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Actor draft revised

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Since I couldn't get into the wrestling draft no matter how hard I pleaded, I've decided to revise this draft to tide myself over.


Sorry for bailing out on the past drafts, I got busy and they got lame/too many. I will see this one through to the end, updating consistantly. If you sign up, I hope for you to do the same.


- We will only be drafting actors/actresses who we wish to cast. You play the part of writer/director/producer.


- We will go 20 rounds, first 20 (or less) people to sign up get in. Serpentine. 12 hours between rounds. * May change to 8 hours.


- Only actors currently living may be picked, and must be taken in their present state. *This rule may be changed if there is backlash, I just like it for realism.


- At the end of the 30 rounds, we will write out summaries of the movie(s) that we wish to make. *If you do not wish to participate in this part of the draft, then don't bother signing up at all.


- You may make as many movies as you wish, but each member of your roster can only act in one and all of your actors must be used.


- The summaries must include a minimum of which actors will play which characters (we will assume that there may be more minor characters in your movie, but any character worth mentioning in the plot must be played by one of your actors) and one paragraph explaining the plot, but may be as detailed as you like.


- After all of the summaries are in, we will rank who's movie(s) we would most like to see.

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If anyone has a problem with the rules/thinks something doesn't make sense feel free to bring it up when you sign up, because once the draft starts we'll stick with them. Hopefully this works out the way I imagine it. I like drafts where you're building a roster for something particular like the wrestling draft.

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Yeah, we can go to 8 hours if it starts taking too long. I assure you I will stay on top of people to make sure this draft is seen through to the end. Coming up with movies for the actors I end up with will be my favourite part. I've already got a rough idea of what I want my main movie to be about, and a couple actors I want to try to get for it.


That's 4 of us, we need at least 10 to make it worth while. I will message a few people who I think might be interested.


Edit: Okay, I've just send messages out to most people who were involved in the first. Hopefully this picks up steam. If not, I've got another idea for a draft I'm going to start up. ha.

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