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rising up out of the back seat-nuh

Random PMs

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You think we could call a cease-fire here? You're owning me pretty badly, my feelings are starting to get hurt.


Dude, I'm just talking trash. Don't take it personally.


I'm actually starting to get legit pissed, which is entirely irrational.


RoyalBlue is an admin at UGS. That should be enough for you to go with...


Malibu?? Jesus....that's terrible...



Man, I honestly didn't appreciate you crawling so far up my ass. It was irritating, I gave you several opportunities to back off since I wasn't really feeling it yet you kept attacking. I banned you from UGS to make you nkow that I knew it was you fucking around with me. I'll unban you, but I'm not exactly down with your new persona at all.


Haha, man.


Try a different avenue. People are just getting aggrevated. Picking on me is passe as everyone does it. Its boring to everyone, including me. If you are really bored, go nuts on Zack or CWM - someone people likes.


I just think your whole act right now kinda sucks...and everyone agrees. Switch it up.


was that enough to give you a giggle or two because I'm bored now.




You said I was boring when I'm not acting like a cunt. Well here's me blowing my gasket for the sheer purpose of entertaining you and people like you. Enjoy.


Hey chavito, I got a request for your amazing porn thread. TRITEC is all worried about being used and abused like the other girls, so whenever you get to her, could you please pull a SWERVE and put her in some sort of tasteful romantic type story with myself instead? (If it MUST include an icky cumshot, ending it with one as a surprise punchline would be appropriate.) K thanx, I've been busting a nut, er, I mean, busting a gut reading this stuff.

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awesome, you got some of Banky's PM's.

You should drop the apostrophe and capitalize the S.


Just niskie's $0.02

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This thread is not complete until we submit our Upright Man PMs




What do you think of me?





Two Tuff Toddy is not and has never been two tuff already.


Remember Toddy, the ninth circle of Hell is reserved for betrayers. Think about it…


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