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Lord of The Curry

The UFC Lightweight Division

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I'm starting this because I watched Tyson Griffin vs Frank Edgar the other day which got me thinking about the trilogy of awesome this year that has been Tyson Griffin, Clay Guida and Roger Huerta, not to mention all of their opponents. With dudes like Gomi, Hansen, Kawijiri, Melendez and Aoki either MIA or tied up elsewhere the UFC LW's are getting their chance to step up and show what they're made of and so far it's working wonders for both the company and the fighters themselves. Now, I'm not a fan of the mindset that would say that the above-mentioned fighters could come in and clean house on every single UFC fighter but moreso of the school of thought that they'd have a difficult time with some of the upper-level fighters in that division.


Not to say that the division itself couldn't use those guys and with JZ Cavalcanti looking to be at the top of the heap right now the UFC can't honestly say they have the cream of the crop but this division isn't getting shit-on like it was when PRIDE was still running shows.


Which begs the question: when was a division this good? Both in terms of talent and the fights that have been put on, I can't remember. Look at the list for fucks sake...


BJ Penn

Joe Stevenson

Roger Huerta

Clay Guida

Tyson Griffin

Joe Stevenson

Kenny Florian

Din Thomas

Kurt Pellegrino

Sean Sherk

Hermes Franca

Thiago Tavares

Frank Edgar

Spencer Fisher



And this isn't even including the up-and-comers like Dustin Hazzlet, Cole Miller, Gleison Tibeau and others.


What other divisions of the past (and even the future) can stack up against the 2007 roster of UFC Lightweights?



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Well, the only one that's close in the UFC is best depicted by the two guys in your sig


Matt "Supervisor, Hughes Intensive Training" Hughes


Karo Parisyan

Jon Fitch

Matt Serra

Diego Sanchez

Josh Kozzzzzchek

Thiago Alves

Marcus Davis

Mike Swick


That's not too bad. Hazelett can swing between divisions although I believe all of his fights have been at 170 so far. Tony DeSouza hasn't had a UFC fight in a while, but you know he can bring it.


There's plenty of undercard talent as well, although the chances of them going any higher are doubtful in my mind. I'm talking about the Cummos, Burkmans and Clementis of the UFC. Lightweights have the edge in the upside department, I think.

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UFC LHW divison is too stacked not to be recognized aswell...


Rampage, Chuck, Jardine, Griffin, Shogun, Wanderlei, Ortiz, Henderson, Alexander, Machida, Rashad, Bisping, Hamill, Gouveia, Lambert, Nakamura, Bonnar, etc.


Talked about stacked divison, I just hope they sign Sokodjou and Arona.

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