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  1. Hasbeen1

    Fantastic Four 2

    It sounds like a good kids movie, or to put it another way, a good movie kids could watch. There's not enough of them out there, mostly just computer animated fluff with celebrity voices and pop culture references to try and make adults happy.
  2. Hasbeen1

    Sherri Martel Passes Away

    They're actors in a storyline. I said something similar in the smackdown post so I'll make this one brief, if an actress on Grey's Anatomy or whatever show loses a loved one to disease, should that show ban any disease storylines? Or murder on CSI?
  3. Hasbeen1

    Smackdown spoilers

    Vicki Guerrero is an actress now. As bad as it might sound, she's paid to play a part, nobody is making her stay. I'm sure there are actors and actresses who lose a loved one and then have to be in a movie where there's a death, and I'm sure there reminded of it, with car wrecks, cancer, etc that might have been the same in their own situation.
  4. Hasbeen1

    Smackdown spoilers

    No Benoit, Kennedy, Undertaker, Booker, Mysterio, they have by my count only 22 active in-ring males on the current roster. WCW had 100 or more it seemed and couldn't get it right. A 56 year old is in the feature match, tag champs were virtual unknowns not long ago, same for the US champ, and still it beats the stuffing out of Raw, again. I just watched a tape of it, even the tributes weren't that bad because of Regal's performance, and Slaughter's over the top flattery. Do Hayes and Rhodes get the credit for this? I also loved JBL's reaction to the crowd booing the 10 bell salute. Really, should this line-up: http://www.wwe.com/superstars/smackdown/ Result in that much better shows than this line-up? http://www.wwe.com/superstars/raw/ About the only thing I'm consistently liking on Raw, when I do watch, is Cade and Murdoch, not counting when Matt Hardy or others "cross brands." They wasted chances to turn Eugene and Cryme Time, I doubt most anyone would care now if that happened.
  5. Hasbeen1

    Shirley Phelps Roper arrested

    Actually no, if it was known they'd be in town, you'd have a lot of whites shouting them down too. Glad to know you think everyone in the South thinks the KKK is right.
  6. Hasbeen1

    Cleveland Cavaliers vs San Antonio Spurs

    Don't let people paying attention to the sport for one month fool you. The NBA is still more popular. Just two unpopular teams made the finals. two defensive teams that don't shoot particularly well. The worse thing to happen for the NBA was Durant and Oden going out west too. Also, if they would force some east teams to change coaches, they also would be more exciting and better. Off the top of my head I can think of 6 teams (Detroit, Orlando, Chicago, Boston, Philly, Altanta) that are built to run and exciting brand of running/scoring basketball and all of their coaches insist on a half court set and get nothing done which leads to boring basketball. The East has the talent, they don't have the proper thinking. Plus, seriously, the East won the Championship last year. And 2 years before that. The west is just dominating the regular season and this year was pretty ugly. If Stern had any guts he'd have a rule forciing players to wait until they're three years out of high school to be drafted. One is much better than straight out of high school, but the NFL has a three year rule. Imagine how much better the ratings would be if the average fan actually knew who the players were, other than the top few stars. Players like Jordan. Bird, Magic, Shaquille, were known before they ever got into the pros. Lebron James would be an ever bigger name, and a more polished player, if he'd gone to Ohio State, North Carolina, for three years and entered the league this season. As for the finals this year, I tried to watch two different games, fell asleep both times after probably 15 minutes.
  7. After what happened on RAW, the joke has been "...and the new, ROH champion, Paul London", and add to that mess the fact that TMZ quoted him as the one telling a fan that Ashley would be doing Survivor, he's not in the good graces of WWE right now. Here is a press release from the Wilkes-Barre, PA police department website: “The end result is everybody thought it was real, and we got inundated with calls about the homicide that doesn’t exist,” Clark said. “It comes down to the old adage you don’t always believe what you see on TV.” Everybody thought it was real, Lol. Okay.
  8. Hasbeen1

    WWE announces 2007 DVDs

    Is there a list of matches somewhere for the Horsemen DVD. I could have gotten it today but the matches weren't on the box.
  9. Hasbeen1

    If Wrestling Had a Draft...

    Random order Cena Danielson Edge MVP Kennedy
  10. Hasbeen1

    The new AFI Top 100, coming June 20th on CBS

    American Beauty sucked.
  11. Hasbeen1

    The Youtube Thread

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uI20suCV9B4 Backlund-Snuka in the cage. This has probably been put on here before but added it since there's some great old stuff in the related items section.
  12. Hasbeen1

    ABC unveils fall schedule

    I've never even heard of Men in Trees or Brothers and Sisters, I guess they'd be new to me even though they're returning. What happened to that show the thieves robbing Mick Jagger, was that Men in Trees?
  13. Hasbeen1

    Lawler, Foley, Hennig draw crowd of 42

    Putting Foley in the headline was a silly reference to the Schiavone comment on Nitro. Regardless of where they were 42 is still amazing to me, when any independent show will get that with wrestlers nobody ever heard of. They were on national cable TV every afternoon and Morton and Gibson were one of the most well known tag teams in the country, just a year or two before that I'd say Morton was one of the top 10 most popular wrestlers in the country.
  14. Hasbeen1

    The Youtube Thread

    Kevin Sullivan ring entrance, sounds like the first appearance of Woman. I love Gordon Solie's comment-"Frankly, there isn't much left to be said...Little or nothing can be said about this." You have to love her outfit. If they could have put 1/10 of this gimmick into the Dungeon of Doom later the pre-NWO WCW would have been a lot more exciting. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWP8dl0q3ZA Sullivan vs Blackjack Mullligan around the same time. Sullivan's ring entrance music really got me laughing, I'd forgotten he'd used that. It's not the same as the first one, believe me. Nice short brawl. Mulligan was certainly past his prime but could still be used like this, he was wasted as a cartoon cowboy in the WWF a couple of years later but that's what New York was at the time. Crowd is hot, Solie captures it naturally, "This crowd wants to see Sullivan punished!" That they did. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRLqc7YXLuo
  15. How did it go with Jake Roberts?