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"Ladies and Gentlemen, this next match is scheduled for one fall!" Funyon announces to the Boise, Idaho crowd. "The referee for this contest is Anthony Michael Hall."



"You've got the touch... You've got the powerrrrrr... YEAH!"



The entrance of Thoth heralds one of the night's last matches. "You want to talk about a grudge match,

we've got one right here. The man coming out right now did a number," says Mak Francis, raising his voice on the word 'number', "On the punching arm of Taiga Star. Lately, Thoth has definitely shown his goofy, aloof side, but where's this violent side?"


"I think the violent side is held by Taiga Star in this match. If I were Thoth, I start taking Folding Chair defense classes," says the Suicide King, as Thoth enters ringside, flanked by Nathaniel Kibagami, who's at this point... Nathaniel Kibagami. On drugs. So... Nathaniel Kibagami, basically.



"Introducing first," booms Funyon, "From Kobe, Japan, being accompanied to the ring by Nathaniel Kibagami-" At that moment, Kibagami bumps into Funyon, pumping his arms into the air because his name was just said. Funyon shrugs it off with a dirty look, and continues, "He weighs in at 251 pounds... Thoth!"



Thoth takes a few leaps into the air, flexing his legs and ankles. This is about to be serious business, and Thoth is going to put on his game face. Meanwhile, Kibagami makes people want to put on their shame faces, doing something like some kind of a monkey dance. I'd describe it you, the reader, but I have no idea really, what's going on. Eventually, Kibagami gets outside the ring.


Thoth waits, but he doesn't have to wait long. A black cast over the arm of his opponent is what draws his eye, but that arm is attached to a shoulder which is attached to a torso which is attached to a very angry head. He notices this before he hears Be a Man or sees the ultraviolet laser effects streaming from the entrance.



"And his opponent, from Helltown... Haverhill, Massachusetts, weighing in at one-hundred and none of your damn business pounds, she is the SWF Cruiserweight Champion... Taigaaaa Starrr!"



From behind her the lights streaming from the entrance are momentarily blocked by the impossibly wide figure of El Gordo Gigante. With him he carries a large bag of Taco Bell© assorted goodies in one hand, and a small cooler in the other.


Taiga should probably be running to the ring, if this is indeed a grudge match. The cast on her arm is a distinct reminder of what Thoth did to her. This is payback, and she needs it... but she takes her time. Walking down the ramp, not running. Step, step... step. Up the stairs. No joyous title tossing and under rope sliding for her tonight.


Remember the feeling of the metal clack. You only get one shot at revenge. She passes through the ropes, adjusting the straps on her cast, making them tight. Kibagami has already exited the ring, and Thoth's grin has soured into a frown. "Be a Man" fades, all that's left is the bell, which now rings.






Taiga takes three quick steps forward, then stops suddenly, gaging Thoth's reaction. The former Balancer took a defensive posture as soon as Taiga made her approach. She smiles. He fears retribution, she thinks. She takes a few steps forward at a normal pace, which draws an aggressive collar and elbow tie-up attempt from Thoth. She leans into it, trying to make up for the power difference with leverage, but it's not enough. Thoth locks up and twists the bad arm of Taiga Star. She pats at her shoulder, trying to stave off the pain. He's about to wrench again, but Taiga puts her shoulder into it, whipping Thoth into the ropes with her bad arm. He runs without control into the other, good arm of Taiga Star, which takes him down with a clothesline.


Taiga immediately goes to mount him and starts throwing punches at his unprotected face. Thoth can only recoil from the force of each blow, not having the time to put up a proper defense. The referee eventually gets into the fray, telling Taiga to open up those hands or back off. Her momentum temporarily rattled, Taiga backs off as Thoth tries to find the ropes, to pull himself up. He looks down at Kibagami, that oblivious bastard, and then at his opponent, steeling himself for a fight.



"Thoth did not get the best of that exchange at all. It really looks like Taiga Star came with revenge in mind, the kind that Thoth was not prepared for."



Again they meet in the middle of the ring with another aggressive collar and elbow. Taiga practically allows herself to be backed into the ropes. Referee Hall counts, asking for a clean break (but not really expecting one). Thoth, surprisingly, makes a clean break. Though Taiga has a different idea about it.






The sting to Thoth's ego was worse than the sting to his face. He lashes back with a slap of his own, which Taiga ducks, rolling out of the way. Thoth turns around just to have his neck clasped by Taiga, who jumps and hits him with her trademark head-BUTT-breaker! Thoth is sent back into the ropes by the force of her exceptionally hard cranium.


Taiga grabs his arm to whip him to the other side of the ring. Thoth grabs her arm on the way by and uses her own momentum to swing her back against the ropes. She rebounds, running under the leapfrog, and bounces off the ropes... and has her ankle caught by Kibs!!


Taiga doesn't fall, however she does turn around to kick at him. She takes her eyes off Thoth for just long enough to give him an opportunity. He goes to clothesline her over the top rope... Taiga notices this however, and she ducks, pulling the top rope down with her. Thoth goes flying over the low bridge...


...But lands on the apron! Taiga goes to punch him but Thoth blocks, nailing her with a forearm! Thoth flings himself over the top rope, sails over Taiga, and attempts the sunset flip. She grips the top rope. Thoth pulls and Taiga resists. She loses the rope and tries to hulk up and swings her arms around to keep her upright. Thoth is there fighting the whole way, determined to take her down. In one last effort, Taiga begins trying to pull herself back up with an invisible mime-rope, but alas, it is not strong enough to keep her up...






Thoth pins her shoulders to the mat with his feet...









Taiga rolls out of it, springs to her feet, and in one fluid motion, dropkicks him in the head!!






She would go for the pin, but she knows damn well that is not enough to get the threecount. She elects instead to keep him on the mat with some legitimate technical submission skills!



El Gordo, who has finally made his way to ringside, places his items on the timekeeper's table, and grabs two chairs.


"Oh no, what does El Gordo have in mind here!?" Mak Francis asks. "It's far too early in the match for this kind of interfear..."


Gordo sets the chairs up on the outside, using one as a table and sitting on the other. He pulls a taco out of the bag, and a Corona out of the cooler.


Mak notices this. "I don't know what the arena's policy is on alcohol. I just don't want to see anyone get in trouble."


"I hope he does get in trouble. Maybe he'll get deported. That would teach Taiga Star not to hire illegals for her dirty work!" King scoffs.



Back in the ring, Taiga is taking the fight to Thoth. At least, to his knee. After kicking the back of the leg to soften it up, she pulled it a few times, slammed it down with some Knee-D-T's. She applies a spinning toe hold, only to have Thoth use his free leg to shove her away.


She didn't stay away for long; he wasn't able to get to his feet before she was on him again. A swift kick to the side of the head caught him off guard long enough to get himself back into a submission situation. A submission with a half Boston crab. Taiga pulls back on it brutally, practically sitting on Thoth's back. Thoth pulls himself to the ropes, where the ref counts the rope break.


Taiga releases... but pulls Thoth back into the middle of the ring. She ties the legs up and Thoth finds himself being pulled into a surfboard stretch. He makes it as difficult as possible for Taiga to get a hold of his arms. No matter, Taiga turns her attention to humiliating him by using her free leg to step on the back of his head, grinding his face into the mat.



Kibagami notices the smorgasbord that El Gordo has layed out before him, and goes over to ask if he may join in. El Gordo offers a taco, but Kibs is eying the cervezas. Gordo offers him one, and Kibs takes it gleefully, opening it and chugging half of it down at once.



Thoth reaches up to pull her foot away from the back of his head and finds his hand caught. His fingers are pulled back at a horrible angle, one which hands were not meant to be bent. He hears Taiga taunting him, asking how he likes it. He doesn't like it at all actually, not one bit. But he doesn't say this, it only comes out as a shout.


The arm is pulled back, almost out of it's socket, which Taiga assists along by placing her her foot right in the joint. Referee Hall asks if Thoth wants to give up and gets his answer in the form of something not appropriate for broadcast. Taiga stomps the back of his shoulder and Thoth gives an almost girly shriek.


"Do you want to give it up?" asks the ref.


Thoth replies by grabbing the striped shirt of the part-time actor and screaming in his face. Taiga sees this and grabs on. Now having both hands, she works on pulling them back, which she does surprisingly easily. With a shout, and a pop from the crowd, she slams Thoth face-first into the mat!!






Releasing the leglock, Taiga walks to the edge of the ring to ask El Gordo something. She finds him and Kibs sitting next to each other, one eating tacos and the other drinking Coronas. Kibs waves to her and acts offended when she does not wave back. He says something to El Gordo in Japanese, which is replied with in Spanish. Even though neither knows what the other said, they seem to agree and clink bottles together.


Taiga sighs a sigh of long suffering.


She turns around to find Thoth right behind her, bleeding from the nose. He grasps her around the waist and throws her to the mat with a belly to belly suplex. Taiga manages to stand up but is obviously out on her feet. Thoth corrects the situation by taking her down with a leg lariat! He barely covers her...









Taiga gets a shoulder up. He pulls her to standing by the hair, getting admonishment from Referee Hall. Once standing he forearms her once good across the face, then lifts her from her feet and backed forcefully into the corner. Before she has the chance to collapse down, Thoth hooks her arms over the top rope to keep her upright. Also, this keeps her still for the series of elbows and forearms which is unleashed upon her. A snapmare takes her out of the corner, where she lands hard on her generous backside. Perfect placement for a brutal knee to the back of the head!!






It echos through the place. Taiga grips her head in apparent pain. Hmm, maybe her head isn't as hard as she lets on. Maybe a pin would be in order... an arrogant one at that, practically teabagging the Anti-Diva.









Taiga kicks out with ease, wiping her face in disgust. Thoth pie-faces her back down to the mat and lands several knee-drops on her protected left arm. Which isn't protected enough obviously, as Taiga howls in pain. Another knee-drop has her turned over, kicking her legs, hiding her arm under her body.



El Gordo looks in his cooler for another cerveza to find that there are no more. He drank two... and Kibs drank the other four, within the short time they were out there. Amazing. The lush! El Gordo is about to lay a smackdown on the loopy Gook, but sees something wrong. Kibs seems to be asleep! El Gordo shakes his shoulder, but it doesn't wake him up. He looks to be concerned for the man.



Thoth kicks Taiga back over and attempts to stomp her arm, just to have Taiga jerk it out of the way, grabbing his foot in the process, tripping him down. She scoots into a side headlock. Thoth reaches for the ropes to find them far away. He reaches up to gouge her eyes, but instead finds her mouth. Full of teeth. Hard, biting teeth.


Referee Hall pulls his hand out of her mouth, yelling at her about how biting is illegal and all. Keeping her arms around his neck, she stands him up. She tries for some Stunner move and Thoth counters by picking her up and placing her on the top of one of the corner turnbuckles. Leaving her in the proverbial Tree of Woe, he backs up to dropkick her in the throat. With abdominal strength that shocks even herself, Taiga sits up, making Thoth slide out under the bottom rope.


Thoth rolls a little but is quickly back on his feet. He turns around and sees Taiga standing on the top turnbuckle. Unusual, he thinks. Unusual, the crowd thinks. unusual because Taiga doesn't normally go for those kind of moves. But she does. Rarely. Leaping from her perch, she lands on Thoth with a Fat Senton!!






"I can't believe it!!" King shouts.


"The Haverhill Hellcat has been known to take to the air in the past." Mak replies.


King turns to his broadcast colleague. "I still can't believe the fat midget can fly like that!"



Referee hall starts the ten count.






Taiga is on her feet, where she plays to the pop of the crowd.






El Gordo tries to get someone's attention, as Kibs is slumped onto the floor. No one seems to care, as they all pay attention to Taiga, rummaging under the ring. She pulls out a ladder!






Unbeknownst to Taiga, Thoth is at his feet behind her. As she is showing off her find to the crowd, she turns around, and before she can do anything with it, the ladder is kicked, sending her and the ladder flying back to the mat!






Thoth takes the ladder and tosses it into the ring. Then he grabs Taiga and backs her into the barricade, where her spine is cracked against the surface!


"This isn't a hardcore match, King, if that ladder comes into play, someone's getting disqualified."


The ref pushes the ladder back out of the ring.






Taiga is backed into the ring's edge, the hardened steel further hurting her back. The crowd boos for the harsh way she is being treated.






Thoth holds Taiga to the ring's edge and kicks her across the midsection! She clutches her stomach but Thoth stands her back up. He kicks her again... but Taiga ducks, and he cracks his leg against the edge in a painfully awkward way.






Taiga pulls Thoth and whips him into the barricade. Thoth reverses. Taiga stops just short of the barrier. This brings them close to the timekeeper's table. Funyon looks concerned for his own safety watching the two as they begin to exchange punches, hockey-fight style!!






Thoth and Taiga seem to not even notice that the ten count is almost up. All they can notice is that the other wrestler is not going down, no matter how hard they strike.






Mak shouts out. "They need to get back into the ring!!"


"At this point, I don't think they care that there's a match going on."


Thoth gets the upper hand on Taiga, forearming her several times in succession, before whipping her sidelong down the edge of the ring. She practically trips over Kibs as he lay on the ground.






Referee Hall calls for the bell.






The crowd erupts with boos at the outcome of the match. Funyon grabs the mic and steps far, far away from the action. "Ladies and Gentlemen, the contest has ended due to a double-countout!!"



Neither wrestler cares really. Taiga is busy chucking chairs into the ring. El Gordo almost cries as his tacos get knocked to the ground, the chair they were on is tossed. She follows it up by sliding the ladder back into the ring.


Meanwhile, Thoth is also throwing chairs into the ring. he takes the seat of Funyon, of the timekeeper, of Suicide King. He almost throw Mak's chair, but it rolled out of the way.


The referee is yelling at the two to stop with the chairs already, and calls for the bell again.






Taiga slides into the ring at the same time as Thoth. Thoth grabs a chair on the way. He takes a swing for Taiga. She ducks. The referee was standing right behind her. He didn't duck. And he got all the chairshot!!






Thoth swings the chair again but Taiga grabs it and rips it out of his hand. No matter, there are plenty of other chairs in the ring. He picks up one of the spares and goes to town. DUELING CHAIRS!!!






Taiga manages to lose the grip on her chair and finds herself on the receiving end of one hell of a chairshot to the head!! Thoth drops the chair and goes for the ladder. He sets it up, kicking chairs out from under it. Once it is steady, he kicks Taiga again to make sure she stays down. He climbs the ladder... slowly he climbs the ladder. From the top he sees El Gordo, kneeling over the body of Kibs, looking worried. Obviously, he is more worried than Thoth is about him. Thoth cares more about the woman in the ring. The woman that reminded him of himself, from a long time ago. Something he doesn't like. This all goes through his head as he leaps off the top of the ladder and onto Taiga with a knee drop...


... Taiga Star rolls out of the way! Thoth gets nothing but chairs.






"Christ, Mak... has the bell ever stopped an after-match beatdown before?"


"Well, there can always be a first time, you know."






Taiga collapses the ladder and straight out throws it at Thoth. She wipes the blood out of her eyes (she was busted open by the chairshot, you see. We promise it wasn't a bladejob. It's still real to me dammit!) then lays the ladder out over Thoth. She grabs a chair and climbs the corner. Senton off the top, with the chair under her ass. The clang of steel vs steel echos around the place.






Taiga holds her hands out wide and screams like a banshee.






The timekeeper can keep hoping that ringing the bell works. Hope being the key word. In reality, the bell just serves to further aggravate the wrestlers, adding to the situation.



Head referee Matt Kivell comes down to assist Hall, who is also busted open, layed out on the floor. El Gordo comes to him and explains the problem with Kibs... but Kivell doesn't understand Spanish and basically ignores him.


Taiga pulls the ladder from Thoth and begins to lay in right hands to the face, busting his nose again. This had Thoth in a rage. He shoves her off, and she floes into the pile of chairs. She picks one up and throws it at him. He returns the favor. They just sit there, tossing chairs at each other, neither getting any good shots in, but both making up for it with ferociousness.






Finally a group of jobbers, extras, and medics come from the back. Eddie gets a medic and literally drags her over to Kibs, where she notices him jerking around with blue lips. Immediately she calls for backup and some men come over with first aid kits and attend to him.



"Do you hear that?" King asks.


"Hear what?"


"The bell stopped ringing!"



Several people shuffle into the ring to separate Taiga Star and Thoth, backing them into opposite corners. They fight to keep the wrestlers back and try to talk some sense into them. Neither, however, seems to want to calm down. In fact, Thoth tosses the jobbers aside... at the same time, Taiga ducks and crawls out from under the legs of the people holding her back.


The two clash in the middle of the ring again, throwing elbows, forearms, uppercuts and punches. Even more people run from the back to assist in the situation. It takes three people to pull Taiga out of the ring. She is screaming and thrashing, begging to be freed so she can finish Thoth off once and for all. She needs to be lifted and carried to the back.


In the ring, four people are holding Thoth against the ropes, preventing him from going back to attacking the Anti-Diva.


When they are satisfied that Taiga is safely in the back, they let Thoth go. He notices Kibegami, who is now alert and sitting up (by the miracle of medicine), surrounded by medics. Thoth dashes out of the ring and helps Kibs to his feet, demanding that he is alright and telling the medics that their assistance is no longer needed.



"What does this mean?" Mak asks.


"Well, it means that Thoth can take care of Kibs all by himself."


"That's not what I meant. What does this mean for the future? Thoth and Ms. Star seem to have kicked up their feud a notch here this evening. And what happened to Nathaniel Kibagami?"



[strikeout]These questions, and more, will be answered on the next edition of As the World Turns[/strikeout]


*Scene fades*

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Everything that has a beginning, has an end. Here we have the three-bell chime, which is Funyon's cue to speak.


"This next bout is tonight's MAAAAIN EVENT of the evening! It is a tag team bout set for ONE fall, and it is for the SWF World Tag Team Championship!"


In unison, the blue and white spotlights along with The Beatles' Helter Skelter fall upon the arena like the proverbial sprinkler system containing a crowd on fire. The usual G.T.A. graphic appears up on the Smarktron, now upgraded with the Wrestling Clinic logo popping in- barely slower than a subliminal message.


"Introducing first, the challengers." continues Funyon. "From Toronto, Ontario, Canada. At a total combined weight of 522 lbs; Daniel Smith, and the SWF World Heavyweight Champion Tod James Stuart: The G! T! A! Fight Team!!"


Amidst the cheers of the crowd, Tod James Stuart remains faithful to his edict that it's all about the team. Which is why Daniel Smith is the first to come through the curtains, followed close behind by his partner. Clad in their standard royal blue tights and Wrestling Clinic t-shirts, the Fight Team pauses at the top of the ramp to take in a dash of the respectful ovation that's being directed at them. The two proceed with a confident march down the ramp and onto the ring apron for a quick wipe of the feet, and into the ring. Daniel Smith nods in approval at a crowd firmly behind him and his partner, while Stuart has already hopped onto a second rope, brandished his Power To YOU fist and converted his t-shirt into a souvenir for one lucky fan. Unstrapping his prized World title belt from his waist, he hands it off to Eddy Long, who in turn passes it on to the timekeeper. Following a brief bout of stretching from Stuart and two neck cracks from Smith, Helter Skelter finally fades out.


Over to the distant land of Cydonia, an army of horses gallop, grunt and neigh as they carry two of their mightiest Knights, and as Muse's anthem begins to fire up on the sound system. Accompanying the intro is a set of multi-colored strobe lights and a snazzy BRESLIN graphic on the Smarktron.


"And their opponents. At a total combined weight of 478 lbs, they are the SWF WORLD Tag Team Champions: Luke & Leo: The Brrrrrreslin Brotheeerrrrs!!"


Mirroring their opponents' clothing philosophy, the brothers have chosen to honor their hometown by way of their tights colors. Luke Breslin has gone with black short tights with a dark orange stripe along each side, while Leo has done the opposite; orange tights with black stripes. With their five-plated title belts firmly strapped around their waists, the brothers take a side each of the stage, taking a few seconds to motion their props towards the crowd. Following a confident march down the ramp, the Breslins slap palms with a few ringside fans before finally entering the ring. A brief stare is exchanged between all combattants, but the brothers break that stalemate by climbing different corners and proudly holding up their respective championship belts. The entrance music fading out is the ideal cue for Eddy Long to back both teams to their corners and collect the belts from the champs. He displays the hardware for all to see and then hands them off to Funyon for safekeeping.


"Back at the Cold Front Classic," begins Mak Francis. "Tod James Stuart collided with Luke Breslin on his path towards the World championship. At the end of their match, Luke left Tod with the prophetic words 'Nice work, we'll see you soon'. Their respective paths would then split afterwards. But now, it is three months later, and we have arrived. The Fight Team are cashing in on their promised title shot, while Luke's gonna have to wait for his own championship opportunity against Stuart."


As usual, the Breslins settle on older brother Leo starting things. Whereas the Fight Team opts for a quick game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. Leo awaits confidently to see who he's going to lock up with first... but then can't help but gulp when he sees Stuart retreat to the apron.


"It's gonna be Leo Breslin starting off against Daniel Smith. And that can't be a pleasing concept for the brothers." says Mak.


"Ring the bell!" orders Eddy Long.


Despite the much larger opponent in front of him, Leo Breslin remains confident as he gets set to lock-up. Both men converge in center-ring, but Leo seizes the advantages by punching away at Smith's head! Smith retreats to a corner, but Leo remains persistent. After a half-dozen right hands, Smith has finally had enough and rids himself of the assault with a mighty shove on Leo! After the involuntary trip to the mat, he rolls to his feet and finds Smith staring daggers into him. Not one second later, Leo quickly charges with another set of right hands, but Smith cuts him off with a massive knee to the gut! He feels his jaw for any misplaced bones, and returns the favor with three huge elbow strikes to Leo's temple. A quick Irish whip sends Leo to the ropes, but is then helpless as Smith sends him flying an exaggerated 15-20 feet in the air (not really) with a flapjack! Which isn't too comforting when Leo splats face-first into the canvas in these opening seconds. He bounces up, holding his face in agony but then feels a large hand capture him by the scruff of the neck. As Breslin gets violently shoved into the Canadian corner, Smith immobilizes him by grinding his forearm in his chest, and extends a palm to tag in his partner Tod James Stuart. As soon as Stuart comes in, Smith grabs him by the hair and a handful of tights. In another display of their unorthodox teamwork, Smith has his partner in position and tosses him into a forced shoulderblock to Leo's gut! While Smith regains his corner, Stuart takes Breslin over with a crisp snapmare. With a two-step headstart, Stuart leaps off his feet and lands a quick dropkick behind Leo's head! Stuart then shoves him into a lateral press for the first pincover of the match.







As expected, Breslin has a shoulder up. However, Stuart already has him in a controlling front facelock. He tosses Breslin's arm over his head, readying for a snap suplex. Moments after execution, Breslin expertly shifts his weight and lands behind Stuart instead! With a mighty shove to the champion, Leo creates enough space between him and his opponent so that he can stagger to his corner and tag in younger brother Luke.


"Not the start Leo was hoping for, there." says Mak. "How could you, really? When you're starting against a man as confident as Daniel Smith."


"He's the one I'm more worried about." retorts King. "Stuart had the climb of a lifetime in the past few months, which led him to the World title. What's Danny Boy been doing? Squat! He's seen close to no ring-time recently, and you can't help but wonder if that's gonna affect the Fight Team's gameplan."


Everything stops for a moment as the crowd slightly roars at the sight of their first taste of the next potential World championship match unfolding before them. Confident gazes are exchanged as Luke Breslin steps in the ring for the first time. With nothing but eye contact and subtle head nods, both men agree to start this off with a proper lock-up in center-ring. They both converge into a stiff tie-up, but Luke's size advantage soon comes into play. In about the same time as it takes to type this sentence, Stuart is forcefully shoved into a neutral corner. Eddy Long is quick to step in with his 5-count. Ever the sportsmen, both men break clean at 4. Breslin slowly steps out of the corner while Stuart twists a crack out of his neck. After another round of circling the ring, both men connect into another collar-and-elbow. The balance of power is even for a brief second until Breslin once again makes good of his size advantage. He lets himself get backed into a corner, but that's just so that he has enough room to repel Stuart with a mighty shove! Following the involuntary backwards roll, Stuart pops to his feet and is ready to pounce. But Breslin's calm demeanor is enough to goad the champion into cooling off. Another nod is exchanged, and both men circle each other.


Stuart is the first to step forward. Breslin follows suit to tie up, but Stuart has already shifted gears and taken him down with a drop toehold! He quickly floats into a front facelock that appears very effective in grounding the larger Breslin in these opening minutes. Before he can succumb, Breslin manages to twist his way free and reverse the hold into a hammerlock, muscling the Canadian to his feet in the process. Using the first counter that comes to mind, Stuart twists his body to the side and trips up Breslin with another drop toehold! This time, Stuart flows a headlock and cinches it in with maximum pressure. Breslin sees no other alternative than to rise to his feet and forcefully shove Stuart into the ropes. Breslin bends over for a back bodydrop attempt, but Stuart is too quick as he puts on the brakes and locks in a desperate front facelock! Most expect a snap DDT as per Stuart's usual offense, but Breslin once again frees himself and tries to counter the hold into a short-arm clothesline. Ever-so quick, Stuart ducks under the lunging blow and catches his opponent with a school-boy!








Eddy Long flashes peace signs as a surprised Luke Breslin shifts his weight to the side and kicks out. An uneasy stare is traded between both men, which shifts into a smirk from Stuart.


"Not the start the brothers were hoping for, King." states Mak. "The Fight Team has been able to stay ahead early in this match."


"And the Breslins would do well not to let it get to them." replies the colorman. "A determined Stuart is a dangerous Stuart. This is the very same determination that led him to the World championship, and it'd be a shame to see these guys lose the belts they've worked so hard for. Well, it'd be quite hilarious, but a shame for them."


Luke appears to start losing his patience, but this is merely spur-of-the-moment. With another nod, both men converge into another lock-up. Even strength once again, but size is everything for Breslin. He effortlessly backs Stuart into another neutral corner, and doesn't even wait for Eddy Long to offer the five-count. He instead unloads a series of back elbows to Stuart's head! After elbow #4, Breslin finally steps out once ordered by the official, only to step back in and peel off Stuart with an Irish whip. Stuart travels to the opposite corner just as Breslin charges after him. Once his back hits the turnbuckles, Stuart doesn't have time to realize Breslin nailing him with a vicious corner spear! Holding his ribcage, Stuart helplessly staggers into a sidewalk slam! Breslin falls on top and hooks the leg.







Long flashes the peace sign as Stuart gets the shoulder up. With a handful of hair, Breslin has Stuart back up, but this is only so that he can send him back down with a strong bodyslam. With a two-step headstart of his own, Luke throws himself into the ropes and connects with a kneedrop to Stuart's forehead. Continuing his momentum, Breslin immediately regains his feet and tosses himself into the opposite ropes, this time dropping a huge fist where he dropped his knee. Another cover, another leg hook.







Stuart's raised shoulder does nothing to deter Breslin. Breslin has him in another controlling head hold, while he reaches over and tags in brother Leo, who doesn't enter just yet. First, Luke has Stuart into another reverse gutwrench, which he uses to punish Stuart with a backbreaker! He holds onto the maneuver, but rather than push down on the opponent's chin as he regularly does, Leo slingshots himself into a front flip onto Stuart's propped up body! Stuart contorts in pain, but Leo quickly pounces on him and hooks the leg.








Upon the kickout, Leo immediately muscles Stuart back up and captures him in a double-collar clinch. This leaves him in the ideal position for Leo to begin hammering away at him with a series of knees to the head and chest. Stuart is sufficiently stunned, which allows Leo to easily take him down with a snapmare. He returns the favor from earlier, but decides to innovate. He takes a few steps back to bounce off the ropes, leaps over Stuart's form, bounches the opposite ropes and blasts Stuart in the face with a dropkick of his own! Stuart contorts himself once again, unwittingly placing himself for Leo's next intended attack. Once he's where Leo needs him, the elder Breslin stops him in his tracks with a well-placed snap legdrop to the head. Leo then places himself upright next to Stuart's form, facing away from him. Going into applause to get the crowd going, Breslin delivers the universal "I'm gonna do some flips" arm spin before bending at the knees, leaping off his feet and connect with a picture perfect standing moonsault! Rather than maintain a cover, Breslin quickly springs to his feet and bounces off the first rope into another moonsault! Again, he bounces off him only to spring this time to the second rope, leaping off... with a moonsault! A third time, he's quickly off him and follows up with a more methodical climb to the top rope. With a quick point to the crowd, Leo leaps off once again... and gains impressive hang-time with a FOURTH moonsault from the turnbuckles! Admittedly a little dizzy from all this flipping, Leo takes a second to catch a breather, only to fall on top of Stuart with a lateral press.










Stuart takes as much of the two-count as he can before he raises his fist to the skies. Leo brings the man back to his feet and backs him into the Breslin corner. The brothers slap palms while Eddy Long confirms it. Both Breslins grab each a wrist of the champion, setting him up for a double Irish whip. They take a few steps forward with him, but instead ram him back first into the corner! Making full use of their allotted time together, Luke backs up against Stuart while extending his own hand. Leo grabs it, whipping his brother out of the corner... only to spin around and toss him into Stuart! Leo mirrors the maneuver, backing up against Stuart and extending his hand. Luke whips Leo out... and into Stuart! Luke repeats the maneuver and backs--... you get the drift. The brothers repeat this until Eddy Long finally has enough and sends Leo back to his corner. The crowd seems amused at the unusual double team while Daniel Smith is visibly annoyed in his corner. Stuart has crumpled into a seated position, but Luke has him back up and taken down with another snapmare that places him in center ring. With a quick boost from the ropes, Luke hops up to the second turnbuckle. A second later, he leaps off into an impressive flying headbutt to the sternum! Luke adds the cover, hooking the leg.










Stuart raises the shoulder once more, while massaging his throbbing pectoral. Breslin has him up once again, backing him this time into a neutral corner. Helpless to counter, Stuart feels the brunt of the opposite turnbuckles as Breslin Irish whips him with force. Breslin immediately charges ahead, but we never find out his attack as he eats Stuart's boots in the face! Breslin shakes it off, and charges once more... only this time takes a back elbow to the forehead! While Breslin staggers from the two blows, Stuart props himself up on the second rope and awaits. Breslin predictably waltzes into a front facelock, exactly what Stuart hoped for applying a Tornado DDT. Stuart leaps off to execute the move, but Breslin shoves him off... and Stuart lands on his feet! The champion quickly charges forward with a clothesline, but Breslin ducks it, sending Stuart towards the turnbuckles. Stuart puts on the brakes in time to avoid a collision, but Breslin wastes no time charging himself, successfully connecting with his own Corner Clothesline to the back of the head! As Stuart collapses to the mat, Breslin untangles himself from the ropes and falls into a lateral press with leg hook.









"No!" signals the official with a peace sign.


Breslin peers over to the referee with a slight look of disappointment, but then wastes no time bringing Stuart to his feet. He scoops him up on his shoulder in the powerslam position, instead forcefully deposits him in a Tree Of Woe in his own corner. Leo takes the cue and instantly slaps his brother's shoulder, which Long accepts as a tag. While Luke buries a few knees into Stuart's upturned abdomen, Leo takes a large lap around the ring, and stops to offer a smirk at Daniel Smith. He then resumes his step towards his corner and casually allows Luke to... grab him by the hair and tights and toss him into a shoulderblock!


"No better way to send a message." says Mak. "The Fight Team aren't the only ones with the clever double team moves."


"Anything you can do, I can do better!" philosophizes the Gambling Man. "In our case, I can run better than you, skate better than you, play football better than you, do push-ups better than you..."


"I can smoke you at push-ups! That's the thing about the wheelchair: kick-ass upper-body strength."


His hands firmly under Stuart's shoulders, Luke exchanges nods with Leo and heaves Stuart's body up 90 degrees... so that Leo can catch him into a reverse neckbreaker! The elder Breslin yanks him out of the corner and finally hooks the leg.










Under his partner's screaming encouragements, Stuart once again wills his shoulder up to the skies. The champion looks to goad a resurgence out of the Boise crowd, but Leo soon puts a stop to that with a series of right hands to the temple. Stuart backs into a neutral corner, but Leo is right on him with another neutralizing right. With wrist secured, Leo peels Stuart off for another Irish whip, but Stuart twists his way out of the predicament and mounts the comeback with elbows to the head! Grabbing his own Irish whip, Stuart sends Breslin into the opposite and charges right after him. Breslin tries to dodge by boosting himself from the bottom rope and leaping backwards... but Stuart catches him in a fireman's carry!


"...Hold on, you skate?" asks Mak.


Cradling Leo's head with his arm, Stuart aims for the opposite turnbuckle and charges ahead; ramming Leo's head on the top turnbuckle! Spinning 180, Stuart aims for the corner he just left and repeats the maneuver! As the crowd rises at the comeback, Stuart completes the combo by pushing Leo off his shoulders and driving his head into the top turnbuckle, Snake Eyes style! Leo tries to stagger back to center-ring, but Stuart shoves him to his knees, facing the turnbuckles. The champion backs a few steps, all the way to the opposite corner, and immediately charges, driving both knees into Leo's upper back! One more for the road, Stuart takes another few steps back... and does it again! Backed by a split crowd cheering him on, Stuart shakes his head clear and gingerly walks to his corner... and tags in Daniel Smith! Instead of regaining his corner, Stuart hurries over to the fallen Leo and picks up his dazed body. Returning a favor of his own, Stuart is now the one grabbing his opponent by the head and tights... and tosses him into his brother! This effectively knocks Luke off the apron while Leo is easy prey for both members of the Fight Team. Stuart captures him in a rear waistlock while Smith looms close behind. Leo gets lifted up in a German suplex, but Smith catches his head into a dangerous neckbreaker!


"Another double team maneuver as Leo Breslin Rides The Rocket!" exclaims Mak.


"…It was, um, a one-time hobby." mutters King.


Stuart avoids a warning from Eddy Long as he retreats to his corner. Smith doesn't let Leo write in agony as he immediately picks him up and takes him back to the G.T.A. corner. Tagging Stuart right back in, Smith then drags Leo over to the ropes where he peels him off in an Irish whip. Bouncing off, Leo is helplessly taken down with a drop toehold while Stuar re-enters the ring. Smith maintains the hold and remains on all fours; offering a platform for Stuart as he charges forward, boost himself off his partner's back and land an extra high elbowdrop to the sternum! This draws impressed Oohs from the crowd while Breslin is back in the clutches of the Canadians. Meanwhile, Luke Breslin has regained his senses and trying to enter the ring by force. Eddy Long is there to prevent him of doing as such, which gives the Fight Team a few more seconds to work with. Stuart hops to a second rope, while Smith appropriates Leo into a reverse gutwrench. He places himself in center-ring, allowing Stuart to leap off and connect with a legdrop to Leo's chest! Smith returns to his corner while Stuart applies the lateral press and hollers at Eddy Long to get his attention. A second later, the man is in position.










As soon as the shoulder goes up, Stuart immobilizes Leo with another front facelock and takes him back to his corner. Daniel Smith adds a shoulder slap to tag his way back in, while Stuart moves Leo to the neutral corner. Both Canadians grabs a wrist and send Leo to the opposite turnbuckles with a powerful double whip. Smith preps himself for a charge to the corner, but not until Stuart hops onto him, riding piggyback. With the added weight of his partner, Smith dashes forward and squashes the helpless Leo with a massive corner splash! Smith follows it up with a short-arm clothesline that floors Leo to the mat, followed by Stuart letting himself get lifted up in an atomic drop... into an elevated back splash onto Leo! Eddy Long once again is heavy with the warnings, but Stuart offers a calming hand on the shoulder and gently backs him into a corner.


"This'll take a second!" quips Stuart.


Confused, Eddy Long watches for a few seconds as the Fight Team unleashes a barrage of kicks and stomps to Leo's body! Luke tries to enter the ring by force to end the injustice, but once again Long is firm. As soon as he turns around, he sees Stuart happily in his corner, hands innocently in the air, and both legal men (Leo and Daniel) in the ring. Smith is eyeing his dazed opponent, throwing up a hand in the air.


"The Fight Team's managed to gain control of this one." says Mak. "And it appears like Dan Smith is looking for a Miracle On Yonge Street..."


Standing ready, Daniel Smith waits for Leo to slowly regain his footing. As soon as he takes a knee, Smith's hand immediately wraps itself around Leo's throat! The crowd erupts at the sight, but with his free hand, Smith tries to goad a few more cheers out of Boise. This proves to be his undoing as Breslin begins fighting back with right hands to the temple. They're not effective in breaking the goozle, but they're just enough to prevent the move from occurring. Leo finally gets the result he wants once he begins kicking away at Smith's leg! A few heavy roundhouse kicks are finally enough to break Smith's grasps, allowing Leo to keep up his assault on the leg. He punctuates the attack with a low dropkick to the kneecap that finally serves to knock down the massive Canadian! With renewed fervor, Leo crawls over to his eager brother and tags him in!


Luke comes in through the cheers of the crowd and maneuvers his way behind Smith... and strikes him down with a chopblock! The larger Canadian tries to fight his way back up, but Luke has none of that as he captures the targeted left leg and begins dropping heavy elbows inside the knee. Smith gains a brief respite when he uses his healthy right leg and pushes Luke off him. He gingerly regains his feet, but Luke meets him with a spear! Spotting brother Leo calling for another tag, Luke obliges with another palm slap. Leo immediately climbs up the ropes, as Smith gingerly regains his feet again. What goes up, goes down as Leo flies from his perch and nails Smith with a flawless missile dropkick! Wasting no time, Leo then drops a series of rapid fire elbows to the sternum, all which actually seem effective in chopping down the big man! Luke is now the one calling for a tag, but first Leo tops off his flurry with a jog to the ropes, and connects with an approximately six-foot-tall legdrop to the head! Leo finally tags Luke back in... but Luke lets himself get put into a suplex. With a bit of a strain, Leo actually suplexes his own brother onto Daniel Smith! Luke quickly rolls to his feet and waves Leo over once more. Leo catches on right away as Luke bends him over in a standing headscissor... and POWERBOMBS HIS OWN BROTHER ONTO DANIEL SMITH! Although shaken, Leo retreats to his corner while Luke covers.










Impressively, Smith still offers a powerful kickout.


"Not many have been able to get the upper hand on Smith," notes Mak. "But the man remains determined to stay in this!"


Luke brings the slightly-limping Smith to his feet and hammers him with punches into a corner. A strong Irish whip is enough to send Smith hard into the other corner. Luke quickly bounces off the adjacent ropes and scores with a running bulldog! Another cover is attempted.










Smith kicks out, but Breslin expected this. He brings him up once more, but to his surprise he find a large hand suddenly throttle him as Daniel Smith hits a desperate Miracle On Yonge Street! Rather than follow up with a cover, Smith claws his way up and hurriedly raises his opponent to appropriate him into a pumphandle.


"He's gonna go for the Spirit Breaker!" states Mak.


Fighting through the annoying pain in his leg, Smith manages to lift up Luke in the pumphandle slam... but Luke slips out the back! Hooking the head in the process, Luke proceeds to knock down Smith with a reverse DDT! He places him in center-ring and tags in Leo, who climbs to the ropes. Luke backs himself into the corner and joins hands with his brother. This is so that he can toss his brother forward into an assisted cannonball onto Smith! Leo rolls over into a lateral press.










To the amazement of most, Smith effortlessly shoves Leo off of him! Still in the ring, Luke tries to contain the resurging Daniel, but he instead meets the business end of a boot to the gut, followed by a double underhook powerbomb! He takes a second to shove Luke's body aside with his boot. Leo looks to avenge his brother, but walks right into another goozle! His eyes meet the eyes of a man who didn't enjoy being kicked in the leg all those times. With an intense gaze, Smith lets his opponent know his intended fate: he points at himself with his thumb, brandishes a fist, and points at Leo.


Me Hitting You.


Unleashing a mighty roar, Daniel begins his onslaught with a series of six forearm shots to the side of the head. They are followed by a series of palm strikes that serve to back Leo into a corner. Smith turns around and then unleashes the alternating machine gun elbows that bounce Leo around like the proverbial lotto super-ball. Smith eases up once Eddy Long prompts him, allowing Leo to crumple into a seated paste. Smith backs up a few steps... and darts forward, cracking Leo in the skull with a knee! With a crowd just about out of their minds, Daniel Smith stands tall... and unleashes another primal scream, accompanied by a deliberate throat slash. Tod James Stuart echoes the sentiment, as he happily calls his partner over for a switch.


Smith walks over, and with a swipe of the hand, Smith makes the fateful tag to his partner! Stuart begins a steady climb of the turnbuckles while Smith appropriates Leo into a standing headscissor. With a quick finger-pistol motion, Daniel Smith makes his intentions known.


"Here it comes!" exclaims Mak. "The Fight Team's signature move; the 21-Gun Salute!"


Wrapping his arms around Leo's midsection, Smith lifts up the much smaller opponent into a powerbomb. His arms flailing wildly, Leo does his best to try and fight out of the move but Smith's grip remains steadfast. With a rising sense of urgency, Stuart leaps from his perch of double team offense with a hooking clothesline. One micro-second later, Leo tries to take down the larger Smith with a hurracanrana, but Smith will have none of it! The result is Tod Stuart's back going Splat on the canvas while Smith blocks the rana and muscles Leo back up into the powerbomb! Before Smith can survey his offensive options, Luke Breslin suddenly appears to bury a knee in Smith's abdomen! He succeeds in freeing his brother from the Canadian's clutches as he safely falls back on his feet in front of Smith.


A few seconds later, Luke Breslin displays impressive strength as he lifts up Daniel Smith across his back in an attempt at an Alabama Slam. He spins around as to get a better sight of where his brother is positionned, but he unfortunately spots the last few instants of Leo having his clothesline ducked and suffering the effects of Stuart's Combination STO! Still carrying the mass of Daniel Smith on his back, Luke is helpless as Stuart stuns him with a heavy kick to the midsection. He doubles over... allowing Smith to shift his weight back into a standing headscissor! Stuart immediately retreats to a corner and scales up the ropes while Smith lifts up Luke into a powerbomb. This time, the move connects as Stuart leaps off and completes the 21-Gun Salute!


"And there it is!!" exclaims Mak, trying to drown out 20,000 Boise faithful. "We're just a three-count away from new Tag Team champions!"


Stuart gets set to apply the lateral press, but then freezes when he sees Leo's body flying at him... until he's caught by Smith! Smith takes him out of the equation as he adjusts him properly, and takes him over with a T-Bone suplex! With the threat out of the way, Stuart lands on top of Luke for the ultimate pincover.











"No!!!" denies Eddy Long, pointing at Luke's tensed up fist.


"Leo just took a nasty bullet from Daniel Smith," says King. "But he also bought brother Luke an all-too important second to catch his breath and kick out!"


Stuart wraps both hands around Luke's head as to bring him up to his feet. But Breslin has one of those last-second resurgences as he suddenly breaks free from Stuart's grasp, lifts the champion across his back and drills him with the Alabama Slam! He staggeringly regains his feet, holding the back of his head... only to walk into Daniel Smith hammering him with elbows to the head! Stunned, Luke is helpless as he gets Irish-whipped into a corner and squashed with a corner clothesline from Smith! Warming up for the Domi Special, Smith holds up the index finger while calling out for 'One more!'. An Irish whip later, Breslin gets sent into the opposite corner. Smith charges ahead, ready to collide into him once again... but Breslin regains life by stepping out and snapping Smith into a powerslam!


"Eddy's lost control!" states King. "Who the hell's legal?!"


"It's Leo!" replies Mak. "Luke's waving him over!"


While Eddy Long repels Luke back to his corner, Leo dives on top of Smith and hooks the leg. One second later, Long sprints over to make the count.










As Smith raises the shoulder, Leo immediately tags brother Luke back in. Leo climbs the ropes while Luke has the dazed Smith on his feet... only to stun him with a toe kick and a Double Arm DDT. This puts him in perfect position for Leo to leap off with a flying legdrop, but Stuart will have none of that. Popping up from ringside, Stuart lunges at Leo's ankle and yanks him off of his perch! Witnessing his brother splat to the mat, Luke targets Stuart's head with a clothesline. He charges forward, but Stuart has already spotted him and sidesteps him. The momentum causes Breslin to sail over the top rope, but he lands safely on the apron! Stuart goes to knock him off with a right hand, but Luke blocks it and fires away with a few hard rights of his own. Breslin crosses the ropes to re-enter the ring, but Stuart cuts him off as he leaves his feet and connects with a rarely used enziguiri kick to the head! This causes the larger Breslin to crumple to the mat. Stuart hastens his exit from the ring with a forceful shove of his boot to his carcass.


"Shades of the Cold Front Classic!" says Mak. "It's this very same move that turned the tide for Stuart, allowing him to get the win against Luke in the tournament."


Stuart doesn't even have time to savor taking out his number one contender out of the equation as he barely steps aside a charging Leo! The older Breslin avoids a collision in the corner by leaping up to the second rope. He leaps off with a crossbody, but Stuart ducks which allows Breslin to splat on the mat. Stuart uses the opening to apply and lock in the Silent Scream! The pro-Fight Team crowd suddenly erupt at the imminent title change, but the pro-Breslin portion holds onto a sliver of hope once they notice Leo still on his feet trying to fight off the pressure. With the corner close enough, Leo manages to walk up the ropes into a perfect backflip and lands behind Stuart! This effectively breaks the Scream, allowing Leo to trap Stuart in a rear waistlock. Using his momentum, Leo rolls backwards and traps Stuart into a pinning predicament. While Eddy Long slides into position, Leo Breslin notices one second too late the menacing form of Daniel Smith charging at him and nailing him with a heavy knee to the side of the head! This staggers Leo enough to allow Stuart to reverse the pin into his own and add a bridge for good measure.






In his daze, Leo realizes his predicament and begins struggling and kicking.






Luke attempts to slide in for the crucial save, but finds Daniel Smith throwing himself on top of him to halt his entry.





The bell rings, bringing an end to this battle. The victorious anthem soon confirms it to an already cheering crowd.


"Here your winners..." declares Funyon. "and the NEEEW SWF World Tag Team champions: The G! T! A! Fight Team!!"


Luke Breslin hasn't even noticed Daniel Smith peeling himself off him and offering his partner a manly congratulatory hug. He slowly crawls over to his older brother, who is still slightly dazed from the blow to the head. He sadly has to inform Leo that they're no longer champions. And the image further sinks in when they spot Eddy Long raising the winners' hands. Fatigued but his morale never depleted, Stuart happily receives the belt he gave his body and soul for two months ago; the World title belt. Along with that, Eddy Long hands him his half of his newly won Tag Team title belt. Peering over to his partner, Stuart sees Smith staring intently at the title belt he's just been handed by the referee. A mélange of pride and shock paint his otherwise undecypherable face. He's snapped out of his trance by his partner offering him a manly slap on the back. The Canadians share an official 'We Did It' glance while Stuart drops his hardware. This is to repay the favor as he points to Smith's belt and gives him the 'Gimme it, turn around' motion. With a smirk Smith complies, allowing Tod James Stuart to strap on his top student's first ever championship gold. Once that's done, both Canadians take a corner each and climb to a second rope to show off their prize. A few seconds later, Stuart steps back down... and finds himself face-to-face with Luke Breslin, his gaze steel, and fist clenched. The tension lasts all of a few seconds when Breslin relaxes his posture... and extends a hand. The intrepid camera crew is once again able to pick up the exchange.


"Nice work... I'll see you soon." declares the number one contender.


Stuart's stare never leaving his soon-to-be challenger, he accepts the handshake all while acquiescing with a brief nod. The deed finally done, the former champions can now exit the ring gracefully, taking the modest walk back up the ramp and to their dressing room.


"The rise of the G.T.A. Fight Team continues." says Mak Francis. "Tonight, Tod Stuart and Daniel Smith silence the critics one more time as they become the NEW SWF Tag Team champions!"


"And I wanna be there and LAUGH at them when the inevitable downfall occurs!" retorts Suicide King. "The Toronto boys now hold the majority of SWF gold, which makes them even BIGGER targets. They can put on their braves faces all they want, take on all the comers they want. Eventually, it's gonna gnaw at them and chip away at them. Sooner or later, the armor's gonna crack. They've been steamrolling over their competition lately, and I'm ready to bet that's caused quite a few grudges. Celebrate now, guys! It's just like Stewie said: it does NOT get easier."


"For now, we're looking forward to Stuart vs Breslin for the World Heavyweight championship! But we're just about out of time here in Boise, Idaho. He is King and I am Mak, and what a night it's been. For everyone here, we hope you enjoyed the show and we'll see you next month. Good night!"



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