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Spoilers for the next 3 weeks

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That's a shitty idea.


And Steiner needs to go psycho on Don West sometime. I miss Steiner snapping on random non-wrestlers.


Where has Steiner been? Has he appeared at all since the last PPV?

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I feel like the ideal card for a "Wrestlemania" quality PPV for Bound for Glory really needs to be the following:


NWA World Title Match (Career vs. Title)

Sting vs. Jeff Jarrett ©

-No sense in dropping this match at this point, despite the fact that the entire feud has been complete garbage. The sad thing in this one is that I could've easily seen Hogan playing out the Sting role back when they were looking to bring him in.


Number One Contendership Match

Samoa Joe vs. Christian

-This is the big upper-midcard match. Samoa Joe is very over, with a series of promos accusing TNA of purposely keeping him out of the title picture for fear of losing 'top name talent to his brute power' and then have Christian step up as the heel, doing some of the same things he'd done to Rhyno the month prior. This match, to me, is a big selling point. I like Christian's heel turn, I like Samoa Joe's face appeal. It's a very solid main-event quality match despite the fact that I billed it as an upper-midcard match.


NWA Tag Team Championship Match (Double-Elimination Match)

America's Most Wanted vs. The Naturals vs. AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels vs. LAX ©

-I like this idea. We don't need two or three tag matches on the card and I love the direction of the tag division. First of all, the Naturals have been one of the most interesting aspects of the current booking - I love what they're doing with them, I love them putting Shane Douglas to use. A couple of big wins over AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels and America's Most Wanted lead to them being granted a match. America's Most Wanted is willing to put their friendship on the line for one last shot at glory. LAX plays the desperate heel team attempting to avoid loss by any means possible. And finally AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels are try to settle a little unfinished business. This is flat out a big match, I'd like to see it happen.


TNA X-Division Title Match

Alex Shelley w/ Kevin Nash vs. Low Ki ©

-It's a nice mid-show break. Fast paced action leading into the final big three matches of the night. Kevin Nash and Alex Shelley declare their X-Division Dominance leading to a Low Ki explosion that catches the eye of Big Daddy Cool.


Monster's Ball Match

Bobby Rhoode vs. Abyss vs. Rhyno vs. Raven

-Makes sense. TNA likes the big-man hardcore gimmick matches. In the process you sport some old wounds between old enemies while putting on a nice match. You can also use this to elevate Rhoode to the next level to challenge Samoa Joe as his perfect foil (which is stupid, but becaust TNA is booking in that direction I might as well too). Bobby Rhoode picks up the win, setting him up for advancement up the card down the line.



If TNA puts together a card like that, I could be talked into buying it. That's not to toot my own horn, but really, that's really the biggest possible card they could have. There's a lot of big matches in the making that're there, so long as TNA sees them they can put together a nice card building up to the main event. The big matches are at the top of that card, I think the Tag Match is probably the biggest, though I don't know that they want to sacrifice that many guys simply for the sake of that card.



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AMW/Styles & Daniels






Dutt & Sabin & Lethal/Shelley & Devine & Petey

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I think the ones we can bet on will be:




Raven/Abyss/Runt in a monsters ball


anything else is up for grabs.

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