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The SWF presents...


LIVE to DVD from the Miami Arena in (where else?) Miami, Florida, 7pm EST, TUESDAY, 19th AUGUST

In recent weeks and months the SWF has embarked on a trip around North America and the Carribean, spreading the good wrestling word to the people of the world. But now the money's dried up we got homesick and just had to come back to the US ASAP! Just in time for the 2008 installment of an SWF tradition dating back some years, Ground Zero.

The SWF's return to the US coincides with Landon's return from 'holiday'. When that holiday consists of wrestling for the OAOAST while his promotion is sunning it's collective selves in Jamaica, there's no reason to feel jealous towards the Commissioner. But he's always one to look on the bright side. And after a chaotic month of shows in July, not to mention his special guest for Jamaican Me Crazy falling through at the last second because of a 'better offer' (uno, dos, adios!), the Commissioner is determined to get things back on track with Ground Zero. Two SWF stipulations return and two titles are on line, amongst much, much more!

The Insane Luchador © vs. Va'aiga

The main-event of Ground Zero '08 was bound to be a big one. It's a story of two SWF veterans. For vet number one, The Insane Luchador, 2008 has so far been his year. He has gone unbeaten in singles competition since way back in February. And The Ill One shocked the world back in the month of April, when he finally captured the top prize in the SWF, his many years of toil, pain and hard work finally paying off. Proving it was no fluke, the IL winning streak has continued ever since. But, so far, in non-title competition.

On June 30th in Caracas, Venezuela, "The Maori Badass" Va'aiga put himself Next In Line by winning the #1 Contendership. A whole host of situations and complications have prevented him from cashing in on his contendership so far, from his personal issue with S.I.N and Tracy Bruner, to incarceration, to defences of the Tag Team Titles. Now though, there are no distractions. S.I.N and Bruner will not be in Miami. And the Tag Titles are as of last show gone from his and Dace's waists. The only concern on the former World Champion's mind now is reclaiming his place at the top of the SWF food chain. Well... that, and the small matter of these two men's previous meeting, a Flaming Tables Match at From The Fire of this year which IL won.

So two of the most dangerous, volatile competitors in SWF history will come together and The Miami Arena will be Ground Zero for IL's V1 defence of the World Title. Revenge and retribution will be on the mind for Va'aiga. For IL, his winning streak, his title reign... and perhaps just as importantly, his survival?


Just when the stakes couldn't get any higher... well, turns out they got higher. About 20 feet higher. The challenge has been made and and accepted, from challenger to champion. These two sick puppies will now be doing battle inside the most unforgiving structure in wrestling, Hell In A Cell! You thought flaming tables were something, huh? Think again! This is going to be ugly.

Word Limit: 6/7000
Rules: Standard Singles HELL IN A CELL!
Send To: King Cucaracha

"Hollywood" Spike Jenkins © vs. Taiga Star

Speaking of Next In Line, Taiga certainly put herself in line for a shot at the Cruiserweight Title on that show, but with no official number one contendership (and distractions of her own from DVS), she's had to wait a while for her title opportunity too. It didn't help that Spike Jenkins apparantly had no idea who she was until a few weeks ago. He never did get that sandwich either. The cocky Cruiserweight Champion might get a real good idea of who Taiga is during this V1 title defence in Miami. And if she's serving up sandwiches for the champ, they're surely gonna be knuckle sammiches~! Yum yum!

Word Limit: 6000
Rules: Cruiserweight. 20 count on the outside, no throwing an opponent over the top rope, you know the drill by now
Send To: Toxxic

Divefire vs. Tod James Stuart
Divefire remains in pursuit of Spike Jenkins and the Cruiserweight Title, after his match at Our Super Sweet Sixteen ended in an unsatisfying (from his POV) disqualification. It wouldn't hurt his cause to have a few victories under his belt. Step forward Tod James Stuart, who picked up victory in tag team action last time out but wouldn't mind amassing a few singles victories in his own right, if it means a trip to the illustrious pay window. What results is what's sure to be a very competitive match between two popular SWF stars with plenty of credentials. Which is good. What more can I say?

Word Limit: 5000
Rules: Standard Singles
Send To: Dace59

MANSON vs Spyke
Of all the so-called 'insurgents' of the DVS that have arrived in the SWF just recently, it's fair to say Spyke is the most vocal. On the side of the issue with Taiga Star and the impact the DVS guys have tried to make at her expense, Spyke has picked up two impressive victories and caught the eye of our Commissioner. Which may or may not be a good thing. Heard to remark he wanted "an opponent worth my damn time" next time he was put in a SWF ring after his victory in Jamaica, Landon has given Spyke what he wanted. Except, I don't think anyone in their right mind would WANT to be facing the unpredictable MANSON one on one. Because, I'm sure MANSON will have his own special welcome to the SWF in mind...

Word Limit: 4250
Rules: Standard Singles
Send To: Toxxic

Miami Mayhem Match!
Munich vs Longdogger Pete

We're in Miami. Pete is back in the SWF. This had to happen, didn't it? Yes. Munich and LDP had somewhat of a 'misunderstanding' via Benjamin Hardy a little while back, the upshot of which being neither seems too keen to rake over past ground but at the same time have no problems with one another. Apparantly that memo didn't reach our Commissioner. The former X-Force 9 team-mates will do battle in a match that has become a Longdogger speciality; Miami Mayhem. I have it on good authority this is Miami Mayhem VII, as ever a battle on shores of Miami Beach where one man will take an unwanted dip in the deep blue stuff. And if past Miami Mayhems have taught us anything, it's that that sand gets EVERYWHERE! So, be careful.

We didn't take advantage of the beaches and open waters in the Carribean, but damnit I'm back now and we're gonna do something that doesn't involve a wrestling ring!

Word Limit: 4500 (to be altered via request)
Rules: The match starts on Miami Beach, with No DQs and only one way to win. Throw your opponent into the Atlantic Ocean! Both feet must be submerged for victory.
Send To: King Cucaracha

KOJI Kitano vs X-Punk
Fresh off of regaining the World Tag Team Titles in Jamaica, TKO's KOJI Kitano steps into singles action. His opponent, another DVS representative, X-Punk who may well have a claim to make for tag team gold for Team Canada if he can pull off the victory. Or, does he have something else in mind of a more singles nature? Only time will tell.

Word Limit: 3500
Rules: Standard Singles
Send To: King Cucaracha

(send all marked matches, promos etc to King Cucaracha)
(any queries or booking requests, either KC or Toxxic)
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