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12/4: A Message To Al Keiper

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Just what is your problem with football contests? Is it because I haven't posted the results of our final baseball standings match-up? Don't worry, I will one day when I feel like showing how I got pummeled.


9 p.m.


• So I saw the series finale of The Shield (the second part of the two-parter). I own the first four seasons on DVD, but I tuned out during Season 5 when it was on FX because I didn't feel like following the show week after week. When the DVDs are on sale I'll pick them up one day. Besides, I'd rather watch a season's worth of shows one after another rather than having to wait week after week. However, I was curious to see how everything played out. Here are my insta-thoughts. SpOiLeRz 'n stuff.


1) Vic's a bitch for setting up Ronnie for the fall. Whenever I watched this show one topic of discussion was is Vic a "good" guy or "bad" guy. He a cop that breaks the law but also gets baddies off the street. I mean, sure he abuses people, but they're mostly black or Mexican so what's the big deal? I'm not sure if the last few seasons shed light on this good/bad conflict, but I'm marking him down as "bad" in my book. And fuck only getting 3 years behind a desk. Make it 10. And don't forget your TPS reports.


2) Shane. I dunno. I'm glad that bitch of a wife is finally dead, but she actually seemed somewhat vulnerable during that last show, especially when she couldn't wipe after a pee. Once again, I'm not sure of her role in the last few seasons, but I couldn't stand her when she came onto the scene.


3) Not sure what's become of Gay Julian or Dani, but from reading the TSM thread about this show it appears not much has been done with either of them. LOL'd at Gay Julian's peeping of the queer couple in the show.


4) Out of all the things in the show, the one thing I'm glad to see is that Dutch is still kicking. He was by far my favorite character, even if he killed that one cat a few years back. Man, when the better half saw where that scene was going she ordered me to stop the DVD and has not seen an episode since. I also liked Claudette, but not as much as Dutch. And these two had a great chemistry.


• Hey, if we're going to tax this can't we tax people who stink? Don't bathe and sit next to me on a plane? You bought my ticket, bitch.


The federal government may soon be taxing the gas that comes out of cows.


The Environmental Protection Agency is considering broadening the parameters of its permitting laws to include dairy farms.


If amended, the law would force farmers to pay for the methane gas each of their animals releases into the environment.


The Farm Bureau estimates that dairy farmers could end up paying $175 for every dairy cow they own.


The EPA says that price estimate is incorrect.


LOL at the EPA saying the price estimate is incorrect. It'll probably be at least twice that amount.


Here is one big reason I am against the proposed "Big Auto" bailout. Well, this and that I fucking HATE General Motors after the experience I had with my last Chevy and the pisspoor auto service I received that ruined the car with just one payment remaining. Go Japan!


Thousands of laid-off auto workers get paid $31 an hour to sit around and do nothing all year under a controversial program that could continue even if American taxpayers bail out the American auto industry.


The program, called "Jobs Banks," has been around for 24 years. Some of the employees at jobs banks choose to do community service, but others do crossword puzzles and watch TV all day -- or just stare at a wall. If you're a laid-off auto worker, it's what comes with your pink slip, thanks to a deal struck in 1984 between the United Auto Workers and the Big Three carmakers.


The program is likely to continue if Congress approves a $25 billion bailout of the industry. But if the automakers go bankrupt, some analysts say, they may be able to eliminate the program, which would abruptly eliminate benefits to the workers in it.


You got three votes in this world. You vote in the booth. You vote with your pocketbook. You vote with your feet. I intend to vote with my pocketbook regarding GM automobiles for the rest of my life.

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I only watched the first few seasons of The Shield when it was shown in re-runs late at night on Spike T.V. a year or 2 ago. I remember that ep with Dutch and the cat. I always thought he let it go after he started strangling it as A.) It looked as if he came to his senses, and B.) IIRC, the cat scratched the living shit out of him. I don't remember seeing the cat's body on his porch after he let go, so I assumed he stopped just short of killing it. Either way, if memory serves correctly, I believed he adopted a stray kitten he named Claudette a few eps later.(I guess to make up for what he did.) Hopefully he didn't end up choking /killing it too.

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Oh Dutch killed the cat. At the end of the show when the kitty dies Dutch lets it go and it plops onto the ground -- pretty sure it was a driveway. An episode or two later I think there's a flyer saying the cat is missing (I may be wrong on this). Claudette or someone also asks him if that cat is still keeping him up, and Dutch either says "no" or doesn't respond. (It's been a year or so since I last saw the show.)


I was trying to tell the better half that he adopts a disabled kitten later on, but she was having none of that.

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