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OVW TV Report for May 24, 2008

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Before we get to TV, here are quick and dirty results from the Six Flags Summer Sizzler Series that kicked off on Memorial Day weekend:


Igotta Brewski defeated Brent Wellington

Scott Cardinal and Ryan Reeves defeated Johnny Punch and Josh Lowry

The Men of Iron (Rob Conway & Pat Buck) defeated JD Michaels and Anthony Bravado

Serena defeated Josie to become OVW Women's Champion

The Insurgency defeated Los Locos to retain the OVW Tag Team Titles

Nick Dinsmore defeated Chris Cage in a submission match to retain the OVW Heavyweight Title

Tommy Dreamer and Jamin Olivencia defeated Joey Mathews, APOC and Vaughn Lilas


OVW TV Report for May 24, 2008


-The Mobilehomers have apparently put something into Twinkletoes’ tea to make his pass out. Now they are turning him into a redneck like them via a ‘Mobilehomers Makeover’.


-Show open


-Dean Hill and Kenny Bolin are the hosts


-Tonight’s show features: Nick Dinsmore vs. APOC for the OVW Title… Tank Toland in action… Los Locos in action… Joey Matthews vs. Josh Lowry… Tommy McNaler vs. JD Michaels for the TV Title… The Men of Iron vs. The Insurgency (if The Men of Iron win, they get title match at Six Flags)… and Elijah Burke will be at Six Flags on May 30th and he wants Chris Cage


-Chris Cage has words for Elijah Burke. He says OVW is his house and nobody beats Chris Cage in his house. He will derail the Elijah Express. I’m starting to warm up to Cage’s “I’m above wrestling in OVW” gimmick.


“Raw Talent” Scott Cardinal vs. Rudy Switchbalde

-Rudy is a big fan favorite here. Joe Wheeler is your referee. Switchblade ducks the collar and elbow and catches Cardinal in a roll-up that only gets 1. Another roll-up gets 2. Small package gets 2. Cardinal takes control with a forearm across the back of the head. Switchblade hits a cross body after ducking a clothesline. Rudy goes for the pin, but only gets 2. Cardinal takes back control and slams Rudy to the mat. Rudy makes a comeback with a big European uppercut. Rudy comes in swinging, but Cardinal catches him and delivers a Code Breaker. That probably should have ended the match seeing as it is the finisher for a WWE Main Eventer, but instead it becomes a transition move. Cardinal stomps away on Rudy in the corner. Rudy pushes Cardinal out of the corner and sprints to the top rope. He goes for the frog splash, but Cardinal moves. Rudy lands on his feat… Cardinal sets up for the superkick, but Switchblade ducks! Rudy catches him in a hurricarana and sends Cardinal into the corner. Now Rudy back up top… FROG SPLASH!!! 1…2…3…your winner, Rudy Switchblade. Not a bad opening match. These guys are probably some of the top talents in OVW. **


-The Men of Iron plug the Old School OVW DVDs. Pat Buck just happens to be looking at a DVD when Rob Conway walks in. Very subtitle. Conway has good news and good news. First, the good news: Conway has some Man of Iron sunglasses for Pat Buck. Second, the good news: if they win tonight against The Insurgency, they get a title shot on May 30th at Six Flags.


-Six Flags promo… OVW Fundraiser information


The Men of Iron vs. The Insurgency

-If the Men of Iron win, they get a title shot at Six Flags on May 30th. Pat Buck and Ali Akbar start off trading wristlocks. Tag brings in Rob Conway. The Men of Iron drop double elbows on Ali. Conway goes for the pin, but only gets 2. Pat Buck back in to work a headlock. Bin Hamin distracts the referee long enough to allow Omar to come in a deliver a shot to Pat Buck’s head. Ali tags in Omar. Omar drops a leg on Buck and tags Ali back in. Classic southern style double team cheating by The Insurgency. Turk Jan comes to the apron and starts choking on Pat Buck. More double team cheating by The Insurgency. Pin only gets 2 on Pat Buck. Omar tags back in and tries a legdrop, but Pat Buck moves! Buck makes the hot tag and in comes Conway! He levels Ali and Omar with multiple punches. He tosses Omar, but Ali comes up form behind and tries a roll-up that only gets 2. Conway gets whipped into the corner… Ali tries to follow him in, but eats boot. Conway to the top rope… big legdrop clothesline! Conway tries for the pin, but Omar comes back in to break it up. Pat Buck back in and he takes out Omar with a clothesline! Bin Hamin distracts the ref to allow Turk Jan to come in, but Conway catches him! Turk Jan still manages to drop Conway’s throat across the top rope. Ali goes for the pin, but gets roll-up by Conway! 1…2…3… your winners, and getting a shot at the Southern Tag Team Titles, The Men of Iron. Good southern style tag match. **


-Stephanie is backstage for an interview with Igotta Brewski. Anthony Bravado interrupts with his issue of FLEX Magazine, saying his lifestyle makes for a great wrestler. Things end with a stand-off. Brewski vs. Bravado could be a decent power match, depending on how good Bravado is. Brewski is a solid power wrestler, but I've not seen Bravado in the ring.


-Six Flags promo… Upcoming live events…


-Stephanie is backstage with JD Michaels. Michaels has earned a bye to go straight to the finals of the newcomer of the year tournament. He said he is a ratings grabber and he will win the OVW TV Title tonight.


TV Title Match

“Tubby” Tommy McNaler © vs. JD Michaels

-Senior Referee Joe Wheeler displays the TV Title to indicate that the title is on the line. JD takes control early with a kick to the gut. Big knife edge chop in the corner by JD Michaels. McNaler starts biting Michaels to gain the advantage. JD levels Tubby Tommy with a clothesline. Kenny Bolin thinks McNaler is a retarded midget. He goes on to state that he doesn’t ‘have a problem with retards or midgets, I just don’t want them in my wrestling ring.’ That’s wonderful. Michaels stops away on McNaler in the corner, but Tubby Tommy starts biting his foot. JD Michaels puts an end to that with a big kick to the face. Big scoop powerslam by JD Micahels. Michaels keeps trying to run the ropes, but Adam Revolver and Nine Fingers Dewey keep tripping him up. He grabs Dewey and punches him off the apron. Not a smart move, because he turns around and gets caught with an Acid Drop. McNaler gets the win. * ½ . Michaels isn’t bad, but I don’t get how the Mobilehomers are over. Oh wait, they hold their tapings in Louisville’s South End. That makes sense now.


-Out comes a groggy Twinkletoes in the Mobilehomers gear. Apparently the Mobilehomers used some moonshine and now Twinks can’t speak. See, Twinkletoes is British and making him look like trailer trash is hilarious.


-Six Flags promo…


-APOC and Vaughan Lilas are backstage talking when a mysterious hand gives an envelope to them.


Josh Lowry vs. Joey Matthews

-Amateur wrestling sequence starts and Matthews goes for a quick bridging pin, but only gets 1. Collar-and-elbow won by Matthews with headlocks and wristlocks. Matthews snapmares Lowry over and slaps him in the back of the head, showing no respect for his opponent. Lowry didn’t like that one bit. Lowry wind the next collar-and-elbow and snapmares Joey Matthews down and slaps him in the back of the head, returning the favor. Of course, this only served to piss off the former WWE Superstar. Matthews tosses Lowry to the outside. He follows him out and drops Lowry throat-first across the rail. Back in the ring, Matthews drags Lowry across the ring by the nose. Yeah, it looks as painful as it sounds. Just to show how much of a dick-heel he is, Matthews sticks a finger in Lowry’s eye, but takes it out before the referee reaches the 5 count. That is just such a dick-heel move and I love it. Matthews with a short clothesline. Double Underhook DDT by Matthews gets the 3 count. * Basically a squash for Joey Matthews.


-Six Flags promo…


Los Locos vs. Brent Wellington & James Thomas

-And the squashes continue. As usual, Los Locos go through the crowd. Because they’re fan favorites, you know. There is a good chance that Los Locos’ entrance is going to take longer than the match. They finally get to ringside, slide into the ring and start beating the shit out of Wellington and Thomas. After incapacitating Wellington, Los Locos hit a pretty sick double face-first suplex on Thomas. Now that Thomas is out of the way, Raul catches Wellington in a waistlock and Ramon comes off the top with a missile dropkick. That is good enough for 3. I was right; the entrance took longer than the match. DUD for the squash.


Six Flags Promo…


Lennox Lightfoot vs. Tank Toland

-Lightfoot, a generic stereotypical Native American, has The Outlaw in his corner. The Outlaw is very pale skinned to be a Native American. This should be another squash. Lightfoot does some Native American dance. Toland mocks him by doing the running man. Lightfoot tries to kick Toland, but Toland catches the foot and takes Lightfoot down. Now Toland stands over Lightfoot, squeezes his calves on Lightfoot’s head and drops down to do push-up, which through the laws of physics smacks Lightfoot’s face into the canvas. That’s pretty arrogant heel there. Lightfoot tries to take advantage with an elbow to the midsection, but a follow-up chop is ducked by Toland who retakes control. Toland splashes Lightfoot in the corner and then monkey flips him out. Lightfoot pulls the referee in between him and Toland and takes advantage of the situation with a sucker punch. Lightfoot hammers away on Toland. Lightfoot tries for a springboard chop, but gets caught with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Toland picks him wup with a one handed spinebuster. Toland sizes him up for the Tank Turret, but The Outlaw grabs the foot. Lightfoot tries to come in, but gets caught with an elbow. Toland kicks off The Outlaw and levels Lightfoot with the Tank Turret. Here is the 3 count. ½* since the jobber at least got in some offense. Nothing more than a glorified squash for Toland.


-Six Flags Promo…


OVW Heavyweight Title Match

Nick Dinsmore © vs. APOC

-Dinsmore is using the Notre Dame logo as a symbol for his initials. Referee Ray Ramsey shows the Heavyweight Title, indicating that it is on the line. APOC wins the collar-and-elbow tie-up and takes Dinsmore down with a headlock. Dinsmre briefly gets a head scissors, but APOC is quickly out of it and back to the headlock. They trade the mores a couple of times before we hit a stand-off. Now they trade forearms to the face. Another tie-up won by Dinsmore. Dinsmore whips APOC into the ropes and tries for a back drop, but he put his head down too soon. Kick to the face by APOC and then a headbutt to the midsection. APOC then hangs Dinsmore out to dry. He puts the boots to Dinsmore. APOC sends Dinsmore chest-first into the corner. APOC kicks and elbows the midsection of Dinsmore. APOC goes for the cover, but only gets 2. Into the abdominal stretch. APOC releases the hold and throws Dinsmore to the outside. APOC follows him out and hammers away. APOC tries to run him into the apron, but Dinsmore puts on the brakes. Dinsmore lands a few punches and throws APOC back into the ring. Dinsmore to the top rope…he gets caught by APOC with a bug uppercut. APOC joins him on the turnbuckle and brings him down with a superplex. APOC with the pin, but he only gets 2. Dinsmore with a punch to the midsection to regain control. Huge back drop from Nick Dinsmore. Dinamore with a fisherman’s suplex pin, but it only gets 2. APOC with a reversal allows him to catch Dinsmore with a kick to the midsection. APOC lands a sick running knee to the side of Dinsmore’s head. That looked painful. APOC hooks the leg, but only gets 2. Dinsmore ducks a clothesline and lands a Northern Lights Suplex pin, but only gets 2. Double leg takedown means Dinsmore’s going for the Texas Cloverleaf, but APOC kicks him off. APOC tries the running knee again, but Dinsmore catches him! The Texas Cloverleaf keeps the title around the waist of Nick Dinsmore. ***. Not a bad main event this week. Solid effort from both wrestlers. I was expecting interference from Joey Matthews and Vaughan Lilas, but it was all clean.


Dinsmore is a fine champion, but I don’t really know what they are doing with him. There do not seem to be any top level challengers available. They shot their load with Chris Cage at the first Six Flags show. Conway is a face and is doing tag teams. Joey Matthews is the only credible challenger and he seems to be wandering aimlessly though the midcard. A champion needs good challengers, but right now they’ve got nothing.


-Dean Hill runs down the Six Flags card and we’re done. For those interested, here is Friday’s card:


Main Event

Chris Cage vs. Elijah Burke


OVW Southern Tag Team Title Match

The Insurgency © vs. The Men of Iron


OVW Womens Title Match

Serena © vs. Josie


Rudy Switchblade vs. Joey Matthews


Battle Royal where the winner get the match of his choice at Six Flags on June 2nd


JD Michaels vs. Tank Toland

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