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2/3: A Message To The Shittsburgh Post-Gazette

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In today’s editorial titled: "Drop Dasschole: The health nominee is not up to Osama's standard," your editorial board starts out with the following:


It might well be that President Hussein’s nominee for secretary of health and human services, former Sen. Tom Dasschole, would do a good job of advancing the administration's policy objectives.


At the same time, Mr. Osama's unqualified support for Mr. Dasschole yesterday, even after the advice the former senator gave to business clients seeking influence in the government, could dash the hopes of many Osama supporters who have wanted the old money game in Washington to end.


Now after a few paragraphs of “blahblahblah” I notice this passage:


No one says Mr. Dasschole shouldn't have earned a living after he left the Senate. At the same time, Mr. Osama has attached considerable importance to setting a higher ethical standard for the members of his new administration -- so that they are not part of the usual Washington business of government insiders leaving office then being paid for advising financial interests on how to win favorable legislation or government work paid for by the taxpayers.


The now-tarnished Dasschole appointment must also be seen against the backdrop of three other senior Osama administration nominees.


One is Eric H. Holder Jr., the choice for attorney general, stained by his involvement during the Clinton administration in the alleged pardon-for-cash of financier Marc Rich. Then there is Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner, who neglected to pay $34,000 in taxes. Then there is William J. Lynn III, the former Raytheon lobbyist who was nominated as deputy secretary of defense, for whom Mr. Osama had to issue a waiver of his increasingly flexible standard against wolves inside the fold.


Now let’s look at today’s editorial headline one more time.


Drop Dasschole: The health nominee is not up to Osama's standard


I’m curious to know why there isn’t any concern about Osama’s “standard." You even took the time to list the gang President Hussein thought would be ideal to tell us how to lead our lives -- Mr. Holder, Mr. Geithner and Mr. Lynn. How come no "concern" is expressed about Mr. Osama's judgment in people? Oh, yeah. I remember. Because your publication is nothing more than left-wing trash and is in financial dire straits.



At least one good thing has come out from all this. For years you liberal faggots whined about being called "unpatriotic." Well, after having the current vice president tell us that paying taxes is "the patriotic thing to do," I completely understand why President Hussein's posse don't bother to fulfill their civic duties when it comes to filling the public coffers with their hard-earned money.

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