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9/6: Flaming Kitties

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8:30 a.m.


• Public service announcement. If you posted at the Other Place and wondered why you can't access the site, wonder no more. It died (again). For those keeping score at home, Frigid Soul had nothing to do with this one.


Here's the new address.


9 a.m.


• Fuck blaming the cats for this fire.


Chattanooga firefighters rescued several cats during a house fire that investigators say was probably caused by the cats themselves.


Fire department spokesman Bruce Garner said firefighters responded to an alarm Thursday morning and found a fire in the kitchen. While no one was home, they found about 10 cats inside.


Some of the cats escaped the house on their own, but some showed signs of smoke inhalation. Firefighters used oxygen bottles and special masks to revive several of the cats. Garner said one cat was not expected to survive.


Capt. Lesley Morgan said the cause of the fire appears to be accidental and most likely from a cat knocking over an unattended candle in the kitchen.


You don't light candles and leave in a house with pets. The closest the kkk household has come to this sort of thing was when Dessa, as a kitten, knocked over a glass of water the better half had on the night stand. When she went to get the glass she got shocked by a power outlet. Then there was the time that Dessa, still a kitten, knocked out my plugged-in clock radio the night before my first day of work at a job. That's when I learned to invest in a battery-powered clock. Of course, years later I was late for work one day when the battery died. That's when we started regulating the kids' feedings. Now no matter what if Dessa, JJ and Max aren't fed by 5:30 a.m. one of us will be woken up. If getting into Mrs. kkk's face loudly meowing doesn't do the trick then the better half hitting me and saying, "go feed your cats" will.

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I like that the Pit is green again.


As for cats and candles, Smuesette's sister used to have a cat with really really long fur. One time (while they were home, even her crazy family didn't leave candles lit with animals around when they left) it managed to walk into a candle and catch on fire, and the cat didn't even know it. It just kept on walking, and Smuesette's sister dashed accross the room, grabbed the cat, and got the fire out. I guess the cat just wanted to be a flamer.

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