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1/15: An Answer To Smues

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So with all the issues facing Shittsburgh...




* The fact that the city had no money before said RECESSION~!


* Toledo having more residents, thus showing how all those with a shred of common sense have left this shit hole. Oh, and Mud hens > Pirates. No, seriously. The Hens would beat the Bucs. In a best of seven.


* An increasing homicide rate, which may not be a bad thing because at least the welfare rolls are getting thinned out.


What is the number one topic on the news this week?


Say hello to Mayor 'Steelerstahl'


Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl announced he would temporarily change his name to erase the Steelers' reviled rivals from his tainted last name.







































In other news, Pizza Hut is now going to be known as Pasta Hut.




For those of you who wonder why the location in my user profiles reads "Just outside the county line that encompasses Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania," now you know. Truth be told, I really don't care. Cities do this dumb shit all the time. What is more pathetic than the "name change" is the local media coverage this received. Good Christ, this was in the LEAD STORY segment of the local news that Mrs. kkk was watching earlier this week.


Upon further review, I never really noticed the "Ravens" in the boy mayor's last name. I am now genuinely surprised that he was able to win the Democrat primary with that last name. Then again, the primary season doesn't take place during football season. The November general election is just a gimmie to Democrats anyway, so the real action takes place during the primaries.


And these are just some of the reasons why I love Westmoreland County.

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I don't venture into that folder, BUTT-tard.


And I thought people moved to Alaska because they could be sex offenders without those pesky police officers getting in their way.

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