so...



Word Limit: 4500

Send to: Justice




El Luchadore Magnifico may be the most dominant World Champ we've ever had, but he's also become a repeat victim of THE MAJOR UPSET! Three years ago, TNT flipped off the odds and took the belt from Magnifico at this very PPV - and now Wes Davenport, an even bigger underdog, has done the exact same thing! I have no doubt we'll be hearing from the champ come Aftershoxx - will we be hearing from the ex-Champ as well?


PLUS! Wildchild finally stops Jay Hawke's title reign dead in its tracks, and the Asia Underground snatch Tag Team Gold in TLC! Hopefully we'll be hearing from our new champions about their wins, and future plans!


And lastly, Insane Luchadore bested Wayne Blank in the Ultraviolent Ladder Match, securing himself a guarenteed shot at Bruce! Tonight, the contract is signed!




Opening Promo: Kevin Coyo-tay!!




(Send all promos, marked matches, etc. to Justice...)


Yes, THURSDAY. In order to get the schedule back on track after the Lethal Lottery derailed everything, we're keeping Aftershoxx as bareboned as possible - after this show, we're back on regular rotation (Smarkdown on Monday). Check the dates thread if you don't believe me. :P


Anyways, go get your promo on!


EDIT: ALSO NOTE - For this show, we're keeping Comet/King for commentary if you need them, while we sort out the commentator stuff. We should have an actual decision regarding commentary when the Smarkdown card goes up.

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There will be a Bruce Blank / Insane Luchador contract signing as a result of the From the Fire results (that you'll see once it's edited in)


so tune in for that - I don't have a preference so if someone else wants the opening spot they should definitly go for it :D

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Guest OKCoyote

Yeah, that's right, I call opening promo.


New World champ? New International champ? Means nothing to me.


You want it? I'll arm-wrestle you for it.

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P.S. Where is Bruce? Good golly, dude, hit me back with a PM!
Between 11PM and 6AM my time I'm usually asleep and thus cannot reply to PM's (I don't sleep-surf ;) )

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