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The SWF presents...


LIVE to DVD from the Littlejohn Coliseum in Clemson, South Carolina, 7pm EST, WEDNESDAY, 3rd SEPTEMBER


So, first things first... the show name. Well it's simple really. The 'Grandeur' is of course Genesis IX. And the 'Prelude' is this show, where we basically look forward to the grandeur, being careful to make sure injuries don't blight that grandeur, while giving the people who paid to see the prelude something close to resembling their money's worth.

I'm sure the fans won't be complaining about refunds after seeing these six matches though, with two returns (one more surprising than the other), new champions and former champions coming out of Ground Zero all in action, and two big tag team matches, one of which to settle a score many months old. Oh, and there's a special treat for those of you buying the DVD too! Read on to find out more... and I don't know why I say that, because if you've read this far you're unlikely to stop reading here before the important stuff starts. But yeah, read on.

GRUDGE Tag Team Match
VDN (Va'aiga © and Dace Night) vs. SIN and Tracy Bruner

This one is long in the making. Cast your minds back to April, when our new SWF World Champion Va'aiga and SIN first went one on one at Downward Spiral. The war of words sparked up in the build-up to the match, but little did we know then that the hatred between them would only grow and grow, largely thanks to the controversial ending to the match, Va'aiga winning via disqualification after Tracy Bruner's interference. Va'aiga got the same result the next show over Bruner, thanks to SIN, the two bigmen's alliance now firmly established as they laid waste to the Maori Badass. Va'aiga vowed revenge and ever since then the war has raged between the former Tag Team Champions and the violent opposition... just, not in the ring. We've heard more words and threats exchanged, we've seen Dace destroyed backstage, we've seen Va'aiga and SIN spend a night in the slammer after fighting in the streets, unable to wait for official competition. What we haven't seen is that decisive match to finally settle this score. Now, finally, *fingers crossed*, these four massive men will make it to the ring and do battle. And what a battle it promises to be, with No Disqualifications, Anything Goes, There Must Be A Winner!

Word Limit: 5500
Rules: No DQs, so no tags neccessary
Send To: King Cucaracha

Divefire and Taiga Star © vs. "Hollywood" Spike Jenkins and Spyke
The Cruiserweight waters have just become a little muddied! The second of three titles to change in the course of two shows, The Cruiserweight Championship is now in Taiga Star's hands. Of course, this does not sit well with Spike Jenkins, the former champion. Nor will it sit well with Taiga's DVS enemies, led chiefly by Spyke. And there's another wildcard to add to the situation in the form of Divefire, who is still owed a shot at the Cruiserweight Title, just not against the man he expected. So with all these conflicts floating around, what better thing to do than pair the four off and see if these tag partners can get along, or if they'll grow to HATE EACH OTHER~! New Champ Taiga teams with potential #1 Contender Divefire, to take on former Champ with possible yet to be explored rematch clause Spike Jenkins and a man who wants a shot at Taiga title or not, Spyke... LOL THEY NAMES IS BOTH SAME! The team tentatively known as Spi/yke (or, What A Difference A Letter Makes) will be hoping to make an impression with Genesis Cruiserweight Title plans yet to be finalised. But so will Divefire. Intrigue!

Word Limit: 4500
Rules: Standard Tag Rules. Customary reminder to use tag-ropes here.
Send To: Toxxic

Hardcore Redemption
Insane Luchador vs. X-Punk

2008 has undoubtedly been the year of The Insane Luchador, but his long unbeaten streak and perhaps more importantly his reign as SWF World Champion were both brought to a end at Ground Zero. You could say he went down in a 'blaze of glory', but that'd be a little crass, considering. What you can say is that IL will not be happy and eager for some redemption. Also at Ground Zero, DVS competitor X-Punk put in a most impressive performance, defeating one half of the World Tag Team Champions. With his tag team partner still mired in paperwork problems, now might be the opportunity for the Canadian to break out as a singles competitor. And a victory over the former World Champ would be a hell of a way to break out. But with IL no doubt enraged, could it be a case of wrong place, wrong time?

Word Limit: 3750
Rules: Hardcore rules
Send To: JST

Leo Breslin vs. MANSON
One match already set up for Genesis will see The Breslins taking on TKO for the SWF Tag Team Titles. But it could have been oh, so different. Luke Breslin was in line for the big one, the main-event, one on one with the World Champion, but passed on the ultimate opportunity in order to get his hands on the men who attacked him in Jamaica, TKO. One of the four straight wins Luke amassed to be in the position to turn down the World Title match was over MANSON. Now, MANSON gets a shot at the other brother, a tricky test for Leo so close to that Genesis Tag Title match.

Word Limit: 3500
Rules: Standard Singles
Send To: Toxxic

Special OAOAST Presentation
AngleSlam 2008- 'SWF Commissioner' Landon Maddix vs. Krista Isadora Duncan

Sunday night, August 31st (if we're lucky, we suck at time-keeping there too), SWF Commissioner Landon Maddix competes on OAOAST Pay Per View, but with SWF ramifications. Besides the guaranteed MITB contract for an OAOAST World Title shot (another original idea from the geniuses at the OAOAST!), much more is on the line, thanks to everyone's favourite heir to billions Theodore Moneymaker (yes, I know, "who?", work with me here). Not only $500,000 of his own money to the tournament winner, but for victory over his loathed rival Krista, 15% of his shares in TSM (it's a TV company to us, just play along). Which gets you to thinking. If Landon wins and finds himself shareholder in TSM (the TV company, remember), how long before the SWF finds itself back on the small screen with a new TV deal? Not long at all, which is why Landon has struck a deal with OAOAST management to replay this important match live in the arena and include it on the DVD. But, will Landon triumph and re-change the face of the SWF one year on, or will Krista (you might remember she had a match here once!) play spoiler and crush all our hopes and dreams?

Michael Alexander vs. Legs Flamingo
Yes, you read it right! The long awaited..... debut of Legs Flamingo! Woah man, get those DVD pre-orders ready right now!



Oh, yeah, Michael Alexander. Let's talk about him then, I guess. The former World Champion's anonymous return at Ground Zero threw up a conundrum for our General Manager, Toxxic. On the one hand, he's not a big fan of the man who ended his fifth title reign. On the other hand, Alexander made some pertinent points during his cryptic conversation after the show. Alexander, as we now know, was the man who promised to 'build a new mound of broken opponents', all in pursuit of regaining the World Title. He also promised to Toxxic that he'd bring some credibility and stability back to the SWF. Small wonder then that Alexander's first opponent back is Landon Maddix's new flamboyant signing. Coincidence? Well, what do you think? This ought to make somebody sit up and take notice.

Word Limit: 3000
Rules: Standard Singles
Send To: King Cucaracha

Dance Dance Dragon vs. Danny Meadows
The Dance Dance Dragon hasn't busted a move on SWF soil since Our Super Sweet Sixteen back in July. That's because he's had a busted shoulder, at the hands of Jay Hawke. The Dean Of Professional Wrestling put Triple D on the shelf for daring to be different. But he didn't rid the SWF of him for good. Dragon has been putting extra time in on the dance machines to steel himself for a return. And his time against Jay Hawke will come soon, but not quite yet. For now he can get back onto the dancefloor as he takes on the 'street-wise' (or so he'd have you think) student of Toxxic's Sensational Academy, Danny Meadows, who it's safe to assume has seen nothing like Triple D on the streets of Nottingham before.

Word Limit: 3000
Rules: Standard Singles
Send To: HAHA! Yeah, right. See below.

(send all marked matches, promos, squash matches by King Cucaracha etc to King Cucaracha)
Edited by King Cucaracha

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