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DrVenkman PhD

WWE Raw - September 15, 2008

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I want the ratings to nosedive so hard. I want it to go back to 1996 levels, where it got so low McMahon flipped out and let Vince Russo book the entire promotion. Stephanie is a horrible booker and I want things while she is in charge to fail very badly.


Given how profitable they are, I don't see that happening.


And I still don't see how the product is so bad and what would need "shaking" up?


Need I remind you that this is about personal taste, and not fact?


Just because you find the product entertaining, doesn't mean it's entertaining.


I personally find the product dreadful, but that doesn't make me right. It's just my opinion.


I can't find any reason to tune into Raw these days. It's become so painfully boring for me that I've basically stopped watching, much like I did in 2004.

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You have an opinion.


I can have the opinion that I disagree with your opinion.


I can also ask you to explain your opinion.


I don't know man. It just seems natural that a show aimed at a younger audience would lose older viewers. It's turning into WWE Power Rangers. I agree that 2003-2004, a few things aside, like Heel Rock, were dreadful. That was the point in time when I really stopped watching. I started watching again when Cena came to Raw. At least the show had some sort of edge to it.


There's only so much that just matches can do for me. They might be good matches, but I also need T.V.


I think WWE is missing the E, in the entertainment aspect. There aren't really any angles that I can think of, aside from Michaels and Jericho. And others don't last long at all.

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For what it's worth this was the first Raw since March 1997 that I didn't see due to the power outages here that are just now getting straightened out. Combine Hurricane Ike and its after effects that left other areas without power along with the game drawing record cable ratings and it's no shock that this show did a lousy rating.


See that. Record cable rating for NFL on ESPN. Hurricane Ike and all that other stuff matter not. People just don't find WWE as interesting as other programming right now.

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