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Guest Edwin MacPhisto

* SJL Stats Thread, June 2nd *

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Guest Y2K

Smarks Board Name: Y2K

Wrestlers Name: "The Rising Sun" Y2K

Height: 6'4

Weight: 1'80

Hometown: Cheshire,CT

Age: 22

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: None

Ring Escort: Joe Barchini, a former male model and weightlifter. He was Fabeo's stunt double. He did all the risky scenes like

the ones where they butter the bread. They let Fabeo hold the butter knife once before and that's why he a glass eye. He is

50% Greek and 50% Canadian. Thanks to that, he has amateur and pro wrestling running in his blood.


Weapon(s): Razor claw (Weapon Vega uses in street fighter.)

Quote: It's a fair trade off, I've got your money in my pocket and you've got my face on your T-shirt.

Looks: Has spiked bright red died hair, wears a vega mask and many different japanese silk surcoats down to the ring. But

takes them off right before the matches and wrestles in normal wrestler attire.

Ring Entrance: I come down to the ring to the song "A little doubt goes a long way" By Reel Big Fish.




Strength: 5

Speed: 5

Vitality: 5

Charisma: 5


Style: Fast-Uses many high flying moves. Very big on Mexican and Japanese moves. Does not use a lot of holds and


Uses powerful slamming moves and acrobatics instead.


Signature moves:


Description: The attacker stands behind the opponent, applies a Cobra Twist / Abdominal Stretch -like position, and grabs the

opponent's wrist underneath their legs. The attacker then lifts and throws the opponent backward so that they land face-first.

This is a variation of the Stretch Buster ("Pump Handle Slam" to Americans) in which the attacker drops the opponent in front

of him/her self. The Kentucky Bomb (Stretch Bomb) is another such variation.



Description: Etsuko Mita is the originator of the Death Valley Bomb. The attacker places the opponent over her shoulder in a

fireman's carry position, and then drops to the side so that they land on their head or back of their neck. Mita would sometimes

also hold it as a pin.



Description: The attacker dives onto an opponent who is standing outside of the ring.



Description: The attacker swings her leg high in the air and kicks the opponent on the shoulder or head with the bottom of her

foot. It is done this way by Michiko Ohmukai (as shown) and Mima Shimoda. Another commonly used version of this move,

particularly in America, is when the opponent is bent over and the attacker jumps up beside them, hitting them in the back of

the head/neck with the back of his knee.



Description: The attacker climbs to the top rope and waits for the fallen or dazed opponent to get to their feet (but not standing

straight up yet). He then dives off and lands her knee on the back of their head to take them down.



Description: This is the variation of the Hurricanrana (Hurricane Hold, originating from Mexico) in which the attacker stands on

the apron and waits for the fallen or dazed opponent to get to their feet. The attacker then jumps up to the third rope and

bounces forward toward the opponent. The attacker's legs grab hold of the opponent's head by wrapping around it, and she

falls backward in order to flip the opponent over and onto their back. After landing, the attacker often hooks the opponent's

legs in order to pin them. This move is often used by such high flyers as Rey Misterio Jr. and Dragon Kid in the men's




Description: Made famous by Hayabusa (Eiji Ezaki), the attacker stands on the top rope facing a fallen opponent who lies

face-up perpendicular to the corner. The attacker somersaults forward and lands on the opponent in a pinning position. Also

often used by Scorpio, of AJPW, WWF, and WCW fame.



Description: This move is best described as a moonsault in which the attacker twists around in midair, and aims to land her

back on the fallen opponent, similarly to a senton.



Description: While the opponent is standing outside of the ring, the attacker stands on the apron facing toward the inside of the

ring (away from the opponent). The attacker then jumps onto the middle rope (or third rope in the case of Ayako Hamada, as

shown) and bounces up into a back flip that lands on the opponent to take them down.



Description: The attacker places the opponent on the top rope so that both face the corner toward the outside of the ring. The

attacker then performs a Tiger Suplex (hooking the arms from behind and throwing them backward) from this position.


Common moves:

School Boy

Russian Leg Sweep

Back Lariat

Atomic Drop

Shoulder Breaker

Back Drop

Head Lock Punch

Toe Kick

Knee Crusher





Scoop Slam

Arm Wrench

Power Bomb

Manhattan Drop

Pump Handle Powerbomb

Running Neckbreaker




Enter The Dragon-

Dragon Suplex Hold

Description: The attacker applies a full nelson (hooking arms with elbows and placing hands behind the neck; from behind) and

falls backward into a bridged pin similar to that of a German Suplex, but with the opponent landing on the back of their neck



A play on words (2 for 1). I start out by double arm ddting my opponent on to the mat. Then I perform a lionsault off the ropes

and land it on my opponent. I then end it with a pin.

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Guest BigTim2002

The Steak Sauce Covered Bastard has updated his stats. Read on. And all your titles are belong to T-Bone, or something like that.


Smarks Board Name: BigTim2002

Wrestlers Name: T-Bone

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 275 lbs.

Hometown: Sonoma, CA

Age: 17

Face/Heel: Bad-ass face.

Stable: None, for now...

Ring Escort: Nobody

Weapon(s): Kendo Stick, APPLE PIE OF DOOM, and of course, the A-1 Steak Sauce

Quote: "You are my A-1 Steak Sauce BITCH!"


Looks: I have a very unique look. I have a mushroom haircut, and my physique isn't the greatest. I have a slick nylon singlet, with black stripes up and down over dark green. I have knee striking boots, like Rob Van Dam, and I have a taped left wrist, as it is an old injury that hasn't healed. I have a stoic look on my face, as if I can't feel pain or pleasure. My noticable feature? An A-1 steak sauce bottle that's tattoed on my right arm.


Ring Entrance (CHANGED!): The lights dim, and the first bell rings for AC/DC's "Hell's Bells." The SWFTron shows T-Bone hitting a Tiger Driver '91 on Kojack to win the TV Title, T-Bone accepting the title, and then T-Bone spitting out his A-1 Steak Sauce into the camera. The lights flash, and I come out from the back, as the crowd cheers in approvement. I strut down to the ring, because I can. I enter the ring, and reach into the pocket of my leather jacket. Inside, the A-1 Sauce bottle. I take a swig, toss it to the crowd, and then jump to apron, looking to the crowd. I spit it out, HHH style, and climb into the ring, waiting for my opponent.




Strength: 5-I can throw people around.

Speed: 5-I may weigh 275 pounds, but I have very good agility because of my football background.

Vitality: 5-I can go for an hour and still be OK.

Charisma: 5-I am the JTTS king, and people LOVE me for it!


Style: I'm impactful, like the Puro workers. That's the equivalent of the workrate freak. I'm a technical wrestler, who can work powerfully and take to the air. Lots of power in that frame.


Signature moves (CHANGED!) :

1. Thunder Fire Powerbomb: It's an impactful move, and can do a lot of damage to the person's back.

2. High Angle German Suplex Hold: Almost a stalling German Suplex. I get him in the German Suplex position, lift him vertically, and then finish the Suplex with a bridge.

3. Fisherman Buster: It's another impactful move that makes the crowd happy. Of course, the opponent is dropped ON the head.

4. A-1 Special: Backdrop, but instead of dropping them on their back, I twist them and hit a Diamond Cutter.

5. Super Hangman's Neckbreaker: It's the SWANK super neckbreaker that D-Von does. My opponent is sitting on the top rope with his back to the ring, and I take him and deliver the neckbreaker.

6. Crippler Crossface (submission): It torques the neck.

7. Miracle Ecstasy Bomb: A Chokeslam sit-out Powerbomb. Tremendous torque on the back.

8. T-Bone Driver: The Viagra Driver (pumphandle into the Michinoku Driver)

9. Shining Wizard: My opponent is starting to get up after I knock him down, and then I run towards him, jump off his knee with one leg and bring my knee across his face with the other.

10. Brainbuster: The "I'm sorry I stole your finisher, Tom" brainbuster.


Common moves (CHANGED!)

1. Dangerous Backdrop: Backdrop Suplex dropped on the back of the opponents head. The announcers say it as "DANGEROUS BACKDROPPAH"

2. Classic Spinebuster: Arn Anderson's. The best ever.

3. Strutting Fistdrop: Oh, c'mon! A little old school never hurt!

4. Cradle Piledriver: The neck is brutalized here.

5. Crucifix Powerbomb: NOT The Razor's Edge. The Guerrero sit-out variation.

6. Flying Clothesline: Top-Rope move

7. Frog Splash: I can show off my good agility for a semi-big man.

8. The Sharpshooter: Copyright Bret Hart.

9. WHOOO! Corner Chops: You HAVE to have these in your moveset.

10.T-Bone Suplex: Well, DUH!

11. Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex: Works the back.

12. Roaring Elbow (Spinning Forearm to the face.)

13. Snapmare/Power Drive Elbow: I hit a snapmare, then bounce off the ropes fiercely, and then drive a twisting elbow into my opponent. Made famous by Keiji Mutoh (The Great Muta)


Rare moves (CHANGED!)

1. El Gran Tomate: Diamond Dust

2. Tiger Driver '91: THE Trump Card. If I ABSOLUTELY need it, I pull this out of my ass. Usually gets the job done, but very rare, and only used in big matches.



1. Porterhouse Suplex: The Wrist Clutch Exploder. A T-Bone Suplex where I bring my free wrist together with his, between his legs, and I pick him up and drop him on his head.

2. The Marinader: I get them in a Full-Nelson, and then swing them down onto their neck into a pinning precidament. Basically, it's a Swinging Dragon Suplex.

3. T-Bone Twister: Nagata Lock II-The inverted Figure-Four Leglock(with the salute, of course.)


Notes: He's a steak sauce covered bastard. What more do you need to know?


Bio: Grew up in Sonoma, CA. High School Football background. He's a tough hombre.

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Guest hhh6294

*~* Modified 7/1/01 *~*



Height: 6’6”

Weight: 227 lbs

Hometown: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Age: 23 yrs old (Birthdate: 1/12/1979)

Face/Heel: Psychotic Heel

Stable: None

Ring Escort: Fredrick Hallbrook

Weapon(s): Steel Pipe

Quote: “I am not the Game… I am not that damn good… I’m better”


Favorite matches:

1. Any Hardcore based matches

2. Any Submission based matches

3. Caged matches


Looks: Jacob is very muscular. In the ring, he wears black baggy leather pants with green stripes down the sides, no shirt, and arm-bands around his biceps. Jacob has long, dark black hair that goes down to his shoulders. He has green colored eyes with a deep gash down the middle of his left eye. Over his face, Jacob wears a mask, like that worn by Reptile in Mortal Kombat. Coming to the ring, Jacob wears a long black trenchcoat with the initials JH in dark green on the back, left front, and on the right bottom of the coat. At his side on his belt, he wears a holdster where his pipe goes.


Ring Entrance: “Meaning of Life” by Disturbed. Jacob does not taunt the crowd at all coming to the ring. Very slow, demonic like walk style.




Strength: 5 (can lift up to 350 lbs)

Speed: 6 (Quick on his feet… very few aerial attacks)

Vitality: 8 (VERY tough to put down.)

Charisma: 1 (Rarely speaks. Gets crowd reactions from his actions, not promos)


Style: Technical/Submissive Expert. Good Hardcore skills, basic aerial skills.


Signature moves:

1. Evenflow DDT - (By this one, I mean the REAL Evenflow, from Raven's old WCW days, and the one in No Mercy. That starts out with a kick to the gut, and then finishes with a DDT in one swift movement… no stalling)

2. Sambo Suplex – Used as a Set-up to the “Black Stallion”

3. "Corkscrew" - 360 degree twisting Missile Dropkick - Jacob leaps off of the top rope, twists his body into a spin while keeping his legs outward, and hits the opponent around the upper neck area.

4. "Blackout" - Standing hooking heel kick into reverse Fame Asser - Jacob does the spinning heel kick, and as he kicks him, he wraps him knee around the neck of the opponent, and slams him down for a reverse Fame Asser. Jacob keeps the knee wrapped around the throat of the opponent, for a modified chokehold that frequently KOs the opponent late in the match.

5. Stalling STO (Jacob Stalls for 5-6 seconds, before hitting the STO… the move looks like a cross between the Rock Bottom from No Mercy, and the STO 2 from No Mercy)

6. Top-Rope Inverted Brainbuster

7. "Buzzkill" - Chicken Wing headlock

8. Northern Lights suplex into bridge pin

9. "Soul breaker" - Stalling Dominator - Jacob pulls the opponent into a dominator position, and keeps him there for a Canadian Back breaker for 15-20 seconds. Weather or not the opponent gives up after 20 seconds, Jacob drops the opponent down for the Dominator.

10. Chicken Wing Jawbreaker


Common moves:


1. Double Arm DDT

2. Gore into the turnbuckle

3. Rolling Leg-Lock

4. Fisherman’s DDT from the Top Turnbuckle

5. Kneeling Backbreaker (Jacob kneels down, and pulls the opponent down forcefully making his back connect with Jacob’s leg)

6. Russian Leg-Sweep

7. Standing Dragon Sleeper

8. Reverse DDT

9. Top-Rope Hurricanrada

10. Backslide Pin

11. Falling Nackbreaker

12. Guillotine Leg-Drop (when opponent is on a table or flat breakable surface)

13. Belly to Belly Suplex (Used as a set-up to the 540)


Rare moves:


1. Modified standing Vertebreaker (Jacob wraps the opponent’s arms around his back in a standing position so he and the opponent are back to back, like a set-up to a Backslide pin. Jacob then leans forward in a Bridge type position slamming the opponent’s neck onto the mat, and Jacob holds it for a pin)

2. “The Drop from Above” – Stalling reverse Michinoku driver

3. “Downfall” – Inverted DDT from a Pedigree set-up position

4. “Revenge” – Stalling Pedigree

5. “Air Canada” – Top-Rope Phoenix Splash






Set-up Move: Sambo Suplex

"Black Stallion" - Stalling Hangman's DDT - Jacob sets the opponent up in a powerbomb position, picks him up onto his shoulders, but lets the opponent drape down in front of his chest, in a hanging position. After five to ten seconds, Jacob drops the opponent down on the back of his neck with considerable power. From here, Jacob will either pin the opponent, or quickly lock in his submissive finisher.



Set-Up Move: "Black Stallion"

"The Fear Factor" - a modified Indian Death lock from No Mercy. Instead of dropping to the floor, and getting up again, Jacob drops to his back, and stays down on the ground, gradually increasing pressure on the legs until submission or TKO.



Set-Up move: Belly-to-Belly suplex, placing the opponent in the middle of the ring "Psychosis" - Double Spin Shooting Star Press - Jacob leaps almost a mile in the air off of the top rope, and performs two complete shooting star presses before landing. Used about once every two or three shows. Jacob uses it more frequently in his home country of Canada.



Notes: Jacob is one sick puppy. He doesn’t care about anything else except his own personal achievements. He is a total loner. He does not trust anyone, not even his own former close friends. Jacob’s only devotions in life are to his accomplishments and his pipe, which he never lets leave his side.

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Guest ScorpionDanceofDeath

Smarks Board Name: ScorpionDanceofDeath

Wrestlers Name: Kamikaze

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 235 lbs.

Hometown: Minnetonka, Minnesota

Age: 26

Face/Heel: Undetermined

Stable: None

Ring Escort: ‘Maria’

Weapon(s): Bottle of water or VanillaMAX©



Looks: Kamikaze wears dark red wrestling tights and standard black boots. His upper body is bared. Kamikaze’s appearance is usually disheveled, his medium length light brown hair unkempt. His wrists are taped as are several of his fingers. He often carries a bottle of water to quench his thirst before, during, or after a match; or to cool down after a match.


Ring Entrance: Godsmack’s “I Stand Alone” hits the speakers as Kamikaze steps onto the stage. He sometimes looks around in what could be called paranoia and other times shouts things at ‘Maria.’ Once in the ring, he will climb any turnbuckle, throw his arms up and his head back, and shout, “KAAMIKAAAZZEEEE!!”




Strength: 5

Speed: 4

Vitality: 6

Charisma: 5


Style: Jack of All Trades. Kamikaze knows a little about a lot of styles, but prefers a methodical, technical style.


(Moves list is still in progress. These kinds of things need to be felt out.)


Signature moves: [Listed from 1-10, 1 being most favored.]

1. Irish whip into a stalling Powerslam, with pin

2. Second rope legdrop

3. High angle spinebuster

4. Top rope cross body block, with pin

5. Drop toe hold (often landing the victim’s neck across the bottom rope)


Common moves:


Neckbreaker drop

Reverse neckbreaker


Stalling suplex

Fisherman’s suplex


Reverse DDT

Inverted DDT


Arm drag into shoulder lock or elbow lock

Missile dropkick


Rare moves:

Stalling brainbuster


Figure four leglock



The Kamikaze – running diving headbutt: Kamikaze runs to the turnbuckle, quickly ascends, bounces off the top rope and spins in mid-air (Kamikaze pulls a Japanese headband from his tights and affixes it around his forehead before running to the turnbuckle)


Notes: This guy is deranged. He has fits of insanity that come and go. Be creative with his outbursts. (Nothing really sick or dirty, though. He’s got morals!) ‘Maria’ is his so called ex-girlfriend, who harasses him constantly. Unfortunately, no one who knows Kamikaze has ever seen or heard from ‘Maria.’


Bio: You probably don’t care. Kamikaze has been in and out of mental institutions for the majority of his life. He always seems to make his stays very short, however.


Occasionally, someone (he says it’s ‘Maria’) will replace Kamikaze’s water bottle with a bottle of VanillaMAX©. Kamikaze unknowingly drenches himself with the pop before or after a match, and then storms off to shower. If it happens before a match (and oddly, when it happens before a match, it’s always a multiple man match), he’ll probably be a little late.

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Guest Ironman

STATS – Tony “The Ironman” Brogan


Smarks Board Name: Ironman

Fighter’s Name: Tony Brogan

Alias: The Ironman

Height: 6’1’’

Weight: 237 lbs.

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan

Age: Unknown (Late 20s – Early 30s)

Face/Heel: Face-ish Tweener (pops for brutality and has a babyface appeal, but will maul faces)

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon: None

Quote: “Tap out or get KNOCKED OUT!”


Looks: He’s has a very lean, muscular build. His hair is short and brown. He wears pair of short, black tights with ‘IRONMAN’ in a silver design on the front and kneepads to match. He wears gloves with padded knuckles but open-palmed for grip and his boots are the common black with silver laces. Brogan commonly wears a sleeveless “Tap Out Or Get KNOCKED OUT!” T-shirt on the way to the ring. Oh and don’t forget the mouthpiece. Protect that smile, baby.


Ring Entrance: The lights suddenly dim as the trademark beat of a drum chills the arena.




The words ring out, and then the guitar hits as Black Sabbath’s “Ironman” blares over the speakers at full blast. Clenching his fists, a man in a sleeveless tee heads out from behind the curtains onto the stage, being pumped by the fans’ cheers.




Brogan hits the ring, looking focused as he steps over the second rope and gets ready.




Strength: 4 (Most of his strength comes from leverage, but can manage those his size)

Speed: 5 (Very quick to the punch and on his feet with takedowns)

Vitality: 7 (Can take one mean beatdown but a finisher usually does it)

Charisma: 4 (Working on the mic skills but his ring work is enough to carry him)


Style: Shootfighting (takedowns, submissions, and strikes)


Signature moves:

- The STARE~! (pre-match stare that Brogan engages to see if you’re scared or if you came to fight)

- Signature Right Hook (hits like a cruise missile)

- Muay Thai Roundhouse (to the head for a KO)

- Side Belly-to-Belly Suplex (AKA Shamrock-style, not overhead)

- Mounted Punches (AKA he sits on your chest and beats the shit out of you)

- Knees Strikes (to body and head)

- Stomp to the face (no fucking joke here)


Common moves:

- Boxing-style punches (left and right: jabs, uppercuts, and hooks)

- Forearm to the face

- Headbutt to the face

- Thai Kicks to the knee and side

- Single-leg Takedown

- Double-leg Takedown

- Crucifix Armbar

- Crucifix Heel Hook (can come from a roll, I.E. rolling leg lock style)

- Triangle Lock

- Guillotine Choke w/ scissors

- Rear Naked Choke w/ scissors


Rare moves:

- German Suplex (all leverage throw, never forced, just used when the situation occurs)

- Slam (when locked up as in body-scissored, lift the opponent up and slam them)



- The Iron Maiden (Dragon Sleeper w/ scissors – not always looked for in the match)


Notes: “Ground ‘n Pound” technique. Go for the takedown and then lock on a submission. Can revert to strikes, throwing heavy-handed punches to work towards a KO or tap. Rarely ever goes for a pin, only the tap or KO. If there’s an injury, he’ll capitalize quickly; if not, he’ll make one. Referense: Ken Shamrock and Vanderlei Silva.


Bio: Started out in Upper Michigan, cross-training in Submission Wrestling and Muay Thai Kickboxing.

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Guest BigPoppaSatan

SmarkBoards Name : BigPoppaSatan

Wrestlers Name: Johnny Cougar

Height: 6' 1"

Weight: 237 lbs

Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia

Age: in his twenties...

Face/Heel: trash-talkin' face

Stable: Nope, not me. I'm a reeeeeject...

Tag Partner (optional): Me, myself and I.

Ring Escort: I don't need no whitecoats!

Weapon(s): My smartypants

Quote: "I am one fucking SICK~ hellcat!"

"Now it's time, BITCH, to feed the ALPHA beast!"




Johnny Cougar is fairly well-muscled, despite his lack of a chiseled physique. He has long greasy black hair that is shoulder-length, and always has a comical smirk on his face. As for his attire, he wears a full-body red suit with a tanktop as the upper half, and with full-length tights. The suit displays a cougar's claw digging silver marks down the sides. Other than that, Johnny wears standard black elbow pads, wristbands and boots.


Personality : This guy is a total smartass, and will take whatever chances he can to take verbal stabs at his opponents. Along with having a cocky attitude, Johnny is also anti-authority and likes to piss off the higher officials for kicks. Unfortunately, this behavior usually gets him just that... kicks. Think of him as a face Jericho, without the stale overused lines =P


Ring Entrance:


The arena's overhead lights shut off, as a dark-red strobelight correlates with the primitive drumbeat of Nine Inch Nails' "Head Like a Hole". When the song finally starts, Johnny Cougar makes his entrance by raising his arms up in the air and posing towards the crowd, then flailing the arms back down and walking to the ring. (Announcer defecates on the show here) John grabs the middle rope to climb in the ring, and he mounts a turnbuckle to pose. After that... he leans back on the ropes and waits in arrogant fashion.




Strength: 5 (His move-set is mostly power or striking-based)

Speed: 4 (He is fast enough to do some limited high-flying maneuvers)

Vitality: 4 (average stamina)

Charisma: 7 (this guy is a pro at irritating heels and gaining face pops)


Style: Cougar is a technical brawler in the vaguer sense, but does have a fair share of high-flying moves in his arsenal. Again, this guy mostly resembles Jericho...


Signature moves :

- * "Rabid Fang" (An acid drop that ends in a Mac Stunner)

- * "Slash and Seizure" (Scissor sweep -> kneeling crossface submission)

- Underhook Backbreaker (can be followed by another)

- Boston Crab

- Springboard Legdrop (executed like a Lionsault)

- Ribbreaker -> Fallaway Slam

- Missile Dropkick

- Knife-edge chops. WOO~!

- Sleeper Drop

- Belly-to-Belly Suplex


* Alternate finishers


Common moves :

- Russian Legsweep

- Swinging Neckbreaker

- Moonsault


- Body Press Drop

- Dragonscrew

- Frankensteiner

- Spinning Wheelkick

- Gutwrench Suplex

- Eastern Stretch

- Stalling Suplex (on cruiserweights)

- German Suplex

- Dropkick to Knee

- Running, flying forearm

- Cross-body attack


Rare moves:

- 450 splash

- Snap Powerbomb

- BeastTamer (Cougar's version of the Liontamer)

- Underhook Tombstone

- Top-rope Hurricanrana




- "Cougar Claw" Strike (This move starts out like a Tornado DDT, and then ends with a brutal front-face-flat crush into the ground, with John Cougar hitting the floor stomach-first. A great deal of height and/or velocity can be acheived with this move.)

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Guest AxelSmash

Smarks Board Name: AxelSmash

Wrestlers Name: Dark Scorpion

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 225 pounds

Hometown: Hollywood, California

Age: 23

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): Baseball Bat and Brass Knuckles

Quote: "The Power & Skills of Hollywood will bring you all crumbling down."


Looks: DS' ring Attire resembles Hulk Hogan's nWo ring attire except a dark blue basis with white lightning bolts down the sides. Backstage look is a generic vest and jeans outfit with a bandana.


Ring Entrance: My Wrestler does a somewhat Slow walk to the ring, like old school Undertaker, but not THAT slow. His Theme song is "Voodoo Child" by Jimi Hendrix.


Signature Moves:

Running Powerslam

German Suplex

Frog Splash


Full Nelson Slam


Common Moves:

Fisherman Suplex

Running Bulldog

Back Suplex

Sleeper Hold

Head Scissors


Side Russian Legsweep

2nd Rope Elbow Drop

Inverted Atomic Drop

Atomic Drop


Scissors Kick


Big Boot

Leg Drop


Finishing Maneuvers:

Double Underhook Piledriver

Reverse DDT off the top rope


Strength: 5

Speed: 7

Vitality: 4

Charisma: 4



No Data Available

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Guest Ph34r Tha Leaf

Maybe someday, folks. I'll pop in for a hello sometimes though.

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Current status: Good


Smarks Board Name: RobEDangerously

Wrestlers Name: Leon Sharpe

Height: 6'10"

Weight: 305

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan

Age: 31

Face/Heel: Face


Ring Escort:

Weapon(s): Leon Sharpe t-shirts (well.. not really, unless he gets them wet and hits his opponent with them, but that's just ruining good merchindise, so that's out of the question)

Quotes: "Get the point?"

"Buy the shirt!"


Look: Sharpe has long black hair, a goatee and a mustache. Sharpe wears a personal t-shirt (BUY IT!) of his to the ring for his matches. Sharpe also wears black leather pants and boots. Sharpe wrestles without the t-shirt on as he finds a way to sell it before the match. He has a black singlet with "SHARPE" on it in silver. Sharpe also wears one black elbowpad.


Ring Entrance: Strobe lights begin to flicker and then "The World is Not Enough" by Garbage starts to play. As soon as Shirley sings "The World is Not Enough" in the song, pyro goes off and Leon Sharpe is seen. Sharpe is is in pants and a singlet. Sharpe slaps a few hands as he walks down to the ring. Sharpe then enters over the top rope.





Strength: 7

Speed: 2

Vitality: 6

Charisma: 5


Style: Power-based


Signature moves:

01. Jackknife Powerbomb

02. Chokeslam (Done like usual, or as a counter to a guy coming off the top rope)

03. Exploder Suplex (Executed like Tazz would do it)

04. Clothesline off the second rope

05. Illegal in 46 States (F-5. Sharpe has let to execute the move, as opponents have used either the DDT or a Small Package to counter it)

06. The Leon Sharpe Special (Falcon Arrow)

07. Release German Suplex

08. Standing Dragon Sleeper

09. Gorilla Press into a Front Slam [which is teasing fans who are expecting the 'Silver Bullet', and also the setup move for the Silver Bullet]

10. The Jackhammer (Good enough to be a finisher, but not quite a finisher yet. Sharpe executes the Big Boot, keeps his opponent on their feet and then goes for the Jackhammer)


Common moves:

01. Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex

02. Elbowdrop

03. DDT

04. Big Boot

05. Snake Eyes

06. Hotshot

07. Second Rope Elbowdrop

08. Snap Suplex

09. Slingshot into the corner

10. Oklahoma Powerslam

11. Press Slam

12. Powerslam

13. Kneedrop

14. Camel Clutch

15. Spinebuster

16. Backbreaker

17. Pumphandle Slam

18. Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker

19. Uraken Spinning Back Fist (Could just be called either 'Uraken' or 'Spinning back fist'. Done real quick.)

20. Side Slam


Rare moves:

1. Plancha [sharpe does this to an opponent on the floor rarely.]

2. Top Rope Powerbomb

3. The Sharpeshooter [sharpe's variation of the Sharpshooter. Although it should be noted that his version isn't very effective.]

4. Dropkick [Just so he could amaze people, or shock his opponent]

5. Tombstone off the second rope [Done very rarely. Lethal move. Pretty much puts you out for the count]



The Silver Bullet (Gorilla Press into a Tombstone)


The Shirt Off Your Back aka The Sharpe Clutch [Either name can be used] (Full Nelson where Sharpe hooks the move and starts swinging the poor opponent until he gives up. If that fails to draw a submission, Sharpe could force the man down onto his knees and he'd pull back on the full nelson. Remember, a Full Nelson can snap a man's neck.)



Sharpe wrestles like a heel, while somehow getting cheered. He pretty much acts like an egomaniac with his view that he sells t-shirts. In some way, he's the loveable guy, Who else carries around a bag full of t-shirts?



Leon Sharpe was born Leonard Albert Sharpe in March 1971. He watched Wrestling out of Detroit as a kid, gaining a fandom for Pro Wrestling. After going to Michigan State for some time from 1989 to 1992 and failing at Basketball, he decided to go for another route. In 1991, he recieved training from the legend named The Sheik. He made Wrestling a part time job for years in Michigan, before deciding to go for it a few years ago. He acquired success in many feds before recieving a phone call from a friend informing him of SJL. Sharpe watched the show and figured that the extra paycheck couldn't hurt and that he could move to the top of the Smarks Junior League. Leon Sharpe has figured out how to make work fun, by selling his t-shirts to people so he can earn some money on the side. Some say that Money doesn't equal happiness, but give Sharpe 30 bucks for the offical Leon Sharpe t-shirt and watch him smile.

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Guest Blank

Wrestlers Name: Blank

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 190

Hometown: Born in USA but raised over in Japan

Age: 20

Face/Heel: Heel with a cult following

Stable: none

Ring Escort: Mr Nishiyama

Weapon(s): Skateboard

Quote: "Dude..Could that not be any cooler?"


Looks: He is a half Asain half english looking guy who normaly wears long black baggy pants that get tight just above the ankle and has on a white chinese suit like shirt with no sleeves with a red dragon on it eating a yin yang symbol on the back. Long black gloves that end just before his elbows are also worn and only cover his middle and ring fingers. Each gloves has a red chinese dragon going down the sides. He normaly wears average tennis shoes and black socks. His black hair is long about little past his shoulders and pulled back into a pony tail. He is pretty much clean shaven except for some hair under his chin. Sometimes will come to the ring with a fitted black baseball style hat on backwards. His muscles are well toned and he appears to be good shape.


Ring Entrance: His ring music starts up(Stick 'em up by Quarashi ) while its playing he will ollie from the back out and proceeds to skate down the ramp preform small tricks on his way before leaping off his board and onto the apron where he the proceeds into the ring normaly and begins stetching out if he enters first into the match he will often times wait in the full chinese splits.





Speed: 7

Vitality: 5

Charisma: 5



Style: Martial Artist mixed with high flying skater mentality. He isn't one who fears risking his life in order to hurt others. He remains cool and calm most of the time while in ring, having good focus.


Signature moves:

1) Spinning wheel kick

2) Top rop missle drop kick

3) Spring board spinning back kick

4) Roundhouse kick

5) Spring board rocker drop over the top rope to the outside

6)(with skate board) Ollie into a in air side kick aimed at the head

7) Standing moon sault followed up quickly with a flipping senton drop

8) Camel Clutch

9) Hand stand on top turnbuckle after irish whip

10)Spinning in air splits kick


Common moves:

1) Standard martial artist combo attack(punch, jab, and spin kick or low kick to the shin, mid kick to the ribs, and high kick to the head)

2) Scoop slam

3) Hurricanranna into mounted punches

4) Running kitchen sink knee attack

5) Spinning kick off the top rope

6) DDT

7) Leg sweep

8) Standing flipping leg drop

9) Arm bar

10)Eye poke

11)Combo attack in the corner

12)Running drop kick

13)Suicide dive

14)Neck breaker

15)Spring board dropkick


17)Cartwheel into back flip into a spinning heel kick when opponent is in the corner

18)Small package.

19)Jaw Breaker

20)Falling back drop


Rare moves:

1) German suplex pin

2) Power bomb pin

3) Low Blow

4) Super kick

5) 450 Splash



1) My Final Heaven(Frog Splash)

2) The Red Dragon Sleeper(dragon Sleeper)

3) Red Mist(Rare use)


Notes: He has a strong martial arts background along with a good skateboarding history. He sees an oppening he goes for it and isn't afraid of a few bumps and bruises.

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Guest Powerplay

Well, I guess this the end my lonely friend. Been bumped, but hope to see most of you guys up there, okay?

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Guest dr-smogz




Smarks Board Name: dr-smogz

Wrestlers Name: Jack "the Ripper"

Height: 6'12

Weight: 200

Hometown: London, England

Age: 26

Face/Heel: Heel; Jack's usually calm and collect. He gets out his frustrations in a cheap, manipulative way. He also likes to get in the opponents head and anger the fans.

Stable: N/A

Ring Escort: N/A

Weapon(s): Pretty much anything. He's a hardcore psychopath who does huge spots in Hardcore matches. But his favorite weapons are chairs and his cane.

Quote: "Watch your back... because I am!"

"I don't want to kill you, I just want to beat you until you are traumatized for life."


Looks: Jack looks like a mix between Raven and Matt Hardy. He'll wear regular black boots, an old black trench coat, and a pair of black pants. Sometimes he'll wear a black tophat and come down with his cane.


Ring Entrance: The lights in the arena dim. Just enogh pyro hits so that it illuminates the entrance and the ramp. Marilyn Manson's "fight song" erupts from the sound system as Jack makes his way down the ramp. Shots of East End London flash on the screen in a war that sets the mood for psychopath. When the lights come back and the pyro stops Jack "the Ripper" will taunt the crowd and he'll continue to do so in the ring as he is warming up.




Strength: 3

Speed: 8- he can easily stay up with the fastest and pull of insane hightspots.

Vitality: 4

Charisma: 5- he goes out of his way to make the crowd hate him. He'll make fun of the crowd and yell at them in various ways.




Style: Jack the Ripper is an insane, high-flying wrestler. He's very unpredictable and tries to turn every match into a bloody war. Jack also likes to torture opponents with holds and extreme moves. He's like a faster Rob Van Dam who flies around more, and can apply holds and grapple.


He's not an idiot, he's actually very smart in the ring and knows a lot about psychology and philosophy. He'll play with his opponents and get in their heads like a smarter HHH. He is also very cocky and just plain dangerous.

Signature moves:


1. Missile dropkick or Spinning Heel kick from to turnbuckle

2. Ripper's Bulldog (A bulldog that is more of a facelam. He puts one hand on the shoulder and the other on the back of the the head and just slams the opponents face).

3. Monkey Flip (RVD and Edge)

4. STF

5. Swanton Bomb

6. Asai moonsault

7. Shooting Star Press

8. 1888 powerbomb (Jack does this on smaller opponents. It's a power bomb, except right as the opponent hits, he's still holding their legs, he jumps up and lands on his back with both of his boots landing hard on the opponents pelvis).

9. Ankle Lock (He'll do it in one of two way. 1: Regular ankle lock, like Kurt Angle's. 2: He'll twist the ankle hard to one side, and then twist hard to the other numerous times).

10. VDDT (Jack the Ripper locks up with his opponent, uses his opponent to put himself in a Vertical suplex position. So that it looks like Jack's opponent is about ready to drop him back and do a vertical suplex. But Jack pulls his opponents head under his arm, falls forward and does a huge DDT.) If anyone has any advise on how to word this better, please tell me.

11. aerial stunner- The old Ripping. A bit like Spike Dudley finisher except it's a stunner. Jack rest his opponent's head on Jack's shoulder. He then runs toward the turnbuckle, jumps up, and jumps off to the side, finally coming down for a huge stunner. He usually turns atleast 75* in the air before coming down for a stunner.

~Jack does all kinds of painful moves and holds. If you don't like these moves just have him do a mic of submission moves and faster, more athletic moves.




Common moves:


1. flying clothesline (The Rock's)

2. spear

3. backhand

4. chop to neck

5. Various dropkicks

6. Tornado DDT

7. DDTR (a DDT-faceslam where Jack grinds their face into the mat)

8. Japanese Arm Drag

9. Irish Whip

10. Neck Breaker (HHH's)

He also does various DDTs and clotheslines.

11. backbreaker

12. Tons of holds that focus on hurting the back, legs, and arms

13. Arm Drag- Done in many ways

14. Arm Bar

15. Wristlock into a different move. Usually a DDT or Snapmare.

16. Snapmare




Rare moves:


1. Whitechapel faceslam (Jack gets up on the turnbuckle when his opponent is standing and facing the other way. He jumps off reaching out his arms, grabbing the back of the opponents head while still in the air and pushinging it down until their face slams into the mat. He lands on his opponents back).

2. German Suplex

3. Powerbomb.


Finishers: The Ripping *I've changed it*( Jack lifts his opponent straight up into the air, in what looks like he's doing a vertical suplex. Jack the Ripper then falls to his BUTT, lets his opponent fall backwards, but keeps the opponents head rested on his shoulder so his opponent falls on his BUTT too, doing a huge neckbreaker. It's kind of like a vertical suplex/HHH's neck breaker.)


2. If his opponent is heavy he'll finish with his aerial stunner or a cheap move (low blow and then a roll up).


Notes: Don't butcher his character :) PM if you have a question.

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Changes made: 12/04/2002 to most of the whole thing, and BIO!!


Smarks Board Name: Secret Agent

Wrestlers Name: Johnny “The Barracuda” Dangerous

Real Name: Johnny Dangerous

Height: 6’

Weight: 210

Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada

Age: 28

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): The occasional stealthy spy weapon.





Johnny is a medium build white male, with slicked back black hair. To the ring his outfit usually consist of a stylish black suit with a white button up and a tie. Remember, he is a spy on a secret mission, and as such he should dress in the stereotypical bond getup.


Ring Entrance:


The house lights dim as a females voice says “Johnny Dangerous!” and the fans respond with a roar of cheers!


Suddenly the theme from “Mission Impossible 2” by Limp Bizkit rocks out from the massive wall to wall sound system as colorful arrays of lights begins circling over the arena. On the screen various clips of Johnny Dangerous performing many spy like actions (Like leaping from a 50 story building window to catch a dangling ladder from a helicopter, etc.) mixed with clips of Johnny’s in ring fights are displayed.


Johnny strides from backstage and to the ring with out a care in the world, usually taking the time to wink at a few ladies or even blow a kiss in there general direction before hopping foot into the ring. Depending on how good of a response he is getting Johnny may or may not whore himself to the crowds even more from the turnbuckles.





Strength: 4

Speed: 6

Vitality: 5

Charisma: 5





Johnny “The Barracuda” Dangerous is well trained in the finer martial arts and as such, speed is very much on his side. Being the Spy that he is brawling, high-risk maneuvers and aerial attacks are common ground for him. Although as time has shown, Johnny is starting to pick up a few good wrestling moves and counters.


Signature Moves:


Punches (any kind)

Flying/leaping from the turnbuckle Elbow drop

Moonsault Double Stomp – *note this is a Devastating move, use with care.

Corkscrew Moonsault

Spinning Heel Kick

Spinning Back Fist

Flying Side Kick: Extreme cases as this move can put someone down for good if done properly.

Hurricane Rana/ other Rana’s too.

Judo Throw or Atomic Throw(To lighter opponents, and only to heavyweights when momentum is used.)

Springboard Dropkick

Rolling Fireman’s Carry: Get someone into a fireman’s carry, then flip forward, impacting their back into the mat.

Johnny Kick (Super Kick - Usually used to set up an Armed and Dangerous.)

The Barracuda: Over the Shoulder Half Crab. Can be used as a finishing submission but mainly used to wear down an opponent.


Common Moves:


Any Martial Art’s kick

Any Martial Art’s chop

Arm Drag

Flying Clothesline

Spinning Boot Scrape

Neck Breaker (Rear and swinging)

Missile Dropkick

Jaw Breaker

DDT (Various kinds)

Russian Leg Sweep

Elbow Drop

Leg Drop

Front Face lock Elbow Drop


Body Press

Belly to Belly Suplex/Back to Belly/German (for similar sized opponents)


Rare Moves:


Flying Head BUTT from the turnbuckle

Vertebreaker – When a tremendous hit is needed to get a pin (BIG money matches/Feud Matches)





*Special thanks go out to Frost and T. Murray Flesher, esq. for helping me name these finishers, and helping me to pick a good one out.*


Primary - The Cover Up

A.K.A. Diamond Dust


Johnny gets his opponent in an inverted DDT, sits on the top rope, somersaults over the opponent, and pulls them down with a Diamond Cutter. If you don’t know what a diamond cutter is, here you go. The attacker applies 3/4 face lock (basically, the victim's head on the attacker's shoulder with the attacker forming a headlock around the top of their head as the attacker has their back to the victim), and drops down to the mat (flat on your back) impacting the victim's chin into the attacker's shoulder.


Secondary - Armed and Dangerous - Running Fist Drop

Johnny darts for the ropes while the opponent lies face up on the mat. He bounces back and flips in the air, coming down fist first on their chest or face. *NOTE* Johnny usualy sets up this move with a Johnny Kick A.K.A. A super kick.


Arial Secret Splash - A different top rope move everytime. Moonsault/Corkscrew Moonsault/Moonsault Double Stomp/Frog Spalsh/Etc..you get the idea. *Credits for this manuver go directly to Z*




Johnny is a fairly respectable wrestler. He’s never been one to cheat in any job before so why start now. When done wrong however, Johnny has no problem with letting it all cut loose in order to bring justice to himself.


He is a clean cut, handsome guy that women fall all over for. His brash cocky style can sometimes get him in trouble, as he sometimes tries a little too hard to impress the women in the audience.


As a side note Johnny is on a secret mission to uncover a mystery man in the SWF, who is wanted for crimes unknown. The wrestlers and announcers do not know about this, they simply believe that his gimick is just him being a spy.




Johnny “The Barracuda” Dangerous is a real life spy (Like James Bond M7 type of spy), who has been sent on a top secret mission to infiltrate the Smarks Wrestling Federation, under the guise of a wrestler with a spy gimmick named none other than Johnny “The Barracuda” Dangerous. According to the “Agency’s” reports someone lurking in the SWF is behind some seriously huge criminal activities and Johnny must uncover the plot, and put a stop to it or die trying! With the Agency’s political power backing it, getting Johnny Dangerous a SWF tryout was not a problem, Johnny’s natural charm, and charisma made him a shoe in for a future star in the SWF, and as such Johnny was signed to a contract almost instantly, putting the mission into effect.


Unfortunately for Johnny, learning the art of wrestling has not been an easy road. At first he relied on his brawling that gave him many victories over some of the most notorious scum on the planet. However, those notorious villains were never trained wrestlers, and Johnny soon found out that these wrestlers could beat a brawler in no time.


Since then Johnny has seemingly picked up a lot of wrestling maneuvers from someone and started working his way up the roster like what was originally planned, grabbing the SJL World Championship in the process. With the fans backing and believing in this new star, Johnny is quickly rising to new heights of popularity. Will it be enough to get him where he needs to go in order to complete his real task? Only time can tell, and the clock is slowly ticking away…



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Guest Goodear

Smarks Board Name: Goodear

Wrestlers Name: "The Emperor" Ejiro Fasaki

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 188 lbs.

Hometown: Sarasota, Florida

Age: 27

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: Magnificent Seven: JL Edition

Ring Escort: Tony Hydra

Weapon(s): Fasaki is uncomfortable using weapons and will never be confused with a ECW alumni. He will swing a chair if he has to, but its not what he's good at. In assault-mode, Ejiro is more likely to get a guy down and slap on a submission then just hit them with a brick or something.




"I'm better than you and I can prove it."


Looks: Ejiro is an Asian American of Japanese decent, with short black hair with some spare strands that fall down into his eyes on occasion. He is built for stamina without a great deal of muscle mass on display. He has a tattoo of a rising phoenix on his left shoulder blade. Now a little flashier than he was originally, Ejiro now wears a long leather coat that buttons up all the way to the collar to the ring before removing it for competition. He also now sport a pair of long black tights with yellow lettering spelling "Magnificent" down one leg and with a stylized "7" crossing underneath it.


Ring Entrance: Now showing more ego than ever before, Ejiro has his own personal ring announcer, Tony Hydra, come out to introduce him before every match. Feel free to have Hydra insult you as much as you want, and kick around Funyon at your leasure. After calling the match Ejiro is in the main event and finishing his announcements, Hydra commonly just up residense outside of the ring and does typical heel stuff. Anyway, then we have the entrance music of "Sellout" by Biohazard to bring out Fasaki, who commonly poses on the middle rope (in the middle of the ropes, not on the turnbuckles) raising his arm in the air as pyro shoots out from the turnbuckles ala Kane from WWE.





Strength: 3 - Ejiro isn't going to be able to match up in a power match up unless he's facing someone on the lower end of the strength scale. He's going to be sticking and moving and trying to wear down his opponents instead of charging them head on.


Speed: 5 - Fasaki is fast compared to larger men, but isn't going to be able to keep pace with the quickest of cruiserweights. He certainly can go to the top rope, but isn't going to be pulling out Dragonrana's anytime soon.


Vitality: 8 - Fasaki can get beaten pillar to post all night long and come back for more. He doesn't mind getting hit and actually revels in his ability to get dropped on his head and continue to fight his way back again and again and again.


Charisma: 4 - Having spent the last few months in front of the camera, Ejiro is slowly starting to develop a personality thats generally annoying towards the fan base and getting him a pretty healthy set of boos. For the most part, he's a guy who feels surperior to everyone but doesn't feel appreciated by the front office.




Ejiro is a big fan of using submission holds and strikes to target one part of his opponent's body and attempting to rip it off and bring it home. He often has to go to the ropes in order to get an initial advantage on larger people, but is much more at home once he's down on the mat grinding away on a body part. Ejiro also seems to take quite the beating each and every night and spends a whole lot of time getting tossed around the ring taking bumps. A suplex or two is the most he's going to be using since he's so small.


Signature moves:

1) Screaming Elbow (reverse roaring elbow) - Ejiro also uses normal elbow strikes, but the screaming elbow is his primary weapon.

2) Fasaki fuser (similar to the Marty Jannetty variation of the rocker dropper, Ejiro uses a wrist lock in order to throw a leg over his opponent, but instead of coming down on the head, Ejiro puts his leg over his foe's shoulder and drives it into the mat)

3) Rings of Saturn double armbar

4) back brain kick

5) single arm DDT

6) baseball slide

7) corner knee to the face

8) lionsault

9) STO (leg trip sweep)

10) blockbuster from the middle rope


Common moves:

1) Fujiwara armbar

2) cross armbreaker

3) armbar slam

4) straddling armbar

5) knee drop

6) sunset flip

7) wrist lock (he uses this a lot in transition)

8) spin heel kick

9) reverse neckbreaker

10) arm drag

11) chicken wing

12) bossman straddle

13) kicks to the arm

14) spinning neckbreaker

15) Hennig necksnap

16) belly-to-back suplex

17) snap suplex

18) side backbreaker

19) piledriver

20) dropkick


Rare moves:

1) Top rope frankensteiner to a standing opponent

2) orange crush powerbomb (only for use against fellow lightweights under 235 pounds)



1) Cobra crossface (using the basic position of the crippler crossface by grapevining an arm, Ejiro locks on a cobra clutch and leans back for the submission attempt)

2) Ejirocation (a double arm piledriver ala Kid Kash's money maker)

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Guest Mr. Slim Citrus

UPDATED 05 JAN 2003!! Major update; updated information in italics.




Smarks Board Name: Mr. Slim Citrus

Wrestlers Name: The Wildchild

Height: 5'11''

Weight: 217 lbs.

Hometown: Morgan's Bluff, Andros, Commonwealth of the Bahamas (usually just announced as "from the Bahamas.")

Age: 20

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: The Wild and Dangerous Nights (more an alliance than a true stable)

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): None

Quote: None, really. (note: Wildchild speaks in a Creole accent)





The Wildchild has caramel-colored skin and shoulder-length braided black hair. He has light brown (sandy brown?) eyes, which have a tendency to unnerve his opponents. He appears toned, but is not overly muscular, and is hairless except for the hair on his head. He is hyper and somewhat nervous, but generally seems to be a happy guy, and can usually be seen flashing a brilliant smile.


Wrestling attire:


The Wildchild wears aquamarine, black and yellow facepaint (the national colors of the Bahamas). He wears aquamarine "Olympic-style" wrestling tights, black "V" pattern on the back (a la Mr. Perfect). he wrestles barefoot, and wears white tape on his ankles, wrists, and on his fingers, binding the middle and ring fingers on both hands.


Alternative attire: Wildchild, as an alternative to his normal attire, will also wear baggy, aquamarine-colored "jump" pants with yellow and black stripes down the sides, while going bare-chested. He will also occasionally wear tights and facepaint of a seasonal color (e.g., Halloween, Christmas, Independance Day)


For ease of reference, a picture of the flag of the Bahamas is provided below:






Ring Entrance:


The Wildchild enters the ring to "The Everlasting Gaze," by Smashing Pumpkins. He will usually spring from behind the curtain onto the stage area, often banging his head in time with his music. He slaps hands with the fans at ringside as he jogs towards the ring, usually somersaulting between the bottom and middle ropes, and springs back to his feet, immediately running to the ropes and leaping atop them, posing for the crowd.





Strength: 3 - The Wildchild rarely attempts to use any moves more power-based than a common suplex or a powerslam, except for his finishers.


Speed: 10 - Super fast! Uses his speed and high-risk attacks to wear down his opponents. So fast that many heavyweight wrestlers will run out of gas just trying to get their hands on him.


Vitality: 5 - Appears exceptionally tough when competing against other cruiserweights, his durability is about average against most middleweight/heavyweight wrestlers, but has the stamina to go for a long time. Wrestling "purists" tend to want to classify the Wildchild purely as a spot wrestler, but he has surprised many opponents with his ability to chain-wrestle.


Charisma: 2 - He is an average chain wrestler, but a below-average talker. Crowd tends to react to his facial expressions and highly expressive body language during promos, rather than his sub-par mic work. In the ring, crowds pop almost entirely for his high spots, but his ability to stream together high spots in rapid succession enables him to keep crowds captivated.



Style: Lucha suicida.



Signature moves:


Pinball: Slingshot rolling ball attack. Wildchild runs towards the ropes, jumps onto the middle or top rope, curls into a ball, and launches himself at his opponents' head/upper torso. Maximum effective range: 5 feet. Beyond 5 feet, the Wildchild will uncurl from the ball, and attempt to deliver either a flying shoulderblock or a flying dropkick (depending on which way is up...).


Freefall: Air throw. Wildchild whips his opponents to the ropes, leaps up towards their chest (as if attempting to execute a Lou Thesz press), hooks his hands behind his opponents' head, and throws his opponent in monkey-flip fashion (think Scorpion's Air Throw from Mortal Kombat II).


Springboard DDT: After knocking his opponents to the ring apron, Wildchild leaps to the second turnbuckle, jumps over the top rope, and hits his opponent with a Tornado DDT to the arena floor (think Chris Jericho's springboard dropkick to the outside, except with a Tornado DDT.)


Andros Drop: Twisting body splash. Wildchild ascends to the top rope, leaps off towards his opponent, while rotating across a horizontal axis, with his arms extended in a "T" position (think Evan Karagias' pre-3 Count finisher; once again, I apologize if I have the name wrong.).


Flying Forearm: Executed Tito Santana-style.


Cross-Body Block: Wildchild runs to the ropes and attempts to hit his opponent with a cross-body block. This move will usually hit other cruiserweights for a pin attempt, but he is often rolled through for a cover by most middleweights/heavyweights, and is usually caught in mid-air by most hosses.


Praying Rope Walk: Wildchild applies a standing armbar into a top wristlock in the corner, with his back to the turnbuckle, and scales the turnbuckles. He walks the top rope, leading his opponent around via the wristlock. He possesses the ability to walk all four corners, and the distance he walks will determine his pop from the crowd, but will also increase the probability that his move is countered, or that he is either thrown or pushed off the top rope. When he finishes walking, he will attempt to execute one of the following:

1) Springboard Armdrag

2) Ax-handle Chop

3) High-Angle Missile Dropkick

4) Tornado DDT

5) Rana of opponent over the top rope to the outside


Running Elbow: Running elbow to the temple (refer to Common Moves)


Junkanoo: Typically used as a backdrop counter. Wildchild will twist his body around as he rebounds off the ropes when his opponent is bent over to deliver a backdrop, so that his back is to his opponent. As the opponent raises their upper body, Wildchild floats over their back in a flipping motion, locking his legs around the opponents neck in a headscissors, and arches back, pulling his opponent through the air (the resulting action resembling a hurricanrana, but with the opponent facing the opposite way).


Chicklet Buster: Done following Bottom Rope Choke (refer to Common Moves). Think of Rey Misterio's "619," except that it's done between the bottom and middle ropes, instead of between the middle and top ropes.




Common moves:


Hip Toss


Leg Lariat (important character note: Wildchild does not use clotheslines. Please use leg lariats whenever you want to write a clothesline spot.)


Twisting Frog Splash


Corkscrew Vertical Suplex


Japanese-style Arm Drag


Kick to the back of the knee (used to set up the Running Elbow)


Springboard Dropkick


Rolling Elbow (executed D-Von Dudley-style; not to be confused with Tanaka's Rolling ("Roaring") Elbow)


Asai Moonsault


Neckdrop Suplex (used to set up the Andros Drop)


Shuffling Sidekick




Monkey Flip (executed from the corner)


Bulldog Headlock


Knee Smash (executed from collar-and-elbow tie up)




Corkscrew Attack to outside (usually done to standing opponent)


"Shooting Star" Missile Dropkick (Missile Dropkick preceeded by a forward flip)


Bottom Rope Choke(uses his foot to choke his opponent on the bottom rope; used to set up the Chicklet Buster)



Rare moves:


Andros Dive: Wildchild knocks his opponent to the outside of the fan barricade, parallel with one of the four corners. He then climbs the opposite parallel turnbuckle, runs across the top rope, and dives off the near turnbuckle at top speed at his opponent. Done in No-DQ, hardcore or "Last Man Standing" matches. Occasionally wields a chair during this move.


Bahama Bomb: Tornado Powerbomb. Wildchild executes a spinning, double-underhook powerbomb from the top rope. This move expends a significant amount of the Wildchild's energy, so he almost never uses it.


Blood Frenzy (note: I MUST be contacted prior to using this!). Whenever he sees his own blood, Wildchild enters a state of frenzy. During this frenzy, he is much more agressive, with a tendency to execute more phyisically impacting (read: head dropping) moves, and fewer acrobatic ones (eg, ranas). Wildchild becomes stronger and more resistant to pain, at the expense of some his speed, causing his moves to do more damage. In addition to slightly slower reaction time, Wildchild loses the ability to run across, or even balance on, the top ropes, although he retains the ability to climb the turnbuckles.


Wildchild's stats while in Blood Frenzy are as follows:


Strength: 5

Speed: 7

Vitality: 7

Charisma: 1


Wildchild typically remains in Blood Frenzy for approximately ten minutes, or until he hears the bell ring, whichever comes first.


(reminder: my permission MUST be granted for the use of the Blood Frenzy!)






Primary: The Wild Ride #1: Mexican Clutch Bomb (aka Vertebreaker). Wildchild bends his opponent over at the waist and stands in front of him, with his back to the opponent. He locks his left arm with the opponent's left arm, and his right arm with the opponent's right. Wildchild then rotates his body so that he underneath his opponent, bent over at the waist, with his opponent draped over his back. Wildchild then stands erect, leaving his opponent hanging upside down on his back, their legs dangling off his shoulders. Wildchild then swings his feet off the canvas in front of him, and drops to his posterior, driving his opponent head first into the canvas. This drop is often preceeded by a primal scream.


Secondary: Wild Ride II (or Wild Ride 2003): Mexican Stretch Buster. Wildchild will place his opponent in a vertical suplex position, and hook the inside leg, as if for a Fisherman's Suplex. Wildchild will then lift his opponent into the air, briefly pausing while his opponent hangs in the air, and then drop down to the canvas on his posterior, crushing the back of his opponents neck against his shoulder.


Aerial: Falling Star Press: Wildchild will run either to the ropes or the corner and leap onto the top rope (or top turnbuckle). He will then, without hesitation, leap backwards, someraulting forwards as he descends upon his opponent. He will rotate approximately 450 degrees in the air before landing.






The Wildchild is very athletic, and has an unnaturally high degree of balance and agility. His ability to easily balance on the ropes, as well as his ability to leap atop the turnbuckles without stumbling enables him to hit flying attacks with a high degree of accuracy. He is very comfortable walking, and even running, across the top rope, and uses the ropes for many of his springboard attacks. One of his signature counters is to land upright on the ropes following a backdrop attempt, and surprise his unsuspecting opponent with a missile dropkick or flipping DDT.


Prefers to launch himself off the ropes like a pinball and use his body as a weapon against his opponents, rather than to actually wrestle. Posesses average ability to mat wrestle, but is clearly more comfortable in the air, or running circles around his opponent. Generally considered a spot wrestler, as while he does possess the ability to chain-wrestle, he rarely does so.





The wrestler that would become the Wildchild was born on the island of Nassau in the Bahamas, and raised on the island of Andros. His parents were featured in the high-wire act of the Bahamas' touring circus, he became part of the act at a very young age ("I feel like I learned to walk on the high wire," he says). He found the large crowds cheering in the audience to be both frightening and exhilirating at the same time.


When he was 11 years old, his parents quit the circus, and retired to his fathers' family estate on the island of Andros. When he became old enough to go to college, he promised his mother that he would get a degree from a good school, and even enrolled at the University of Florida. But, while attending there, he saw a Super Crazy match on television for the first time, and became completely enamored with professional wrestling, particularly the Lucha style.


No longer able to focus on his studies, the Wildchild dropped out of college without telling his parents, and began studying to be a wrestler at Dean Malenko's school in Tampa, FL. He gained a solid fundamental background in mat wrestling, but he didn't feel comfortable wrestling that way, and ended up striking out on his own, refining his lucha-based style in the independant feds.


Once again, he revelled in the frightened rush of adrenaline that he got from the crowd, and used their encouragement to attempt more and more outrageous stunts. His amazing aerial style eventually attracted the attention of a talent scout for the SJL.

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Guest Christian_Fury

Here's the official "F*** yeah, I'm back, now bow down to me b******!!!" posting of my stats! HooYah Sergeant!!!




Smarks Board Name: Christian_Fury

Wrestlers Name: Christian Fury

Height: 6' 3"

Weight: 227 lbs

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

Age: 28

Face/Heel: "Slightly tortured face"

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapons: Kendo stick as a main weapon, but he'll never use it outside of a hardcore / no-DQ match. Black leather belt as a secondary weapon, using the same stipulations.

Quote: "The past is painful, but don't worry... I'll take you out of your misery soon enough."


Looks: When not scheduled to wrestle, Chris Fury usually wears his long, red hair in a ponytail to keep it out of his face. His black leather jacket is usually either being worn, or close to Fury's side. The "Fury" on the back of the jacket is written in a silvery-red stylized script. He wears black denim jeans with silver-colored stitching, a pair of "Marauders", and a form-fit, short-sleeved muscle shirt... The shirt is black, with "Lara's Angel" scripted in silver on the front, a gold halo around the "A". On the back is a picture of Fury and the aforementioned Lara in wrestling gear, posing in 'fight mode'. Under the picture, "Everlasting Love" is scripted in silver. Accessory-wise, he wears a pair of silver-framed, reflective sunglasses, and a simple gold ring on a silver chain, which hangs around his neck. In the ring, not much changes... The muscle shirt is simply black, and the "Marauders" gain a nice steel toe.


Ring Entrance: The arena lights drop down to nothingness... The only illumination is the suddenly increased flashbulb activity... The crowd murmurs in excited anticipation for the athlete about to appear. System Of A Down's "Aerials" softly filters over the house speakers, lulling the crowd into a semi-calm. The SmarkTron shows a slow-motion video montage of Fury up high on the ropes, and plummeting down, flipping to smash some unsuspecting opponent on the floor below. Just as the first verse is ready to play, a massive pyro explosion flares up at the entrance ramp, and the music switches to the guitar solo before the second-to-last chorus (the point right after they start screaming). Fury then comes out from behind the curtains, walking intently down towards the ring with kendo stick in hand. The fans give him the love only a face could deserve, but Fury doesn't pay it attention. Behind him, the SmarkTron flashes highlights from past matches along with the red stylized-script "Fury". The music drives the crowd louder and louder... Fury mounts the ring apron, and springboards himself in, much to the delight of the crowd. He lands, kendo stick poised to kick arse and take names. After a moment, he slides the kendo stick out of the ring, along with the removed jacket and sunglasses. He then surveys the crowd with a icy, blue-eyed gaze, then levels the same gaze at his opponent. He steps back to his corner, waiting for the match to start...




Strength: 5

Speed: 6

Vitality: 5

Charisma: 4


Style: Technical speedster, but with access to a big move or two.


Signature moves:

- Knife hand chops from the top turnbuckle

- Slingshot catapault into the corner

- Double spinning back fist... The hands are laced together to provide a little more 'pop' in the hit.

- Belly-to-back double chickenwing suplex

- Sidewalk slam

- The Gore

- Super-Sault : A souped-up moonsault... Can be directed at an unaware or prone opponent either inside or outside of the ring, but the move is most effective when directed at a prone opponent outside the ring. Fury climbs to the top turnbuckle, and walks the top rope to about midway... He bobs once, twice, getting the rope to move under him... On the third bounce, he jumps off at the rope's apex. The rope gives him more height, providing for a stronger, longer moonsault. But if Fury misses...


Common moves:

- Double nerve strikes to the neck

- Arm wringer

- Spinning heel kick to the head or chest... Can also be more of a toe-kick to get the steel toe into play

- Sleeper hold

- Leaping 'reverse' bulldog... Usually off an irish whip. It's a 'reverse' because the back of the head hits the mat first.

- Top turnbuckle legdrop

- Shot to the groin... Usually to break up an opponent's move.

- Shoulder charges to a cornered opponent

- Sit-down piledriver


Rare moves:

- Standing bow-and-arrow backbreaker hold

- Ring rope surfboard... Usually only used in non-DQ, because the set-up is difficult without the ref seeing.

- Stone Cold's "pissed-off" mat punching routine

- Twist Of Fate... The most common of the rare moves

- Top rope mat slam... Think top rope X-Factor. Fury has to disrupt an opponent's top rope move, usually by shaking the ropes, and letting the turnbuckle rigging take care of the rest.



- "Let's Roll!" (rope): Second rope guillotine face driver... Fury takes a dazed opponent to the corner. He then climbs up to the second rope, holding the opponent momentarily still. Fury grabs one arm, and places his leg over the back of the opponent's neck, pushing him down to a semi-bent position. Then Fury jumps down from the second rope, and uses the laws of gravity to drive the opponent's (no longer) pretty face into the mat!

- Painful Memories (submission): Inverted Indian deathlock with bridging rear chinlock... Okay, this one needs explaining. Opponent is face down on the mat. Fury crosses one ankle of opponent into the crook of opponent's other knee, then bends that knee back so the leg is up. Fury uses the back of their leg to apply pressure to the opponent's leg that is up and puts their leg in between opponent's entangled legs. Fury then stands and bridges backwards to apply an inverted rear chinlock on the victim, applying pressure to legs, back and neck of opponent.

- Lightning And Thunder (power): A double Stunner... The first one is done by just kneeling fast, so it's not as potent... But the head is held after the first one, and the second one is 'normal', with the bounce-away at the end.


Notes: Fury doesn't talk as much as he used to anymore... But when he does, he tries to get into the head and psyche of his opponent. He's a much more 'distanced' and 'cold' person than when he first debuted, but nowhere to the point where he was when he was with the Clan. He's balancing on the proverbial fence due to traumatic experiences in recent history. He is NOT mental. He's just fighting inner demons right now.


Bio: Not much matters now... He lost his parents on 9/11... And his fiancee Lara also died tragically. There's part of him that believes it was an accident, but... He has a shadow of doubt... But, he's coming back to his 'roots' to try to normalize his life.

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Guest andrinorcc

Smarks Board Name: andrinorcc

Wrestler Name: James Morin

Height: 5'11

Weight: 193

Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts


Face/Heel: Face

Stable: none

Ring Escort: none

Weapons: He's not Hardcore, but if he was to choose a weapon it would be a chair.

Quote: none,yet


Looks: He wears shiny black pants with yellow swirls on them. There is a thin line going down the middle of his pants (through the knee). He has no shirt on his upper body. He doesn't wear gloves, hats, of masks. He wears black wrist bands, and supporter elbow pads.


Ring Entrance: He comes out to the ringside with sunglasses on. His music is Real American. His titantron is an American flag waving back and forth. Then it shows James doing all kinds of flips and high-flying moves.










Style: James is a speedy/fast wrestler. He does high-flying moves and tricks his opponent with speed not power. He has about no power. He's a major crusierweight.


Signature Moves:


2.Senton Bomb


4.Flying DDT

5.Shooting Star Press

6.Frag Splash


Common Moves:


2.Flying Clothesline

3.Flying Legdrop



6.Flying DDT

7.Snap DDT



10.Suicide Dive

11.Surfboard Stretch

12.Tornado DDT


Rare Moves:

1.Super Kick




1.Double Jump Moonsault. (He leaps onto the corners middle rope, bounces to the top rope, and bounces backwards and flips over for a springboard moonsault.


Notes: His hair is red with blue eyes. he is speedy/fast type of wrestler who uses speed to outsmart his opponent. He loves to do the Surfboard Stretch.


Bio: None, yet.

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Guest Dace59

30/Jan/03 New moves.


Smarks Board Name: Dace59

Wrestlers Name: Dace 'Horrorcore' Night

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 254 lbs

Hometown: Birmingham, England, UK

Age: 23

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: None (again)

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): Chairs, lightbulbs, tables, thumbtacks, barbed wire, thumbtack filled lightbulb tubes, barbed wired coverd chairs/tables/lightbulb tubes and any other ultraviolent weapon there is. This includes the Weedwacker!


"Back to the worms for you"

"The Dead can't say no"


Looks: Short spiked black hair with metallic red and dark purple tips. Grey/red eyes. Pale skin (but not Dead Man 'Taker pale) well toned, but not massively built. Black combat/wrestling boots, black jeans, black short sleeve slogan T-shirt like "Protected By Satan", or the Anti M7 one (See Ejiro vs Dace on Metal 3/12/02) Inverted Crucifix necklace, black leather trench coat.


Ring Entrance: Walks outunder red and purple lights. Tosses his trench coat away at some point, and climbs into the ring, to throw the horns to the crowd.

Theme music is "Winds Of Creation" by Decapitated (Brutal Death Metal, loud, insanely heavy and fast. Don't no sell)




Strength: 8

Speed: 3

Vitality: 8

Charisma: 1


Style: Power/Technical, with brawling and heavy ultraviolent undetones.


For all moves "/" separates different names/terms for the same moves, so most will know what they are.

[] Brackets surround the gimmick names


Signature moves:

Yakuza Kick

Front Face Lock Choke/Front Neck Lock [Crownless]

Juji-gatame/Cross Arm Bar/Crucifix Arm Bar

Sheer Drop Brainbuster

Powerslam (Every variation possible)

Tiger Driver [Venom Driver]

Kneeling Piledriver (Normal Piledriver, but fall forwards to your knees)

RockBottm to Back Breaker (Set like RB, lift and drop acorss knee infront of you) [Faithless]

Sitout Crucfixi PowerBomb/Black Tiger Bomb/Splash Mountain/Sitout Razor's Edge [black Nova]


Common moves:

Snap Suplex

Backdrop Suplex



Knee strikes


Fujiwara Arm bar

Wristlock with knees/elbows/punches to the arm and shoulder

Elbow Smash


German Suplex

Suplex to Stunner/ShotGun [sentenced]

Shoulder Breaker

Figure Four Sleeper [Nevermortal]


Single Arm DDT

Northern Lights Suplex

Tilt-a-whril backbreaker

Knee Drops


Rare moves:

Black SuperNova (Super version of that Black Nova)


Powerbomb off the apron (Stay standing on apron)

Firemans Carry to Kryptonite Krucnh/Callidonian Safe Maker (May not be used or even talked about unless you have my expressed written premission to do so with detail reasons etc, it's a history move. See below)



Vertical Sheer Drop Thunder Fire Powerbomb [Dark Star Driver] (You get driven right on the top of you're head, whatever you put won't be overselling)


Crossface headlock w/ armbar/ Crippler Cross Face


Torture Rack to Piledriver / Psycho Driver (Extremely Rare last of all hope move, if it's hit, you're gone, no ifs, ands or buts, it's a 30 count at the very least upto full neck snapping.)




Now going back to his technical roots.

Will NEVER check on a downed ref. If the ref is down, and he is in control, he will either make large and continuing numbers of head drops, or slap on a submission and NOT let go till the ref comes round. If someone taps out, and there's no call, he'll just sit on the hold, if someones tapping, they can't have the strenght to get out now can they?

Has growing to love the gimmicks and the show, but he goes to work and take people to pieces (think Robot-o Benoit gone over the top)

But has a high level of ethics, even if strange to others, and has no problem with forming friends backstage or working with others. Stiff, technical and ALWAYS goes for overkill rather than cocky chances.

All finisher moves used none finishers are not as strong as when they are finishers of course.

As more of his ultraviolent past is show, the more it is used in the SJL.

Horrorcore - A Wildchild invention, read Dace Night vs Spike Jenkins - Damnation In A Box - SJL Malice In Wonder Land 26th Jan, 2003. Have a sick bucket ready.



Bio: Born and bred in local Brum, a highly intelligent child, and the most educated in his area. His best friend , Scott Rage, got into the wrestling business at 14, and soon got Dace invloved as well when he was 16. Both men managed to wrestle through college and univeristy, putting on some of the greatest UK shows ever seen, either with or against each other.

Dace helped Rage to prefect the Callidonian Safe Maker, a Firemans Carry to Kryptonite Krunch, and still uses in UK shows. After Univeristy, Scott when out to Japan as a buisness major and a wreslter.

Dace headed west to America as an electronics expert and wrestler.

Never had any major injury in his life. He is heavily influced by music tastes of the black north, and the wrestling styles of the East, even including some of Scott Rage's work.

He doesnt keep much contact with his family, but does with some of his oldest and closest friend. Never the most charismatic guy, but always smart and friendly.

Wrestling is some sort of kick and expression he cant get else where for him.

He has also wrestled amture since he was 19, and still does, but it's not reflected in major parts of his style. Not any Kurt Angle, be he can still take it to the mat, in both styles.

He's currently looking for money and that X factor.

And it seems the X factor might just be violence.




Born: March 1979

First Match: September 1995 in KSW - Loses to Scott Rage, also first use of the Callidonian Safe Maker.

First Win over Rage: February 1996

Last Ever KSW Match: July 1997, Draws against Scott Rage in biggest drawing KSW event ever

First Match in Japan w/ Rage : March 1998

UK Wrestling History Tribute Show: November 1998, loses to Steven Regal.

Debuts in Amercia: May 1999

UK Wrestling History Tribute Show:November 1999 Wins main event vs Rage

UK Wrestling History Tribute Show: November 2000, also first use of the Dark Star Driver.

First Match in CZW: February 2001

Wins UK Jr. National Tag Team Titles: W/ Scott Rage, April 2001

UK Jr. National Tag Team Titles vs CZW Tag Team Titles in best of 3 series: August 2001

Loses UK. Jr National Tag Team Titles to CIMA/SUWA to part of NWA International jr. Tag Team Crown: January 2002, last match with Rage

Leaves CZW: May 2002, in Loser Leaves CZW match vs Trent Acid

First match in SJL: October 2002


(Yes, this is a total Bastardisation of real history. Live with it)[code]

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*edited as of 03/01/2003*


Smarks Board Name: janusd

Wrestlers Name: Janus

Height: 7'2''

Weight: 350lbs

Hometown: Sydney, Australia

Age: 30

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: Maginificent Seven (sole member in the JL)

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): Anything that comes to hand.

Quote (spoken coldly): "Confident. Cocky. Lazy. Defeated."

(What he means: Confidence leads to cockiness, which leads to one being lazy/overconfident, and that is their downfall.)


Looks: Black leather pants and boots. Bare upper body. Black fingerless gloves. White-dyed long hair and green eyes, with a tiny white goatee . Has three long 'scars' slashing diagonally across his chest. His muscles are proportinate to his large frame, leading him to look almost monsterous.


Face Entrance: The lights go out, and a spotlight settles on the stage as the gentle opening riffs of "As Darkness Falls" plays across the arena. The Smarktron shows a solitary figure standing in a room, looking out the window - occasionally changing angle. As the gentle riff turns heavy, lightning strikes outside the window to reveal Janus' face, yelling soundlessly along with the "ALLLLLLLLLLLL RIIIIIIIIIIGHT!" of the song. He steps out into the spotlight and walks towards the ring as the Smarktron flashes his name in a deep green colour, then switches through some of the devastating moves he's done so far in his career. He climbs into the ring from the apron and lifts his arms in victory, then waits for the match to begin...


Time to dust off that old heel intro..woo!


Heel Entrance: The lights go out all across the arena, plunging the place into darkness. Nothing happens for several moments, until the start of Fear Factory's "Resurrection" can be heard. On either side of the rampway, blue pyros begin to fountain into the air as the lyrics start:


"Consumed with memories,

That preceded today.

Given a chance to bereave

Life that's slipping away!"


As the heavy guitar chords hit, a spotlight focuses onto the stage entrance as Janus strides out from behind the curtain, tossing his hair from his face and stalking towards the ring. Each blue pyro goes out as he passes it, and he climbs into the ring slowly and stoically. He stands in the center of the ring, lit only by the spotlight......and lifts his arms into the air.




Blue flame-pyros explode from the turnbuckles ala Kane as the lights come back on and "Resurrection" fades out as Janus waits in the ring.




Strength: 9 (Can throw almost anyone around with terrifying ease. Get into his weight range and it's not that easy, but he can still do it)

Speed: 2 (He's no turbo-man. He relies on his power and resilience to see things through)

Vitality: 7 (Takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Hit him with all you have and he'll keep coming back. Especially if you let him rest)

Charisma: 2 (He's good looking, for a seven footer. Just not the most motivated speaker. Actions speak louder than words)


Style: Power-based.


Signature moves:


Implant DDT

Sit-Down Powerbomb

Full Nelson Suplex

High-Angle Spinebuster

The Gore


Common moves:

Single Arm DDT

Inverted Atomic Drop

Pendulum Backbreaker

Big Boot

Gorilla Press Slam

Whirl Sideslam

Death Valley Driver

Full Nelson Drop (Bubba Bomb)

Shoulder Breaker

Standing Legdrop

Surfboard (submission)


Rare moves:

Frog Splash

Darkness Falls - Tombstone Piledriver from the top rope

(After his European Title match, Janus noted that this move was very difficult to set up, and thus this has become a 'move of convienence', to be done if his opponent sits him on the top rope...you get the idea.)




Rage Unleashed - Vertical Suplex into Tombstone Piledriver

(Janus hoists them up into a vertical suplex, and then drops them into the Tombstone Piledriver. Since his more aggressive attitude is making a comeback, he'll sit out regardless of who he faces)


Dark Bomb - an old finisher from back in the day. Essentially a Last Ride powerbomb, but rather than have the opponent take the impact on their back, they take it all on the neck and head. This is his "I'm PISSED OFF WITH YOU" finisher, and he will always signal for it by tucking their head between his legs, and then lifting both hands and cutting both across his throat before lifting them up to execute the move.


Notes: Silent and taciturn, Janus is one of those 'forces of nature' that you don't mess with. He shows absolutely no concern for his own body when in a match, and will do whatever it takes (period) to put his opponent out.


Bio: Janus had been on and off the wrestling scene several times in his career. Only the important points really stand out for him. A Sydney-born Australian, he learned soon enough that his size as he grew could be used to defend himself - not once did he ever bully people. He turned this into a skill, even learning some amateur wrestling during his high school days. He graduated and immediatley sought out a wrestling school, because the amateur stuff he had learned had whetted his interest - that and some part of him liked the concept of being a 'good guy' on TV.


While he'd shown impressive talent, Janus had never gotten around much. He only got into two feds, both which had gone under sometime after his arrival, although not due to his presence. In both, his concept of being a 'good guy' was taken away as he was made to act as a heel. He found it interesting, but still preferred to be a face. Something happened though, something Janus didn't tell anyone.


His tenure as a heel became more and more serious. He became more taciturn and aggressive in the ring. In his first fed, his career ended after he planted both the Dudleyz through tables with his stiff stiff stiff Dark Bomb. The second federation only egged on his aggressiveness and seemingly disturbed behaviour by putting him a "Ministry" type group. The federation saw it as a gimmick, but the group was very serious with their dark and gothic style. Something about it disturbed Janus, and after that fed went under, he left the wrestling scene for a while, although he did keep in touch for a short while with the "Ministry" leader.


Some time later, Janus resurfaced on the wrestling scene, and went through several small indy feds to get rid of his ring rust. The only change was that he made very clear his lack of desire to be a heel. Then the Smarks scouter found him, and his test match was deemed a success, and Janus joined the ranks of the SJL. The seven foot, silent 'good guy' made his impact by working his way through the ranks, even capturing the European title off the long-reigning champion Ejiro Fasaki. However, Fasaki reminded the giant that just because one is a bad guy, does not mean one is evil.


Following a loss to Ejiro and his Magnificent Seven partner Fugue, Janus received the respect of the champion, and his words that night seem to have struck something in the giant. This was proven on the show before the first SJL Pay-Per-View, as Janus stormed out after the Ejiro/Fugue and Johnny/Wildchild match to beat the hell out of the two WDN members, and thus showing his alignment with the Magnificent Seven.


What lies in the future for Janus is uncertain, but as far as he is concerned, the Junior Leagues and the SWF are his home. And he's going to hurt anyone who gets in his way.

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Guest X briar rose X

Smarks Board Name:  x briar rose x

Wrestlers Name:  Arianwyn Rivenstone

Height:  5'7"

Weight:  161 lbs

Hometown:  Swords, Ireland

Age:  23

Face/Heel:  Heel

Stable:  Disciples of Discord

Ring Escort:  Nocturna Bloodmoon

Weapon(s):  Whatever

Quote: "Move, bitch."


Looks:  Black hair, ice blue eyes, wears black or dark red clothes.  A dagger is strapped to her right boot. To the ring, she wears a black corset, a long, flowing black skirt, and elbow-length black gloves. 


Singles Entrance: Lacuna Coil's "Aeon" begins playing as the lights turn black. The Smarktron plays a video of a stormy night over an Irish castle. The moon is full with a Celtic cross shadowing it. Arianwyn steps onto the stage, her path to the ring lit from underneath the ramp. When she gets to the ring, dark red lights replace the darkness, slowly brightening the arena with a red hue. Once in the ring, Arianwyn pulls her skirt away, revealing black shorts, with fishnet stockings and black boots.  Once fully lit, the arena lights fade from red to white. Airanwyn pulls her gloves off and paces around the ring.


Tag Entrance:  'O Fortuna' begins to play as the lights fade into blackness.  When the arena becomes dark, the Disciples of Discord step onto the stage.  As they glide along, lights underneath  the stage and ramp illuminate their trek to the ring.  When they get to the ring, dark red lights replace the darkness, slowly brightening the arena with a red hue.  Once fully lit, the arena lights fade from red to white.



Strength:  3 - uses opponent's momentum, but can use her own strength when needed

Speed:  10 - female Rey here

Vitality:  5 - can take punishment well

Charisma:  2 - doesn't talk much or cut promos


Style: As stated above, female Rey Mysterio.  Fast lucha style with a few technical moves.


Signature moves:

Frankensteiner - faster version of Trish Stratus's frankensteiner, with a drop on the chest-grab a leg pin

Spinning Hurricanrana with pin

Springboard dropkick

Tornado DDT (top rope)

Low blow

Uppercut to throat - this is a dangerous move, don't use it on yourself unless you want to be out the next show or so

Kip up - used like 'Kane Sits Up'


Common moves:

Taunting smack

Snapmare into headlock

Drop toe hold

Elbows and forearms

Jawbreaker - the non-Jeff variants

Headscissors takedown

Chokes (with foot, ropes, hands)

Arm drag

Eye rake

Sunset flip

Standard suplex

Deja Vu

Jump Swinging DDT

Split-legged dropkick (to separate opponents)

Springboard legdrop

Baseball slide to head (from Tree of Woe)

Mexican suplex (with bridge pin)

Planchas, splashes, suicide dives - all variants


Rare moves:

Split-legged moonsault

619 - not used real often, don't wanna be a total copycat

Bronco buster



Bloodlust - Springboard shooting star press.  Arianwyn moves to the outside of the ring ropes, vaults up onto the top rope, and springboards off into a shooting star press.

Deathgrip - Sleeper with scissors.  Too easy a move, right?  Try getting out. When locked on correctly, opponent will be knocked out within ten seconds.


Notes: In the Disciples of Discord, Arianwyn is the act first, negotiate later type. She leaves all the talking to Nocturna, who is more adept at the art. All her springboard moves can be done to the outside as well as in the ring. Pray you don't bleed during a match with Arian. One of her favorite things is the taste of blood. If she bleeds, she's liable to wipe it off and lick her fingers.


Bio: Born in Swords, Ireland, but moved to the United States at a young age. Gaelic history always interested Arianwyn, who was also very athletic. An outcast through her school years, Arian focused on her sports, even joined the wrestling team. She only wrestled for one year before sticking to track.


After moving to New York and putting herself through college, Arianwyn decided to give herself a graduation present with a six month trip to Ireland. The trip ended up lasting three years, where she met Nocturna Bloodmoon. They returned to the United States and soon found themselves working for the Smarks Wrestling Federation, in the Junior League.

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Smarks Board Name: Rawknight

Wrestlers Name: "Technical Perfection" Chris Card

Real Name: Christopher Anthony Card (And he has the passport to prove it!)

Height: 6'7

Weight: 264

Hometown: Halifax, NS, Canada

Age: 29

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: Not at present.

Ring Escort: Natasha

Weapon(s): Mace Spray (either concealed in the tights, or carried by Natasha)

Quote: "Deal With It!"



Looks: Chris Card has long slicked back black hair, normally in a pony tail. He wears white wrist tape and black or red armpads, and black tights with either two playing cards (the Ace of Hearts face up, one face down) or the Technical Perfection sign (an X-ray of a skull over the Ace of Spades) on. Chris has no tattoos but he does have a couple of small scars on his left forearm. Chris has a thin goatee beard, usually surrounded by 2-3 days of stubble.


Ring Entrance: "Grind" by Alice In Chains fires up and Chris Card walks into the entranceway, followed by Natasha. With a slight sneer towards the crowd, Chris And Natasha walk slowly and deliberately down towards the ring, with Chris stopping to part the ropes for Natasha. Inside the ring Natasha raises her arms above her head showing off her figure, and then points them towards Chris and he drops into his Heartbreaker pose, crouched in a fighting stance, arms crossed across his chest, thumbs pointing towards his heart.


*note: If Natasha is forced to wrestle as part of an angle HER theme music is "Oh My Goth!" by Razed In Black





Strength: 4 (Reflects a methodical wrestling style. Doesn't no sell and doesn't use power moves often)

Speed: 4 (Methodical and relentless. Doesn't climb the ropes or hit dives except for VERY special matches)

Vitality: 6 (Tougher than boot leather, but by no means superhuman)

Charisma: 6 (Easy to hate)


Style: A mixture of classic US technical, Japanese Strong Style and some shoot fighting and jiu-jitsu techniques. Toshiaki Kawada without the head dropping stuff or Steve Blackman with better submission holds.


Signature moves:


Heartbreaker (Thrust Kick To The Chest). His old finisher, now mainly used as a crowd baiting technique as it doesn't really fit with his offense.


Dragon Sleeper with Hammerlock. The set up hold for the Cardiac Arrest II


Stretch Plum (Abdominal stretch with side headlock)


Bow and Arrow submission


Half Crab with a knee pressed into the opponent's back


Knee strikes to the back from a back mount


Grounded Crossface with Body Scissors


Crossface Reverse Mat Slam


Shin-Body-Head Roundhouse Kick combo in the corner


Rising uppercut palm thrust to an opponent seated on the turnbuckle. (This can lead to Chris distracting the ref so Natasha can come in and deliver a low blow with a thrust kick)


Common moves:


Knife Hand Chops


Muay Thai knees to the back


Roundhouse Kicks to the ribs


Roundhouse kicks to the shin


Side kick


Double Knee Drop to the back


Heel drop to the back


Abdominal Stretch (can be segued into the Stretch Plum)


Drop Toe Hold


O-soto-gari (STO)


Leg Wheel


Leg Sweep Kick


Snap Suplex


Backdrop Suplex


Side Suplex


Side Slam




Rare moves:


All these moves are for Chris' alternate headhunting tactic


Jumping Roundhouse Enzuigiri


Air Raid Crash (Beach Break/Kryptonite Krunch/Reality Check/Maximo Driver/Whatever else people call it!)


Vertical Drop Brainbuster


Backdrop Driver (Brainbuster style backdrop suplex)


Knee Strikes to the head from the mount




Cardiac Arrest (Inverted DDT from a Hammerlock)

The Cardiac Arrest is applied in two ways. Against larger opponents (250lbs+) Card Hammerlocks the opponent and then leans in and wraps his free arm around their neck, dropping straight backwards and landing the victim on their upper back and neck. Against smaller opponents Card pushes out with the hammerlocked arm first, forcing the opponent out perpendicluar to the mat as they drop, then releasing the hammerlock as the victim drops and landing the victim on the whole of his back.



Cardiac Arrest II (Inverted DDT from a Dragon Sleeper with Hammerlock)


Notes: Chris Card is businesslike and ruthlessly efficient within the ring. He will cheat and break rules if necessary, and will use Natasha's distractions to as much effect as he can. Chris has a near permanent sneer, and will jaw with fans on the way to the ring, but leaves fan interaction while he's fighting to Natasha. Chris Card and Natasha are both smug and arrogant, Chris about his skills and Natasha about her good looks, and if you don't like it... deal with it!



Bio: Chris Card is an accomplished martial artist and shootfighter, and a legitimate 2nd dan black belt in both jiu jitsu and muay thai. Chris also has some experience in amateur wrestling and judo. Talent spotted by a wrestling trainer he graduated quickly from the Revolution wrestling academy, and started around the indy circuit with a Shawn Michaels like heel gimmick of the pretty boy ladies man. Moving to some larger federations earned Chris a great deal of respect, and after shocking wrestlers superior to him in a stable known as the Syndicate, he went on to from a successful tag team with the unhinged Cross. His modified style, seriousness in the ring and the addition of the Gothic Diva Natasha (along with her ubiquitous can of mace spray) to his side aided him in progressing to many tag and lesser title reins in highly rated federations, but an unwillingness to play political games and a nasty attitude towards superiors have so far denied him any federation titles. Chris Card earned the nickname "Technical Perfection" from a t-shirt designed for him, and it has stuck with him thought his recent career. Chris Card may be nasty, snide, arrogant and unafraid to cheat to swing things in his favour, but he is a deadly opponent in the ring and one of the hottest talents in Professional Wrestling today.


Natasha Fitzpatrick (last name never used in the wrestling ring) was a keen student of the martial arts, acheiving a black belt in both Muay Thai and Kempo, and it's through her use of the same training facilities as Chris Card that the pair met. Natasha replaced Chris' old trainer, and got him adjusted to a more serious in ring style, focusing heavily on his martial arts and shootfighting background rather than the smooth Shawn Micheals style heel he had been playing. Not averse to cheating in the aid of Card, Natasha's assistance lead him onto bigger and britghter things than he had experienced in his career, and added a certain edge to his interviews. Natasha's 1-0 professional wrestling record (and that was a handicap as her and a stablemate's valet Tatiana destroyed chauvanist commentator Johnny Hemp with a series of low blow related attacks) belies her real fighting abilities, but she is definately much more than a pretty face and a sharp tongue. Natasha is also not romantically linked with Chris Card (though she did get rather displeased when Chris slept with her younger sister Diana) and is often found preying on similarly dark and gothic individuals.

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Guest Crowe

Edit: - Fucked around with a few things, one move addition and change of hometown.


Smarks Board Name: Crowe

Wrestlers Name: Crow

Nickname: Antichrist Superstar

Real Name: Markus Cirillo

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 231 pounds


- Born: Adelaide, Australia

- Lives: Anchorage, Alaska

Age: 22

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: None at the moment.

Ring Escort: No one at the moment.

Weapon(s): Cigarette, Cigarette Lighter, Glass Light Tubes, Singapore Cane

Quote: “Victims... aren’t we all?”




- White Male.

- Black Matt Hardy style beard/goatee.

- Long black hair, past shoulders. Always wet through.

- While wrestling, always topless. Big tattoo on upper back of a crow, takes up majority of upper back. Tricep tattoo on right arm of the Grim Reaper, 10x10cm. Upside down cross tattoo on left breast, 6x3.5cm. Muscular build, see Jerry Lynn.

- During promos, may wear various metal shirts. Cradle Of Filth’s “Jesus Is A Cunt” shirt for example. Front, naked nun masturbating, Back, “Jesus Is A Cunt”. For more shirts designs, visit http://www.headbangersdelight.com .

- Full length black pants, covered with metallic zips which have no use other than the odd occasion when they cause minor cuts on opposition.


Ring Entrance:


- Music: Natural Born Chaos by Soilwork – If lyrics wanted see http://www.darklyrics.com/lyrics/soilwork/...ornchaos.html#4

- Must come out smoking a cigarette.

- Must perform crucifix pose at one point. (ala Raven)

- Other than that, meh.




Strength: 4 (Good strength for size, able to suplex upto 250 – 260.)

Speed: 5 (Relatively fast. Able to perform various moonsaults.)

Vitality: 4 (Good endurance, can last Ironman. Sells punishment like normal, but has resilience.)

Charisma: 7 (Highly charismatic. Remarkable heel heat.)




Mix of high flying, semi technical moves, but really likes a hardcore environment. Usually likes to start matches off with various fast moves like arm drags, quick pins and kicks (willing to slug it out though), moving on to leg psychology or hardcore antics to slow down opponent so then he can bring on the high impact moves. Any situation outside of the ring where weapons are involved, Crow is sure to excel.


Signature moves:



The victim is on their back. The attacker holds up the victim's legs and steps in between them. The attacker crosses the victim's legs around the leg which they put through and holds them in place with their arms. The attacker then steps over, turning the victim over on their stomach. The attacker leans/crouches back to apply pressure. Used when psychology is focused on leg and back.


Wing And A Prayer Suplex

The attacker stands behind the victim. The attacker grabs one of the victim's arms and bends it behind the victim's back and places their hand so it at the top of the victim's shoulder. The attacker uses their other free arm to reach around the victim's face so their forearm is across their nose/face. The attacker locks their hands together. From there, the attacker lifts the victim up and falls backwards, dropping the victim on their head/neck/shoulders.


Murderous DDT

The attacker sits on the top turnbuckle and grabs the victim's head, applying a front facelock. From there, the attacker jumps off the buckles, swings around one side of the victim's body and drives the victim's head into the mat. Or, the attacker jumps off the ropes and then applies the swinging DDT. This variation can be performed off the apron to the outside as well.


Northern Lights Suplex

The attacker stands face to face with the victim. The attacker locks their arms around the waist of the victim and lifts the straight up, the attacker falls back and drops the victim on their back. In the bridged version, the attacker commonly sticks their head under the arm of the victim prior to doing the suplex and bridging the move for the pin.


Snap Suplex

The attacker applies a front face lock on the victim and puts the victim's near arm over the attacker's neck/shoulders. The attacker usually grabs the victim by the tights and excutes a quick fall backwards, the attacker lifts the victim up slightly as they are falling, snapping the victim over on their back.


Entrapment Suplex

The attacker stands face to face with the victim. The attacker hooks both of the victim's arms so they are trapped in the attacker's armpits. The attacker then lifts the victim up and falls backwards, suplexing the victim over and dropping them back first on the mat.


Top Rope Somersault Senton

The attacker climbs the turnbuckle so that his back is facing the crowd. He then jumps off the turnbuckle, performs a 270 degree front flip over the victim and lands back first on them. This move can also be performed onto a standing victim.


Moonsault Variations

Basically any variation of a Moonsault, Crow does it. Examples... Asai Moonsault, Quebrada Moonsault, Twisting Corkscrew Moonsault.


Knife Edged Chop

The attacker strikes the victim with the outer part of their hand, the pinky finger side. This attack can be done to a variety of locations on the victim's body.


Common moves:


Arm Drag

Back Fist

Belly To Belly Suplex

Chin Breaker


Drop Toe Hold

Dropkick (Standing, Running, Top Rope)

Dragon Screw Leg Whip

Figure Four Leglock

German Suplex

La Majistral Cradle

Leg Drop (Standing, Running, Top Rope)


Roundhouse Kick (Commenated as the "Das Wunder Kick", if you weeeel.)

Russian Leg Sweep (Onto Rail Sometimes)

Shin Breaker

Various Body Presses (Running, Top Rope, Apron)


Rare moves:


My Last Serenade (Rider Kick)

Big matches, no 1 contendership/title matches. The victim is on the outside, whilst the attacker is in the ring. The attacker ascends to the top turnbuckle and then jumps in the air and kicks the victim with both their feet. The attack can be focuses on the victim's head, chest, stomach, back or legs.


Spider German Suplex (Top Rope German Suplex)

The attacker locks their legs on the ropes and hangs onto the buckles as they do the move. The attacker stands behind the victim and applies a waistlock. The attacker lifts the victim up and falls backwards, dropping the victim on their shoulders/neck/upperback. If the attacker releases the victim at the height of their lift, this often becomes a "Release German Suplex". However, most times the attacker keeps the waistlock applied and bridges for the pin.




Natural Born Chaos (Jumping Brainbuster Suplex)

The attacker applies a front face lock on the victim and throws the victim's near arm across their shoulders. The attacker grabs the victim's tights and lifts them straight up in the air so they are upside down. The attacker then jumps in the air and falls onto his back, causing the victim to fall straight down on their head.




Failure to comply will result in death.


Evenflow Moonsault

The attacker climbs the turnbuckle so that he is looking out into the crowd. The attacker then jumps off the turnbuckle with arms in crucifix pose, performs a 270 degree back flip and lands stomach first on the lying victim. This move can also be performed onto a standing victim.




MOST IMPORTANT – Crow likes to bleed, a lot. Crow is willing to take a huge beating and take huge bumps, but keep realism in mind while killing him please.


Crow is more of an instinctive wrestler than anything else. He does what is needed to win, whether it be using psychology, mercilessly beating or even cheating. He’s a bastard heel, the crowd hates his guts and Crow will do his best to piss them off, so be sure to throw some mock taunts etc.




To be done later.

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Guest Pa|adin

Smark Boards Name - Pa|adin

Wrestlers Name - Christian Blackwell

Height - 6 foot 4

Weight - 248 pounds.

Hometown - Rosslare, Ireland.

Age - 31

Face/Heel - Face

Stable - N/A

Ring Escort - N/A

Weapon(s) - Not likely to use weapons, unless the match allows it.


Looks - Rather mysterious in appearance. Dark, deep set green eyes. Skin looks rather tanned, but worn, with a coarse beard, hardly grown in. Short black hair, almost wavy, brushed to the back, with a few strands falling over his face. In the ring he wears long, black pants to the ring, with a belt, and normal black boots, and no shirt. As for his build, he is rather musculiar, making a definate precense in the ring. Out of the ring, he wears 'smart' clothes, but always wears black glasses.


Ring Entrance - The lights dim down, but into complete darkness, as "Three Libras" by A Perfect Circle kicks up, slowly fading in, as Blackwell walks out, head down. As he walks down the rampway, little burts of fire shoot up from beside the ramp, and stay lit as he walks past and down to the ring. He slowly walks up the steps and enters the ring, quietly pacing around as he awaits the match...




Power - 4


Speed - 3


Vitality - 8 (Tremendous resolve, plus he's just one tough bastard)


Charisma - 5 (When he does speak)


Style - Technical. Can use power moves approriate for his size, and can move nimbly around the ring, but he is technical at heart, and sometimes stiff with his blows.


Notes - A very mysterious character, but just by looking at him, you can tell he is wise beyond his years, and has wrestled for quite a long time, coming to the JL for just competition. He's known to keep quiet, but when he does talk, he talks in a low, husky tone, and often uses metaphor's and the like, seemignly everything he says has a purpose. Gives wise advice, is always calm, cool and collected, and if he is the least bit worried about something, he wouldn't show it. If I had to compare him to anyone, i'd compare him to Auron from Final Fantasy Ten. (Strange I know) but he commands that sort of respect, and always knows what the right path to go is.


No Irish Accent either, rather it's a mixture of many different accents.


Signature Moves (Naming Moves Just Wouldn't Be His Style)


- Triangle Hold

- Cross Armbar

- German Suplex

- Superkick

- Dragon Sleeper

- Brainbuster Suplex

- Orange Crush (Lift up in a vertical suplex, then drop them forwards and sit out, as they land on te back of their neck)

- Cattle Mutalation


- Dragon Screw Leg Whip

- Knife Edge Chops

- Second Rope Knee Drop


Common Moves


- Basically, technical moves, like takedowns (Snapmare, drop toe hold, judo throw, hip toss, arm drag, etc. Anything you can think of really)

- Basic Submission Holds

- And then, basic pinning predicaments.

- Arm Breaker

- Back Breaker

- Stiff kicks to opponents body

- Knee Drop

- Running Forearms

- Running Elbow Strikes

- Single Leg Crab ( Elevated, with knee into back)

- Back Drop Suplex

- Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex




- "404"


Reno's 'Roll The Dice'. Start in the reverse face lock position, head's opponent under Blackwell's arm, then he spins around quickly and slams them down face first with a neck breaker. I guess because it's a finisher, he puts more effort into it.


Might add a submission finisher when I think of one.

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Guest Freakish_Twist_Of_Fate

Some edits for simpler reading on my moves... Thanks to Dace for the input!




Smarks Board Name: Freakish_Twist_Of_Fate

Wrestlers "Stage" Name: The Omega Storm

Wrestlers Real Name: Leandro Grines

Height: 6 feet, 3 inches

Weight: 245 pounds

Hometown: New Haven, Connecticut

Age: 31

Face/Heel: 'Tweener, leaning towards heel

Stable: None at the moment...

Ring Escort: None at the moment...

Weapon(s): Handheld tazer (The 'lightning' of the 'Storm')

Quote: "Prepare to be a victim of the Storm!" or "Lightning strikes twice when I'm around... Care to try your luck?"


Looks: Grines is of a muscular build, with crop-cut, jet-black hair, aqua-colored eyes, and a goatee... He has the classic 'villian-ish' look about him. For being from the Northeastern portion of the country, he's well tanned. His ring attire is rather simple: Black, semi-tight fit trousers with lightning bolts (colored a mix of indigo, a neonish green, and white) down the sides of the legs. If he wears a shirt to the ring, it's one of his own: A completely black t- shirt... On the front is a menacing-looking storm cloud; dark grays, with a vague greenish tint. The back features the quote "Prepare to be a victim of the Storm!" printed in green. Underneath, two pair of crossed lightning bolts, styled the same way as the ones on the trousers. Printed in a black, Old English- style font within the bolts: "Omega" on the left pair - printed upper left to lower right, "Storm" on the right - upper right to lower left.


Ring Entrance: The arena lights die out for a few moments, then relight in a fast strobe, going from neon green, to light blue, to white at random. The house speakers rumble with thunder for a moment, then a loud thunderclap is heard, accompanied with a bright flash of pyro from the entranceway. After the thunder, "One Of A Kind" by Breaking Point spins up nice and loud... The boos and crowd reaction are kind of a thunder on their own as Grines walks slowly down the ramp. He usually shouts back at the crowd and gestures (quite rudely, I might add), invoking more negative heel heat. He usually slides into the ring, stalking around for a moment, keeping the tazer he always carries clipped to his side. When the ref comes in to relieve him of the device, Grines usually grabs it, threatens the ref with it, makes reference to the ref's 'questionable lineage'... Then begrudgingly hands over the tazer (knowing he can 'relieve' the ref of it later, if needed). If he's last out to the ring, he stares down his opponent, flicks them off, then gets unwaveringly serious about the match. If he's first out, or waiting for more victims... Opponents, I mean... He stalks the ring, grumbling and yelling at the crowd until the next star's music spins up. Then he watches his opponent with a keen eye and a supremely serious attitude.



Strength: 6

Speed: 3

Vitality: 7

Charisma: 4


Style: Typical power heel (brawler with some rough housing) with a dash of speed on the side


Signature moves:


#1 - Manhattan Drop

#2 - Vertical splash body press

#3 - Short arm clothesline

#4 - Crucifix

#5 - Low blow (Yeah, it's a signature move. Lovely, eh?)

#6 - Underhook face first piledriver

#7 - Jackhammer by the book

#8 - Reverse fallaway slam

#9 - Facelock and Hammerlock Suplex: Put opponent in front facelock, and then a hammerlock with free arm, and suplex over a'la snap suplex

#10 - Rolling german suplexes (usually 4 or 5 in sequence)


Common moves:


#1 - La Majistral (It's a pinning move, but it's one of his common ones)

#2 - Delayed butterfly suplex

#3 - Falcon arrow

#4 - Arm wringer

#5 - Face first airplane spin toss: Lift over shoulder a'la Running Powerslam, spin around, throw opponent off, face first to mat

#6 - Bulldog lariat

#7 - Reverse underhook DDT

#8 - Fireman's carry to flap jack

#9 - Heart punch

#10 - Shoulder leg breaker: Grab leg, turn back to opponent, still holding leg... Bring leg over shoulder and sit down


Rare moves:


#1 - Yakuza kick (It takes a little speed to get that big boot up...)

#2 - Crossed arms powerbomb (Needs to be a light opponent to get the most power behind the move)

#3 - Thesz Press (Needs some speed, too...)

#4 - Enzuigiri (Usually only possible at the beginning of a match, when Grines is his freshest and 'fastest'... But the opponent is usually ready at the beginning, because they're fresh as well...)




#1 - Lightning Rod (top rope): It's a super piledriver. This move's usually reserved for when the opponent has had the beating of his life, and Grines can basically take him where he wants to go. It's the rarest of the finishers for that reason.


#2 - Omega Cloudburst (power): AKA the Tommyhawk. This is the finisher of choice. Set up like an upside down Razor's Edge, then drop them back into a Diamond Cutter.


#3 - Unpredictable Weather (submission): Anyone familiar with the "move" called the Nelbina (or the variation done by Ciclope) will laugh their rear off when they mentally picture this move... The opponent's back down on the mat... Grines grabs their arms, and pulls them so their arms are behind their knees. Grines flips them over (like a hamburger on the grill), so that the opponent is resting on their knees with their arms trapped between their shins and thighs. Grines can then do whatever he wants: sit on them, kick them in the sides, elbow drops, leg drops... You name it! Usually he just sits on them until they submit from the pain (or embarassment). Obviously this one's a humiliation move, so use it accordingly.


Notes: Grines is a little unstable. He's a heel, after all. He's right now prone to not only rookie mistakes, but mistakes when trying to inflict huge damage on an opponent when maybe a pin would be better. This being said, he's not stupid. He'll only use weapons in a no-DQ or match (or when the ref is -really- distracted). He'll break counts when told to (but only when told to). He's cunning, but not sharp yet because he's new. He has a very keen eye, and will watch his opponent, figuring out tendencies, flaws, weaknesses, and the like. To sum it all up, he's a very cool, calculating heel.


Bio: Nothing has really been revealed about Grines yet... He hasn't been very open with bookers and interviewers. He's just been... Testy. Violent. A general a-hole. So... Don't expect anything too quickly.

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Smarks Board Name: Atlas

Wrestlers Name: Sean Atlas

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 230

Hometown: Thought to be Chicago, IL

Age: 22

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): Whatever can be found under the ring. Preferably, things that can be swung (chair, bat, 2x4, sledgehammer, etc)

Quote: "It must make life unbearable for a man, to think as I did."


Looks: The imprtant thing is that Sean Atlas always wears a mask. It's not the typical Lucha mask, though - more like Kane's. Mask is usually white, with some sort of a black design on it. His ring attire is similar to the mask: White pants, with black lettering down the side, spelling out his name, or a design. On top, there usually isn't anything except for wrist tape, and a tattoo on his right shoulder of the letters M and S creatively drawn. On very rare occasions, he'll break out a singlet similar to Rob Van Dam's or Kurt Angle's, but with the same black/white color pattern that adorns the rest of his attire. Otherwise, his build is closest to Rob Van Dam's, with Austin's midsection.


Ring Entrance: Breaking Benjamin - Polyamorous hits the arena speakers, and the lights flash to the song's intro. Then, after the five second intro period, an explosion (Similar to Jericho's) goes off onstage. Moments later, Sean Atlas makes his way out. As he walks down the ramp, he doesn't do much except look around at the crowd, and arrogantly smile at the morons booing him. Once in the ring, he runs the ropes for a while and waits for his opponent. (If his oppoenent is already out, then he either attacks them or waits for the bell, depending on the storyline)




Strength: 5

Speed: 4

Vitality: 6

Charisma: 5


Style: More technical than any other style. Will have occasional mean streaks. Tends to use the mat most of the time, but will pull off a top rope move once in a while, which don't look too pretty, but gets the job done.


Signature moves:

- Release German Suplex

- Russian Leg Sweep

- Rear leg takedown (the thing Angle does when he pulls your feet out from behind you)

- Reverse DDT

- Superkick

- Sweep Spinebuster (ala The Rock)

- Running Powerbomb (sometimes to the outside...)

- Diamond Cutter

- Spear (sometimes into the ropes)

- Brainbuster

- Sitdown Piledriver



Common moves:

- Chops

- Leapfrog

- Baseball slide after a whip (ala Al Snow)


- Neckbreaker

- Shoulderblock

- Armbar DDT

- Fisherman's suplex

- Dragon Screw legwhip

- Full Nelson Drop

- Kicks to the knees

- Arm Wrench

- Overhead Belly-to-Belly suplex

- Unreleased Irish whip (usually followed by an overhead belly-to-belly)



Rare moves:

- Sharpshooter

- Pedigree

- Three Star Splash (Not exactly a five star, or a frog splash, but hey, he tried)

- Fall From Grace (Top Rope Moonsault, Bill Demott style)

- Knife Through The Heart (From the apron, he'll slingshot himself onto the top rope, not in the corner but in the middle of the rope (if it's late in the match he'll either mess it up or just climb to the top one) then dive and hit an elbow drop into the chest. This one is the rarest of the rare, because he'll try it if a finisher doesn't do the job, despite not being physically perfect for it)




- The Saint's Demise (Death Valley Driver)

- Katahajime Choke (Modified Tazzmission, applied with either arm)


Notes: To those writing matches against me, never remove his mask. The mask stays on, period. If you try though, please do it sparingly. I don't want people going for the mask in every match. When someone does try, it'll just anger him further. Sometimes, the anger will cause a DQ, but it rarely makes him fearful. Again, please don't have him lose the mask. Not even if his face is covered with hands.


Bio: Sean Atlas is a prick. His basic gimmick is that he refuses to believe in God, but doesn't come out and say that he doesn't exist. He hates religion and therefore, pisses most people off. Nothing is known about his past, but it is thought that Sean Atlas isn't his real name. He wears the mask to hide his identity, but nobody knows why. The tattoo of "MS" on his soulder is a mystery, but the area of skin near the tattoo is scarred, seemingly from Atlas trying to scratch it off. He claims that his reason for joining the SWF is simply because he needs money, and wrestling was always a passion of his, but a lot of people juyst don't buy that. More details about his character, and identity, will come out as time progresses.

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Guest Aecas

Stats Template


Smarks Board Name: Aecas

Wrestlers Name: Aecas

Height: 6'7

Weight: 265lbs

Hometown: Shrewsbury, England

Age: 26

Face/Heel: Psychotic Face

Stable: N/A

Ring Escort: N/A

Weapon(s): Anything not nailed down and liftable

Quote: "Sanity is just a wierd form of madness..."


Looks: He has black hair that comes down to his shoulders, when backstage he wears it tied back in a ponytail but loosens it before making his entrance to the ring. His eyes are blue/green but he wears contact lenses that blot out the iris and pupil leaving them totally white. He wears black leather pants and combat boots leaving his torso topless, his skin is pale and contrasts sharply to a snaking dragon tatto that works its sinuous length around his chest and back.


Ring Entrance: The arena goes dark as the opening strains of Rob Zombie's "Superbeast" play. As the heavier riffs of the song kick in, red lights begin to strobe around the arena, like an alarm system gone wrong - or a system that is warning of imminent carnage. The Smarktron displays A E C A S with blood dripping onto the top of the words. A series of sadistic moves are shown before A E C A S appears again this time with blood oozing halfway down the words. Another series of brutal weapon shots and vicious bumps is shown before A E C A S flashes up again, blood pooling at the bottom of the letters.


As the Smarktron plays the movie a blood red spotlight picks out Aecas as he strides down the aisle. As he walks the light flickers his face alternating from an impassive visage to a mask of almost demonic glee with each flicker. He enters the ring through the ropes as the lights slowly come up a grin on his face as he anticipates what is to come before his face becomes indifferent and impassive once again.




Strength: 7 (He is more than capable of performing a variety of power moves provided his opponent is of a weight either moderately over or below his own.)

Speed: 4 (He can be quick on his feet when he needs to be and if the situation calls for it he will willingly fly from the top rope regardless of his own health.)

Vitality: 8 (Hit him in the face with a broken bottle and he'd give you another and tell you to put more effort behind it.)

Charisma: 1 (He looks positively gloomy unless involved in very brutal matches when he lets excitement break the surface. He talks little but his actions often speak volumes of their own.)


Style: Power Based but mixes in some Technical moves.


Signature moves: Spiral Bomb

Running Powerbomb

Samoan Driver

Tiger Suplex

Sambo Suplex

Half Nelson Face Buster

Super Tiger Driver

Side Effect


Common moves: Spinebuster

Double Arm DDT

Gutwrench Powerbomb

Double Powerbomb

Release German Suplex

Full Nelson Slam

High Angle Back Drop (Drops them almost right on the head and neck)

Pendulum Backbreaker

Stalling Brainbuster

Sidewalk Slam

Shoulder Breaker

Reverse DDT

Northern Lights Driver



Side Belly to Belly Suplex

Boston Crab

Top Rope Crossbody

Spinning Neck breaker


Rare moves: Swanton Bomb (Only used as a last resort, typicly against massive wrestlers who outweigh him)

Straight To Hell - Top Rope Burning Hammer (An almost never seen move only broken out if he is pushed that inch too far...)

Top Rope Brainbuster (most Comonly used rare move if needed)


Finishers: Diamond Cutter

The Gore


Notes: Aecas never says more than he feels he has to, he has no concern or regrets about putting his health on the line to pull off a succesful match and seems to relish enduring as much pain as he inflicts.


Bio: Born in Shrewsbury in the United Kingdom little is known about his origins and entry into wrestling though it has been speculated that he built a career upon mindless violence and sadism in Japan. Not the sort of chap you'd want to bring home to see your parents he is nevertheless loyal to those he deems as allies.

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Guest fosta

Smarks Board Name: Fosta

E-mail: [email protected]

AIM Name: thylllklkslths

Wrestlers Name: Fosta

Height: 6'2

Weight: 235

Hometown: Chicago

Age: 29

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: None

Weapon(s): Steel Chair (Used rarely)



Looks: Fosta has long brown shoulder-blade length hair. Some of his hair is slightly dread-locked, and he has several braids in random spots. He has an unkempt brown beard, and a very weathered face; looks about three years older.

When wrestling he wears a pair of loose, black leather pants and black boots with a silver studded belt. He sometimes wears a black tank top as well. He is of slightly above-average muscle mass for a professional wrestler, and well toned. He usually has a stone-faced expression when entering the arena and so on. When he is inactive, i.e. backstage etc. he wears normal, casual clothes or his wrestling attire with a t-shirt.


Ring Entrance: Theme: “Loco” By Coal Chamber

Fosta enters the ring calmly, preparing mentally for his match. He rarely interacts with the audience on his way to the ring, unless it is to steal a sign or to intimidate an audience member who is throwing obscenities. Once in the ring he limbers up a little more while waiting for his opponent.




Strength: 5

Speed: 6

Vitality: 5

Charisma: 4


Style: Technical: Likes to mat wrestle early in. Likes to dominate matches with an intelligent strategy. Will brawl and wrestle a hardcore style if it is needed.


Signature moves:

1. Indian deathlock (NOT reverse Indian)

2. Springboard forearm.

3. Elbow drop (Used as a substitute for the moonsault if needed, e.g. leg injured)

4. Reverse DDT

5. Guillotine splash (Opponent stands with his arms and neck over the top rope. Fosta climbs the turnbuckle and splashes across opponent’s upper back, putting one leg over either side of the rope, and holding onto the rope with his arms and legs to not be slung off the rope to the mat or floor. Used in hardcore style matches.)

6. Half-nelson suplex (Used on smaller opponents)


Common moves:

Double-arm underhook backbreaker

Pendulum Backbreaker

Dragon screw

Figure four leglock

Dropkick to knee (From various positions)



Belly to Belly overhead Suplex

Arm and neck overhead Suplex

Belly to Back Suplex



Finishers: Turnbuckle Moonsault


Notes: Ethically, Fosta is comparable to the worst of them. He never thinks twice about gaining an unfair advantage if he thinks he can get away with it.

He sometimes loses his temper or decides he cannot win a match, and will attempt to get himself disqualified by using weapons or brawling outside for too long.

He has no moral struggle when deciding to focus on a body part for any reason. E.g. If he wrestles a man in his return match from a neck injury, he will exploit the injury to its full potential without thinking twice.


Bio: Fosta has traveled the indie circuit for years, gaining a good reputation as a heel, and a hard worker. He has served small stints for bigger promotions, but has been misused, and never made it far in national leagues. He’s hoping to get it right this time, and cement himself a role in a stable promotion.

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Guest vitriol

Smarks Board Name: Vitriol

Wrestlers Name: Tryst

Real Name: Tristan Whitt

Height: 6-1

Weight: 218

Hometown: Bairnsdale, Britain

Age: 26

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: none

Ring Escort: none

Weapon(s): He wears an arrowhead around his neck, held there by a worn piece of leather. In a pinch, it can make a handy weapon. Otherwise, his bow is quite strong, and he could use it by itself in defense if need be.

Quote: I don’t have one.


Looks: His hair is relatively short, not particularly kept in any style. A light beard runs over most of his face, and his piercing blue eyes are enough to bring any girl to her proverbial knees. To the ring, he wears loose black paints, and an unbuttoned shirt. Doesn’t matter what color, although he does tend to wear darkish green a lot.


Ring Entrance: As the lights blacken out, the crowd drops to a dead silence and their eyes are drawn to the entry way, where a deep green spotlight shines down from above. The Smarktron comes to life, the video running through a lush green forest at great speeds, finally stopping about 20 feet in front of a man, wielding a bow and arrow. He pulls the arrow back, releases, and as it reaches the screen, pyrotechnics on the opposite wall explode as “Forest” by System of a Down blasts across the loud speakers, and the sleeping crowd comes back to life as Tristan Whitt, also known as Tryst, comes rushing out of the back to stand within the spotlight, Bow in one hand, arrow in the other.


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen...the following competitor stands at six feet, one inch tall, weighing in at two hundred and eighteen pounds...he hails from Bairnsdale, Britain...Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Tryyyyyyyyssssst!!!


Making his way down the ramp, Tryst takes off his quiver of arrows and hands it to the timekeeper, along with his bow as he rolls into the ring and soaks in the cheers from the rhapsodic crowd. The lights fade back up to normal, and he awaits his opponent.




Strength: 4

Speed: 6

Vitality: 4

Charisma: 6



Style: High-flyer, with occasional technical tendencies



Signature moves:

springboard plancha

corkscrew plancha

thrust kick

corner backflip kick

northern lights suplex


hammerlock belly to back suplex



Common moves:

spinning heel kick

drop toe-hold

cross body block


head scissors



(this is tedious, basically any common move will do.)



Rare moves:

Implant DDT


Fisherman’s suplex






The Crusade - Tristan gets a groggy opponent standing up in the center of the ring, and immediately leaps toward them, kicking them square into the chest and sending them bouncing into the ropes. As they stumble back towards him, he quickly lifts them up into a suplex, twists them, and drops them face first to the mat.


The Arrow’s path - front-flip corkscrew dropkick from the top rope.


Notes: He is completely guided by his sense of right and wrong, so he thinks everything through before he does it...but if it serves to complete his ultimate goal, he’s not adverse to bending the rules a bit. He believes that he is Robin Hood...as such, he often times carries a quiver of arrows and speaks of rescuing the King, which really does nothing but confuse people in most instances.


Bio: He was a delusional as a child, with few friends...his favorite thing to play was Robin Hood, and eventually his mind twisted the legend enough for him to believe that he was Robin Hood himself.


Extended history coming soon.

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