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The SWF presents...


LIVE to DVD from the Taco Bell Arena in Boise, Idaho 7pm EST, SATURDAY, 11TH APRIL


Aye aye aye! No me gusta! Aye carumba! And now that I've got my entire Spanish vocabulary out of the way we can move on. We're eminating from the Taco Bell Arena this time out, which means a couple of things. One, many of us will leave with things eminating from us into the early hours of the next morning. And two, product placement!

The Breslins (Luke and Leo Breslin) © vs. The GTA Fight Team (Tod James Stuart © and Daniel Smith)

Due to some 'lax organization in the SWF front offices, The GTA Fight Team have been sitting on a Tag Team Title shot ever since All Hallows last year. To be fair, we never actually said it was to determine number one contenders when they beat TKO, just hinted it. And, to be fair, they've been kinda busy ever since, with Tod James Stuart winning the Cold Front Classic and capturing the World Title. But even so, we've found the mislayed paperwork in one of Landon's old jackets he was going to try and sell on eBay.

So, now seems like no better time than to let the match happen. Especially as, intriguingly, at Northwest Navigation Luke Breslin won the right to challenge for Tod's World Championship. And we don't intend on making him wait about five months to cash in on that. So you give a little and you get a little. This time out it's Tod and protege after Luke and brother's titles, which just might serve as a marker set down for their upcoming reversal of roles.

Word Limit: 6500
Rules: Standard tag match, remember those tag ropes.
Send To: King Cucaracha

Taiga Star © vs. Thoth

These two don't like each other. So when they fight, it's not just any match, but a grudge match. Taiga knocked Thoth out of the running in last year's Cold Front Classic and Thoth wasn't too happy about it. Thoth hurt Taiga's hand and Taiga wasn't too happy about it. Thoth's team scored the win last time out over Taiga's team, which probably didn't sit too well with her either. If I'm missing anything, my apologies. But really, the war starts in earnest here.

Word Limit: 5500
Rules: Standard singles
Send To: Toxxic

Michael Alexander vs. Va'aiga vs. MANSON

A battle of epic proportions between MANSON and Va'aiga at Northwest Navigation proved frustratingly inconclusive, albeit epic. So in the interest of fairness, we let them go at it again. This time though, we take the leftovers and add a special new ingredient (no reflection on our sponsors for the evening, I assure you!) in the form of Michael Alexander. Missing out on the number one contendership at Northwest Navigation will surely give Alexander cause to want to get back on the winning track. Question is, are MANSON's powers strong enough to wipe out two former World Champions?

Word Limit: 5000
Rules: Triple Threat one fall to a finish, no tags neccessary. No DQ and no CO.
Send To: King Cucaracha

Insane Luchador vs. Big Bully Bruner

I'll save any jokes involved Bruner and Taco Bell to somebody less tactful. Suffice is to say, he's a big man. And a big test for anyone. Even former World Champions returning to the SWF this show, like Insane Luchador who had a hell of a 2008 and makes his first SWF appearance of 2009 here. No easy welcome back for IL, as Bruner has been racking up the wins recently in his own right. The IL comeback could be cut off at the knees, or for a better analogy squashed and flattened, before it's even begun. But if The Insane One is the same Insane Luchador who tore through all competition last year, look out everyone else!

Word Limit: 4500
Rules: Standard Singles
Send To: Toxxic

Dance Dance Dragon and Legs Flamingo vs. The Sensational Academy

Fun fun fun. Or, more than likely, not much fun at all actually.

Word Limit: 4000
Rules: Standard Singles
Send To: Does it matter?

(send all marked matches, promos etc to King Cucaracha)

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*debates writing as the Sensational Academy, just to throw Landon's plans*


*decides against it*

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