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All Time Yankees Draft

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EVIL~! alkeiper


A mini-MLB draft is in the works. Instead of the whole of MLB history for this one, we are going to focus solely on the New York Yankees. Why the Yankees, a team I despise? They simply have the talent necessary to sustain this kind of idea. I'd run Phillies, but who is going to get excited over Fred Luderus?


We have five entrants. Myself, Canadian Chris, Smues, Brooklyn Zoo and 161st and River. One more person can join in if they are interested.


Here are the basics.

1. 21 man rosters (eight position players and a DH, three reserves, five starters, three relievers, and a manager)

2. You draft a player's career ONLY as a Yankee. If you draft Randy Johnson, you're getting 34 career victories.

3. A player may only be chosen either as a manager or player. A player may not be chosen twice for each role. Two exceptions, Hal Chase and Clark Griffith may be player-managers.

4. All home parks are assumed to be Yankee Stadium.



Round One

CC: Babe Ruth

Al: Mickey Mantle

Bored: Lou Gehrig

BZ: Joe Dimaggio

Smues: Alex Rodriguez

161st: Bernie Williams


Round Two

161st: Whitey Ford

Smues: Yogi Berra

BZ: Mariano Rivera

Bored: Derek Jeter

Al: Charlie Keller

CC: Bill Dickey


Round Three

CC: Tony Lazzeri

Al: Lefty Gomez

Bored: Red Ruffing

BZ: Don Mattingly

Smues: Spud Chandler

161st:Ron Guidry


Round Four

161st: Jorge Posada

Smues: Jason Giambi

BZ: Thurman Munson

Bored: Reggie Jackson

Al: Joe Gordon

CC: Andy Pettitte


Round Five

CC: Goose Gossage

Al: Allie Reynolds

Bored: Rickey Henderson

BZ: Dave Winfield

Smues: Roger Clemens

161st: Roger Maris


Round Six

161st: Orlando "El Duque" Hernandez

Smues: Mike Mussina

BZ: Earle Combs

Bored: Ed Lopat

Al: Phil Rizzuto

CC: Paul O'Neill


Round Seven

CC: Bobby Murcer

Al: Elston Howard

Bored: Graig Nettles

BZ: Tommy Henrich

Smues: Casey Stengel (manager)

161st: Dave Righetti


Round Eight

161st: Willie Randolph

Smues: Sparky Lyle

BZ: Wade Boggs

Bored: John Wetteland

Al: Herb Pennock

CC: Bob Shawkey


Round Nine

CC: Jimmy Key

Al: Bill Skowron

Bored: Hideki Matsui

BZ: Joe McCarthy (manager)

Smues: Mel Stottlemyre

161st: Waite Hoyt


Round Ten

161st: Joe Torre (manager)

Smues: Tino Martinez

BZ: Catfish Hunter

Bored: Tommy John

Al: Gil McDougald

CC: David Cone


Round Eleven

CC: Home Run Baker

Al: Roy White

Bored: Alfonso Soriano

BZ: Vic Raschi

Smues: Robinson Cano

161st: Lou Piniella


Round Twelve

161st: Hank Bauer

Smues: Frankie Crosetti

BZ: Tony Kubek

Bored: David Wells

Al: Carl Mays

CC: Chien-Ming Wang


Round Thirteen

CC: Mike Stanton

Al: Johnny Murphy

Bored: Gary Sheffield

BZ: Bobby Richardson

Smues: David Justice

161st: Clete Boyer


Round Fourteen

161st: Jeff Nelson

Smues: Gene Woodling

BZ: George Selkirk

Bored: Steve Howe

Al: Miller Huggins (manager)

CC: Don Baylor


Round Fifteen

CC: Kid Elberfeld

Al: Bob Meusel

Bored: Billy Martin (manager)

BZ: Al Downing

Smues: Ben Chapman

161st: Wally Pipp


Round Sixteen

161st: Jack Chesbro

Smues: Mickey Rivers

BZ: Bob Turley

Bored: Butch Wynegar

Al: Steve Hamilton

CC: Nick Etten


Round Seventeen

CC: Jerry Mumphrey

Al: Urban Shocker

Bored: Ron Davis

BZ: Fritz Peterson

Smues: Hal Chase

161st: Bob Wickman


Round Eighteen

161st: Roberto Kelly

Smues: Clark Griffith

BZ: Joe Page

Bored: Ralph Terry

Al: Ryne Duren

CC: Lindy McDaniel


Round Nineteen

CC: Johnny Blanchard

Al: Mike Stanley

Bored:Roy Smalley

BZ: Red Rolfe

Smues: Joba Chamberlain

161st: Ron Blomberg


Round Twenty

161st: Tom Tresh (or Shane Spencer)

Smues: Wally Schang

BZ: Joe Girardi

Bored: Ron Hassey

Al: Snuffy Stirnweiss

CC: Randy Velarde


Round Twenty-One

CC: Ralph Houk (manager)

Al: Birdie Cree

Bored: Tim Raines

BZ: Ramiro Mendoza

Smues: Tom Gordon

161st: Rick Cerone


Round Twenty-Two (Relief Pitchers)

161st: Shane Spencer

Smues: Lee Guetterman

BZ: Dick Tidrow

Bored: Hal Reniff

Al: Steve Farr

CC: Jack Aker

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Recommended Comments

I really like that only a players career as a Yankess counts. What will determine the draft order, and are we going normal or serpentine?

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Instead of "Yankee stats" what about picking one player's year as a Yankee?


Oh, and count me out.

I'm not a big fan of using single years for anything, because you tend to get a lot of fluky performances. The top 20 hitting seasons by Yankees in terms of OPS+ are all owned by Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Lou Gehrig and Joe Dimaggio. Fifth is Bobby Murcer, quite a fine player for some time but not a player among the team's legends. Pitching is even more random.

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Here is the draft order. I ranked the posters by post count, and this will run serpentine style.


1. Canadian Chris

2. alkeiper

3. Bored

4. Brooklyn Zoo

5. Smues

6. 161st and River


Drafters will need to fill the following roles:

* A starting lineup, with eight position players and a DH.

* A starting rotation consisting of five pitchers

* A bullpen with three relievers

* A bench with one catcher, one infielder and one outfielder

* A manager


If the draft goes well and there is interest, we will add five more rounds at the end, allowing for three pitchers and two bench players apiece to round out the rosters to 25 men.


In addition, with your first selection please select a nickname for your club. The name must be one used by a New York City team. Possibilities include the Yankees, Mets, Giants, Highlanders, Mutuals, Cubans, Gothams, Dodgers or Excelsiors.


Check out Baseball-Reference.com for easy information on players. The Yankees' Franchise Index will link you to lists of Yankee starters, player registers, leaderboards, managers, etc.


Canadian Chris is free to make his first selection.


A couple notes to add. Official range is 1903-2008, we're going to exclude their two initial years as the Baltimore Orioles.

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While we wait for CanadianChris, no harm in showing my hand to speed things up. If CC for some reason does not pick Babe Ruth, that's my pick. Otherwise I'm taking Mickey Mantle with the 2nd pick.

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Bored already took him, unofficially.

Took who? I don't see a post where I acted retarded



give me a minute and when I'm done eating my foot I'll make a real unofficial pick

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Ok so now I look like a complete idiot continue to look like a complete idiot. Anyway my 'in theory' 1st pick:



Unclutch, ooooo-oooo



Limited to his Yankess career I'm stuck with a 3rd basemen and not a shortstop, and not as young as I'd like, but he's put up some monster numbers in New york. I'm just glad there's no salary cap in this draft.

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Current Rodriguez numbers

BA: .304

OBP: .405

SLG: .575

HR: 198

RBI: 563

SB: 101


The only Yankee infielder with a higher career OPS (minimum 500 games) is Lou Gehrig.

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Yeah, I guess I'm taking:




Babe Ruth


I really wanted the second or third pick, because Lou Gehrig is my all-time favourite player, but I just can't take him over the Babe.

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Round 1, Pick 6: Bernie Williams, CF




Round 2, Pick 1 (7): Whitey Ford, SP




I was so tempted to take a different guy at the 7 spot, but I know Ford won't be there when the next pick gets back to me. I think I may have another sleeper that I think should get back to me in Round 3 or 4.

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Damn you taking Ford. In that case I take:


Yogi Berra - If you get hurt and miss work, it won't hurt to miss work. And they give you cash, which is just as good as money.


3 time MVP and 2 time runner up, and most importantly, stared in an Aflac commercial.

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Could go lots of directions here, but there's only one, and he's the best pitcher in the history of the team, inning for inning..




Mariano Rivera.

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