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Corey's Tapes

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Shipping was fast enough, I don't think mine took longer that a week or two.

Quality depends on what you're getting. I got a Best of Ric Flair in the WWF '91 disc from him and there were tracking problems from the source tape.

I later got a Saturday Night's Main Event set from him. When one disc didn't work, I e-mailed him and he quickly sent a replacement with no questions asked.


Overall, I'd say he's a good guy and would go to him again if I really wanted something.

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I highly advocate Corey. I'm always finding new stuff to buy that I don't have on tape. The quality is usually good-great, and other times it's not so good. I got Fall Brawl 97 and SuperBrawl 1998 and the quality was not real good, but it doesn't take away from it as much as it would if I recorded it myself. If you have a problem, he never hesitates to replace it.

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