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haws bah gawd

Care to help a fellow TSM'er pay some hospital bills?

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Dunno if any of you guys are into Transformers, but I'll be listing some games as well. Anyways, heres the deal. Long story short, I have about $2,000 in hospital bills. I had to go to the emergency room this past December over what I thought was Heart problems. I thought that I was having a heart attack, but it ended up being severe stress. However, after appeal after appeal, my insurance carrier has ultimately decided to not absorb any of the cost on the terms that I have a "pre-existing condition". So, here I am, $2,000 in debt and I need to get this bill behind me. Over the next couple days I will be listing several Transformers from my collection, as well as some various video games and such on Ebay to try to get this taken care of. Thanks in advance to anyone who feels like helping out.


Up for auction now is a body for RID Fort Max, a G1 Jetfire with Box, Metroplex, Armada Megatron with Extra Minocons, Astrotrain, and Blitzwing. Along with Illusion of Gaia for the SNES. I'll be listing some Dreamcast stuff, as well as some more Transformers over the next several days.


Here's a link to my auctions for those that are interested.

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