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Justin Eilers shot dead

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Per Sherdog....


Justin Eilers was shot and died shortly after on Friday morning in an apparent domestic disturbance at an acquaintance’s home in Canyon County, Idaho. Eilers was 30 years old.


Canyon County sheriffs arrived at the residence at 10:44 p.m. MST, where Eilers was found shot and wounded.


"Emergency medical staff took live-saving measures, but they were unsuccessful," said Capt. Dana Maxfield.


Eilers was pronounced dead at the scene. An autopsy conducted Friday released the cause of death as a single gunshot wound to the chest. The bullet reportedly punctured Eilers’ lung before exiting his body, said Monte Cox, Eiler's longtime manager.


Cox said Eilers had gathered with relatives for the holidays, but tensions escalated with an ex-girlfriend, also in attendance. Eilers was asked to leave the residence, but was said to have refused and began throwing dishes and other objects in protest. The home’s owner was then said to have pulled a gun on Eilers and shot him in the chest after a brief verbal confrontation.


Eilers’ ex-girlfriend, mother, and young son were said to have been in the room at the time of the shooting.


James Robert Malec, 48, was arrested and charged with second degree murder in relation with the shooting, said Capt. Maxfield. It is believed that Malec is Eilers’ mother’s boyfriend. Capt. Maxfield could not confirm this relationship or Eilers' alleged interaction with the ex-girlfriend. Maxfield did confirm that numerous relatives were at the scene at the time of the shooting.



He was never gonna win a world title or anything but usually put on entertaining fights. Shitty.

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I wouldn't want Eilers going mental in my house, but his mother, son and relatives were there, surely they could have calmed him down or something.

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From the sounds of it he was the instigator in that. I know not all the facts are out but if you're asked to leave and you start throwing dishes you deserve to get your ass kicked. Maybe not shot but definitely beat up.


Huh? This is the problem with the typical American mentality of shoot first, ask questions later. The guy was doing stupid shit sure, but he didn't deserve to get fucking shot, that's the problem when everyone and their mother owns a gun. It's like the fact that we're painting him as the instigator here so he deserved some kind of retribution almost justifies the horrible thing the killer did. He was just throwing dishes around because he was pissed off, this happens a lot with people with anger problems, it doesn't mean they deserve to die or even get their ass beat, as people get hot-headed sometimes in argument and it's not really something that can be solved with even more physical violence.


The most baffling part of this story is that the shooter was a former sheriff. How can someone with all that law enforcement experience be so bad at diffusing a situation? This is why it's hard to respect a guy in uniform in this day and age, because so many of them are losers that had nothing to do after high school so they decided to get a badge and a gun. I've got friends in the police force and military and it amazes me the amount of ignorance that they run into.


This whole story is a classic case of dysfunctional white trash America.

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