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Huge thing I'm planning for after AM.

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I should have everything involving my characters blown off by AngleMania, and I have a big plan afterwards that I thought I should give you all some notice about.


A couple years ago, me and CWM tried to get a fed going at WDI called "WDW", or World Domination Wrestling. It only lasted one show, and was pretty much doomed to fail due to lack of traffic at the board. I think Adam and Hoff were a part of this, as well, and maybe Some Guy. Anyway, this is basically taking off of my brand split idea I had a while back, except it would be like a whole new fed on Monday nights, that occasionally interacts with the OAOAST. (There would be some interpromotional matches, the big PPVS would be dual-show, etc. Basically, like ECW to WWE.) I'd be putting together these shows myself.


Hopefully Adam sees this and can reply, but my plan was for Alf to be talking to "Adam" on the phone tommorrow night, after the announcement of Anglesault taking over. I'd just say something like "Adam, it's Alf. I've got a little business proposition for you." It doesn't really go any further than that on the shows, but there are a few subtle mentions to it. After AM, it's revealed that I was arranging the sale of WDW to Axel, and he's been running it "underground." Axel comes out with the WDW title belt, and hands it to me. (I beat CWM in the main event for the title at the lone show we did, so I'm the 2+-year undefeated champion, lol.) Like I said, I'll have new characters for the fed, but eventually I'll bring some of my OAOAST characters over, as well.


Tell me what you think.

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