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Since WWE thinks having celebrities involved in angles is a good thing I suggest:


1. Danny Bonadouche as IC champ


2. Kathy Griffin as Women's champ


3. Spike Feresten as US champ


4. 60 Minutes crew vs Spirit Squad at Suvivor Series


5. John Lithow & Jeffery Tambor vs Flair & Piper to main event Raw

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The fact of the matter is Steph and Trips will take over the business when Vince dies, they need to know what they're doing, because I don't think Vince has a Konnan type who knows what he's doing who was that close ala Pena. They need the experience writing shows, even though Steph undeniably sucks at it. I'd wonder what would happen if Trips had the book on a show he and HBK wasn't on though, he may have it in him to run a cool, old school show


At the very least HHH grew up as a fan and knows what he used to like. Steph seems numb and only seem to like the soap opera stuff. I dread the day she takes over. It will be awful.

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