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Lord of The Curry

Lesnar/Mir II postponed to July

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I just hope he doesn't fight if his knee is all fucked up. The last thing we need is a hobbled Mir to take the fight, and then if he ends up losing, whether it actually has anything to do with the knee or not, it will be a big question mark, and it won't feel kosher that he took a fight so soon after getting his knee scoped.


The problem is that besides Brock, the heavyweight division is so devoid of "stars" or anyone that seems head and shoulders above the pack, that it is hard to pick a replacement that will "wow" the masses.


Did Arlovsky wake up yet? What's he doing?


If they can come up with something else to replace Lesnar/Mir, I'd just do that and hold off the match until 99 or 100, instead of just throwing someone in the slot out of desperation.

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Latest on Mir vs. Lesnar


UFC has at this point not addressed anything on the status of Brock Lesnar's match with Frank Mir scheduled for 5/23 in Las Vegas. An announcement will be made at the show tonight regarding how everything will be handled.


As noted yesterday, Mir had arthroscopic knee surgery earlier in the week. Mir is in Columbus, OH, as is Lesnar, at sponsorship booths at the Arnold Fitness Expo taking place a few blocks from the Nationwide Arena, where UFC 95 takes place today.


Mir said that he can't do any sparring or grappling for four to six weeks, and said he was hoping for the match to take place over the summer.


Mir's manager, Dean Albrecht, told Kevin Iole that the fight was still on for 5/23, but they were asking UFC to postpone it.


Well, it looks all but certain now that the fight is going to be called off

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