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Patty O'Green

NR Feedback

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Fun SS match with the Moneygang and company. Team Heyross looked very good here, coming back from 4-2 odds. Well they had some help from CMJ. It should be pretty interesting and exciting where the feud goes between Team Heyross/Can-Am/LDCMG and if Deuce and Jumbo will play any role in it.


lol that Heartland title match was a classic for the ages. Pure OAOAST right there. The Thriller bit was probably my favorite part, and the "smoking out" bit was hilarious also, thank god Biff wasn't in the room with them, a superhero would never approve of such actions. Alf did you draw that map or is that an actual real layout?


KC did a great job with the graphics and the women's SS match. Megan went down earlier than I expected her to. The pull apart brawl between Holly and Morgan was pretty cool, and allowed the focus of the match to shine on other people for a surprising change. Malaysia looked super strong here, maybe even more dominating than usual. Lots of good working in of the girls' personalities and various character quirks also.


All in all a good show!

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Yeah, this show rocked.


Patty did a great job w/the show opening. Powerful imagine w/the fall of one king and the rise of another.


The Skate or Die match was out of this world. Brought back memories of the Junkyard Battle Royal or whatever the fuck WCW did many years ago, except that one sucked and it didn't have MISTER Warrior!


Papa Nerdly does have some good genes when you think about it. LOL @ Jade receiving less cheers b/c of smaller boobs than her sister. Fun match w/Malaysia looking strong as Patty mentioned.


Awesome ME. I don't know where that Tenay/West high-five came off, but that's pretty damn embarrassing.


MOTN: Skate or Die HL Title Match


LOL Moment:


Never one to be bullied, Alix fights back by poking him in the eye.


Synth wears goggles, btw.


Apparently not realizing what that means, Alix pokes him in the eye again. Again, and again, and again until Synth loses his cool, rips off his goggles and screms “NOW POKE ME!” Giddy and beside herself, Alix does just that and predictably Synth screams in horror.

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OK, here's my feedback, sorry it took so long.


Nice elimination match to kick us off. That Team Heyross keeps overcoming the odds!


And the Assassins are furious. I bet this leads to a tag match on HeldDOWN~! In fact, I know it does because I saw it in the show!


I made the outline myself, btw, Patty. It's based on the rink we have here in town.


Women's survivor match was terrific, as well. Nice ending with Jade and Malaysia.


Christian's streak continues. Haha.


Outstanding main event. Lots of star power, I was wondering how the eliminations would come off. And I too am curious about the high-five.


MOTN: Main event


LOTN: “That’ll teach you to let me bounce my kitty kat on your face and make me enjoy it, jerkface!” - Alix

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